Best SE Exam Review Courses of 2024

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Best SE Exam Review Courses

Preparing for your SE exam is a crucial milestone in your journey as a structural engineer.

As a test prep expert, I understand that this challenging exam not only assesses your expertise in the field but also significantly enhances your professional credibility. It’s tough, undoubtedly, but the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel after passing is immensely rewarding.

From my experience, earning your SE license is more than just an addition to your credentials. It’s a testament to your dedication and skill in structural engineering. This achievement opens doors to higher-level projects and positions, establishing you as a trusted expert in your domain.

Now, let’s turn our focus to finding the right SE exam review course for you. Having evaluated various top courses, I recognize the importance of a program that aligns with your learning style and fits into your busy schedule. My goal is to guide you through making an informed decision. Let’s look at the top 4!

Top 4 Best SE Exam Review Prep Courses

  1. School of PE SE Course
  2. PPI2Pass SE Review
  3. ASCE SE Exam Prep
  4. Chegg Tutors SE Prep

Structural Engineering Exam Prep Courses Comparison

1. School of PE

Exam Prep Expert #1 Pick for SE Exam Prep

This is Exactly Why the School of PE Review Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!


If you’re preparing for the PE Structural Lateral Forces and Vertical Forces exams, I highly recommend the School of PE’s comprehensive review course. This program is a standout choice for those seeking a professional structural engineering license.

With a track record since 2004, the School of PE has effectively guided engineers through their exam preparations. The course’s strength lies in its thorough coverage of topics, meticulously aligned with NCEES exam specifications.

Moreover, it offers flexible learning options, including Ondemand access. This feature allows you to study at your own pace with virtual lecture videos, available whenever and wherever you need them. This flexibility is crucial for fitting your exam preparation into a busy schedule.

Course Features and Details

  • OnDemand, Live Online, and Live Onsite Courses: Tailored to different learning preferences and schedules.
  • NCEES-Aligned Curriculum: Comprehensive coverage of essential topics for the PE Civil Structural exam.
  • Expert Instructors: Courses led by experienced professionals in structural engineering.
  • Practice Problems and Mock Exams: Extensive practice materials to solidify understanding and exam readiness.
  • Personalized Study Plans: Flexibility to create study schedules that suit individual needs.
  • Interactive Learning Tools: Live courses feature real-time interactions for enhanced learning experiences.

School of PE SE Review Pros & Cons

What Everyone Needs To Know About the School of PE SE Review


Focused Exam Prep:

According to a first-hand account from a Reddit user who utilized the School of PE for their Civil: Structures PE exam, the course is notably effective in narrowing down the exam’s scope. This focused approach makes studying more targeted and efficient, especially when compared to broader study resources like the CERM. Such a tailored preparation strategy can significantly enhance understanding and readiness for the exam.

Specialized Instructors:

The School of PE distinguishes itself with a team of specialized instructors, each an authority in their respective field. This specialization not only ensures high-quality, focused teaching but also brings a depth of relevant expertise directly applicable to exam topics. Testimonials from the School of PE website highlight the instructors’ effective coverage of exam material, reflecting their profound understanding and ability to convey complex concepts in an accessible manner. This expert-led approach significantly enriches the learning experience and equips students with the insights needed for exam success.

Different Study Formats and Tools:

The School of PE’s diverse offering of study formats, including refresher classes and workshop sessions, is a standout feature. It caters to various learning preferences, ensuring that every student finds a method that resonates with them. This versatility allows for a more personalized and effective study experience. I like how this approach not only facilitates a comprehensive review of the material but also provides ample opportunity for practical application and hands-on practice, crucial for mastering exam content.

High Passing Rates:

The School of PE boasts impressive pass rates for their review courses, significantly higher than the national average. For the Civil PE exam, the average pass rate for School of PE students is around 90%, compared to the national average of 65-70%. Specifically, in disciplines like Water and Structural within Civil PE, School of PE students have pass rates of 92% and 88%, respectively, for first-timers.

Free Repeat:

School of PE offers a valuable ‘Free Repeat’ policy for students who attend the review course but do not pass their exam. This policy allows students to retake the course for free in the next term, providing an extra layer of support and reassurance in their exam preparation journey. This feature underscores the commitment of School of PE to the success of its students and can be a significant factor in choosing their program.

