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Becker CPA Review is endorsed by the Big 4 accounting firms and offers three different course formats to choose from: Self-Study, Online, and Live Classes—the Big 4 are probably the only companies that can afford the sky-high price of the course. It is one of a few leading companies that organizes live classes for its students. However, most students say the Live Classes are subpar compared to the Self-Study courses.

Becker’s online format could be improved upon quite a bit, but it does let you choose your own pace. Unlike other CPA review courses on the market, Becker does not offer a pass or money back refund. Instead, they have the “Becker Promise,” which allows you to retake the course if you do not pass the exam.

The price is a big turn off for CPA exam candidates, and SurgentWiley or Roger is a much better (and more affordable) option.


1.  Study Materials

Becker offers decent lecture notes, multiple choice questions, software and other primary study materials. Two full practice exams are included for each part of the CPA exam. The textbooks are user-friendly and written in a readable tone.

The notes are arranged in a somewhat logical, easy-to-follow manner. Becker provides over 7,200 multiple choice questions and nearly 400 task-based simulations, which is above the industry average, with answer descriptions that link directly to the applicable eBook pages and lectures.

2. Mobile App

Becker’s mobile app is convenient and allows students to study on the go from Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, but it’s not anything special. Your study sessions and progress will automatically be synchronized between your computer and mobile devices, making it easy to pick up exactly from where you left off.

3. Structured Format

If your schedule is constantly changing, the online course has a flexible format that can change with your life—that’s one of the few positives for this course. You set your own study time with the help from both the Study Roadmap and Study Planner. The former is a course guide that shows you what you need to study and how much time you should spend on it. The latter lets you create a customized study plan that meets your schedule and study habits.

The live classes are tightly structured, meaning you’re required to attend classes at a physical location. The self-study course is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

4. Fast Pass/Intensive

Becker CPA Review offers an intensive 12 week format for students who need to prepare in less time. The accelerated format prepares you for the exam in weeks—not months—and offers the same content.

This course is designed to help you pass all four sections of the exam as quickly as possible This compressed time frame is a decent, but once again overpriced option if you have just graduated from college and want to gain an edge before joining your next employer.

5. Additional Study Material

Supplemental Multiple Choice Questions: If you need extra practice with a single section or all of the exam topics, these supplemental questions will help you solidify your understanding of the material. There’s 50 more questions per topic that will help you prepare even further. You can purchase each section individually or bundle all four parts together for a lower cost.

Flashcards: Becker offers flashcards in online and printed formats, which cover all four parts of the exam and include 1,400 cards. Flashcards are convenient, effective tools for memorizing important information on the CPA exam, while also improving your answer speed.

Final Review: If you’re close to exam day and need a crash course or refresher, the Final Review is designed to help you focus your study time during the last few days before the test. It covers all four parts of the exam and provides 30 hours of new lectures, 700 more multiple-choice questions and 85 additional task-based simulations.

**These additional study materials must be purchased in addition to the Becker CPA Review Course.



1. Live Classes Are Inconsistent

Students report that Becker’s live classes are inconsistent and can be hit or miss, depending on the instructor and location. I’ve talked with many Becker students and most agree that the live classes are below par and their online course is much better.

The good thing about the online course is you aren’t beholden to your location’s instructors; some of the most notable CPA instructors from around the country will be teaching your online lectures. Becker’s intuitive multimedia format gives you the utmost freedom and flexibility to plan and study around your schedule, while providing you with comprehensive study materials and in-depth lectures.

2. Expensive

Becker’s complete course costs $3,393, making it the most expensive CPA review course on the market. This is a big downside, especially since studying for your CPA exam is already a time consuming and expensive process. You may want to check out some other CPA courses and their discounts if you are not in the position to drop the big bucks on Becker. If you’re set on Becker, check out their financing options and discounts, but I’d look elsewhere.

