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CMA Certification Overview

One of the first challenges a CMA hopeful faces is finding the best CMA review course.

The good news is that I’ve simplified the process of selecting the best CMA study materials for you. Although most of my expertise lies with CPA review courses, I’ve spent a great deal of time helping CMA candidates enhance their study plans as well.

5 courses stand out to me.

Each of the top providers on this list offers study materials and test banks that appeal to a certain type of CMA candidate. For example, I’ve found that visual learners really like the top two courses. However, learners who retain information from listening to audio prefer another great match on this list.

Have a look at the comparison chart below, and get ready to CRUSH the CMA exam!

  1. Becker CMA Review Course
  2. Surgent CMA Prep Course
  3. Gleim CMA Study Materials
  4. CMA Exam Academy Review
  5. UWorld CMA (formally Wiley CMA)

1. Becker CMA

Becker CMA Review offers an excellent CMA review course.

Becker CPA Logo


Becker CMA Review is renowned for its comprehensive and personalized approach to preparing candidates for the CMA Exam. With a legacy of over 60 years in exam preparation, Becker has established itself as a trusted leader in the field. Their CMA Exam Review packages are meticulously crafted to cater to diverse learning styles and needs, ensuring candidates are well-prepared for exam day.

What to Expect from Becker CMA Review

When you choose Becker CMA Review for your exam preparation, expect a highly personalized and comprehensive learning experience. Becker’s unique Adapt2U Technology continuously evaluates your understanding, tailoring the study material to focus on areas where you need improvement. This means your study time is used efficiently, concentrating on the topics that matter most for your success.

The course material is extensive and varied, including digital and printed textbooks, a wealth of multiple-choice questions, essays, lecture videos, and digital flashcards. This variety caters to different learning styles, ensuring that whether you’re a visual learner, prefer reading, or learn best through listening, there’s something for you.

Expert instruction is a hallmark of Becker’s approach. The team of instructors, with their practical experience, brings depth to the learning process. The bite-sized, instructor-led lecture videos focus on single topics for in-depth understanding, allowing you to master one concept at a time.

In terms of support and accessibility, Becker provides extensive options. You can expect 1-on-1 support for academic queries, study planning, and personalized assistance through tutoring sessions. Flexibility in learning is enhanced by options for flex pay and unlimited access to course materials until you pass.

As you prepare for exam day, the program includes an Exam Day ReadySM Indicator, giving you a clear picture of your readiness for the exam. This feature helps in identifying the areas that require more focus. Additionally, the unlimited personalized practice tests with a vast database of questions are designed to mirror the actual exam format, providing a realistic practice experience.

Becker CMA Course Pros


Hidden Gem for CMA Candidates

While Becker is widely recognized for its CPA review courses, many are unaware of the solid program it offers for CMA candidates. This makes Becker’s CMA Review a hidden gem in the field of accounting certifications. Despite the common misconception that Becker primarily focuses on CPA preparation, their CMA Review course is equally robust and comprehensive, providing an exceptional learning experience tailored for aspiring management accountants. This under-the-radar aspect means that CMA students can benefit from Becker’s extensive expertise and resources, which have been fine-tuned over decades, yet are still discovering this valuable resource for their exam preparation.

Real-World Expertise Integration

Becker’s CMA Review uniquely integrates real-world accounting insights into its curriculum. This approach goes beyond textbook knowledge, offering practical examples from seasoned professionals. It not only prepares candidates for the CMA exam but also imparts a deeper understanding of real-world CMA applications, bridging the gap between theory and practice for a competitive career edge.

Study Flexibility

Becker lets you approach your studying in any order you want. They offer options for starting with part 1 or 2 of the exam. Plus, they’ll even offer suggestions on why you might want to start with one over the other. At any time, you can also switch between the parts and continue any progress from before. How you study is completely up to you!

Proficiency Focus

As you study, Becker builds a proficiency profile based on the work you’ve submitted. This shows you what areas you understand and which ones need improvement. Becker is able to use this to shore up your weak areas by combining this information with a badge system on the study plan. Each badge shows how proficient you are based on its color— try to change them all from red to green in order to fully prepare yourself to ace the exam!

