Best FE Exam Prep Courses

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Best FE Exam Prep Courses

If you want to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, the best thing you can do is enroll in a great FE exam prep course.

The FE license is a must to become a Professional Engineer or Structural Engineer, but so many amazing engineers fail the FE exam because they assume engineering knowledge and skill are enough.

If only this were true!

Although an average of 3 out of 4 of those who sit for the FE exam pass the first time, this amount plummets to around 35% on the second attempt.

That’s why it is so important for you to secure the best FE exam preparation study materials on the market before you take the exam.

Although I’m not an engineer, I am a test prep expert who has helped thousands of studiers crush their exams. You can use my comparison chart and reviews below to figure out which FE course is best for you!

List of the Top 6 Best FE Exam Review Courses of June 2024

  1. School of PE FE Review
  2. PPI2Pass FE Review Course
  3. Civil Engineering Academy FE Course
  4. Capstone Learning FE Review
  5. Excel Test Prep FE Review
  6. NCEES FE Review

Top FE Exam Study Materials Comparison

School of PE FE Review (Rank: #1)

Unlimited practice and continuous updates

This is Exactly Why the School of PE Review Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!

When I began exploring options for FE exam preparation, the School of PE immediately grabbed my attention. It wasn’t solely their remarkable pass rates that impressed me, but also the customized design of their courses. For instance, their FE Electrical and Computer Engineering course has a pass rate significantly higher than the national average, highlighting their effective teaching strategy across different engineering fields.

Having been in the game for a while, the School of PE knows what works. Their courses offer more than just information; they provide a customized learning journey. With subject-matter expert instructors for each discipline, you’re guaranteed guidance that’s precisely what you need.

The Study Hub is a total game-changer, acting as your personal command center packed with video lectures, practice exams, flashcards, and more. It’s an invaluable resource that’s always at your fingertips.

With a 93% average pass rate, being the #1-rated engineering exam prep provider, and having helped over 63,000 busy professionals, the School of PE is more than just a prep course; it’s like having a knowledgeable friend by your side, 24/7/365. Their student support is unmatched, ensuring you’re never alone in your prep journey. If you’re diving into FE exam prep, I can’t recommend the School of PE enough. They’ve got everything you need to nail the exam.

Course Details

The School of PE provides tailored FE Civil exam preparation through two distinct course formats: the On-Demand Bundle and the LiveOnline Course.

Each is crafted to cater to different learning preferences, ensuring that every student finds a study method that suits their needs.

On-Demand Bundle for FE

This self-paced format is ideal for those who prefer the flexibility to study on their own terms. It combines comprehensive digital resources with the convenience of studying anytime and anywhere.

  • Instructor Support: Direct access to experienced instructors for personalized guidance.
  • Lecture Videos: Detailed, high-quality videos covering all FE Civil exam topics.
  • Study Flexibility: Learn on any device, at any time that works for you.
  • Free Repeat Policy: Eligibility to retake the course for free, ensuring you’re fully prepared.
  • Customized Study Plan: Tailor your study schedule with tools designed to fit your learning pace.
  • Interactive Discussion Forum: A community space for discussion and clarification on challenging topics.
  • Comprehensive Study Hub: Centralized access to all study materials, including:
    • Instructor-Prepared Course Notes
    • Extensive Question Bank
    • Flashcards for quick review

LiveOnline Course for FE Civil:

For those who thrive in a structured, interactive learning environment, the LiveOnline format offers live instruction and real-time support, plus everything offered above! This means you get the Study Hub, discussion forum access, and a customized study plan, plus:

  • Live Instructor Support: Engage with instructors during live sessions for immediate feedback and clarification.
  • Interactive Virtual Classes: Participate in scheduled live classes from any location.
  • Recorded Lectures: Access to recordings of your live sessions for review.

What to Expect

Here are some first-hand reviews and recommendations of the School of PE’s program.