The Bottom Line: The School of PE’s PE Civil Structural exam review course is a top choice for aspiring structural engineers. With high pass rates, specialized instructors, versatile study formats, and a free repeat policy, it offers a comprehensive and effective path to success in the PE exams. Whether you’re a first-time test-taker or a repeat candidate, this is your best bet for passing the SE exam on the first try.

FAQs About School of PE SE Review

Does School of PE offer review courses for both Lateral Forces and Vertical Forces?

Of course! Your structural engineering review course comes with both lateral components and vertical. You can choose to take one course at a time or both courses at once.

Can I access my School of PE course from any electronic device?

Sure thing! As long as you have access to the internet, you can utilize your SE prep course on any device from anywhere.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the course?

Yes, candidates must meet several requirements specified by NCEES, which may vary by state. Generally, this includes passing the FE exam and having a certain amount of professional engineering experience.

Is there a pass guarantee offered by School of PE?

No, the School of PE does not offer a pass guarantee or a money-back guarantee if a student fails to pass the SE exam. Prospective students are advised to review the course’s refund policy carefully before enrolling.

Who should enroll in the School of PE course?

This course is ideal for engineers who have already passed the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam and have accumulated a minimum of four years of engineering experience. It’s tailored for those preparing for the SE exam and seeking a structured, in-depth review.


2. PPI2Pass

Comprehensive SE study materials with fantastic support

This is Exactly Why the PPI2Pass PE Review Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!


What Everyone Needs To Know About PPI2Pass SE Review

PPI2Pass offers a comprehensive PE Structural (SE) Exam Prep course, designed to thoroughly prepare candidates for the SE exam. This course is tailored to cover every topic in the NCEES PE Structural (SE) exam specifications, providing a complete and effective study solution.

Key Features

  • Flexible Study Options: The OnDemand Course Bundle allows for study at your own pace, with options for 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year access, as well as monthly and weekly renewing options.
  • Comprehensive Material Coverage: The course covers all NCEES PE Structural (SE) exam topics, including Structural Vertical and Lateral Forces.
  • Expert Instruction: Over 70 hours of recorded lectures, problem-solving demonstrations, and exam strategy sessions led by professional engineers.
  • Extensive Resources: Includes reference materials, homework assignments, detailed class notes, and access to PPI’s Learning Hub with a learning path and webbooks.
  • Practical Exam Preparation: Focus on test-taking tips, tutorial calculator lessons, and a variety of practice problems and solutions.
  • Print and Digital Materials: Access to a wide range of print and digital study materials, including practice exams and problem-solving books.

Course Options

  • OnDemand Course Bundle: Starting at $195.00, with flexible payment and time options.
  • Self-Study Print Bundle: Priced at $925.00, offering a collection of industry-leading PE Structural (SE) exam print resources.

First-hand User Reviews

“I always recommend PPI’s book package. It has a lot of practice problems, which you should spend a lot of your study time-solving. Good luck! Get those extra letters!” – Reddit User

“Happy results Wednesday, everyone! After a month of lurking on info posts and inspirational “I passed” posts, I finally get to post one of my own!! I studied for four months and took the PPI2pass online course with Josh. The structural depth review and the 2 PPI practice exams were especially helpful. You can pass! Just don’t be like me and psych yourself out the night before and only get 3 hours of sleep.” – Reddit User

“I found PPI2Pass to be an exceptional program for my engineering exam preparation. The comprehensive study materials, expert instructors, and focused approach allowed me to build a strong foundation and excel in my exams. It’s truly a top choice for future engineers seeking success in their professional journey.” – Bryce Welker

The PPI2Pass SE Review Course stands out for its comprehensive approach, expert-led instruction, and flexible learning options, making it a strong choice for those preparing for the PE Structural (SE) exam.

PPI2Pass SE Review Pros & Cons


All-Inclusive Comprehensive Course:

The PPI2Pass SE course justifies its price with a complete package. It’s not just about covering the syllabus; it’s about an all-encompassing preparation experience. From in-depth study materials to extensive practice questions, this course equips you with every tool necessary to conquer the SE exam.

Exceptional Student Support:

PPI2Pass excels in student support, offering personalized assistance that extends beyond the classroom. Whether it’s through prompt email responses, interactive class sessions, or one-on-one meetings, the instructors are committed to your success, providing guidance every step of the way.