3. No Audio Courses

Becker offers you the option to learn in three different ways: Self-Study, Online, and Live Classes. Since the Live Classes are not the most helpful, that leaves you with one option of online self study. This is a problem if you are an auditory learner. Audio courses can give you more flexibility in your study plan and let you quickly study during down time like commuting, doing laundry, or even at the gym. Check out some other courses that offer audio courses to get the most out of limited study time.



Becker CPA Review has a decent online course and I’d suggest that you stay away from their Live Classes. I wouldn’t recommend the Becker course to anyone who values their hard-earned dollars—if you’re rich enough to take this class, you probably don’t need to become a CPA!

The Becker course only caters to one specific learning style and is not ideal for a flexible study plan. Even though Becker has been around for a long time, they are definitely not the best option especially if you have a busy schedule and a tight budget.

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on Becker, check out my top rated CPA exam prep courses and compare them side by side!


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5 5 1
I used the Becker Self Study CPA to prepare for the CPA exam. I was really surprised to see how closely the practice questions mirrored the actual exam questions. Most of the course leaders/speakers tried to inject some humor into the lessons, but it still is an accounting course. I liked how many practice questions were offered and I felt like I would not have passed the exams if I didn't work all of the questions they provided. I think the course is a bit pricey but I think if you work all of the practice questions and exams then you should be more than ready to pass the real exams.


2 5 1

Becker CPA Review All 4

1 5 1
The teachers are absolutely redundant except for the ridiculous mnemonics they come up with. Peter Olinto is better, however the old man and the lady brown are absoutely fit for teaching. They come and read out the stuff from papers without life in what they speak. It is more mechanical. I am an Indian and trust me this is not how we are taught in our classes. It is just a joke. If you are an Indian, please do not go for this course. Take Miles instead. At least that is more sensible.

Becker CPA Review

4 5 1
The multiple choice problems and the simulations are helpful but I do not enjoy the lectures. They're a little boring. I think reading the book and focusing on the multiple choice problems and simulations are key. The dashboard is easy to understand. The customer service is good. Whenever I call them they answer my call quickly. It takes about a day for a tutor to email you back though. The tutors did not directly answer my question on two separate occasions. I had to email them a second time for them to fully answer it. The course can improve by having tutors take more time to answer your questions and improve on the lectures a little bit. I believe the course is a good value.

Becker CPA

3 5 1
Becker is one of the more well known CPA review courses, or at least I thought it was. My firm (mid-size regional firm located in Boston, MA) is a partner of Becker, as are many other firms. When I decided I was going to start studying, I didn't think twice about it. However, after failing 3 different sections, only to have my Becker membership expire, I wish I had done my research before I had begun. I found the courses to be long and boring and were not on par with my learning style. I found that I was not able to focus or wanted to speed up the lessons, and then repeating the homework and taking tests, I memorized the question and answer NOT the concept behind the question. Fast forward to when I discovered Bryce and Crush the CPA - I have just purchased Surgent CPA (on my own dime vs. my firm) but am already liking it so much more.


5 5 1
I used the BECKER CPA study materials. I thought they did an excellent job explaining the material, and providing practice questions. I think the way they outlined the course made it easy to follow and helped you stay on track with your study goal. I passed BEC, REG, and AUD on my first try and FAR on my 2nd. The practice simulations really prepared me well. The course questions were a bit more difficult than the questions I had on the exam, I think this was very beneficial. The course videos were led by very experienced instructors who knew what they were talking about. I like that Becker gives you the option to play back videos at 1.5x, 2x, etc speed so that you can watch the videos and review quickly if you want. The course software and simulations are exactly how they look on the actual exam. this was helpful and allowed me to be prepared for the exam since I was used to the software. The course is definitely expensive. They offer a bundle discount if you buy all 4 at the same time. However, I bought each separately. I heard from colleagues and classmates that Becker was "the best", and my company reimbursed study expenses so I splurged on the materials. The only thing that would make this course better would be offering audio/mp3 lectures. It would be helpful to download audio and listen to it in the car or on the bus on the way to work. I would definitely recommend Becker to prospective CPA candidates.