“I did OnDemand for FE Chemical. I think the test simulation definitely helped, and if you do a lot of them you might feel more confident doing the exam. They have explanations on each of the problems.” – Reddit Review by Igvara

“I used School of PE, passed FE Mech last week first try. School of PE problems are nearly identical in difficulty to the exam…” – Reddit Review on School of PE thread

“I passed the exam on my first attempt using school of pe. Mainly, I used their lecture video and workshops problems, those are the one included in sope review guide. Their practice problem portal have some problems that are nice but some don’t even make sense. If you need to study everything like me, I think it is worth it.” Reddit Review by Electronic_Length_50

School of PE Pros & Cons 2024


Free Trial:

The best way to find out if School of PE is the right FE review course for you is to try it! That’s why they offer all students the ability to try their prep materials for 30 days free of charge. This is more than enough time to figure out whether this is the right choice for you— without any financial commitment.

Complementary Study Materials:

School of PE offers an FE review course that combines the best of both worlds. Alongside 80 hours of detailed lecture content are thousands of practice questions. These help reinforce your knowledge and memory of important concepts; not only will it increase your exam score, but it will also help you once you start your engineering career!

High Pass Rates:

School of PE stands out as an exceptional choice due to its remarkable pass rates, which exceed the national average by a significant margin. An illustrative example is the January 2023 Civil FE exam, where only 62% of test-takers achieved success, while an impressive 87% of School of PE students triumphed.

This outstanding track record highlights the effectiveness and superiority of School of PE’s review courses, showcasing their unmatched dedication to ensuring your success in passing the exam. By selecting School of PE, you position yourself among a distinguished group of individuals who excel and surpass expectations, propelling your engineering career to new heights.


Varying Lecture Quality:

While the School of PE offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for the FE exam, some participants have noted variability in the quality of lecturers. This inconsistency means that self-study becomes a crucial component of the preparation process. However, it’s worth noting that the program is particularly strong in preparing students for the quantitative sections of the exam, highlighting its effectiveness in covering essential material.

Bottom Line: The School of PE distinguishes itself with a 30-day free trial, allowing prospective students to explore their FE review course without financial commitment, a testament to their confidence in the course’s value. Coupled with an extensive array of study materials, including 80 hours of lectures and thousands of practice questions, the program not only aims to boost exam scores but also to enrich your engineering knowledge base. High pass rates further validate the effectiveness of their curriculum, with students consistently outperforming the national average.


PPI2Pass FE Review (Rank: #2)

Premier materials, support, and everything you need to pass the FE exam

This is Exactly Why the PPI2Pass PE Review Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!

With over four decades of experience, PPI2Pass brings a depth of knowledge to FE exam prep that’s hard to match. As I delved into FE exam preparation, PPI2Pass quickly rose to the top of my list. During my free trial, I found their materials so closely mirrored the actual exam. I know that for a test takier, removing any surprises can really boost test-day confidence.

The courses, I discovered, are thoughtfully designed by experts, with study plans crafted by professional engineers. These plans help you zero in on the most crucial exam content, streamlining study efforts and building confidence across every section.

What really cemented my trust in PPI2Pass was their Passing Guarantee for the FE Live Online exam prep courses. This guarantee isn’t just a promise; it is a testament to their confidence in the effectiveness of their program and an extra layer of security.

Choosing PPI2Pass means you are not only accessing a top-notch study program but also partnering with a provider that offers a comprehensive, expert-backed pathway to success and is backed by decades of proven results.

Course Details

PPI2Pass offers three distinct study options for FE exam preparation, each designed to cater to different learning styles and schedules. Whether you prefer the interactive structure of live classes, the flexibility of on-demand learning, or a self-guided approach with extensive resources, PPI2Pass has a solution to fit your needs.

Live Online Courses

These courses are ideal for learners seeking a structured study plan with the added benefit of real-time interaction with instructors and peers.