Essay Questions

At certain capstones of the course, you’ll be given a series of essay questions to complete. These are very similar to what you’ll encounter on the full exam— so practicing with these will get you comfortable with writing and formatting. Plus, it’ll let you know ahead of time what content is expected on the CMA exam’s essay questions.

The Bottom Line: Becker is an excellent choice for CMA review. Their focus on your proficiency makes sure that you aren’t just memorizing concepts; they ensure that you actually understand them too. We recommend signing up for their Pro course to get extra tutoring sessions.

Becker CMA Review Promo Code Discounts

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2. Surgent CMA

Value meets efficiency for this time-saving CMA Review course.


Surgent CMA Review is recognized for its exceptional Certified Management Accountant exam preparation course, boasting a remarkable 95% pass rate. Surgent’s approach to CMA exam preparation is tailored to equip accounting and finance professionals not just for the exam, but for a successful career beyond academic qualifications. Their commitment to student success is evident in their partnerships with higher education institutions and their support for students through scholarships and flexible payment options.

What to Expect from Surgent CMA Review

When enrolling in Surgent’s CMA Review, candidates can expect a highly focused and efficient study experience. Surgent’s program is designed to adapt to individual learning styles and progress, ensuring that each student’s study time is maximized for effectiveness. The course offers a blend of comprehensive study materials, including in-depth lectures, a wide array of practice questions, and resources that are constantly updated to stay in line with the latest exam standards.

Surgent places a strong emphasis on practical application, preparing students not only to pass the CMA exam but also to excel in their future careers in accounting and finance. The program’s structure is flexible, accommodating the busy schedules of working professionals and students alike. Additionally, Surgent’s support system extends beyond just academic content, offering guidance on career development and exam strategies.

Surgent CMA Review Course: Your Pathway to Passing the CMA Exam

Surgent CMA Review Pros & Cons


Real-Time Performance Analytics

Surgent CMA Review stands out with its advanced Real-Time Performance Analytics feature. This innovative tool continuously tracks and analyzes your performance across different topics, providing instant feedback and insights. This real-time analysis allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses as you progress through the course, enabling a highly targeted and efficient study approach.

A.S.A.P Smart Study Technology

Surgent CMA Review is favored by CMA hopefuls because of its Smart Study technology, which assesses your knowledge and adjusts it to match. By focusing only on the content they need, Surgent students save 65% of their time on average compared to other students.

Unlimited CMA Practice Tests

Surgent CMA Review allows test takers to take and retake unlimited practice exams. This ensures that learners grow accustomed to testing and assess where their knowledge might be weaker. In addition, detailed explanations of why an answer was wrong or right are given after each test to directly benefit the student’s learning experience.

Back to School:

Selecting your own syllabus, completing exam questions, and getting assignments and grades: This course makes you feel like you’re back at your desk in school. This is how many people learn best, as it helps to map out a course for your brain to follow while studying.


Lack of Audio Lectures

In today’s educational environment, audio lectures have become increasingly popular. Top courses like CMA Exam Academy incorporate them for efficient learning on the move. Surgent should consider adding audio lectures to cater to auditory learners, preventing prolonged screen time and enabling flexible study options.

The Bottom Line: Surgent CMA Review offers tailored studying with its A.S.A.P Smart Study Technology and unlimited practice tests, mimicking a structured school environment. However, the absence of audio lectures limits its flexibility for on-the-go learners.

Surgent CMA Review Promo Code Discounts

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3. Gleim CMA

Gleim CMA Review offers three tiers of robust CMA study materials.

Gleim Exam Prep


Gleim CMA Review is celebrated as the #1 CMA exam prep course in the market by some, renowned for its comprehensive and effective approach to CMA exam preparation. As the most trusted CMA review course available, Gleim offers a robust learning platform that promises everything a candidate needs to pass the CMA exam on the first try. With a focus on flexibility and thoroughness, Gleim has helped numerous candidates, including ICMA Gold Medal Winners, achieve success in their CMA journey.

