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Which Section Of The CPA Exam Should I Take First

Which Section Of The CPA Exam Should I Take First?

I have received many emails asking which section of the CPA exam is the best to take first. The CPA exam you decide to tackle first is a very important decision and can effect how well you perform on the remaining 3 sections.  Below I will help you choose which section you should take first to give yourself the highest probability of passing all four sections your first time through.

CPA Exam Final Review Strategy

CPA Exam Final Review Strategy

Reviewing the material for an entire section of the CPA exam can feel overwhelming and intimidating.  Your final review is the last chance you’ll have to cram as much knowledge into your brain as possible.

How you approach this can very easily be the difference between passing and failing, no matter what review course you have at your disposal.

PMP FAQs Answered by a PMP

PMP FAQs Answered by a Project Management Professional

It can be stressful and confusing to make a decision regarding the direction of your career. If you’ve ever considered taking the PMP certification exam, we’re here to help! We asked certified Process Engineer and Project Manager Amanda Harley to answer some of the most frequently asked PMP Questions.

Best CIMA Study Materials

Best CIMA Study Materials

These online courses are designed to build your academic and professional knowledge as you work through them. As a result, taking a self-study CIMA course is highly recommended for anyone serious about passing and entering the management accounting industry.

Smart Bar Prep Review

Smart Bar Prep Review

Smart Bar Prep subscribes to the concept of the 80/20 rule, which states that in almost every aspect of life only 20% of things are essential, while the rest is optional. In order to match that mindset, Smart Bar Prep prioritizes materials that have consistently and reliably appeared on past bar exams in order to maximize your chances of passing.

Top 4 PMP Practice Exams

Keep in mind that you’ll be better prepared the more exam preparation tests you take. This is because you will become more and more familiar with the test given by the PMI. This ensures that when the time comes, you can work through the exam swiftly and without any stress.