Surgent CPA vs Becker CPA Review

Surgent CPA vs Becker CPA Review

Updated:December 9, 2018
Bryce Welker, CPA
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Becker CPA Review vs. Surgent CPA Review is a classic battle of the old vs. the new. As you journey through this article, you will find out why Becker is going the way of the Dinosaurs, and why Surgent is the future of CPA review courses.

With the backing of the big four, Becker has been a leader in the space for years, and yes, it can work perfectly fine to pass the CPA Exam. But to be frank, Becker is no longer the best and Surgent CPA Review is one of the courses battling for that title now.

Surgent has revolutionized the way to study for the CPA Exam. It has introduced a true adaptive technology into its course. Adaptive learning is a catch phrase many other CPA exam review courses brag about, but Surgent is the only company to actually feature adaptive learning in its software. Your first step, after setting your exam date, is to take the 400+ question assessment test. And don’t think of this as wasted time either, as the test tells you what you’re getting wrong or right along with a detailed explanation as to why. So right off the bat, you’re learning.

After that, Surgent analyzes your results and customizes your study plan and future quizzes and simulations to adapt to your specific needs. This makes for the most efficient uses of your time, drastically reducing your study periods. This is something that Becker simply cannot offer, as its software lacks this innovative technology.

Surgent is the only company to actually feature adaptive learning in its software

Surgent vs. Becker CPA Review Price

Besides just being a better course, Surgent is also significantly lower in price than Becker. Becker is almost double the price. If you’re wondering why this is the case, you’re not alone. Becker is often the course that big firms will pay for when sponsoring employees to become CPAs. The name is widely recognized and it’s worked for their employees for years—they’ve signed contracts that keep that relationship in place for a very long time. And for those lucky enough to have their firm sponsor their CPA exam endeavors that’s great, but the rest of us need to spend our money a little more wisely. This makes choosing Surgent even easier.

CPA Review Course Price$1799 with Discount$3,393
Discount Code?Show CouponNo
Partial Course Cost$499$1,131

If you want to set fire to your money, pay double for Becker. Otherwise, Surgent is the clear winner.

Course Content

Becker’s videos are dry, lengthy, and rough to get through. They do cover everything you need to know, but it’s serious chore to get through them. Surgent’s videos are shorter, more succinct, and some feature Liz Kolar, who has over 25 years of experience in teaching accounting and CPA review courses. Her passion is evident and she does a great job in concisely presenting what you need to know without making you want to fall asleep.

Here’s the breakdown of the number of questions, examinations, and flashcards each review course offers:

Surgent CPA ReviewBecker CPA Review
Multiple-Choice Questions68407200
Task-Based Simulations390400
Video Lectures350 lessons100 hours
CPA Flashcards22001400

Surgent vs. Becker Course Expiration and Access

Becker’s software expires after 18 months. To renew, should you need to take more than 18 months to pass all four sections of the CPA Exam, it’ll cost you 50% of the original price. This means you really can’t afford to fail, even one section. Surgent on the other hand, has not only a money back guarantee should you fail to pass, but also the best materials on the market. This alone is enough reason to choose Surgent. The safety and security of your investment in yourself is guaranteed and isn’t going to incur additional prices along the way.


To be honest, it was never a fair comparison. Surgent offers a better course, that’s guaranteed, and at almost half the price. If you’re having to pay for your CPA Exam and review course, Surgent is the clear choice. You can check out our full review to get all the details for both Surgent and Becker. We’ve also got the best discounts to make buying Surgent even easier. Good luck!

Surgent vs Becker CPA Review
5 / 5 stars

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1 Comment
  • Colleen kimball
    Posted at 8 March, 2018 19:53 PM Reply

    I used Surgent to review for Reg. In their orientation video I believe they said when your trending score gets to 75% you're ready to take the exam. I watched every video, made and studied note cards on each, did all the MCQ and Sims. My trending score was at 91%. I took a practice test and finished in only 2 hours 10 minutes and scored 94. Well, I took the Reg test today and was so disheartened. There were many, many things on that test that were not even mentioned in the review. I could not have prepared more and yet I''m certain I did not pass. At this point, I am either going to purchase a new review course or maybe just go a different direction. But definitely would not recommend Surgent.