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Updated:December 10, 2018
Bryce Welker, CPA


Ninja CPA Review was created by Jeff Elliott who also runs a CPA Exam forum called

After experiencing initial success with his Ninja Notes product, he now provides access to a number of other CPA study materials.

These include audio lectures, a multiple choice question bank, downloadable PDF textbooks, flashcards, and a condensed video course called Ninja Blitz. Each item can be purchased separately or you can buy the whole package “Ten Point Combo” for a discounted price.

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1. Monthly Pricing & Free Materials

Although this course may not be on par with more comprehensive and organized courses, the price of Ninja CPA Review’s is fairly affordable. You can also try several demos for free simply by going to the website and downloading them. Students on a tight budget will appreciate the monthly billing price structure. There are no large upfront costs, and you can cancel anytime (for any reason).  Please don’t forget it’s on auto-pay though, so if you don’t cancel you’ll be charged.

2. Ninja Notes

The original Ninja Notes are popular for a reason. Elliott was juggling a career and a growing family when he studied for the CPA exam himself, and he knew that time is a precious commodity for many busy students. His notes summarize the most important information and serve as a good review right before an exam.

The notes explain difficult concepts in a straightforward, succinct way. Available as a hard copy or downloadable as a PDF file for iPhone or iPad, these well-organized notes get consistent positive reviews from customers who have passed the CPA exam.

Elliott recommends you read these notes 5 times before the exam, and that you copy them (or your own notes) out to help you memorize the material. You’ll also get free updates until you pass.


1. Not Very Detailed or Comprehensive

Ninja CPA is best for students who already have a solid understanding of the material and are looking for a summary/review or additional practice before they go into the exam.

If you are just starting your CPA journey and are looking for a more comprehensive and streamlined course, rather than just trying to raise your score by a few more points, then you should definitely look into other CPA review course options better suited to serve as your primary study materials.

2. Dashboard is Clunky and Outdated

Far from streamlined, Ninja CPA Review’s dashboard design and layout look dated and very old school. Although the dash offers a snapshot overview of your progress by category and graphs your performance trends, it is not very intuitive.

Navigating the site also requires a bit of trial and error. For example, you have to figure out for yourself how to move on to the next question in the MCQ screen, and where to find the various study materials and components of the course.

The MCQ database also uses older, non-proprietary technology and is not very well-designed.


Ninja CPA Review study materials are best used as a supplement to another, more comprehensive and user-friendly course. Ninja’s materials are relatively basic and disjointed, so students will have to skip around the site to piece together their study sessions, making it less suited to students looking for an all-in-one review course.

The “textbooks” are actually just downloadable PDF’s, and the MCQ test bank has been licensed from another CPA review company.

The “videos” are located in a separate module and are in fact Powerpoint presentations that are narrated.

In short, this course would definitely benefit from an update that integrates the various materials into a single, more streamlined online platform.

If you just want a little extra practice or review on a specific CPA exam section, then some of the various course components would be a good option to use as supplemental study material.

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Ninja CPA Review Strengths
1.Buy Only What You Need
2.Adaptive Customized Learning
3.Ninja Notes
4.Low Price & Free Materials


Ninja CPA Review
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