  • Passing Guarantee: Offers peace of mind with a commitment to your success.
  • PPI Learning Hub: Access to a comprehensive suite of digital study tools.
  • Live Online Lectures: Participate in scheduled lectures for real-time learning.
  • Instructor Office Hours: Get personalized assistance during dedicated office hours.
  • Additional Resources: Includes syllabus, homework assignments, test-taking strategies, and more.

OnDemand Courses

Perfect for those who need the flexibility to study on their own schedule without sacrificing the quality of their preparation.

  • OnDemand Lectures: Watch lecture videos anytime to complement your study plan.
  • Structured Learning: Follow a clear syllabus with homework assignments to reinforce learning.
  • Test-Taking Strategies: Learn effective techniques to improve your exam performance.
  • Comprehensive Support: Additional resources to enhance your study experience.

PPI Learning Hub Bundles

For students who prefer a customizable and self-paced study experience, these bundles provide all the necessary tools for effective exam preparation.

  • Customizable Learning Path: Tailor your study plan with a calendar built around your exam date.
  • Activity Library: A searchable online library of all study materials available on your Learning Path.
  • Qbank: Thousands of FE exam-like questions for customized quizzes.
  • Diagnostic & Practice Exams: Identify your strengths and weaknesses with comprehensive exams.
  • Full-Length Practice Exams: Simulate the real exam experience with tests designed by FE exam experts.
  • Web Books: Integrate your studies with review manuals and practice problems by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE.

Each of these study options is designed to provide a comprehensive and effective preparation path for the FE exam. Whether you choose the interactive Live Online Courses, the flexible OnDemand Courses, or the self-guided PPI Learning Hub Bundles, PPI2Pass equips you with the tools and resources necessary for success on exam day.

What to Expect

Here are some experiences of those who have used PPI2Pass:

“PPI courses assume you’ve already taken the real courses at a university. They would be somewhere between a syllabus with lecture notes and a first-day review test for a prior subject. Without significant familiarity with the material, you can quickly find yourself misunderstanding or gleening the wrong ideas off the material.That said, if you are familiar with a near or similar field of study it can work well as general guidelines you are likely to encounter on the exams.” – Quora Review by Architect Ian Marr

“I just used the PPI2Pass book and some YouTube videos and I passed pretty comfortably I think. – Reddit Review by Rhymes76

“…It’s much harder than the exam, so much so that it can be discouraging, but it’s legit.” – Reddit Review by Autigr14

PPI2Pass FE Review Pros & Cons 2024


Flexible and Unique to You:

It’s tricky to fit studying into your busy schedule, so PPI2Pass offers convenient scheduling and many differently timed-access options that make it easy to practice for the FE exam during your free time. Choose from course options that offer as much or as little prep as you need.

Fully Comprehensive Course:

While it may seem like a pricey review course, PPI’s FE Live Online Review comes with all the study tools and review materials you need to pass the exam with ease, and get your EIT certification. Their comprehensive course bundles mean you don’t have to spend time wondering what you need to purchase to prepare; that work is already done for you!

Lots of Student Support:

During your entire Live Online course with PPI, you will be able to communicate with your instructors in class or via email. Their instructors are also very highly rated by past students; you can rest easy knowing that your instructor will be extremely attentive and knowledgeable.

Strategies for the FE Exam:

Not only will you be provided with all the FE study material you need to prepare for the exam, you will also be able to learn all sorts of tips and tricks for taking this notoriously difficult test


Inconsistent Instructor Quality:

While the School of PE offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for the FE exam, some participants have noted variability in the quality of lecturers. This inconsistency means that self-study becomes a crucial component of the preparation process. However, it’s worth noting that the program is particularly strong in preparing students for the quantitative sections of the exam, highlighting its effectiveness in covering essential material.