Adaptable Learning Schedule:

Recognizing the busy schedules of professionals, PPI2Pass offers unmatched flexibility in course scheduling. This adaptability allows you to balance work, life, and study effectively, with options to tailor your learning journey according to your personal and professional commitments.


Cost Consideration:

While offering a comprehensive package, the cost of the PPI2Pass SE course can be a significant investment. This might be a consideration for those on a tighter budget or those who prefer a more economical approach to exam preparation.

FAQs About PPI2Pass SE Review

Is there a pass guarantee with the PPI2Pass SE Review?

 If you don’t pass your SE exam, your PPItoPass course will let you repeat the class for free!

What if I miss a live lecture?

This is not a problem with PPItoPass since they record all the live lectures; you can go into their archives and watch videos anytime.

How flexible is the PPI2Pass SE course in terms of scheduling?

The course offers significant flexibility to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals. You can choose from various access options, including 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year courses, as well as monthly and weekly renewing subscriptions. This allows you to study at your own pace and select a time frame that suits your personal and professional commitments.

Is the course suitable for those who are new to SE exam content?

Yes, the PPI2Pass SE Review Course is designed to cater to a wide range of learners, including those new to the SE exam content. The course provides thorough coverage of all exam topics, making it suitable for beginners as well as those who need a refresher.

What kind of student support does PPI2Pass offer?

PPI2Pass offers exceptional student support, including access to instructors for queries via email or during class sessions. The course also provides an online homework plan to help students stay on track and a learning hub for additional resources.

The Bottom Line: The PPI2Pass SE Review Course is a comprehensive and intensive program, offering extensive resources and excellent student support. Ideal for those seeking a thorough SE exam preparation, it combines flexible learning with effective test-taking strategies. While the cost is considerable, the depth and quality of the course make it a valuable investment for dedicated engineering professionals.


3. American Society of Civil Engineers

Solid scheduling and SE group discounts available

This is Exactly Why the ASCE SE Review Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!


What Everyone Needs To Know About the ASCE SE Review

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) offers a PE Civil exam review course, specifically designed to assist candidates in preparing for and passing the PE exam. This course is a key resource for those looking to earn their PE license.

Key Features

  • On-Demand Course Access: ASCE provides on-demand courses for convenient, flexible learning.
  • Comprehensive Exam Preparation: The course covers all necessary topics and offers a range of study and exam day tips, practice problems, and a strategic study approach.
  • Expert-Led Webinars: ASCE’s webinars, led by experienced professionals, focus on different aspects of the PE Review course, helping candidates choose the best study option.
  • Resource-Rich Learning: The course includes articles, video resources, and study tips, ensuring a well-rounded preparation experience.
  • Practical Problem-Solving Approach: Emphasis is placed on understanding and solving problems as one would in a professional setting, enhancing real-world applicability.

Additional Insights

  • Personalized Study Schedules: Candidates are encouraged to create and follow a personal study schedule, with advice on handling challenging topics.
  • Exam-Focused Learning: The course stresses the importance of understanding the wording of exam problems and key terms.
  • Real Student Testimonials: Testimonials from past students highlight the course’s effectiveness in preparing them for the PE exam, with many finding the webinars particularly helpful in focusing their study efforts.

The ASCE SE Review Course is tailored for those preparing for the PE Civil exam, offering a blend of flexible learning options, expert guidance, and comprehensive resources. It’s a valuable tool for candidates aiming to pass their PE exam and advance their careers in civil engineering.

ASCE SE Review Pros & Cons


Instructor Assistance During Live Webinars:

The course’s 11-part webinar series offers direct, real-time support from instructors, ensuring immediate clarification of concepts and a more engaging learning experience.

Passing Guarantee:

ASCE’s commitment to your success is evident in their passing guarantee. If you don’t pass the SE exam, they enroll you in the next course for free, providing an extra layer of security for your educational investment.

Group Rates Available:

For groups of two or more engineers, ASCE offers significant discounts. This not only makes the course more cost-effective but also promotes a collaborative learning environment, beneficial for team-based study sessions.


Needs Adobe Flash and Reader:

Before you purchase their SE course, make sure your computer can download Adobe Flash and Reader in order to actually use it.

Limited Course Access Duration:

The ASCE SE Review Course, structured into a series of webinars, may have limitations regarding access duration. This can be a drawback for students who prefer to have extended or indefinite access to course materials for ongoing review and study.

