Roger CPA Review vs. Becker

Roger CPA Review vs. Becker

Roger vs Becker How do Roger CPA Review and Becker CPA Review stack up against each other? In this one-on-one comparison I consider their price, number of months of access, practice questions and simulations, and other important features to help you decide which course is the best choice for you.

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I have tested both of these courses extensively and noticed several important differences between them that all CPA candidates should consider before they purchase either of these review courses.

Roger vs Becker CPA Review Cost

At $3,499 for all 4 sections, Becker’s CPA Review is on the expensive side. Priced at a much more reasonable $1,899, Roger CPA Review’s Premier Course costs about the market average for CPA review courses.

Roger CPA Review and Becker CPA Review are both very good courses; in fact, both made my Top 7 CPA reviews list. However, they have several important differences that will appeal to different kinds of students. I’ve compared them for you here so that you can make an educated decision before you buy one or the other.

Winner: Roger CPA Review

Roger CPA Review vs Becker Comparison Chart

CPA Course DetailsRoger CPA ReviewBecker CPA Review
Full-Course Price$2,999$3,499
Single Section Price$649$799
Admin Fees$50$95
Cost to Repeat the Course$417 Per SectionFREE (with Becker Promise)
Practice Questions6,000+8,100+
Video Lecture Hours100275+ (per section)
Final Review CRAM CourseIncludedIncluded

Course Expiration and Access

Becker’s lowest-priced Advantage course expires after 24 months. This is a reasonable time frame for most students based on Becker’s research. However, there’s still the possibility that this limitation can cause a bit of a time crunch and end up costing you a lot of money if you fail an exam or need extra time. Fortunately, their newly revamped Premium and Pro courses offer unlimited access, in addition to a whole host of extra features. If you need to renew your access, it’ll cost you 50% of the original cost. However, their Becker Promise policy offers free retakes to students who fail their exams the first time and need a do-over.

On the other hand, Roger’s Premier course has an access period of 18 months. However, if you enroll in Roger’s Elite-Unlimited course, you’ll never lose access through expiration. For either provider, there’s no need to worry about forking over another dime for CPA study materials if you pay for their top tiers. However, it’s their most affordable courses that have the biggest difference. Becker is the winner!

Winner: Becker CPA Review

Roger CPA Review vs Becker Books

As I wrote in my review of the Roger CPA prep course, I’m very impressed with their new textbooks. They’re available online and in traditional print form, and they get right to the point by leaving out any information that is not essential or won’t be covered on the CPA exam. They have a straightforward layout and contain many new mnemonics to help students memorize the large quantity of information. Furthermore, the online textbook is fully integrated into the software, allowing students to highlight important points, take notes, and create practice texts.

Becker’s textbooks are very professional-looking and are full of colored diagrams and images. The content is well-organized and structured in a way that is easy to read. Although their textbooks are fine, I prefer the format and content of the Roger CPA textbooks because they are more streamlined and include memorization aids.

Winner: Roger CPA Review

CPA Exam Practice Questions

Becker CPA review comes jam-packed with practice questions. Advantage course comes with 7,000+ multiple choice practice questions or 8,100+ for Premium and Pro tiers, and 400+ or 500+ (respectively) task-based simulations. Roger CPA review, on the other hand, has 6,200+ practice questions (multiple choice, TBSs, and AICPA released questions).

Becker clearly has more questions than Roger; students have even reported that Becker’s questions better prepare you for the difficult questions you will face on the real CPA exam. In fact, many students who used Becker found that they did as well as or better on the CPA exam than on Becker’s practice tests. Therefore, the questions are probably at least as hard or harder than those on the actual exam.

Becker also gives students extra questions through their Final Reviews, available to Premium and Pro subscribers. Best of all is that these questions are updated frequently in order to reflect changes to the CPA exam. The winner is clear!