Bottom Line: PPI2Pass makes FE exam prep flexible and comprehensive, fitting easily into busy schedules. It offers everything you need in one package, from live classes to a huge question bank. Though some reviews mention varying instructor quality, the overall effectiveness for those well-versed in their field is clear. With PPI2Pass, you get detailed study guides, strong support, and smart exam strategies, setting you up for success.



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Civil Engineering Academy FE Prep (Rank: #3)

What Everyone Needs To Know About Civil Engineering Academy FE Review


When I was exploring options for FE exam prep, the Civil PE Review Course stood out for a few reasons. Firstly, its focused approach to the Civil PE exam was immediately apparent, offering a curriculum that seemed tailor-made for civil engineering candidates. What really caught my attention was the course’s straightforward presentation of materials and its emphasis on core topics. Unlike other courses that might be overwhelmed with an abundance of resources, this one appeared to prioritize clarity and directness in its teaching methods.

The inclusion of targeted video lectures and practice problems specifically designed for the Civil PE exam also piqued my interest. These resources promised a comprehensive review without the distraction of unnecessary extras. It was clear that the Civil PE Review Course aimed to provide a solid foundation in the key concepts and skills needed to succeed, which was exactly what I was looking for in a prep course.

Course Details

Whether you prefer the structured environment of live webinars, the flexibility of on-demand video lectures, or the interactive support of a private community, The Ultimate Civil PE Review Course has something to offer. With its comprehensive workbooks, practice problems, and full-length practice exams, this course provides all the materials you need to confidently prepare for and pass your Civil PE exam.

Live Webinars and On-Demand Video Lectures:

  • Interactive sessions that allow for real-time engagement with instructors.
  • Scheduled webinars to keep you on track with your study plan.
  • Access to a library of detailed video lectures covering key exam topics.

Workbooks and Practice Problems:

  • Comprehensive workbooks filled with practice problems to reinforce learning.
  • Solutions provided to help you understand the correct approach to solving each problem.

Practice Exams:

  • Full-length practice exams designed to mimic the format and difficulty of the actual PE exam.
  • An excellent way to gauge your readiness and identify areas that need improvement.

Private Community Access and Additional Resources:

  • Join a community of fellow exam-takers where you can share tips, ask questions, and get advice from those who have successfully passed the exam.
  • Handy reference materials and cheat sheets to quickly review important concepts.

What to Expect

When it comes to first-hand feedback from those who have used Civil Engineering Academy FE, it’s a mixed bag. Here is what some Quora and Reddit responders had to say:

“CEA has good stuff. They’re on demand, good problems, very supportive.” Reddit Recommendation from I_Pendragon

“Civil Engineering Academy on YouTube is really good FE/PE prep.”FE Prep Reddit Thread

“My main issue is that the solutions aren’t helpful at all in terms of what manuals the formulas/info came from. They just show equations needed to solve the problem but don’t tell you what reference it came from. – Reddit User Old_Exchange5075

Civil Engineering Academy FE Pros & Cons 2024


Tailored Content for Civil Engineers:

One of the standout features of the Civil Engineering Academy’s FE exam prep course is likely its focus on civil engineering. This specialization means the course content is not just a general overview of FE exam materials but is specifically designed to meet the needs of civil engineering students and professionals. This targeted approach ensures that learners are spending their study time efficiently, focusing on the topics that matter most to their discipline.

Integrated Practice and Application:

Their courses include a wealth of practice problems and real-world application scenarios, closely mirroring the types of questions found on the FE exam. Civil Engineering Academy likely offers extensive problem-solving sessions that help reinforce theoretical knowledge through practical application. This method not only aids in retaining information but also in understanding how to apply concepts in a test environment, which is crucial for success on the FE exam.

Support Options:

In order to provide students with all the help they may need during their enrollment, whether it’s technical issues on their platform or general help with their exam prep, Civil Engineering Academy has your back. You have the option of sending an email directly to their support address or entering into a discussion with fellow students and instructors in their private Facebook group. This community aspect can be incredibly beneficial for motivation, clarifying difficult concepts, and gaining insights from others who have successfully navigated the FE exam.