Focused Group Learning May Not Suit All:

While the group rate discounts are advantageous, this approach might not be ideal for individuals who prefer solo study or those who do not have a group to join. The course’s structure and pricing may not cater as effectively to lone learners.


Can I watch ASCE video lessons later if I missed the class?

You will have unlimited access to On-demand video recordings up until your SE exam date. So feel free to view those whenever you want!

Can I watch ASCE video lessons later if I missed the class?

You will have unlimited access to On-demand video recordings up until your SE exam date. So feel free to view those whenever you want!

What type of instructors teach ASCE classes? 

For each part of this SE course, you will have expert instructors that specialize in their topic guiding you along the way.

The Bottom Line: When it comes to SE Prep courses, ASCE is a decent course that provides you with a solid course schedule to help you pass the SE exam. The 11-part live course is led by the most qualified instructors, but for those that want a more flexible self-paced course, I would look into a different educational program such as PPI2Pass. Even though ASCE allows you to rewatch live lessons whenever you want, I prefer prep courses that allow me to review concepts and practice with real-exam like problems. However, the group discount makes this course unique, so if you have a couple engineering friends that are also taking the SE exam, this course could be a good option for you.

4. Chegg Tutors

Tutors and unique SE exam customer support

This is Exactly Why the Chegg Tutors SE Review Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!


What Everyone Needs To Know About Chegg Tutors SE Review

While Chegg Tutors doesn’t offer a specific Structural Engineering (SE) program, it provides a valuable resource for aspiring SE professionals. You can hire experienced tutors who specialize in various engineering fields to help you prepare for the SE exam. Their expertise can guide you through relevant topics, solve practice problems, and provide personalized study assistance.

Chegg Tutors SE Review Pros & Cons


Your Own Personalized Tutor:

Chegg tutors offer personalized assistance, addressing your specific questions and concerns during SE exam preparation. This tailored approach can help you focus on your weak points.

Help Whenever you Need It:

Tutors are accessible round the clock, ensuring you can seek help whenever you need it, even for quick SE-related queries. This flexibility accommodates various study schedules.

Easy to Use:

Simply submit your questions, and Chegg pairs you with a qualified tutor for efficient support. It’s a straightforward process that doesn’t require extensive setup or scheduling.


SE Study Materials NOT Provided:

While Chegg tutors provide valuable one-on-one help, they lack comprehensive SE exam study materials. This means you’ll need to source additional study resources to cover the breadth of exam content thoroughly.

Cost Consideration:

While the tutoring service is beneficial, it comes at a cost. Budget-conscious students may need to weigh the expense of private tutoring against other available study options.

Self Directed Learning:

Chegg Tutors rely on your questions and guidance. If you require structured lessons or a predefined study plan, you may need to supplement your SE exam preparation with other resources or courses.

FAQs About Chegg Tutors SE Review

Is there a specific course for SE Exam Prep?

Chegg Tutors doesn’t offer an organized course package for the SE Exam. Instead, tutors are personalized to your level of knowledge and schedule, providing tailored assistance for your specific exam preparation needs.

How does the pricing work for Chegg Tutors?

Chegg Tutors offers a weekly plan. With this subscription, you get the first 30 minutes for free! You can then switch to a different weekly, monthly, annual, or pay-as-you-go plan after you sign up with Chegg.

Can I choose a specific tutor for my SE exam preparation?

Yes, you have the flexibility to select a tutor who suits your preferences and needs. Chegg Tutors provides profiles of available tutors, allowing you to review their qualifications, expertise, and reviews before making your choice.

How do I schedule tutoring sessions with Chegg Tutors?

Scheduling with Chegg Tutors is easy. Once you’ve chosen a tutor, you can coordinate session timings directly with them based on your availability and study schedule. This flexibility ensures that tutoring sessions align with your individual needs and commitments.

The Bottom Line: Chegg Tutors may not be a SE prep course that provides you with study materials and practice problems (like our number one pick), but they offer a unique type of student support that many students value. I think these tutors are a great resource for those that don’t need a full course and just need help fine tuning their knowledge. Alternatively, if you are struggling with your course and could use the personal touch of a private tutor, Chegg could be a great tool for you! Make sure you find a tutor that can help you with your specific test prep needs before you sign up with Chegg. Best of luck with your studies!

