The Best CPA Exam Review Courses of 2024

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If you’re trying to be a CPA, you’ve got to pick the best CPA review course on the market. As much as you’d like to believe that your college career and experience have prepared you to pass the CPA exam on the first try, the official pass rate stats show again and again that only half of sitting CPA candidates will actually succeed.

And of course, every course provider claims to have the best product. But that doesn’t mean they’re all equally effective. Picking the wrong one means you could waste hundreds of extra study hours, and maybe even thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s crucial to find CPA study materials that best fit your learning style, budget, and study timeline.

You’re probably wondering..

How do I know what makes a great CPA review course?

First off, I’m a CPA.

Here’s the even better news: I have personally tested and tried out all of the major CPA exam review courses on the market. I’ve combed through their books, watched their videos, and analyzed their test banks so you don’t have to! Plus, I’ve done extensive research on what makes a review program the best of the best. All of this has led me to extensive knowledge and becoming an expert in the CPA arena.

  1. Quality vs. Quantity: Do these CPA courses have a good number of practice questions, simulated exams, video lectures, flashcards, and other materials? And are these course materials good enough to actually prepare you for the real CPA exam?
  2. Staff: How qualified are the owners, writers, and teachers of these prep courses to teach you core exam concepts? Do they have a lot of experience in their profession and in education?
  3. Price: Do these courses cost a reasonable amount for the content they provide? Are there alternate tiers, payment plans, or other price-saving options available for students on a tight budget?
  4. Support: Can you contact a support team via phone, email, chat, and/or social media? Do they guarantee that you will pass the CPA exam?

Our Top 2 CPA Exam Review Courses & Study Materials


Save $1,140


Becker CPA Review

  • Video Lectures: 250+ hrs
  • Test Bank Questions: 9,200+
  • Simulations: 580+
  • Unlimited Access: Yes!
  • Final Review Included: Yes!
  • Free Trial: Yes!
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Save $1,200


Surgent CPA Review

  • Video Lectures: 350 Lessons
  • Test Bank Questions: 7,700
  • Simulations: 417+
  • Unlimited Access: Yes!
  • Final Review Included: Yes!
  • Free Trial: Yes!
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Top Rated CPA Review Courses of 2024

  1. Becker CPA Exam Review Course
  2. Surgent CPA Exam Courses
  3. Gleim CPA Online Prep Course
  4. Lambers CPA Exam Prep Course
  5. Yaeger CPA Review
  6. UWorld Roger CPA Prep Courses

Becker CPA Review Course (Rank: #1)

For 60+ years, this quality CPA Review Course has been endorsed by successful CPAs and the Big 4 accounting firms, including PwC1 and Deloitte2.

Best CPA Review Courses

Becker CPA Review Course


Becker is the best. Period. As much as I love Surgent, Gleim, and some of these other great courses, it’s really hard to top what Becker has to offer. This is especially true since the 2024 CPA Evolution.

With a remarkable track record of over 1 million students served, Becker boasts an impressive 94% pass rate on CPA Exam sections. This success is further underscored by the fact that 90% of Watt Sells Award winners and the top 100 CPA firms rely on Becker for their CPA preparation.

Becker’s unique blend of expert instruction, up-to-date content, and simulated exams aligns perfectly with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) blueprint, making it the go-to choice for aspiring CPAs. But the reason behind my backing is really in the details. Let’s look at what Becker has to offer.

Becker CPA Review 2023 (Compare vs Top Rated CPA Exam Prep Courses)

What to Expect with Becker

Becker’s CPA Exam Review course is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive preparation for aspiring CPAs. When reviewing, I found that it aligns perfectly with the AICPA blueprint and includes new disciplines to ensure thorough coverage of all necessary content. Here’s a detailed look at what the course offers:

  • Complete 4-Part AICPA Blueprint-Matching Course: This course covers all four parts of the CPA exam, ensuring a full understanding of the required material.
  • Extensive Video Library: Over 900 instructional videos to guide you through the course material.
  • Becker’s Exam Day Ready Toolkit: An exclusive collection of resources to prepare you for exam day.
  • Extensive Question Bank: Access to more than 7,400 questions, plus an additional 1,100 in the bonus bank.
  • Expert Instruction and Resources: Learn from top CPA Exam educators with years of experience.
  • LiveOnline CPA Exam Classes: Valued at $699, these classes offer real-time instruction.
  • CPA Exam Coach Access: Personalized guidance to help you navigate your CPA prep journey.

Becker’s CPA Exam Review also offers the Final Review Course. Valued at $599, it includes a capstone and four simulated exams for in-depth preparation. Personalized learning is enhanced with five individual tutoring sessions, adding a $745 value. Additionally, a bonus one-year CPE subscription, worth $699, keeps students updated with the latest industry trends. For on-the-go learning, Becker offers a mobile app for studying anywhere and an award-winning game app to make studying engaging. This blend of thorough, personalized, and flexible learning tools positions Becker as a top choice for CPA candidates.

First-Hand Reviews of Becker

Most of what you can expect from Becker can be drawn not from their website but from reviews and first-hand accounts on websites like Reddit and Trust Pilot. Here are some of the top takeaways from a few of the 1 million students who have used Becker to pass their exam.

“Great education material. Loved the lectures that I could rewatch, as well as the live classes. Both provided great examples, explanations and real world commentary. The practice exams are exactly like the real test. It helped removed a lot of questions and anxiety about the test taking and formats, which allowed me to just focus on the content. The repetitive methods and different learning environments really made the material stick with me.” – Nicholas, Trust Pilot Review

“The questions mimicked the question formats on the test so nothing was a surprise. The practice questions has similar tricks to the exam so I was able to look out for the tricks easier. – Kelsey,

“Content is comprehensive and seemed to cover all possible topics that could be on the actual exam. It also appeared that the questions and practice exams were harder than on the actual exam which made you even more prepared. The number of MCQs per unit is sometimes too much and it would be better if they were spread with the unit exam.” – Sarah, Trust Pilot Review

“Becker got me the pass. I have never used or tried other learning environments except Ninja for audit. Becker is great, and the mcqs are what really help you learn. Sims are pretty great too. It also helps that Becker looks exactly like the CPA exam when you take it.” – Reddit Review

“Becker is more than enough! Seriously!! I passed FAR with a 81 and English is my second language, specially if you also use the Final Review. Focus on one.” Reddit Review by Rosie_Batista

“I did all of the lectures, MCQs, and practice exams. Passed all four on my first try. It works.” – Particular-Rope-4045

Becker CPA Online Pros & Cons 2024


Proven Success Rate:

My experience with Becker’s CPA Review was transformative. Their impressive 94% pass rate isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to the effectiveness of their curriculum. As a student, I felt aligned with a system that has consistently guided professionals to CPA success. This track record of excellence is what sets Becker apart in the realm of exam preparation.

Comprehensive Free Trial:

Before fully committing, I appreciated Becker’s generous trial offer. It allowed me to explore 31 hours of lectures, tackle over 1,490 multiple-choice questions, and delve into 100 TBS questions complemented by SkillBuilder videos. This extensive trial gave me a real taste of Becker’s comprehensive approach, ensuring I made an informed decision.

Unique Offerings:

Becker Concierge is the latest solution from Becker CPA Review, providing you with a personalized approach to exam preparation. You’ll be supported by a team of experts/a success coach who will help develop a customized study plan. With up to 50 hours of one-on-one tutoring sessions each week, you can address any weak areas and get the help you need to excel.