What to Expect from Gleim CMA Review

When you embark on your CMA exam preparation with Gleim, you can expect a highly flexible and comprehensive learning experience. The course is designed to accommodate even the busiest schedules, allowing candidates to study at their own pace and convenience. This is particularly beneficial for those who need to balance exam preparation with other commitments.

Gleim’s CMA Review is known for its engaging and informative video lectures, which are complemented by comprehensive text materials. These resources cover all the necessary content in depth, ensuring that you are well-prepared for every aspect of the CMA exam. The practice exams provided by Gleim are particularly noteworthy; they are designed to closely mimic the actual CMA exam, providing an excellent opportunity for candidates to test their knowledge and build confidence before the real test.

Additionally, Gleim’s CMA Review offers various course options, including the Premium CMA Review Systems and Traditional CMA Review Systems, catering to different learning styles and needs. The CMA Mega Test Bank is another valuable resource, offering an extensive collection of practice questions that help reinforce learning and improve problem-solving skills.

Gleim CMA Course Pros & Cons


Robust Review Course Offerings

Students who are looking for substantial review materials and are willing to pay can check out Gleim’s two top-tier review course options. Their Traditional Review System offers an adaptive learning platform, audio lectures, thousands of multiple-choice and essay questions, an interactive study planner, and access to Personal Counselors. Gleim’s Premium Review System goes the extra mile and adds access to video lectures, MCQ and essay question walkthrough videos, digital flashcards, Accounting Experts, and an Access Until You Pass® guarantee.

Fantastic Customer Support

Whether you sign up for their Traditional or Premium CMA Review System packages, Gleim offers a team of Personal Counselors to assist with study plans, walk you through exam application processes, and provide encouragement. Premium users also receive access to Gleim’s Accounting Experts, who assist with questions on complex topics and calculations. Basically, you’ll receive excellent support from their team regardless of which course tier you choose.

Financial Aid

To ensure candidates have access to study materials regardless of their budget, Gleim offers flexible financing through payment plan options for all CMA course packages. Plus, Gleim supports students by providing free review course materials through IMA’s CMA Scholarship Program, which covers nearly the entire cost of becoming a CMA for nominated students.


Conceptional gaps in content

While Gleim can be effective, some users have found that it occasionally lacks context in its material. This can necessitate external references or internet searches to fill in the gaps, potentially slowing down the study process for those who prefer a more comprehensive single resource.

Requires accounting background

Gleim is geared toward CMA candidates with an accounting background. Their review content is one of the best because it is high quality. However, some of the content requires an intermediate level of understanding of accounting topics. If you don’t have this, you may need to spend more time with their other review materials in order to be successful.

Becker CMA

The Bottom Line: Gleim provides strong personalized support and notable financial flexibility for CMA candidates. However, users may encounter occasional content gaps, and the material leans toward those with prior accounting knowledge. Supplementary resources may be needed for a comprehensive understanding.



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4. CMA Exam Academy

Flexible payment structuring and study schedule make CMA Exam Academy one of the best CMA Review Courses.

CMA Exam Academy


CMA Exam Academy stands out as a unique and highly structured 16-week online coaching program for each part of the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam. This academy is not just about providing study materials; it’s about guiding you step-by-step through your study journey, ensuring accountability with a structured study plan, and offering unlimited coaching support. This approach guarantees that you’ll walk into the test day feeling 100% prepared and confident.

What to Expect from CMA Exam Academy

Enrolling in CMA Exam Academy’s Premium CMA Coaching Combo for Part 1 and Part 2, you can expect a meticulously organized and supportive learning environment. The program is divided into sixteen core learning modules, each filled with step-by-step training videos, downloadable resources, and practical assignments. This structured approach makes the learning process both comprehensive and manageable.

