Optimize Your Learning Style

Optimize Your Learning Style

Recognizing your learning style is crucial when looking for the right CPA exam review course!

Students learn through many ways but there is usually one technique that they can relate to the most.

The three main categories of learning are Visual, Auditory, and Tactile. Research shows that students perform better on tests and retain more knowledge if their study habits are aligned with their own personal learning styles.

Identify which characteristics below relate to you the most to identify your own learning style.

Visual Learners

People who learn best through seeing things. A visual learner:

  • Forgets names easily but remembers faces well
  • Is good at spelling
  • Likes colors & fashion
  • Likes charts and graphs
  • Watches YouTube and prefers to watch music videos when looking up new songs
  • Makes outlines of everything
  • Copies what’s on the board in class
  • Prefers taking notes
  • Makes to do lists
  • Uses flashcards- Would rather buy them than make them
  • When reading uses highlighters, circles words, and underlines important content

Visual learners will learn best with:

Auditory Learners

People who learn best through hearing things. An auditory learner:

  • Listens to podcasts and audio books in the car
  • Likes to read out loud
  • Is not afraid to speak in front of the class
  • Likes oral presentations
  • Is good at explaining things
  • Remembers names and random facts
  • Enjoys music or plays an instrument
  • Is good at grammar and has a knack for foreign languages
  • Reads slowly but with good tone
  • Follows spoken directions well
  • Can’t keep quiet for long periods
  • Is good in study groups
  • Using word association and mnemonics to remember facts
  • Prefers recorded lectures
  • Listens to audiotapes for language practice.

Auditory Learners will learn best with:

  1. Roger CPA Review is taught by the most energetic and lively instructor who really knows how to connect with his students through his engaging voice.
  2. Gleim CPA Review. Has a great audio review course, so you can listen to the lectures whenever it is convenient.

Tactile (Experience) Learners

People who learn best by doing things through a hands on approach. A tactile learner:

  • Learns well through quizzes and games
  • Is good at sports
  • Has good eye-hand coordination
  • Is not great at spelling
  • Can’t sit still for very long
  • Takes regular breaks
  • Does not have great handwriting
  • Likes to participate in live classes
  • Can study with loud music on
  • Likes adventure books and action movies
  • Enjoys building things
  • Participates in martial arts or dance

Tactile learners will learn best with:


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