Trusted By Over a Million:

Becker’s reputation as a reliable CPA Exam prep partner is well-earned. Having joined the ranks of over 1 million candidates who chose Becker, I can vouch for its effectiveness. The fact that 98% of users feel their CPA Exam needs are met by Becker speaks volumes about its reliability and quality.

Tailored One-on-One Tutoring:

The personalized tutoring included in the Becker CPA Review Pro package was invaluable. Having direct access to CPA-accredited experts allows you to address your specific challenges and doubts, making study sessions more effective and focused.

Bottom Line: Becker CPA Review stands as a premier choice for CPA exam preparation, distinguished by its comprehensive curriculum and an impressive 94% pass rate. Its blend of adaptive learning technology, extensive practice resources, and personalized academic support caters to a wide range of learning styles, ensuring a tailored and effective study experience. With its proven track record and commitment to student success, Becker is an invaluable partner for aspiring CPAs on their journey to certification.

FAQs About Becker CPA Review

Q: What types of study materials are included in Becker’s CPA Review course?

A: Becker’s CPA Review course offers a comprehensive suite of study materials, including over 900 instructional videos, a vast question bank with more than 7,400 questions and an additional 1,100 in the bonus bank, SkillBuilder videos for task-based simulations, and interactive tools like the Becker on-the-go Mobile App and an award-winning study game app.

Q: How does Becker’s Adapt2U Technology enhance my study experience?

A: Becker’s Adapt2U Technology is an adaptive learning platform that customizes your study plan based on your performance and learning style. It assesses your strengths and weaknesses, tailoring practice tests and study sessions to focus on areas where you need the most improvement, thereby making your study time more efficient and effective.

Q: Are there any live instruction options available with Becker CPA Review?

A: Yes, Becker offers LiveOnline CPA Exam classes, which are included in certain packages. These live classes provide real-time instruction and interaction with expert instructors, offering an additional layer of support and clarification on complex topics. There are also in-person classes available in limited locations.

Q: Can I get personal academic support during my Becker CPA Review course?

A: Absolutely. Becker CPA Review includes options for personalized tutoring. In the Pro package, for instance, you can enjoy bespoke one-on-one sessions with CPA-accredited experts. This personalized attention allows you to directly address and overcome specific challenges in your CPA exam preparation.

Q: Can I try Becker’s CPA review course before making a purchase?

A: Yes! Becker offers a 14-day demo with over 1,400 multiple-choice questions, 100 task-based simulations, video lessons, and more. This is a great way to try their content before putting any money down; you can even transfer your progress into a full course if you decide to enroll!

Q: Does Becker CPA Review offer a pass guarantee?

A: Yes. Under the Becker Promise, students who complete all or most of their course material but fail the CPA exam will receive a tuition waiver until they pass.


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Surgent CPA Prep Course (Rank: #2)

The best CPA exam prep course technology, hands down.

Surgent CPA Prep Course


What Everyone Needs To Know About Surgent CPA Review

I placed Surgent CPA Review’s Ultimate Pass in the second spot for its exceptional blend of technology and comprehensive content, making it an outstanding program for CPA exam preparation. What I like most is their adaptive learning technology, A.S.A.P.®, which personalizes my study plan, saving me up to 400 hours of study time. The Ultimate Pass includes over 8,800 multiple-choice questions, 450+ simulations, and an integrated test bank of 1,000 additional questions, ensuring thorough preparation. Additionally, the package offers print textbooks, flashcards for all sections, audio lectures, and one-on-one virtual coaching with a CPA expert. With a full year of Unlimited CPE and Surgent Gamified Learning Access, plus their ultimate customer support, Surgent CPA Review truly stands out as a comprehensive and adaptive solution for CPA candidates.

Surgent CPA Review: In 2 Minutes, Here's Exactly Why We Recommend Them...

What to Expect with Surgent

Surgent CPA Review is a popular choice among CPA candidates, known for its comprehensive content and adaptive learning technology. Here’s what you can expect from the program, including firsthand accounts from students who have used Surgent for their CPA preparation.

Key Features of Surgent CPA Review:

  • Adaptive Learning Technology: Surgent’s A.S.A.P.® Technology personalizes your study plan, focusing on areas needing improvement.
  • Extensive Question Bank: Over 8,800 multiple-choice questions and 450+ simulations, ensuring thorough preparation.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Personalized coaching from CPA exam experts.
  • Unlimited Access Until You Pass: Continuous access to course materials until you achieve success.
  • Pass Guarantee: Refund offered if you don’t pass the CPA exam after course completion.

Student Experiences:

  • “Used it for both CPA and CIA. I’m happy with it, passed all parts on the first attempt while working full time with a family. CPA took about 6 months and CIA 6 weeks.” – This student highlights the effectiveness of Surgent in balancing study with personal and professional commitments.
  • “I’m using it, passed audit with a 75, reg with an 85 and take far next month. I enjoy it and their customer service is the best.” – Reflecting on the quality of Surgent’s customer service and its role in their successful exam results.
  • “Used Surgent for both FAR and REG, and the exam was not nearly as involved, as far as MCQ’s, as Surgent. SIMS, I would definitely recommend practicing at least some, especially if it’s your first exam. Overall, I would say I felt prepared.” – A testament to the depth of Surgent’s practice materials and their effectiveness in exam preparation.
  • “I have used Surgent, Ninja, and Roger. In terms of questions, Surgent is by far the best. Roger had the best lecturers and textbooks, and Ninja was the cheapest.” – Comparing Surgent with other CPA review courses, highlighting its superior question bank.

Surgent CPA Review Pros & Cons 2024


Comprehensive Content Coverage:

Surgent’s CPA Review course excels in providing extensive coverage of all exam topics. With over 8,800 multiple-choice questions, 450+ simulations, and additional integrated test banks, students have access to a wealth of resources. This depth of material ensures that every aspect of the CPA exam is thoroughly covered, allowing students to build a strong foundation in each subject area. This comprehensive approach not only prepares students for the exam but also instills a deep understanding of the core principles of accounting.

Most Innovative Technology:

Surgent stands out with its innovative A.S.A.P.® Technology, an exclusive adaptive learning system that crafts highly personalized study plans for each student. This advanced method not only helps Surgent students potentially save around 400 hours of study time but also contributes to an impressive pass rate of 92%. It’s important to highlight that this high success rate is specifically for students who attain a ReadySCORE of 75 or above in all content areas, topics, and types of questions.

ReadyScore Indicator:

Surgent eliminates the guesswork in exam preparation with its ReadySCORE feature, offering students a definitive measure of their readiness for the CPA Exam. This feature employs a sophisticated adaptive learning algorithm to assess a student’s understanding across the entire spectrum of CPA Exam material. The result is a real-time ReadySCORE, providing an accurate gauge of a student’s preparedness for the exam.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Surgent is committed to its high-quality promise. Should students not succeed on their initial CPA exam attempt, they are eligible for a refund. This commitment is rooted in the thoroughness of Surgent’s exam review resources, equipping students with all the essential knowledge they need. This ensures that the hard work and dedication of students are reflected in their success when it comes to the exam day.


Limited Support and Focus

Surgent provides email support for course-related questions, but the turnaround time for responses can vary from one day to several days. Additionally, the comprehensiveness and usefulness of the responses can be inconsistent. The support team primarily focuses on direct course material queries, typically avoiding broader explanations that offer deeper conceptual understanding. This narrower approach may be a drawback for students seeking more extensive insights into the subject matter.