Weak Guarantee:

While Civil Engineering Academy provides a 15-day money-back guarantee for those unsure about their FE exam prep course, they stop short of offering a pass guarantee. This means if you take their course and don’t pass the FE exam, there’s no safety net in terms of a refund or additional support. This absence of a pass guarantee can be a significant drawback for students who are weighing the risk versus reward of investing in this program, making it a challenging decision for those seeking assurance of success.

Limited Post-Exam Support:

A notable limitation of Civil Engineering Academy’s offerings is the absence of post-exam support for students who do not pass the FE exam on their first attempt. Unlike some competitors who provide extended access to course materials or additional tutoring at no extra cost for students needing to retake the exam, Civil Engineering Academy does not offer such reassurances. This gap in support can be a significant concern for students looking for a comprehensive prep course that includes provisions for additional help if they don’t achieve a passing score initially, potentially making the course a less attractive option for those seeking a full spectrum of support through their exam preparation journey.

Bottom Line: Civil Engineering Academy’s FE exam prep course shines with its civil engineering-focused content and practical problem-solving sessions, making it a strong choice for those in the field. The added community support through email and a private Facebook group enhances the learning experience. However, the lack of a pass guarantee and limited post-exam support might be concerns for some students. Overall, it offers valuable resources for exam preparation, but potential enrollees should weigh these considerations.


Capstone Learning FE Prep (Rank: #4)

What Everyone Needs To Know About Capstone Learning FE Review 

This is Exactly Why the Capstone Learning FE Review Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!

The Capstone online FE CBT Review Curriculum stands out in the realm of FE exam preparation. Unlike other programs that retrofit old materials to new exam formats, Capstone’s curriculum is tailor-made for the computer-based testing (CBT) environment of the FE exam.

I really value their innovative approach because it ensures that learners are not just studying the right topics but are doing so in a way that mirrors the actual exam environment. With the unique RIGOR solution methodology, Capstone replicates the problem-solving processes and tools you’ll encounter on exam day, offering an unparalleled preparation experience.

Course Details

Here’s what they offer:

  • Instructional Modules ($699.00; FE Core is $299.00): Tailored modules covering FE Civil, Mechanical, Other Disciplines, Chemical, and Electrical exams, including tutor support and example problems with solutions.
  • Solved Problem Sets ($299.00): Practice with problems across various CBT topics, replicating the exam experience with access to FE experts for additional guidance.
  • Sample Exam and Solutions: Simulate the actual exam environment with a practice test that reflects the NCEES exam topic/problem breakdowns, complete with instant scoring and detailed solution walkthroughs.

What to Expect

Finding firsthand reviews for the Capstone FE CBT Review Curriculum can be tough, so I’m basing this on my own deep dive into the course. What stands out is the RIGOR Solution Methodology. It’s a game-changer because it mirrors the problem-solving and tools you’ll actually use in the CBT exam, making your prep as real as it gets.

The course itself is built on solid, computer-based learning principles. It mixes engineering instruction with hands-on problem-solving, so you’re not just learning; you’re applying what you learn right away.

Support and resources are top-notch, too. You get everything from expertly narrated videos to detailed graphics that make complex concepts easier to grasp. It’s a comprehensive package designed to get you through the FE exam with confidence.

Capstone Learning FE Review Pros & Cons 2024


Real-World Exam Simulation:

Capstone Learning elevates your study game by plunging you into the thick of exam-like conditions with their practice problems. Imagine every study session as a dress rehearsal for the main event – the FE exam. This isn’t just practice; it’s a strategic simulation of the test environment, honing your skills and timing to perfection.