Features to Look For in SE Exam Prep Courses

Comprehensive Material Coverage

When preparing for the SE exam, it’s crucial to have a course that covers all the necessary topics comprehensively. This ensures that you are well-prepared for every aspect of the exam. School of PE excels in this area with its NCEES-aligned curriculum, offering extensive coverage of essential topics for the PE Civil Structural exam. Similarly, PPI2Pass provides thorough coverage of all NCEES PE Structural (SE) exam topics, including Structural Vertical and Lateral Forces, making it a reliable choice for comprehensive exam preparation.

Flexible Learning Options

Flexibility in learning is key for professionals who need to balance work and study. School of PE offers OnDemand, Live Online, and Live Onsite Courses, catering to different learning styles and schedules. PPI2Pass also stands out with its OnDemand Course Bundle, allowing for study at your own pace with various access options, including 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year courses.

Expert Instruction

Having courses led by experienced professionals in structural engineering is vital for a quality learning experience. School of PE distinguishes itself with specialized instructors, each an expert in their field. PPI2Pass also offers expert-led instruction with over 70 hours of recorded lectures and problem-solving demonstrations, ensuring that students receive high-quality teaching.

Practice Problems and Mock Exams

Extensive practice materials are essential for solidifying understanding and ensuring exam readiness. School of PE provides ample practice problems and mock exams. PPI2Pass and ASCE complements its instruction with practical exam preparation, including a variety of practice problems and solutions.

Personalized Study Plans

The ability to create study schedules that suit individual needs is crucial for effective learning. School of PE offers personalized study plans, allowing students to tailor their study according to their personal and professional commitments. PPI2Pass supports this with its Learning Hub, which includes a learning path and webbooks for a structured study approach. ASCE encourages candidates to create and follow a personal study schedule, offering advice on handling challenging topics.

Interactive Learning Tools

Courses that feature interactive learning tools, like real-time interactions in live courses, enhance the learning experience. School of PE incorporates interactive learning tools in its live courses, facilitating a more engaging and effective study experience.

High Passing Rates

Choosing a course with a proven track record of high passing rates increases your chances of success. School of PE boasts impressive pass rates, significantly higher than the national average. PPI2Pass also has a strong reputation for its comprehensive approach and effective test-taking strategies, contributing to its high success rate.

Additional Support and Resources

Having access to additional support and resources can be a game-changer. School of PE offers a ‘Free Repeat’ policy for students who attend the review course but do not pass their exam. PPI2Pass excels in student support, offering personalized assistance and access to a wide range of print and digital study materials. ASCE stands out with its passing guarantee, where if you don’t pass the SE exam, they enroll you in the next course for free.

How to Choose the Right SE Prep Type for You

Selecting the right SE exam preparation method is crucial for your success. Each type of prep course offers unique advantages and challenges. Understanding these can help you choose the best fit for your learning style, schedule, and needs. Below are the different types of prep courses with their respective pros and cons, and recommendations on who they are best suited for.

Self-Paced Learning


  • Flexibility: Ideal for those with unpredictable or busy schedules. You can study at your own pace, fitting your preparation around other commitments.
  • Customized Learning: Allows you to spend more time on challenging topics and move quickly through familiar material.
  • Accessibility: Study materials are often available online, accessible anytime and anywhere.


  • Self-Discipline Required: Requires a high level of self-motivation and discipline to stay on track without structured class times.
  • Limited Interaction: Less opportunity for real-time interaction with instructors or peers.

Best For: Individuals with irregular schedules, self-motivated learners, and those who prefer to study independently.

Live Online Courses


  • Interactive: Offers real-time interaction with instructors and fellow students.
  • Convenience: Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the need for travel.
  • Structured Learning: Provides a set schedule, which can help in maintaining a consistent study routine.


  • Less Flexibility: Requires you to be available at set times for live sessions.
  • Technology Dependent: Relies on a stable internet connection and functioning technology.

Best For: Students who prefer a structured learning environment but need the convenience of studying from home.

Live In-Person Courses


  • Personal Interaction: Direct contact with instructors and peers can enhance learning and motivation.
  • Structured Environment: A traditional classroom setting can provide a more disciplined approach to studying.
  • Immediate Feedback: Allows for instant clarification of doubts and questions.


  • Travel and Scheduling: Requires commuting to a specific location at set times.
  • Less Flexibility: May not be suitable for those with fluctuating schedules.