Bottom Line:  Surgent CPA Review emerges as a highly effective and adaptable choice for CPA exam preparation. Its comprehensive question bank, personalized coaching, and innovative adaptive learning technology cater to a wide range of learning styles, ensuring a thorough understanding of all exam topics. The addition of audio lectures, printed materials, and gamified learning further enriches the study experience. While response times for support queries may vary, the overall quality and effectiveness of the course, combined with the confidence of a pass guarantee, make Surgent a valuable and reliable partner in achieving CPA success.

Q: How extensive is the question bank in Surgent CPA Review?

A: Surgent CPA Review boasts an extensive question bank with over 8,800 multiple-choice questions and more than 450 task-based simulations. This comprehensive collection ensures thorough preparation for all sections of the CPA exam.

Q: Does Surgent offer any guarantee if I don’t pass the CPA exam?

A: Yes, Surgent provides a Pass Guarantee. If you complete their course and don’t pass the CPA exam, Surgent offers a refund, demonstrating their confidence in the effectiveness of their course materials.

Q: Can I get personalized support during my Surgent CPA Review course?

A: Surgent offers one-on-one coaching with a CPA exam expert as part of their course. This personalized support allows you to address specific challenges and tailor your study plan to your individual needs.

Q: Are there any additional resources provided with Surgent CPA Review?

A: Alongside the core study materials, Surgent CPA Review includes a variety of additional resources such as audio lectures, printed textbooks, and flashcards for all sections. They also provide a full year of Unlimited CPE and access to Surgent Gamified Learning, enhancing the learning experience.

Q: Is Surgent CPA Review compatible with smartphones and tablets?

A: Yes, all of Surgent CPA Review’s course features will work on most modern tablets and smart devices. Exceptions include Nook tablets, Kindle Fire tablets, and E-Readers.

Q: What is adaptive learning?

A: Adaptive learning is a term for the learning technology Surgent uses in its CPA prep course. The purpose of this software is to quickly reveal the subjects you need to study the most. Then, it automatically generates a unique study plan focusing on those specific sections.


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Gleim CPA Review Course (Rank: #3)

Highest number of practice questions and simulations backed by powerful SmartAdapt learning tech.

Gleim CPA


For my third choice in CPA exam preparation, I turn to Gleim’s Premium Pro CPA Review System. What stands out to me about Gleim is their SmartAdapt™ technology, which guides you through a 100% exam content coverage curriculum, tailored to your individual learning needs. The course offers all-new video lecture content from professional educators, ensuring you receive step-by-step guidance through crucial topics.

Additionally, Gleim simulates the Prometric testing environment, giving you the most realistic exam day experience and reducing test anxiety. With personal counselors and unlimited assistance from accounting experts, Gleim ensures you’re supported every step of the way. Their extensive question bank, direct access to task-based simulations, and comprehensive final review are just a few of the features that make Gleim a top choice for CPA candidates.

Gleim CPA Course Details

How to Use Your Gleim Instruct SmartAdapt Course

What to Expect with Gleim

Gleim courses include:

  • Largest bank of MCQs/TBSs – 10,000+ MCQs; 1,300+ TBS
  • 100+ Hours of Video (Lectures, MCQs, TBSs)
  • Personal Counselors & Private Study Groups
  • Physical/Digital Textbooks and digital flashcards

What some CPA exam candidates have said about Gleim:

“The fact that you can customize the MCQ’s by unit or even subunit is HUGE. I personally would just slam out all MCQ’s per subunit after reading that part in the book until I was getting reasonable scores, then move on. Once I did that for all subunits I did a few MCQ’s of the whole chapter, making sure I am still getting reasonable scores. This allowed me to learn it in small, bite sized pieces that I could actually retain.” – Reddit Review Thread

“Used Gleim and passed both sections on the first try.” – Reddit User Dmmb207

“I used the Gleim downloadable test bank as a supplement to the Wiley text. I got great simlet practice out of the textbooks and a ton of MCQs out of the Gleim test bank. The addition of the test bank was a huge help, so if nothing else I can vouch for that piece of their program.” – Reddit thread

“… Gleim is super intense and has one of the most expansive test banks. It’s just their lectures aren’t as great and you have to be self motivated…” Reddit Review from Jamoke57

Case Study: Overcoming Challenges with Gleim CPA Review

Background: A Reddit user, enrolled in an advanced study program through their university, faced significant challenges while preparing for the CPA exam using Gleim CPA Review. They were committed to the program as it was tied to their academic credit and GPA.

Challenge: The user found the Gleim questions extremely difficult, particularly in comparison to their university coursework. They struggled with the complexity of the questions and the depth of detail required, which was not adequately covered in the lectures and textbook provided by Gleim. This led to feelings of demoralization and stress, impacting their study routine and overall motivation.


  • The user described the EPS portion of the study unit as brutally complex, requiring extensive effort to discern relevant information.
  • They spent an excessive amount of time trying to understand and take notes on what they got wrong, leading to frustration and a sense of defeat.
  • The lectures and textbook were deemed insufficient for the level of detail required in the MCQs.
  • Financial constraints prevented them from supplementing their study with other programs.

Community Feedback: Another Reddit user, suppresser2774, responded with encouragement, noting that Gleim’s questions are intentionally difficult. They shared their own success story of passing the FAR section with an 86 after four weeks of full-time study using Gleim, suggesting that perseverance and deep understanding of the problems could lead to success.

Outcome: Despite the initial struggles, the user eventually passed the CPA section using Gleim. This success story highlights the effectiveness of Gleim’s rigorous approach, albeit challenging, in preparing students for the CPA exam.

Gleim CPA Online Pros & Cons 2024


MCQs and TBS:

Gleim is another comprehensive course that prides itself on covering all possible subjects that may be encountered on the CPA exam. This extends into their practice materials, which is why they currently offer the highest number of multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations out of any other CPA prep course! It should be noted that all of Gleim’s questions emulate the actual exam and come with detailed answer explanations for correct and incorrect answer choices.

Varied Curriculum:

Gleim’s courses come with a variety of resources like audio lessons, practice exams, a Simulation Wizard, and access to a personal counselor for all 4 sections of the CPA Exam. A point often overlooked, the use of SmartAdapt technology to sift through detailed information and target important areas is also extremely helpful.

Free Resources:

It’s a lot easier to justify paying for an educational course when you get the chance to try it first. That’s why Gleim offers free course materials, including a 40-question multiple choice quiz and a sample of their Task-Based Simulations per section.

Gleim CPA Review offers over 100 hours of video content, including detailed lectures, multiple-choice questions, and task-based simulations. These lectures are led by professional educators and cover all the essential topics required for the CPA exam.


Very Detailed Content:

The books are detailed and use a significant amount of technical jargon. Gleim’s comprehensiveness is great for students who struggled with accounting concepts while in school or for those who have been out of school awhile. And while this may appeal to these types of students, others may feel overwhelmed by the information overload.

Price Surge:

Over a short span, Gleim’s courses have seen a marked increase in their pricing. This sudden escalation can be a barrier for many students, especially those who are self-financing their CPA exam preparations. While investing in a comprehensive review course is crucial, the affordability factor can’t be ignored.