Multimedia Learning Experience:

Capstone Learning’s program stands out with its rich multimedia approach, blending expert narration with vivid instructional graphics. This dynamic combination not only makes complex concepts more accessible but also more memorable. Add to this the use of exam-approved references, comprehensive tutor support, and a toolkit of fundamental tools and formulas, and you have a well-rounded preparation experience. This method ensures that every learner, regardless of their preferred learning style, gains a deep and practical understanding of the material, setting a solid foundation for exam success.


Limited Interactive Features:

One area where Capstone Learning’s program might fall short is in its interactive offerings. Unlike some of its competitors, which provide interactive simulations, quizzes, and real-time feedback mechanisms, Capstone’s approach is more traditional. This means learners looking for a highly interactive, gamified learning experience might find the course a bit static, potentially impacting engagement levels and the overall learning experience.

Narrow Scope of Tutor Support:

While Capstone Learning provides tutor support, the scope and availability of this assistance may not match up to the comprehensive, round-the-clock support offered by other programs. The support is there, but it may not be as immediate or extensive as some students might need, especially those who rely heavily on constant guidance or who study during non-traditional hours. This could lead to delays in clarifying doubts or progressing through challenging topics, affecting the pace of preparation.

Bottom Line: Capstone Learning’s FE exam prep shines with its realistic exam simulations and multimedia approach, effectively preparing learners for the FE exam. However, its limited interactive features and narrow tutor support scope may not satisfy all students, especially those seeking a dynamic, engaging learning experience. While the program excels in content delivery and foundational exam preparation, potential enrollees should weigh these considerations against their personal learning preferences and support needs.


Excel Test Prep FE Review (Rank: #5)

Fantastic for those who’ve been out of school for a while

This is Exactly Why the Excel Test Prep FE Review Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!

In my journey to find the best FE-CBT Civil exam prep, Excel Test Prep stood out with their confident guarantee of passing. Tailored for those of us who’ve taken a break from the academic world, their program promises a thorough review to bridge the gap to exam day. With a course coordinator boasting over 25 years of experience, the curriculum is sharply focused on exam success. However, this intense focus might feel overwhelming for those just looking for a light refresher.

The instructors, while highly qualified from industry and academia, and the extensive course materials covering a broad spectrum of topics, from mathematics to environmental engineering, ensure you’re well-prepared. Yet, the sheer volume of information and the pace of the course could be daunting for some. Excel Test Prep is all about ensuring you’re equipped to face the exam confidently, even offering a free retake, but the pressure to pass the first time around is palpable. Their practical, problem-solving approach is designed to make you exam-ready, though it might not suit everyone’s learning style.

Course Details

Excel Test Prep offers a tailored FE-CBT preparation program that stands out for its comprehensive approach to the FE Civil, FE Mechanical, and FE Other Disciplines Exams. They’ve thoughtfully designed their courses to cater to a wide range of engineering disciplines, suggesting those from fields like Electrical or Chemical to take advantage of their FE Other Disciplines prep course. This inclusivity ensures that every student receives preparation that’s directly relevant to their specific exam.

Key Highlights of Excel Test Prep’s FE-CBT Program Formatting

  • Hybrid: A mix of 6 live classes and 78+ hours of online videos, blending traditional classroom learning with the convenience of online study.
  • Online: Fully online, on-demand video content totaling 78 -100 hours, perfect for self-paced learning.
  • Live Online: Combines the real-time engagement of live classes with the flexibility of online video content.

Unlike typical college courses that often dwell on theory, Excel Test Prep focuses squarely on the exam. Their curriculum emphasizes essential concepts and problem-solving practice, ensuring students can confidently apply what they’ve learned. Completing the program not only signifies readiness for the FE exam but also awards a certificate of completion, a testament to the student’s preparedness.