Winner: Becker CPA Review

Roger CPA vs Becker Flashcards

Roger primarily offers their flashcards in digital format through both their desktop and mobile apps. However, their newest update allows for students to build their own decks out of these digital cards and then print them to make physical study materials. This is very convenient and one of my top recommendations for effective study habits.

However, Becker offers 1,400 flashcards in either printed or digital format too. Although these used to come at an extra cost, they’re now available free with all three course packages in both physical and digital formats. The digital versions are accessible on iOS (Apple), Kindle, and Android mobile devices. If you’re a flashcard fanatic, either course will have what you need!

Winner: Tie

Course Formats

Becker offers 3 different course formats: Advantage, Premium, and Pro. They’re one of the only CPA review companies to provide a live classroom option for Premium and Pro subscribers. Becker also comes with live or online lectures, multiple choice homework, simulations, and practice exams. Best of all, however, is the direct one-on-one interaction between instructors and peers available with their Pro subscription.

Alternatively, Roger CPA review courses are only available online. You can purchase additional study materials, like the supplemental audio lessons (free with Elite-Unlimited), to reinforce your studies. Additionally, you can choose between two different course packages offered by Roger: Premier or Elite. All course packages come with more than 100 hours of video lessons, full-length practice exams, print or electronic textbooks, 6,200+ practice questions, and free updates.

There’s a lot of diversity in course formats with both Becker and Roger. However, Becker’s recent updates make them the better option of the two in this department!

Winner: Becker CPA Review

Software and Content Updates

Becker has recently rolled out a new feature in response to criticism: unlimited access! No longer are students required to pay extra for new additions to their curriculum or run the risk of using outdated study materials.

Roger CPA Review packages include free updates to materials as well. It’s very fortunate that both companies now offer this feature. However, it’s important to remember that if you’re going to invest in a review course, you should still check if updates are included or not!

Winner: Tie

Roger vs. Becker CPA Video Lectures

This may be the starkest contrast of all of the video lecture comparisons. Roger is very different from Becker in terms of both the actual content and the presentation of said information. Although Becker has some things going for it (especially the one-on-one tutoring sessions in their Pro package), their videos don’t really compare to Roger’s. And when you consider the price that’s attached to Becker CPA Review, this is a pretty big deal!  

Roger’s personality carries every video through even the most boring segments, which can’t be said for the Becker CPA video lectures. Although both are unavoidably technical and somewhat boring, Roger makes the greatest effort to remedy this. If you’re interested in a CPA prep course for its video content alone, Roger is far and away the winner!

Winner: Roger CPA Review

Roger CPA vs Becker CPA Pass Rate

I am often asked about various CPA review courses and their respective pass rates. Given that all of these companies track their own results, and keeping in mind that statistics can be used to show almost anything, any claims about pass rates should be taken with a grain of salt. For example, Becker claims that students who use their program pass at twice the rate of students who do not use their materials. They state on their website that they engage an “independent, third-party research firm to analyze the data” and validate their pass rates. However, it is unclear how they could know how many students who pass in any given year used Becker exclusively rather than in combination with another course or study materials.

The Roger CPA Review website claims to have an 88% pass rate but offers no information about how they arrived at this number. Do students self-report that they have passed after taking the course? It would be difficult to calculate an exact pass rate given that many students use more than one course to prepare for the CPA exam.

Winner: Smart students who know a thing or two about statistics!


So which course is better? Well, Roger CPA Review offers a lower price, better video lectures, and better student support. However, Becker has many appealing features as well, like Adapt2U technology and live tutoring sessions. If you have the money to spare, I suggest enrolling in Becker’s Pro course for all the amazing features it provides. However, I also highly recommend signing up for a free demo of Roger CPA Review to find out if this is the best course to help you become a CPA!



Roger CPA Review vs Becker
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    Does Rogers offer unlimited access? On their website it says only 18 months.

    • Bryce Welker, CPA
      Posted at 5 April, 2018 22:49 PM Reply

      They offer unlimited access on their Elite Course only, their Premier and Select courses offer 18 months.Cheers, Bryce

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