Best For: Learners who thrive in a traditional classroom setting and value face-to-face interaction.

Private Tutoring


  • Personalized Attention: One-on-one sessions tailored to your specific needs and learning style.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Tutors often can accommodate your schedule, offering more flexibility.
  • Targeted Assistance: Focuses on your unique challenges and questions.


  • Cost: Generally more expensive than group courses.
  • Varied Quality: The effectiveness can depend heavily on the individual tutor’s skills and experience.

Best For: Students who need individualized attention, those struggling with specific areas of the exam content, or learners who benefit from a personalized approach.

Each of these prep types has its own set of advantages and challenges. Your choice should align with your learning preferences, lifestyle, and the areas where you need the most support. By carefully considering these factors, you can select the SE exam prep method that will offer you the best chance of success.

Structural Engineering Exam Prep Course Comparisons

School of PE SE Review vs. PPI2Pass

When comparing the School of PE SE Review Course to PPI2Pass, both options offer valuable resources for aspiring structural engineers. School of PE stands out as the preferred choice due to its consistently high pass rates, specialized instructors, versatile study formats, and a free repeat policy. It provides a comprehensive and effective path to success in the SE exams. However, PPI2Pass also offers a strong program with a focus on structural engineering depth, making it a solid alternative for those seeking specialized preparation. Ultimately, School of PE takes the lead with its track record of success and comprehensive support.

School of PE vs. Chegg Tutors

When it comes to School of PE and Chegg Tutors for SE exam preparation, School of PE emerges as the clear winner. School of PE offers a structured SE review course with comprehensive study materials, experienced instructors, and a track record of high pass rates. On the other hand, Chegg Tutors, while providing personalized assistance, lacks SE-specific study materials. School of PE’s tailored approach and proven success make it the top choice for aspiring structural engineers, ensuring a solid foundation for success in the SE exams.

Chegg Tutors vs. PPI2Pass

PPI2Pass outperforms Chegg Tutors in SE exam preparation. PPI2Pass specializes in SE review, offering a comprehensive program that delves deep into structural engineering topics. With expert instructors and focused content, it ensures a thorough understanding of the subject matter, increasing the likelihood of success. In contrast, Chegg Tutors, while providing personalized support, lacks SE-specific study materials. For aspiring structural engineers aiming to excel in the SE exams, PPI2Pass stands as the superior choice.

ASCE vs School of PE

In the contest between the ASCE SE Review Course and School of PE for SE exam readiness, School of PE unequivocally emerges as the supreme choice. School of PE boasts an impeccable track record of high pass rates, a team of specialized instructors, comprehensive study materials, and a generous free repeat policy. Conversely, the ASCE SE Review Course lacks the comprehensive resources and support found in School of PE. For budding structural engineers in pursuit of a robust and effective exam preparation program, School of PE’s offerings set it apart as the unparalleled option, guaranteeing a solid foundation for SE exam success.


How is the SE Exam structured?

The SE Exam is divided into two main components: the Vertical Forces component and the Lateral Forces component. Each part tests different aspects of structural engineering and requires separate registration and testing.

What are the eligibility requirements for the SE Exam?

Eligibility varies by state, but generally, candidates must have a four-year engineering degree and a certain amount of professional experience, typically four years, after passing the FE exam.

How long is the SE Exam?

Each component of the SE Exam is typically 8 hours long, making the total exam time 16 hours, usually split over two consecutive days.

What subjects are covered in the SE Exam?

The exam covers a wide range of topics, including structural analysis, structural materials, design and detailing of structures, construction administration, and seismic design.

How often is the SE Exam offered?

The SE Exam is typically offered twice a year, in April and October.

Can I take one part of the SE Exam at a time?

Yes, you can choose to take the Vertical Forces and Lateral Forces components separately. However, you must pass both components to be licensed as a Structural Engineer.

What happens if I fail one part of the SE Exam?

If you fail one part of the exam, you only need to retake the part you failed. The passing score of the other part is typically retained for a certain period, which varies by state.

Bryce Welker, CPA

Bryce Welker is a regular contributor to Forbes,, YEC and Business Insider. After graduating from San Diego State University he went on to earn his Certified Public Accountant license and created to share his knowledge and experience to help other accountants become CPAs too. Bryce was named one of Accounting Today’s “Accountants To Watch” among other accolades.   As Seen On Forbes