What to Expect

“Excel test prep is extremely helpful. The course is not just a series of lectures; instead, it helps identify specific weak points through practice and helps improve overall performance. Even though eight hours a day seems exhausting, these eight hours usually fly by and are used wisely. But, for excel to do it’s magic, you have to be willing to make a commitment and use your time wisely.” – Trust Pilot Review by Indu

“I did not study Civil Engineering in college. I was an NE, but fate and luck brought me into the Civil field later in life. When I needed to take the FE, I found Excel Test Prep, after taking a review class with another company. The approach, lots of problem-solving, and appropriate material all contributed to my passing the FE. When I needed to take the PE, I went back to Excel. It took a couple tries, mostly because I never studied most of the other material, but I took the recorded review session the 2nd try and came out of the exam with my eyes wide openDo not sit on the fence, or take chances with the exam, it’s too expensive, go to Excel, you will be way ahead of your peers!. – Trust Pilot Review Skot

Excel Test Prep FE Review Pros & Cons 2024


Enhanced Live Classes:

Excel Test Prep elevates your preparation with six comprehensive live classes, each spanning 7-8 hours, meticulously covering every section of the FE exam. This includes specialized focus areas like FE Civil, Mechanical, and Other Disciplines, ensuring a well-rounded understanding and mastery of the material.

Exam-Study Focus:

Excel Test Prep zeroes in on the main goal: teaching you exactly how to pass the FE exam. Their curriculum cuts through the clutter to focus solely on exam success, equipping students with targeted strategies and knowledge


Subpar Student Support:

Even though this course comes with live classes that let you communicate with the instructor, it’s tough to find immediate student support. Other courses like PPItoPass have email student support that helps you when you run into questions in the late-night hours of studying.

Limited Access:

While Excel Test Prep boasts a comprehensive curriculum, access to additional learning materials and resources outside of scheduled classes can be limited. Unlike some competitors that offer extensive libraries of on-demand videos, readings, and practice materials accessible at any time, students may find themselves needing more support or supplementary study aids to fully grasp complex topics.

Rigid Schedule Constraints:

The structure of Excel Test Prep’s live classes, though beneficial for real-time learning, may not accommodate everyone’s schedule, especially for those balancing work, family, or other commitments. This rigidity can pose a challenge for students who require the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their own time, potentially hindering their overall preparation and progress.

Bottom Line: Excel Test Prep’s FE exam course shines with its targeted live classes and exam-focused curriculum, promising a thorough understanding of essential topics. However, its support services and resource access fall short compared to competitors, potentially leaving students in need of additional help. Moreover, the rigid class schedule may not suit everyone, especially those with busy lifestyles. While it offers solid exam preparation, students should consider these limitations alongside their personal study needs.

NCEES FE Exam Prep (Rank: #6)

Practice exams and reference material, at a much cheaper price

This is Exactly Why the NCEES FE Review Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!

The NCEES FE Civil Practice Exam offers a straightforward approach to familiarizing candidates with the FE exam format and content. Note that this practice exam is NOT a course, and it nonrefundable, and purchasing it comes with specific terms regarding copyright and distribution. This PDF version, identical to the current printed book, is tailored for those seeking a direct glimpse into the exam’s structure, offering a mix of traditional and new question types to enhance preparation.

Additionally, NCEES offers a discount on this practice exam for those who register for an FE or FS exam around their graduation date, making it a more accessible resource for recent graduates preparing for licensure.

Course Details

  • One hundred questions with solutions, including 34 new items.
  • Alternative question types, such as fill-in-the-blank and matching, across 111 pages.

  • Discount Offers:
    • 50% off the PDF version for FE or FS exam registrants around graduation time.
    • 10% off for PE or PS exam registrants ordering the related practice exam simultaneously.

This practice exam by NCEES, while not an extensive course, serves as an essential resource for candidates aiming to familiarize themselves with the FE Civil exam’s content and format, offering a strategic advantage in exam preparation.