Bottom Line: Gleim CPA Review excels with its extensive practice materials, offering the most comprehensive set of multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations available. Its curriculum is diverse, featuring audio lessons, practice exams, and personal counseling, all enhanced by SmartAdapt technology for focused learning. While the detailed content may be intense for some, it’s ideal for those seeking thorough understanding of accounting concepts. Gleim’s provision of free trial resources further adds to its appeal, making it a top choice for comprehensive CPA exam preparation.

FAQs About Gleim CPA Review:

Q: Are there any personalized support options available in Gleim CPA Review?

A: Yes, Gleim provides personalized support through their Personal Counselor program. Each student is assigned a Personal Counselor who offers guidance and support throughout the study process, ensuring a more tailored and effective learning experience.

Q: What types of practice questions are included in Gleim CPA Review?

A: Gleim CPA Review boasts a large bank of practice questions, including more than 10,000 multiple-choice questions and 1,300 task-based simulations. This extensive range of questions ensures comprehensive coverage of all exam topics.

Q: Does Gleim CPA Review offer any additional learning resources?

A: In addition to the core course materials, Gleim CPA Review provides a variety of additional learning resources, including physical and digital textbooks, digital flashcards, and access to private study groups. These resources are designed to enhance the learning experience and cater to different study preferences.

Q: Is there a guarantee for the Gleim CPA review course?

A: If you’re enrolled in the Gleim Pro or Premium Pro course, you receive their Access Until You Pass guarantee. Don’t worry about paying any extra fees for updates or retakes; you only have to pay once and can keep your study materials until you pass the CPA exam.

Q: What’s the difference between Traditional and Premium courses?

A: The Gleim Traditional CPA Review is their basic CPA Review program; it includes much of what is in their Premium CPA Review and Premium Pro Course. However, does not include their Gleim Instruct Video Series, flashcards, webinars or access to their Accounting Experts. It also does not include their Access Until You Pass guarantee.


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Lambers CPA Prep Course (Rank: #4)

Lambers CPA Courses


Lambers CPA Review, with its 50-year legacy, offers quality review materials that are both effective and affordable. Developed by top accounting instructors, Lambers’ courses are “born in the classroom,” ensuring they meet the exact needs of CPA candidates. Ideal for working professionals, students with busy schedules, and recent graduates, Lambers provides the flexibility essential for successful exam preparation.

While the program is robust and time-tested, it’s worth noting that the digital infrastructure of Lambers can feel somewhat outdated, with a slow-loading website and occasional glitches. Additionally, compared to newer CPA review courses, Lambers may not offer the same level of modern learning tools and interactive elements. Despite these aspects, Lambers remains committed to student success, offering a variety of course options to suit different learning styles and guaranteeing quality in their long-standing program.

Course Details

  • Proven Teaching Method: Utilizes the Lambers teaching method of illustrations, examples, and working problems, a technique that has helped over 250,000 candidates since 1966.
  • Online and On-Demand Delivery: Offers the flexibility of online learning, accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Three-Mode Testing Methodology:
    • Pre-Test Mode: Establishes a baseline assessment of your knowledge in each AICPA objective category.
    • Adaptive Mode: Focuses on turning weaknesses into strengths through repetitive practice, with detailed explanations and video links for thorough understanding.
    • Simulated Mode: Mimics the real exam environment, with timed tests and no external help, preparing you for the actual test day.
  • Personalized Tracking: Monitors your progress, advising on focus areas and readiness for the real exam.

What to Expect with Lambers: My Personal Experience

Diving into Lambers CPA Review, I was curious about their long-standing reputation. Right off the bat, their teaching style clicked with me. It’s all about practical examples and solving problems, which really helped me grasp the tougher accounting concepts.

The flexibility of their online format was a huge plus. Being able to study whenever and wherever fit perfectly with my hectic schedule. The course layout was straightforward and easy to follow, which made a big difference in keeping me on track.

The testing methodology in Lambers stood out. Starting with a baseline assessment, moving into targeted practice on weak spots, and ending with a full-blown simulated exam experience really boosted my confidence. The personalized tracking was a neat feature, keeping me in the loop about my progress.

But, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The website felt a bit old-school and clunky at times, which was a bit of a downer. And compared to some other courses, Lambers could use a tech upgrade, especially in terms of interactive learning tools.

Overall, my experience with Lambers was pretty solid. It’s a no-nonsense, effective way to prep for the CPA exam. If you’re after a straightforward approach without all the bells and whistles, Lambers is a solid bet.

Lambers CPA Online Pros & Cons 2024


Optimized Study Content:

Lambers offers one of the best ways for a CPA candidate to identify their weak areas and drill them down into strengths. They’ve recently revamped their study materials — 5,000 practice questions and 90 hours of video — to be optimized for this express purpose.

Unique Testing Mode:

Lambers’ innovative testing strategy encompasses a three-phase approach. Starting with the ‘Pre-Test Mode’ for initial knowledge assessment, it then moves to the ‘Adaptive Mode’ for focused learning, and finally, the ‘Simulated Mode’ replicates actual exam conditions. This methodical approach guarantees that candidates are not only well-versed in the material but also thoroughly prepared for the exam environment.

Repeat Takers:

Have you taken the CPA exam once before and failed? If so, Lambers is an effective and inexpensive way to get that extra boost you need to earn a passing score. You can pick a specific section, like FAR or BEC, and then use their adaptive learning tech to learn what you missed.


Limited Content:

When compared to the top courses on our list, Lambers doesn’t have the same amount of content or competitive extra features. With that being said, it’s still a viable learning resource if you want something very stripped-down.

Platform Challenges:

The Lambers website occasionally faces issues with slow load times, an outdated design, and sporadic glitches. These technical difficulties can disrupt a seamless study experience, particularly for users who depend heavily on online resources.

Bottom Line: Lambers CPA Review is effective for identifying and improving weak areas, with updated materials including 5,000 practice questions and 90 hours of video. Its unique three-phase testing approach is especially beneficial for repeat exam takers. However, it offers less content and fewer advanced features compared to top-tier courses, and its digital platform can be slow and outdated, potentially impacting the online learning experience. Despite these issues, Lambers remains a practical choice for those seeking a focused and affordable CPA exam preparation.

FAQs for Lambers

Q: What is the teaching methodology used in Lambers CPA Review?

A: Lambers CPA Review utilizes a proven teaching method that includes illustrations, examples, and working through problems. This approach has been refined over 50 years and is designed to help students understand complex accounting concepts effectively.

Q: Does Lambers offer any online or on-demand study options?

A: Yes, Lambers provides online and on-demand course delivery, allowing students to access study materials anytime and anywhere. This flexibility is ideal for working professionals and students with busy schedules.

Q: What types of testing methodologies are used in Lambers CPA Review?

A: Lambers employs a Three-Mode Testing Methodology, which includes a Pre-Test Mode for initial knowledge assessment, an Adaptive Mode for focused learning on weak areas, and a Simulated Mode that replicates real exam conditions.

Q: How does Lambers CPA Review assist in tracking my study progress?

A: Lambers offers personalized tracking features that monitor your progress, providing insights on focus areas and readiness for the CPA exam. This helps in tailoring your study plan effectively.

Q: Are there any personalized support options available with Lambers CPA Review?

A: Lambers CPA Review offers personalized support through various means, including access to instructors for questions and guidance. This support is aimed at providing a more tailored and effective learning experience.

Q: What kind of study materials does Lambers CPA Review provide?