Becker CPA

5 5 1
Becker’s online CPA review course was extremely helpful to my CPA exam experience. The multiple -choice questions are a valuable study tool with reasoning for the correct and incorrect answers. The dashboard has helpful tools including a study timeline calendar. I really appreciated the mobile app with availability to download the content offline. With this, I could listen to lectures in the car. I thought the Becker Mock Exams and the simulations were a great resource and virtually identical to the actual CPA exam software. This helped me feel very comfortable navigating through the simulations at exam time.


4 5 1


4 5 1
Very summarized and short subject videos A lot of practice questions


5 5 1
The Becker CPA review course was excellent. It had videos and provided an online book and hard copy books, for all learning types. For some sections, I preferred the videos and for other sections, I preferred to just read. I loved all the multiple choice questions - I think those were the most helpful in obtaining a feel of the types of questions to be asked, and the way they would be asked. The example simulations were also extremely beneficial and helped me not to feel overwhelmed when I approached the actual simulations on the test. Lastly, I love how they lay-out the exam for you, tell you the areas that are most often tested (focus areas) and tips and tricks to remember facts.
Becker Overall rating: ★★★☆☆ 3.4 based on 22 reviews
5 1


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Becker CPA Review
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2.Mobile App
3.Structured Format
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5.Financing Options

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  • rone
    Posted at 9 February, 2017 11:16 AM Reply

    i need the installation files for review and final review becker cpa 2017 ...any one can send them to me on [email protected]

    • Nazeer
      Posted at 3 February, 2017 23:16 PM Reply

      Becker's course worked fine for me, but I regret not getting Surgent. Most of my friends used Surgent and it had better features for half the price. Don't believe the hype and get something else.

      • Joseph Harris
        Posted at 4 August, 2016 18:02 PM Reply

        Has anyone who has a full-time job done any of Becker's in class review courses for anything because I am definitely considering it after failing Audit just recently. I just think the way I am studying by myself isn't working and that I need to learn from people in person who actually know what to teach us for the exams. I know it's time-consuming, but is it worth it in your eyes, and does it really help you for the exam that much as compared to studying on your own? Thanks!

        • MAG
          Posted at 17 August, 2016 23:16 PM Reply

          I recently took the BEC course and I think it did help me. It is true that instructors are a hit or miss, but more than anything, the live classes helped me stay on track or have an idea of where I needed to be in order to finish the material and be ready for the exam. I did the fast-pass course and I think it did help me. Mind you - I had already taken BEC twice but hadn't really opened the book or studied consciously. But this time I did take the time to review and I'm actually waiting on my score - hoping I did pass this time. I am going to do the same for FAR as I need to be done asap or I'll have to retake the other two parts that I've passed so far.I'd say if you have a hard time staying on track and you are the kind of person that needs some structure, definitely take the live class, even if you end up just watching the videos again. I noticed a lot of things made a lot more sense when I had someone else tell me in person where I was wrong and just have that immediate feedback whenever I asked a question in class. I also noticed that before, when I was doing the self-study, I would always say "I can get to this tomorrow," or "I have time to finish X chapter" and that was never the case. That's why I decided to sign up for the live classes.I do work full time as an auditor and it's definitely been tough. I was able to take a few days off before my exam to study but I would definitely try to get most of my studying done after work and on the weekends. It's not easy, especially when your family/friends are out doing something and you're stuck to a desk/table and a chair for hours. But it's an investment that's definitely worth it.

        • Phoebe
          Posted at 28 June, 2016 18:43 PM Reply

          I am in the process of choosing how I will study and what my timeline will be. My employer offers a decent discount for becker so I am leaning towards them. After looking around this site I am wondering about some of the other contenders. I do best by seeing and hearing something explained rather than by reading about it in a textbook. This makes me think that the rodger review course might be best for me as the lectures are engaging. Are the becker lectures just as engaging and helpful to those of us who don't excel at textbook learning?