What to Expect

“It’s always worth it. It’s not a lot of money (in engineering anyway) and even if there are 1 or 2 different questions, it’s the closest thing you can see to the actual exam…What’s worse? Spending 30 bucks or retaking because you didn’t give yourself every advantage towards passing? That was my strategy towards passing.” – Reddit Reviewer LuciusPius

“This is going to sound crazy but I actually thought the real test was same or even a little easier than the practice exam. That being said, the conceptual construction questions are a hazard if you’re not prepared with some real industry experience or if you answer too quickly without really considering all variables given in the question.” – Reddit Reviewer

NCEES FE Review Pros & Cons 2024


Practice Tests from FE Exam Creator:

You can purchase a practice and NCEES fe practice exam for each section of the test, each containing questions from old exams. You will be practicing in the same format, style, and level of difficulty as the real deal.


Currently the practice materials will cost you around $35. If you are trying to go through this FE license process without spending a lot of money, this is the way to go! Just make sure you don’t need any extra study materials.


Return Policy:

It used to be that if you end up not using the practice tests, you could return them within 30 days for a full refund. This meant there was to risk in getting them and deciding whether or not you needed them in your study journey. However, this has changed, and the resources are now non-refundable.

Not an “Official” Prep Course:

This is a great resource for those who don’t need a full review course or simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on one. You can get the exam materials straight from the NCEES and study on your own, which is preferred for some. But it’s much more difficult if you’ve been out of school for a while.

Limited Interactivity:

The NCEES FE Civil Practice Exam offers a static PDF format, which means there’s a lack of interactive elements or real-time guidance that many digital platforms provide. For learners who benefit from dynamic content, such as interactive quizzes or instant feedback mechanisms, this format may feel restrictive. Additionally, without the structured support of a comprehensive review course, candidates solely relying on this practice exam might find it challenging to navigate areas of difficulty or to gain deeper insights into complex topics on their own.

Bottom Line: The NCEES FE Practice Exams offer authentic test preparation directly from the exam creators, providing practice in the exact format, style, and difficulty level of the actual FE exam at an affordable cost. However, the shift to a non-refundable policy and the static PDF format’s lack of interactivity present notable drawbacks. While ideal for those seeking a cost-effective study option without needing extensive materials, it may not suffice for individuals requiring comprehensive review or interactive learning tools after a long hiatus from academic study.

Best FE Prep Courses FAQs

Which is the easiest FE exam to pass?

The NCEES-FE Other (General) examination is the easiest and most reliable FE test, according to exam data. Although professional engineer certification candidates might find this engineering exam less difficult than other exams, engineering exam preparation through FE review courses and course materials.

How many hours do I need to study for the FE?

FE exam preparation is dependent upon individuality. The recommended time is usually between 14 and 24 months, depending on your PE FE exam prep needed. FE exam review courses can help cut this time down dramatically, especially when you get access from one of the best FE exam prep companies.

What is the best way to prepare for the FE exam?

The most effective preparation involves a combination of studying FE review courses like School of PE Review, practicing with course materials, and taking practice exams. Tailoring your study plan to focus on areas where you need the most improvement can also significantly enhance your readiness for the exam.

How many times can I take the FE exam?

NCEES allows you to take the FE exam once during any two-month testing window, and up to three times in a twelve-month period. There is a waiting period to reapply if you need to take the exam additional times.

Is work experience required to take the FE exam?

No, work experience is not required to sit for the FE exam. The exam is designed to test your knowledge of fundamental engineering principles typically covered in an engineering degree program.

What happens if I fail the FE exam?

If you fail the FE exam, you can retake it after waiting for the next testing window. Utilizing this time to review your weakest areas with additional study materials or review courses can improve your chances of passing on your next attempt.

How do I know if I’m ready to take the FE exam?

Feeling ready for the FE exam often comes from consistent performance on practice tests and comfort with the exam’s reference materials. If you’re scoring well on practice exams and feel confident navigating the provided reference handbook, you’re likely ready to take the exam.

Bryce Welker, CPA

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