A: Lambers CPA Review offers a range of study materials, including a large bank of practice questions, video lectures, and comprehensive course content that covers all essential topics for the CPA exam. The materials are designed to cater to different learning styles and preferences.

Yaeger CPA Prep Course (Rank: #5)

Yaeger CPA Review Courses


Yaeger CPA Review stands out with its personalized approach to CPA exam preparation, guided by the experience of its founder, Phil Yaeger, PhD, MBA, CPA, CGMA. The course prioritizes student understanding over revenue, going the extra mile to ensure candidates feel confident and prepared. Yaeger’s commitment to being there for students whenever needed, whether for a pep talk or concept clarification, sets it apart.

The course fully integrates the AICPA Blueprints into its study materials, focusing on understanding concepts rather than rote memorization. However, it’s worth noting that some users may find the course’s digital infrastructure a bit outdated compared to more modern platforms. Despite this, Yaeger’s comprehensive bundle of resources, including books, video and audio lectures, and a supportive online community, make it a strong contender for those seeking a more personalized and understanding-based approach to CPA exam preparation.

What to Expect:

  • Streaming Video Lectures: Over 120 hours, segmented into convenient 15-minute clips.
  • PDF Textbooks: Downloadable for flexible study.
  • Audio Lectures: ‘Listen ‘n’ Learn’ format for on-the-go learning.
  • CRAM Course: Comprehensive wrap-up lecture review.
  • Extended Access: Up to 24 months, with an optional 1-year extension for $99.
  • Personal Study Plan Calls: Two 15-minute calls with Phil Yaeger for initial setup and progress review.

Yaeger: A Case Study

Background: The subject of this case study, identified as J1001, chose Yaeger CPA Review for their CPA exam preparation. The primary motivation for this choice was the cost-effectiveness of the program, as J1001’s firm provided a budget of $1,000 for study materials.

Challenge: J1001 had to navigate the CPA exam preparation with a limited budget, making it crucial to select a review course that was both affordable and effective. Additionally, having no experience with other CPA review systems, J1001 had to rely solely on Yaeger’s resources and support.

Solution: Yaeger’s comprehensive yet budget-friendly course proved to be an ideal solution. Despite lacking advanced technological features like green screens or holograms, the course provided all the necessary materials for effective study. J1001 particularly benefited from the “instructor hotline,” which offered direct access to expert guidance and answers to specific queries.

Results: J1001 successfully passed all four sections of the CPA exam on the first attempt, achieving an impressive average score of 89. This accomplishment was also supported by J1001’s five years of professional experience in the field, which provided a foundational understanding of the exam material.

Conclusion: Yaeger CPA Review demonstrated its effectiveness as a cost-efficient and comprehensive study solution. J1001’s experience highlights the program’s ability to cater to candidates who need a straightforward, no-frills approach to CPA exam preparation. The success in the exams underscores that high-quality preparation can be achieved without the most expensive or technologically advanced resources. J1001 expressed satisfaction with the course and willingness to use it again, indicating a positive overall experience with Yaeger CPA Review.

Yaeger CPA Online Pros & Cons 2024


Best Customer Support:

Yaeger’s Live Instructor Hotline is one of its best features. You can use this resource to receive nearly instant help from a real person with any of your CPA exam questions or course issues. Yaeger is famous for his promise, “Whether by phone or email—you can contact me and the other instructors personally almost anytime.”

Easy To Follow Lectures:

The lectures include step by step instructions to ensure that students are clear about the subject material. Instructors work hundreds of multiple choice questions with you and help you navigate through those tricky problems which give you the repetition needed to be successful.


Refund Policy:

Unfortunately, Yaeger doesn’t offer any kind of guarantee or refund policy for any of their course materials. That means if you use their course and still fail the CPA exam, you’re out of luck!

Limited Question Bank:

Compared to other CPA courses, Yaeger offers fewer practice questions, which can be a significant drawback for students who prioritize extensive question-based learning.

Video Preference:

Some users find Yaeger’s video lectures, particularly the style of delivery, less engaging, leading to a preference for other courses with different instructional approaches.

Bottom Line: Yaeger CPA Review offers a range of study materials and personalized support, but it falls short in some key areas compared to other CPA prep courses. The limited number of practice questions and the absence of dedicated mobile apps for Android and Apple devices may hinder comprehensive exam preparation. Additionally, some users find the video lectures less engaging, which could affect the overall learning experience. While Yaeger provides essential resources, these limitations suggest it may not be the first choice for students seeking a more extensive and technologically advanced CPA review course..

Yaeger CPA Review – Reviews and Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does Yaeger CPA Review work on mobile devices?

A: Although you can access Yaeger CPA Review’s study materials on most mobile devices (including the student portal and flashcards), they don’t currently offer dedicated mobile apps for Android or Apple devices.

Q: Does Yaeger offer personal support for its course?

A: Whether you’re struggling with a specific CPA exam practice question or you need some help navigating Yaeger’s dashboard, you can get extra help. They provide phone support through an Instructor Hotline and a dedicated support email address.

Q: How comprehensive are Yaeger CPA Review’s study materials?

A: Yaeger CPA Review offers a wide range of study materials, including over 120 hours of video lectures, downloadable PDF textbooks, audio lectures, a CRAM course for final review, and a robust practice software with multiple choice and simulation questions.

Q: What is the duration of access to Yaeger CPA Review course materials?

A: Students have access to Yaeger CPA Review course materials for up to 24 months. If needed, there’s an option to extend access for an additional year at a cost of $99.

Q: Can I customize my practice quizzes with Yaeger CPA Review?

A: Yes, Yaeger CPA Review includes a Test Bank Quiz Generator, allowing students to create customized quizzes to suit their study needs. This feature helps in focusing on specific areas of the CPA exam.

Q: Does Yaeger CPA Review integrate the AICPA Blueprints into its curriculum?

A: Yaeger CPA Review’s study materials are designed with a strong focus on understanding and applying concepts, aligning closely with the AICPA Blueprints. This approach ensures that students are studying the most relevant and up-to-date content for the CPA exam.

UWorld Roger CPA (Formerly Wiley) Review Course (Rank: #6)


What Everyone Needs To Know About UWorld Roger CPA (Formerly Wiley) Review

UWorld’s 2024 CPA Review Elite-Unlimited Course stands as a top-tier choice for CPA candidates, blending comprehensive content with innovative learning tools. This package offers unlimited access until you pass, covering all three core exam sections plus a discipline of choice. With over 8,000 high-quality MCQs, hundreds of task-based simulations, and more than 100 hours of engaging video lectures by industry leaders like Roger Philipp and Peter Olinto, the course is designed for both depth and engagement.

The inclusion of digital flashcards, printed course review textbooks, and a fully-featured mobile app enhances the learning experience. However, it’s important to note that while UWorld provides extensive resources and technology-driven study aids, some users may find the course’s focus on specific learning methodologies less suitable for their individual study preferences. Despite this, UWorld’s commitment to aligning with the AICPA Blueprints and its SmartPath Predictive Technology™ make it a compelling choice for those seeking a thorough and dynamic approach to CPA exam preparation.