          • Jad
            Posted at 25 February, 2016 16:59 PM Reply

            If I focus only on the multiple choice questions which are over 6,000 and solve the simulations, is it enough to pass the exam while self-studying without looking at the lecture?

            • BWelk
              Posted at 8 March, 2016 05:03 AM Reply

              I think skipping the video lectures is fine as long as you are reading the textbook so you understand the material.Cheers,Bryce

            • Josue Mendoza
              Posted at 21 February, 2016 01:00 AM Reply

              Hi everyone,I recently passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam on the first try using Becker. I found Becker to be very good and my overall experience was excellent. However I must disclose that I didn't even consider any other course. My employer gave Becker a great recommendation and he gave me $1,000 to help pay for it. So take my post for what it's worth. I'm not trying to sway anyone's thinking. Had I read this website before choosing an exam study material I may have gone with another study course.The lectures were informative and entertaining, for the most part. I did feel like it was a bit of information overload. But overall I did learn from the lectures and the book highlighting. Peter Olinto was my favorite lecturer.Still, the real learning for me took place in the MCQs. Each chapter is broken down into small sections of questions that correspond to sections of the chapter. Each question, wether you get it right or wrong, will give you a good explanation of the answer. I had a notebook and wrote down the explanation to each question that I felt needed further study. This was very helpful. I filled out about 4 of the 5 subject notebooks. After completing all the chapters I would do progress tests of 100 MCQs at a time. They were very helpful too. Also, Becker gives you the chance to rework all the questions, ones you selected or ones you get wrong.Every time I had a question I would email someone at Becker and get a response in 24 to 48 hours. I'm not sure how that compares to other courses.The software got regular updates but there was a time when one of my books became outdated and I had to pay $15 for an updated one.The simulations were helpful too but I have to admit that I hated them.I contacted Becker about an extension to the course in case I failed the last exam and had my first exam lapse. They said that I would get a 3 month extension for free as long as my test was scheduled within those 3 months.I am a morning person, so I would wake up at 3:30 or 4 AM and go at it till 8am. I would then get ready for work in 10 min and be out by 8:10 AM. During my study time, my oldest daughter was 3 and my youngest daughter was about 3 months old and I was working over 40 hours a week at a CPA firm. I'm also the youth pastor at my church so believe me my time was very prescious. Thank God for my wife without whom I would not have been able to pass.Anyway, that was my experience and I hope it helps someone. I really appreciate this website. The breakdown of each service is great. My brother will be taking the CPA soon and I will definitely recommend this site for him to have some guidance about which service to choose.

              • Jad
                Posted at 21 March, 2016 14:11 PM Reply

                so you basically solve mc until you memorize them ?i've heard that the exam contains mc similar to those we've practiced, is it true?and what advice do you give me with one month remaining to the audit exam?

                • Ryan Torres
                  Posted at 26 April, 2016 15:09 PM Reply

                  I have a friend who said that multiple MCQ were word for word from the testing bank becker uses. But if you are close to that 75 and you have a few questions memorized it may make all the difference in passing

                • Ola
                  Posted at 20 May, 2016 15:05 PM Reply

                  Hi Josue,I hope you are doing great? Congrats on passing the CPA exam. I saw your comment on Crush the CPA Exam and wanted to know if I could lend any study materials you might still [email protected] hope to hear from you soon.Thanks

                • Ali
                  Posted at 17 February, 2016 04:54 AM Reply

                  Hi there !! I am from India and aspire to complete my CPA... I am currently working with one of the BIG 4 accounting firms... In India I am getting either Becker or Wiley at around 1700 $ (Online Plus Classroom Training) through my firm... being from accounting background I think I can manage the curriculum but am still skeptical about the differences between Indian and US GAAP. Also I am seeking some help and guidance for other formalities required before/during the course(State selection etc.). Both review operators here in India provide guarantee that these things shall be handled by them. I don't have any past experience with either of the two. If anyone here could help me or throw some light on these issues would help me... Thanks in advance.