The Academy’s curriculum is designed to not only help you pass the CMA exam but also to set you up for a successful career, with the potential to earn a six-figure salary and ascend to executive ranks. The course is delivered through HD video lectures covering every exam topic in detail, supplemented by step-by-step whiteboard explainer videos for tackling multiple-choice questions effectively.

A standout feature of this program is the personalized support you receive. Weekly support calls with your CMA coach, unlimited coaching support via email and within the course, and weekly check-ins ensure that you stay on track with your studies. The 24-hour hotline to your CMA coach means you’re never alone in your study journey.

Additionally, the program includes a personalized test bank with over 4,000 questions, including essay scenarios and final exam simulations, to ensure you’re well-prepared for the actual exam environment. Physical textbooks, access to a private community, and a mobile flashcards app further enhance your study experience.

CMA Exam Academy Review Pros & Cons


Flexible Payment Plan

One of the things that really sets CMA Exam Academy apart is the flexible payment plan. Using Paypal Credit, you can spread payments for the course out over 6 months with no interest.

Exemplary Support

Not only does CMA Exam Academy offer unlimited coaching online with a personal counselor, but the program takes it a step forward. If you have any questions as you move through the course, you can send a quick email to your instructor with a guaranteed 24-hour response time.


Content Delivery

CMA Exam Academy operates on a clearly defined and structured study plan, designed to ensure thorough coverage of all exam topics. However, this rigorous structure can feel confining for candidates who are used to or prefer more adaptable study timelines. Those who thrive on flexibility or want to pace their studies around unpredictable schedules might find the course’s content delivery approach a bit restrictive.

Platform Interface

The online platform of CMA Exam Academy is designed with specific functionalities in mind. However, not all users find it straightforward or easy to navigate. Compared to some competitors’ platforms, certain candidates may experience a steeper learning curve or feel that the interface lacks intuitiveness, potentially affecting the overall study experience.

The Bottom Line: From a carefully blended flexible study plan to accommodate full-time workers and independent learning, as well as an adaptive learning technology in the practice tests, CMA Exam Academy seems to have it all. But if you’re looking for more content, pick Becker or Gleim instead.

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5. UWorld CMA (formally Wiley CMA)


The takeover of Wiley CMA by UWorld has clouded the clarity of the brand’s path forward. At the time this article was written, the Wiley website is still active but some programs cannot be purchase. Therefore, we can’t recommend Wiley at this time.

UWorld CMA Review, previously Wiley CMA Exam Review, presents online CMA prep courses that aim to assist candidates in achieving certification. While they claim an 80% first-time pass rate, it’s important to approach these figures with caution. The acquisition of Wiley Efficient Learning’s exam review portfolio has broadened UWorld’s offerings, but this expansion also raises questions about the consistency and focus of their CMA review courses.

What to Expect from UWorld CMA Review

When you enroll in UWorld CMA Review Courses, you’ll gain access to a variety of study materials and tools, each with its own set of features and considerations. The courses offer an extensive array of over 6,100 practice questions and full-length mock exams, which, while comprehensive, can be somewhat overwhelming and may not be organized in the most efficient manner for optimal learning.

The UWorld CMA Review’s study guides are a highlight, covering all ICMA®’s Content Specification Outlines and Learning Outcome Statements in great detail. These guides are carefully crafted to include every essential topic, providing a thorough understanding of the CMA exam content. However, the over 49 hours of video lectures, while informative, are quite lengthy and may be less engaging for some learners, which could affect the overall effectiveness of the study process.

For those who prefer studying on the go, UWorld offers a mobile app. While this app allows for flexible learning, it might not be as user-friendly or feature-rich as apps from other leading CMA review courses. Additionally, UWorld provides various course packages, such as Elite Unlimited and Premier. While these options cater to different study needs and budgets, they may not suit all learning styles, especially for students who seek more interactive and personalized study methods.

UWorld Pros & Cons


Strategic Partnership

Wiley Efficient Learning is a Strategic Partner with the Institute of Management Accountants. This means that the top governing body of working professionals have fully vetted this course and endorsed its ability to prepare you for a rewarding career as a management accountant.