What to Expect with UWorld Roger CPA

  • Unlimited Course Access & Comprehensive Content: Continuous access until you pass, covering all core exam sections and disciplines.
  • Extensive Practice Material: Over 8,000 MCQs, hundreds of TBSs, and unlimited full-length practice exams, all aligned with the AICPA Blueprints.
  • Dynamic Learning Resources: 100+ hours of video lectures by Roger Philipp & Peter Olinto, digital and printed textbooks, and digital flashcards with spaced repetition.
  • Customizable Study Tools: SmartPath Predictive Technology™ for focused learning, customizable quizzes, and personalized study planners.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Fully-featured mobile app for on-the-go learning, audio lectures, downloadable videos, and performance tracking by topic.

UWorld’s Transition and Its Impact on Student Experience

UWorld, once a fan favorite among CPA students for its engaging and concise educational content, has recently undergone significant changes following its integration with Wiley. This transition has sparked mixed reactions from students, as seen in a recent Reddit thread discussing the 2024 updates to the platform.

Previous Appeal of UWorld

  • UWorld was highly regarded for its high-energy, engaging videos led by Roger, known for his dynamic teaching style.
  • The videos were short, typically around 20 minutes, making them convenient for students to watch during brief breaks or even listen to during commutes.
  • The concise format allowed for focused learning on specific topics, aligning well with the busy schedules of CPA candidates.

Changes Post-Integration

  • The 2024 update introduced lectures by Pete Olinto, which some students find to be lower in energy compared to Roger’s dynamic presentations. Olinto’s lectures are described as being delivered from a desk, contrasting with Roger’s more animated style involving a whiteboard.
  • There is a notable increase in lecture length, with some extending over four hours. This is a significant shift from the previous format where every video was under 40 minutes.
  • Despite the reduction in the volume of material from 2023 to 2024 in the REG section, the total lecture hours have increased to 40 hours, more than double the previous version’s 17 hours.

Student Feedback

  • This Reddit thread reflects disappointment from a student who was a fan of the original UWorld format. They express dissatisfaction with the longer, less energetic lectures and the perceived decrease in efficiency and engagement.
  • The student highlights a preference for the previous, more concise and lively format that allowed for flexible learning.

The integration of UWorld with Wiley has led to significant changes in the course delivery and content structure. While UWorld continues to be a recognized name in CPA exam preparation, these changes have not been universally well-received. The shift towards longer, more traditional lecture formats contrasts with the previously favored short, engaging videos. This case underscores the importance of adapting educational tools to the evolving needs and preferences of students, especially in a field where keeping learners engaged and motivated is key to their success.

UWorld Roger (formerly Wiley CPA) Review Pros & Cons 2024


Exceptional Instructors:F

UWorld CPA Review boasts lectures from two of the industry’s most renowned instructors, Roger Philipp and Peter Olinto. Their expertise and dynamic teaching style not only make complex topics more understandable but also add an engaging and motivational element to the learning experience. With these top-tier educators at the helm, students gain invaluable insights and strategies from some of the best minds in the field.

Modern Learning Tech:

UWorld CPA Review’s Elite-Unlimited Course incorporates SmartPath Predictive Technology™, a cutting-edge, data-driven tool that enhances study efficiency. This technology tailors the learning experience by comparing a student’s progress to successful exam candidates, focusing on areas that need improvement. This approach not only streamlines the study process but also significantly increases the likelihood of passing the CPA Exam.


Uncertainty Due to Merger:

The recent combination of Wiley and UWorld courses introduces a level of uncertainty, as it’s still unclear how these two established platforms will integrate. This merger leaves potential users wondering about the consistency and quality of the combined course offerings.

Potential Overlap and Redundancy in Course Material:

The merging of two comprehensive courses like Wiley and UWorld might lead to overlap in content, potentially causing redundancy in study materials. This could result in a more cumbersome study process for students who prefer a streamlined, concise curriculum.

Less Engaging Lectures than in the Past:

UWorld’s integration with Wiley has led to longer, less dynamic lectures, moving away from the previously popular concise and engaging format, which has resulted in some student dissatisfaction.

Bottom Line:The merger of UWorld and Wiley CPA Review brings a level of uncertainty, as the integration of these two platforms is still a work in progress, leaving potential gaps in consistency and course structure. While the combined course promises a rich blend of resources and innovative learning tools, the lack of clarity on the final course format and effectiveness may concern students seeking a proven, stable study program. However, the merger does hold the potential for an enhanced learning experience, combining UWorld’s technological advancements with Wiley’s comprehensive content, which could benefit future CPA candidates.

FAQs About UWorld CPA (Formerly Wiley CPA)

Q: What has changed in the CPA course after UWorld’s acquisition of Wiley?

A: UWorld’s acquisition of Wiley has led to the integration of Wiley’s comprehensive resources with UWorld’s innovative learning tools. This merger aims to enhance the course content and user experience, though the full extent of these changes is still evolving.

Q: Does the UWorld CPA course still include Wiley’s extensive question bank?

A: Yes, the UWorld CPA course continues to offer Wiley’s extensive question bank, now combined with UWorld’s high-quality practice questions, providing a vast range of practice material for CPA candidates.

Q: How does UWorld’s SmartPath Predictive Technology™ work with Wiley’s content?

A: UWorld’s SmartPath Predictive Technology™ is designed to complement Wiley’s content by providing a data-driven, personalized study experience. It focuses on areas where students need the most improvement, enhancing the efficiency of the study process.

Q: Are there any changes to the access duration of the CPA course after the merger?

A: The access duration for the UWorld CPA course remains comprehensive, offering students the flexibility to study at their own pace until they pass the CPA exam.

Q: Will students who purchased Wiley CPA Review be automatically transitioned to the UWorld platform?

A: Students who previously purchased Wiley CPA Review will have access to the UWorld platform. The transition details and how it affects existing users are communicated directly to the students.

Q: Can students expect new features or tools in the UWorld CPA course post-merger?

A: With the merger, students can anticipate new features and enhanced learning tools that leverage both UWorld’s innovative technology and Wiley’s established content. However, specific details about new features will be provided as the integrated course evolves.

How to find the best CPA review course for you

When studying for the CPA exam, these are the most effective resources you can find online.

  • Lectures: Whether in video or audio form, these involve an instructor working through guided lesson plans for each subject.
  • Practice Questions: These questions are similar in format and subject matter to what you’ll be required to answer on the CPA exam.
  • Flashcards: These collections of terms and definitions are meant for fast-paced study sessions that improve your memory, which is essential for closed-book tests.
  • Textbooks: These can be digital or physical. Their “Index” and “Glossary” sections are the ultimate resource to consult when you don’t know or understand the answer to a specific question.

The best online CPA review courses take these resources and use them to create a guided study plan. This typically involves the use of modern technology that takes full advantage of its online format, such as:

  • Dashboards: A well-designed course dashboard will allow you to easily access all the different lectures, practice questions, flashcards, and textbooks included in your course. They’re conveniently organized by subject matter.
  • Machine Learning: Also known as adaptive learning or predictive learning, this is a way for your course to learn what subjects you need to focus on, crafting a customized study schedule that’s specifically geared to your study needs.
  • Community Support: Some courses let students ask questions directly to their instructors via livestream or virtual office hours. Others include community forums where students can study together and instructors can provide follow-up info through forum posts.