                  • BWelk
                    Posted at 19 February, 2016 07:33 AM Reply

                    Hi Ali,I compare Becker vs Wiley CPAexcel in this post, hope this helps: Cheers,Bryce

                  • Jafar Ahmed
                    Posted at 23 January, 2016 23:47 PM Reply

                    Hi, I graduated 10 years ago with an accounting degree and finally now I decided to go for my CPA. Obviously, I have to start from scratch because I have forgotten most of the things I learned in college. What cpa review material do you recommend for someone like me?

                    • BWelk
                      Posted at 27 January, 2016 05:48 AM Reply

                      Hi Jafar,Students who have been out of school for a while tend to do best with either Yaeger CPA Review or Wiley CPAexcel. If you prefer to learn from watching video lectures and having the material explained to you then I would suggest Yaeger CPA Review. However if you learn better from reading the textbook and doing tons of practice questions then I would suggest WIley CPAexcel for you.Cheers,Bryce

                    • TestTaker
                      Posted at 6 January, 2016 20:45 PM Reply

                      I passed all the exams using Becker. Only had to retake one section. In my opinion, passing or failing an exam is not due to the review materials. Passing or failing is directly correlated with the amount of time and effort put forth in studying. Becker has over 1,500 review questions for each section of the exam, plus several simulations, plus hundreds of pages in the books. If that isn't enough to pass then I don't know what is!

                      • Sam Dillon
                        Posted at 22 December, 2015 23:52 PM Reply

                        They Canceled my class and now are threatening to not refund my money, unless i return the book within ten days, it has not shown up yet and they can't tell me when it will. Do not use! I used Wiley to pass AUD and BEC, they weren't perfect but at least it wasn't a scam!

                        • Dan Medina
                          Posted at 9 December, 2015 06:56 AM Reply

                          I enrolled in the Becker self study program. I was fortunate to have my firm pay for the program. I have to say that it was everything that I expected and more. I scored over an 80 on every section. Received my final score tonight, 83 on BEC. Huge weight off my back now that I am done and Becker got me there. I started working for my firm after only passing FAR. The self study allowed me to study when it was convenient for me. It's worth the money. The overall objective is to pass and Becker provides the best option to get you there. 3500 dollars is nothing over a career of a CPA. Thanks Becker from your newest CPA!!!

                          • Alessio Asaro
                            Posted at 20 November, 2015 01:29 AM Reply

                            I recently got an offer with a big firm and they will provide me with the review material of my choice. everyone I spoke to is so gung ho about Becker. I think Roger CPA is more my type.

                            • Kayla
                              Posted at 6 November, 2015 00:47 AM Reply

                              It seems like every week I encounter another technical issue. Over priced Cliff notes. Wiley didn't work for me a few years ago so I tried this because my firm offered it. My original live classes were cancelled the week before the scheduled start date leaving me to scramble and relocate to classes 50+ miles away. It took 3 phone calls for them to figure out the reason I wasn't getting course updates was because they had my email listed on two accounts, really?! It was listed twice and you still couldn't notify me? Now I'm in the middle of a set of questions and the web site goes dark. My exams in a few weeks thanks Becker

                              • Michael
                                Posted at 27 October, 2015 02:07 AM Reply

                                I've been using Becker the last couple months. I've been passing but it's frustrating because you essentially have to teach yourself the material. The online lectures are completely useless. As somebody said below, the lecturers just tell you to underline or highlight certain passages. You don't actually learn anything from the lectures which is extremely annoying to me because I feel like I wasted 3+ hours going through their videos only to waste a ton of extra time having to go through all the MC questions I get wrong because I have no idea what the questions are asking. Becker is nowhere near the $3400+ they charge. If I'm paying $3400, I should learn something from your lectures instead of having it essentially be a self-taught course.

