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Surgent CPA Review offers CPA exam candidates a way to study smarter, not longer. The company pares down the material to the essential topics to reduce the number of hours you’ll have to study for the CPA Exam.

Their adaptive learning technology evaluates your performance on practice questions and then highlights and focuses on your weakest subjects.

Surgent is best suited for students who want the convenience of studying from home at their own pace with guided video lectures. A personalized study plan, visual reminders about your progress, and a daily countdown to your exam date are all useful tools they provide to help keep you focused and on track.

There are three phases in Surgent’s prep course: the assessment phase, the adaptive learning phase, and the review phase. Their software tracks your results in each phase as you answer questions and determines when you should move on to the next phase. This makes it possible to identify and work on your weakest areas rather than spending additional time on categories you have already mastered.

If you want a great course at a very attractive price point, check out Surgent CPA Review and get the best bang for your buck.

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1. Comprehensive Course Materials

Students who register for Surgent CPA Review will have access to more than 6,700 multiple choice questions (with detailed answers) and 260 task-based simulation questions. Their course also includes 350 short video lectures, digital textbooks that can printed out as PDFs, study notes, and a personalized study plan.

2. Personal Study Planner

One nice feature of this course is that the software will generate a study plan based on the date of your CPA exam and how many days a week you plan to study. You’ll be able to see exactly how many hours you will need to study each week and on which days, in order to complete the course on time. This takes the guesswork out of determining how much time you should spend studying for your exam.

3. Adaptive Learning Software

Study sessions are created for you based on the answers you provided to previous practice questions. You will stay in the adaptive learning phase until you have answered all questions correctly at least once.

If you want to focus on a specific area for a longer period of time you can switch from adaptive study to customized study where you can adjust the quiz settings which include: length of time, number of questions, categories, and whether you want to see trouble questions you’ve previously missed or new questions.

The software also generates a reading list with relevant references for questions you answered incorrectly and need to review.

4. Very Experienced Instructors

The Surgent CPA Review founders, Jack Surgent and Liz Kolar, have decades of experience teaching CPA courses. Their dynamic lectures are relatively short (average 10-12 minutes each), are clear and detailed, and include demonstrations of how to solve different types of practice questions.

Their other faculty members also have at least 15-20 years of experience in accounting and teaching. Instructors offer useful advice and strategies to help you memorize the information and perform well on the day of the exam.

5. Pass Guarantee & Unlimited Access

Surgent offers both a money-back guarantee and unlimited access to their study materials until you pass. This means you’ll never have to worry about your study materials expiring or having to pay additional fees later on down the road like a lot of other CPA review course providers do.

6. Layout

Surgent overhauled its product to give users a little better experience when going through the different components of  their CPA exam prep platform. The redesigned interface and dashboard are something that sets this product apart from its competitors, so I would definitely check it out, as it’s a truly viable option.

7. Discounts

We all could save a little money. Surgent is already affordable but for a limited time they are offering 20%  all their review courses and study materials.

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8. Financing Options

Surgent CPA Review currently offers a financing plan for their complete CPA Review course. Students only have to put $49 down to enroll and pay 0% interest on future payments. I would highly recommend this option for anyone who doesn’t have the capital to pay for the entire review course outright and instead wants to break up the large price over the course of small monthly payments. Get Financing



1. Short Trial Period

While Surgent offers you a free trial period for three days, some people may need more time to decide whether or not to invest in the course. It’s better to have a trial period, but it could definitely be longer than three days, especially for people who really need to go over every aspect of their prep tool.

2. App Includes Flashcards Only

Surgent’s newly-released flashcard app is free, but there’s not much to it. You can get more than 2,200 flash cards with terms on one side and definitions on the back which is great, however it would be nice if they offered a more dynamic app that syncs to their online course or gave students access to other study materials that could be accessed while on the go.


Surgent CPA Review is a comprehensive course and would be a good choice for students who want to study efficiently and prefer to have the material explained to them through concise video lectures. Their strong team of instructors are experts at teaching CPA candidates and combined they have more experience in the industry than any other review course provider on the market.

Their course comes with unlimited access to all study materials until you pass your exams so you’ll never have to worry about them expiring like you do with many other CPA review companies.

The fact that they offer a Money-Back Guarantee proves just how confident they are in their course and also gives students a risk-free way to prepare for their exams. Right now you can get 20% OFF all Surgent study materials and save up to $320 with this Discount Code!




Surgent CPA Review Course Information

Surgent CPA Review
1.20% Off Discount Code
2.Comprehensive Course Materials
3.Personal Study Planner
4.Adaptive Learning Software
5.Very Experienced Instructors
6.Pass Guarantee & Unlimited Access


Surgent CPA Review
5 / 5 stars