There are a lot of options for accounting students to choose from when preparing for their exam. And while they may all have lectures, practice questions, flashcards, and textbooks, there are some key differences you should consider when picking one of them. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Price vs. Content: Your first instinct might be to choose the exam prep course that has the lowest price. However, you should compare how much content comes with each program; you could end up with a better value for your money if you pick the more expensive option that has several hundred more practice questions and/or flashcards. Additionally, spending a bit more for one company’s premium review package will usually net you enough extra features (and guarantees) to justify the additional cost.
  • Time vs. Effectiveness: When it comes to value, you may also assume that the courses with the longest access periods are a better pick. But it’s entirely possible that you won’t need to study for 24 months before taking the CPA exam— in fact, you run the risk of forgetting earlier topics if you stretch out your schedule that long. For that reason, courses that have accelerated schedules will ensure that a shorter access period makes far better use of your time.
  • Learning Style: If you want to be a CPA, you’re already familiar with accounting and have taken plenty of educational courses. At this point, you should know how you prefer to study, and what methods are the most effective at teaching you the important concepts. Some of the courses below offer great video content, which is ideal if you learn through guided instruction and lectures; others have a large bank of practice questions, which is better for self-motivated students.

What’s the Best CPA Prep Course?

It can be hard to pick between so many great CPA courses. Each have their own strengths, but the key to picking the right one lies in exploring how each one fits their studying niche.

Becker vs. Wiley

Becker CPA Review has a strong emphasis on flexibility when studying. It offers both Study Roadmap and Study Planner toolkits so you can fine-tune a personalized study routine. They even emphasize flexible payments with their multiple financing options. It also has an elite Concierge offering that is unlike anything on the market.

On the other hand, Wiley is designed around bite-sized lectures. Each lecture is 30-45 minutes so that they don’t overwhelm you. Because of that, they’re great for anyone who needs to study during work or school breaks.

What’s most important to note is the difference in overall quality. With Becker, you’ll be getting a far better experience than Wiley, especially when it comes to mobile support. Wiley’s got to fix some of their nagging issues if they want to keep up!

Read Becker vs. Wiley CPA

Surgent CPA Review vs. Becker CPA

Surgent and Becker are both built around their innovative technology. Becker is one of the few courses to offer a competent mobile app, but Surgent has a very intuitive dashboard design. Because of their focus on accessibility and quality, Surgent’s course was named one of Accouting Today’s Top New Products.

Becker also has fantastic Adapt2U learning technology, which offers similar benefits to Surgent’s A.S.A.P. tech. However, there are several other benefits Becker provides that overshadow Surgent, such as their near-universal adoption by the top accounting firms and their Accounting for Empires mobile game. Then there is the fact that their Concierge program offers start-to-finish CPA licensure guidance for a select number of candidates.

Read Surgent vs. Becker CPA

UWorld Roger CPA vs Becker CPA Review

When it comes to instructors, Becker and UWorld Roger have very different doctrines. While Becker’s program is taught by a host of instructors, Roger’s lectures are built around their teacher and namesake, Roger Philip. This is done so that the course has a solid throughline. Roger Philip delivers his lectures with enthusiasm and energy that really draws you in.

However, I actually prefer the variation that comes from Becker’s larger group of instructors. Instead of trusting one teacher to understand all four sections, four teachers that specialize in each of the four exam sections offer much greater depth and educational value. I also like that their newest course offering includes a whole team of experts, a success coach, and a personal navigator to help guide your path.

If you can afford the higher price tag, I would recommend Becker. However, UWorld Roger is still a good value option if you can’t.

Read Roger vs. Becker CPA

Gleim CPA vs. Wiley CPA Review

Both Gleim and Wiley’s greatest strengths come from their wide breadth of content. Both Wiley and Gleim incorporate questions from previous CPA exams so you can gain exposure to real, quality exam-type questions. Gleim boasts more task-based simulations than Wiley, with over 1,300; Wiley has 500+ task-based simulations. Wiley also has some nice study-guide-style texts that make reviewing a lot simpler.

Unfortunately, Wiley misses out in one key area. Although they offer a mobile app for students who wish to study on phones and tablets, it’s received hundreds of negative reviews due to many problems and glitches. On the other hand, Gleim foregoes an app and simply optimized their entire site for all mobile browsers, resulting in a much better experience that’s nearly identical to studying on your home desktop.

Read Gleim vs. Wiley CPA

Gleim CPA vs Becker CPA Review

Gleim offers a great deal of versatility in their prep courses that should appeal to a specific kind of student. So while they don’t have a mobile app, their addition of audio lectures that can be streamed for on-the-go learning is helpful for those who prefer to study while doing other things, like commuting or exercising.

Becker provides a full mobile app that will work on both Apple and Android devices. This is a big deal for students who are constantly on the go that need to study in short bursts. Although both CPA review courses offer a suite of appealing features, Becker is the ultimate winner in this comparison. Thanks to their accessibility in both content and mobile resources, it’s just a better option overall for modern students.

Read Gleim vs. Becker CPA

Fast Forward Academy vs. Gleim CPA Review

The biggest advantage that Fast Forward Academy provides to students when compared to the Gleim CPA review course is its price. If you’re a student with a tight budget that wants to stretch it as far as possible, you may want to choose Fast Forward Academy.

However, if you have even a few hundred dollars more to spend on your review course, Gleim is a much better option. It offers nearly double the amount of review material for students while also providing helpful support options and excellent personalization features.

If you don’t mind the fact that their study material is a bit more difficult to parse, Gleim is a better choice in terms of overall exam preparedness. Alternatively, Fast Forward Academy is a decent choice for students who just want something simple and less stressful.

Other CPA Review Courses & CPA Study Materials to Consider

These CPA review courses didn’t make my Top 6 List for 2024, but I still wanted to give you a thorough overview of their pros and cons. Click on each one to learn more:

  • Ninja CPA Review Course – Not comprehensive enough to use as a primary study source, ok as supplementary study material on weaker sections.
  • MDS CPA Study Materials– Has recently overhauled entire course to get a much-needed upgrade in technology, overall it looks very promising.
  • CPA Exam Tutoring – Compare the top rated CPA exam tutoring companies and find a CPA tutor to help boost your scores.

Get the Complete CPA Exam Review Course Ranking list HERE!

Compare 2024’s Top CPA Exam Review Courses By Feature:

  1. CPA Review Course Video Lecture Content
  2. Multiple Choice Questions
  3. Task Based Simulations
  4. Discounts and Financing Options
  5. Student Support

Best CPA Prep Course Video Lecture Comparison

CPA video lectures are great for people who miss the classroom setting and prefer to learn by watching a teacher go over the important accounting concepts. Video lectures are one of the most important parts of any CPA review course, as many students prefer this style of learning. UWorld Roger CPA Review was once known as having the best video materials in the industry with his engaging talks, but the recent acquisition of Wiley seems to have changed that. Surgent CPA Review has the most knowledgeable instructors.

Bottom Line: UWorld Roger CPA Review will likely occupy this spot until the namesake retires—he’s the most engaging instructor in the industry.

Most Multiple Choice CPA Exam Practice Questions – Comparison

Multiple choice questions are the bread and butter of the best CPA review books. Generally, these mirror the exam content and are an amazing way to practice for the test. Altogether, Gleim has the biggest test bank on the market, so if you’re looking for a lot of questions and daily practice, you may prefer Gleim.

Of course, the number of MCQs isn’t always the most important metric for these questions, as some are harder and more like the actual exam than others.  Surgent has very targeted multiple-choice questions that may help you prepare for the test more efficiently.

Bottom Line: If you want a course that not only provides an intuitive adaptive study plan, tons of questions, complete CPA exam topic coverage and access to a personal counselor to help provide guidance as you work through your studies; Gleim is the course for you.