High Pass Rates

Thanks to several helpful features and excellent instructors, 8 out of 10 students who enroll in Wiley CMAexcel pass both parts of their CMA exams without any difficulty. This is one of the best ways to ensure you’re prepared for this notoriously difficult exam.

Free Access

If you’re not quite sure whether this is the right choice for your study needs, check out a 14-day free trial of Wiley CMAexcel without making any financial commitment. You’re likely to stick around for the full course, but you’re free to change your mind at any time in that two-week period!


Limited Instructor Access

While Wiley has been recognized for its comprehensive study materials, one drawback is its limited instructor access. Candidates seeking regular, personalized guidance might feel the pinch as direct communication with experts isn’t as seamless as with some competitors. This could pose challenges for students who often require clarification on complex topics.

Navigation Issues

A few users have noted difficulties navigating the platform and raised concerns about the relevance of practice questions. Moreover, their video lectures, though thorough, can sometimes be lengthy and less engaging. Concerns also arise regarding the frequency of content updates, especially as accounting standards shift.

Also, it’s being shut down. Because of its sell-out to UWorld, it’s unlikely that this course will even be around next year. Therefore, it’s just better to go with a different option.

The Bottom Line: While Wiley CMAexcel once stood as a top pick and undoubtedly offers substantial material for both parts of the CMA exam, its future is currently uncertain. Given this unpredictability, it’s hard for us to endorse it fully at this time, despite its previously held reputation. We advise candidates to consider alternative options.

6. Powers Resources Corporation

This is Exactly Why Powers Resource Corporation CIA Review is One of Our Favorite Certified Internal Auditor Courses On The Market


PRC Powers Resources offers a CMA review program that takes a basic approach to preparing for the CMA exam. While it provides essential study materials, it tends to lack the comprehensive depth and innovative teaching methods found in more prominent CMA review courses. The program’s offerings are relatively straightforward, focusing primarily on fundamental resources necessary for exam preparation but may not offer the extensive variety or depth that other leading providers do.

In terms of the learning platform, PRC’s online interface is basic and functional but lacks the advanced features and interactive tools that enhance learning experiences in other sophisticated CMA courses. The level of personal support and instructor interaction is minimal compared to other courses, which might be a significant drawback for students who prefer a more guided study approach.

Although the course includes practice questions, they might not fully capture the complexity and challenging nature of the actual CMA exam. Primarily designed for self-study learners, PRC Powers Resources may not provide the structured learning environment or the community support that is beneficial for many candidates.

Powers Resources CMA Course Pros & Cons


Live Course

Powers Resources also offers a CMA Virtual Classroom in addition to their self-study course. Each virtual class is taught by internationally acclaimed CMA-certified instructors. Plus, lecture recordings are made available on demand upon completion.

Free Demo

If you’re unsure about what Powers Resources is offering, you can always try out their course via a free demo. It’s also a good starting point for studying; any progress you make on the demo can be carried over to the full course.


Limited Self Study

If you’re only interested in self-study materials, you may find yourself disappointed. The self-study courses only include mock exams and textbooks; they lack extra materials like flashcards and study guides.

Course Depth

While PRC covers a wide range of CMA exam material, some students feel that certain topics aren’t explored in sufficient depth. This might mean turning to additional resources for those wanting a deeper dive into specific areas. Potential users should consider their learning needs when choosing PRC.

Not as Interactive

Compared to some other CMA prep courses, PRC’s platform might be seen as less interactive. Some competitors have integrated adaptive learning technologies and more engaging user interfaces, which can make the studying process more dynamic and tailored to individual needs.

The Bottom Line: Powers Resources shines with its CMA Virtual Classroom and the opportunity to transition from a free demo to the full course. However, its self-study resources might seem limited, some topics may lack depth, and the platform isn’t as interactive as some alternatives. Candidates should consider their study preferences before choosing PRC.


7. Hock International CMA

Hock International


Hock International offers a CMA review program that, while covering the basic requirements for the CMA exam, may not stand out in the competitive field of CMA preparation courses. The program provides fundamental resources but lacks the comprehensive and cutting-edge approach seen in more established CMA review offerings.