                                • BWelk
                                  Posted at 27 October, 2015 20:57 PM Reply

                                  Thanks for your comment Michael. So many students have similar experiences with Becker and I hope future CPA candidates read your thoughts before they commit to their course.Cheers,Bryce

                                • Douglas
                                  Posted at 6 October, 2015 20:28 PM Reply

                                  I graduated May 2015 and Becker came and talked to us about their materials. I am working at a mid-level firm and they offered to pay for the review of my choice. All I ever heard was Becker so that is what I went with. Biggest mistake ever. Their live course instructors are hit or miss (mostly miss) and they focus on memorization rather than understanding it. Out of my fellow classmates I graduated with, only one or two have passed one exam so far. My personal experience has been miserable with Becker. As I was sitting taking my FAR exam, there was a simulation on there that Becker told me "not to worry about, you will never get tested on it" and completely skipped that topic. I come out of the exam extremely frustrated and I thought to myself, OK maybe it was an odd chance I got that on my exam. A couple month later, I am taking my AUD section and 4 of my 7 simulations were never covered in the Becker review. Since Becker locks you into signing up for all 4 sections at once, I am forced to finish out studying and taking REG and BEC with them but I can tell you I will NEVER recommend Becker and I am currently shopping around for a different review company. Stay away!

                                  • BWelk
                                    Posted at 14 October, 2015 14:12 PM Reply

                                    Sorry you had to learn the hard way Douglas. Thanks for your feedback!

                                    • Tamara Kelsey
                                      Posted at 27 November, 2015 05:29 AM Reply

                                      I'm having the same issue. I did Becker cause that's what my company wanted. I've bombed all my questions so far. I'm pretty lost. What are the technics you guys are using? Are you just reading?

                                  • Dori Corn
                                    Posted at 19 August, 2015 20:04 PM Reply

                                    Are there any other places that offer a live classroom in Chicago?

                                    • Megan Lee
                                      Posted at 7 July, 2015 15:31 PM Reply

                                      I am going to be taking the Becker accelerated Fast paced course but am skeptical because of all these reviews. Should I supplement the class with additional material? My employer is paying for Becker so I feel like I'm obligated to stick with it.

                                      • BWelk
                                        Posted at 29 July, 2015 01:34 AM Reply

                                        Ya I would at least supplement your studies with the Wiley Test Bank. This will give you thousands of extra multiple choice questions to work through that you won't find in Becker's course.Cheers,Bryce

                                      • Racermike182
                                        Posted at 11 June, 2015 18:32 PM Reply

                                        They came to my school pitched their course to our class. I'm still torn on which course to buy. I have a daughter that I will be watching while studying, so trying to go to a live class might not be great for me. I like good practical instruction; what do you think would be best for me?

                                        • BWelk
                                          Posted at 23 June, 2015 14:18 PM Reply

                                          Hi,I'd definitely suggest either Roger or Wiley CPAexcel. Roger would be better if you prefer to learn from watching video lectures since their videos are more engaging. However Wiley is a better self-study course and is very flexible so would better fit into your busy schedule and time constraints. I'd suggest checking out a free demo of both and seeing which one resonates with you better.Cheers,Bryce

                                        • sara
                                          Posted at 27 May, 2015 15:17 PM Reply

                                          I used Becker and found it to be awful! They don't explain things well and there lectures are just someone reading the book and telling you what to highlight, not very helpful.

                                          • BWelk
                                            Posted at 3 June, 2015 04:26 AM Reply

                                            Hi Sara,Thanks for your input, I've heard the same thing from many others, sorry you had to find out the hard way.Cheers,Bryce

                                            • Tamara Kelsey
                                              Posted at 27 November, 2015 05:31 AM Reply

                                              Sara what did you end up using

                                            • Steve
                                              Posted at 10 March, 2015 22:55 PM Reply

                                              I agree. Becker isn't working for me. They don't provide you a means of understanding the material, only memorizing it.