Comparison of CPA Review Course Task-Based Simulations

Task-based simulations are increasingly important because of the 2024 CPA exam structure. Because of this new test, many of the CPA review courses listed here place much more emphasis on helping you understand and pass TBS questions. Becker is the top provider of TBS materials for CPAs; they’re optimized for the new CPA exam blueprints and include over 400 step-by-step videos taught by expert instructors. Because of the sheer number of task-based questions and answers Gleim provides, they get a shoutout here as well.

Best CPA Courses Discount Prices & Financing Compared

Why pass full price for a CPA review course? There are plenty of great CPA discount codes that are available to students and candidates. Take hundreds of dollars off Becker CPA Review, UWorld Roger CPA Review, Gleim CPA Review, Surgent CPA Review, and many more with our great CPA Prep Course promo codes. If you can’t put a bunch of money down upfront, check out the financing options from Surgent or UWorld Roger CPA Review.

Bottom Line: Becker CPA Review offers great financing options with Flexpay, allowing you to enroll in 3, 9, or 12-month payment plans.

Best Course Student Support

CPA Review Courses Student Support Rankings

After using the top 5 CPA courses thoroughly, I found that certain prep courses deliver on their student support promises better than others.

Which CPA course provider answers questions in the fastest amount of time?

How easily can you access these courses’ student support software?

Which course provides responses to support inquiries that are the most personal and detailed?

Here are the Top Rated CPA Review Courses for Student Support:

  1. Becker – Onboarding assistance, dedicated Success Coaches, student & tech support available through email/phone/dashboard
  2. Surgent – Onboarding, dedicated coaching, email & phone support
  3. Gleim – Award-winning support with personalized assistance from a team of Personal Counselors and Accounting Experts
  4. UWorld Roger – All instructors accessible through Homework Help Center
  5. Yaeger – Email and phone support, an exclusive student-only message board for direct instructor access

Check out my in-depth article and case study to learn more here: Which CPA Course Offers The Best Student Support?

Best Supplemental CPA Study Materials

Best CPA Exam Test Banks and Mock Exams

These rivals run neck and neck in the test bank category. For this reason, we rank them both at number 1!

#1: Becker CPA Test Bank

One of the most popular supplements in the CPA exam industry includes the ability to generate a limitless amount of customized practice tests. Becker’s Adapt2U technology pulls from its library of over 8,300 practice questions and 500+ task-based simulations to meet your exact study needs. Becker also provides several mock exams, allowing students to answer CPA exam-style questions with test-like formatting.

#1: Gleim CPA Test Bank

Gleim has over 1,300+ simulations and 10,000+ multiple-choice questions that replicate the real exam accurately. They’re hands-down the largest test bank on the market; if you’re interested in learning through repetitive practice, this is the one you’ll want to choose. Gleim’s mock exams contain never-before-seen questions, so candidates are tested in exam-like conditions.

Best CPA Exam Mobile Apps

#1: Becker CPA Review

Becker offers two different mobile apps that are tailor-made for students who want to learn on the go. Use their course app to access all your practice questions and lectures from your smartphone or tablet, then take a break with their Accounting for Empires mobile game.

#2: Surgent CPA Review Mobile App

While many CPA review courses don’t offer full mobile support, Surgent provides a flashcard app for iPhone and Android that’s completely free. It contains over 2,000 CPA exam definitions and specific terms: perfect for bite-sized study sessions.

#3: UWorld Roger CPA Review Mobile App 

UWorld Roger offers two iPhone apps to its CPA exam candidates. One offers full access to their library of flashcards and the other provides access to practice questions and video lectures.

Top CPA Review Course on a Budget

#1: Yaeger CPA Review

Yaeger might not stand toe-to-toe with the top CPA prep courses, but they’re still a fantastic study resource for any aspiring public accountants. Best of all is that you can take advantage of discounts to save even more money on their course catalog!

#2: Lambers CPA Review

Unlike most of the other CPA review courses we’ve covered, Lambers allows you to pick study materials for individual sections of the CPA exam. This means you can grab some helpful lectures and practice exams for ¼ of the price!

CPA Review Course Frequently Asked Questions

Which CPA review course has the best passing rate?

Passing rates are different by prep courses. It is important to look at the guarantee that each course offers. Some courses, like Surgent, offer a money-back guarantee of passing.

Does Surgent offer a good CPA review course?

We highlighted Surgent as one of the best picks for CPA courses we reviewed. Surgent gives students unlimited access to the course, 7700 practice questions, and over 350 hours of videos. It also comes with a guarantee of passing.

Which CPA review course is best?

There are some fantastic CPA review courses out there, but after looking at numerous factors, our top picks included Becker and Surgent. Becker and Surgent both are well known throughout the industry and offer a ton of great features. If you’re solely focused on having a lot of practice questions to mill through, Gleim is another good choice for CPA exam prep.

Is Becker the best CPA review course?

Becker offers a very good CPA review course. It made our list of the best CPA review courses. It is a little pricey, and not all candidates may be able to afford the prep course.

Who Is Eligible to take the CPA exam?

Candidates will need to meet eligibility requirements set by their regional board of accountancy before they take the CPA exam. There are 55 different jurisdictions in the United States, each with their own specific requirements. You can find out more about your local state accountancy board on the NASBA’s website.1

How Hard is the CPA Exam?

Although some sections of the 4-part CPA exam are easier than others, all of them are notoriously difficult. On average, roughly 50% of people who take the exam earn a passing grade.2

How do I Prepare for the CPA Exam?

The best way to ensure you are capable of passing the CPA exam is to identify your unique learning style, find CPA review courses geared toward it, and set aside enough study time to ensure you go over all the material covered on every exam section. For more information on different learning styles, we recommend reading more about Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.3

Why Should I Become a CPA?

There are both tangible and intangible benefits to becoming a CPA. If you want to advance quickly in your career, beat other applicants for competitive jobs, and land a corner office, this is the certification to pick. When comparing the average salary of an uncertified accountant4 with a CPA5, the latter earns roughly 30% more annually.. Basically, you should become a CPA if you want to achieve the greatest possible success in professional accounting!

What Are the CPA Exam Requirements By State?

For the most part, all 50 US states share requirements to sit for the CPA exam— with a few notable exceptions. However, you should still consult your local state’s board of taxation to learn the specific requirements you’ll need to meet.1 Typically, you’ll need to accrue some work experience and around 150 credit hours of education; but you should also anticipate more than just that!

How Do I Recognize My “Learning Style”?

If you ascribe to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences3, recognizing your learning style is key to getting the most out of any educational pursuit— including passing the CPA exam. Ask yourself some introspective questions and be honest: do you learn best from a video lecture, an audiobook, a textbook, a collaborative study group, or through tons and tons of practice questions? Once you’ve identified your learning style, put it to work and you’ll have a much easier time getting a passing score on all your exams!

What Are the Different Testing Windows For the CPA Exam?

In the past, the CPA exam testing windows followed the quarterly fiscal year structure— four windows of time for taking the exam each year. However, in 2020 the AICPA, NASBA, and Prometric rolled out a continuous testing model, which allows you to effectively take the CPA exam year-round.6

Which is the easiest part of the CPA exam?

The AICPA reports AUD being the statistically easiest class. The FAR, AUD, BEC, and REG respective pass rates are 45.42%, 45.82%, 55.54%, and 48.41%, with the lowest cumulative passing rates on FAR.7

FAQ Sources

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