Hock International CMA Program Offerings

Hock International’s CMA program provides basic coverage of essential topics, but it falls short in terms of the content’s depth and engagement compared to leading CMA review providers. The learning platform is somewhat outdated, lacking the interactive and technological features that enhance modern learning experiences. The practice resources included are limited and may not adequately reflect the complexity of the actual CMA exam, which could leave students underprepared for its more challenging aspects.

Additionally, the program offers minimal instructor interaction, a significant disadvantage for students who need more personalized guidance. Furthermore, Hock International does not provide supplementary learning aids like flashcards, mobile apps, or comprehensive study planners, which are integral parts of more advanced CMA review courses.

Hock International CMA Course Pros & Cons


Video Content

Videos by Brian Hock provide the same curriculum as a CMA class from the comfort of your own home. Over 60 hours of video content are included that cover essential exam concepts in a clear and concise manner.

Essay Prep

Hock is one of the only companies out there that actually focuses on the essay portion of the exams they cover. They do so by incorporating essay questions from past exams into your studying, which can help you pass this difficult exam portion.


Limited Practice Exams

Currently, Hock only offers 4 practice exams per course. Although they’re high-quality study aids, the lack of quantity is disappointing when compared to the Gleim CMA Review.

No Mobile App

In today’s digital age, many students study on the go. The lack of a dedicated mobile application for Hock can be a downside for those wanting to study from their phones or tablets.

Less Frequent Updates

Some users have noted that Hock doesn’t update its material as frequently as some of its competitors, which might lead to minor discrepancies with the current exam content.

The Bottom Line: Hock CMA Review provides quality video content and a unique emphasis on essay preparation. However, it falls short with only four practice exams and lacks a mobile app. Additionally, less frequent content updates might not align perfectly with the latest exam content. Consider these factors when evaluating Hock as your study choice.

CMA Prep Course Honorable Mentions

CMA Review Course Side-by-Side Comparisons

Becker vs. Surgent CMA Review

When comparing Becker and Surgent CMA Review, Becker emerges as the more comprehensive choice. Becker’s CMA Review is renowned for its personalized approach and Adapt2U Technology, offering a tailored study experience. In contrast, while Surgent is favored for its A.S.A.P. Technology and efficient study methods, it lacks the depth and breadth of resources that Becker provides. Becker’s extensive practice questions, expert instruction, and variety of learning materials give it an edge over Surgent, making it a more robust and thorough preparation choice for CMA candidates.

Feature Becker CMA Review Surgent CMA Review
Approach Personalized with Adapt2U Technology Efficient with A.S.A.P. Technology
Study Experience Tailored to individual needs Focuses on time-saving methods
Resources Extensive practice questions and expert instruction Less comprehensive compared to Becker
Learning Materials Wide variety More streamlined
Suitability Thorough preparation for candidates Ideal for candidates valuing time management

Surgent vs. Gleim CMA Review

Surgent stands out against Gleim CMA Review primarily due to its innovative Smart Study technology, which saves candidates significant study time. Gleim, while offering a comprehensive set of study materials and strong support, may not match Surgent’s efficiency in preparing candidates for the exam. Surgent’s adaptive learning approach, focusing on individual learning needs, makes it a more efficient choice for candidates who value time management and targeted study over the broader, more traditional approach that Gleim offers.

Feature Surgent CMA Review Gleim CMA Review
Technology Smart Study technology Comprehensive traditional materials
Study Time Significant time-saving Broader approach to study
Learning Approach Adaptive to individual needs Strong support system
Suitability Efficient for targeted study Comprehensive for in-depth study

Gleim vs. CMA Exam Academy

Gleim CMA Review has an advantage over CMA Exam Academy due to its more extensive array of practice questions and robust support system. While CMA Exam Academy offers a structured and guided study plan, Gleim provides a broader range of study materials, including a larger question bank and more comprehensive support from accounting experts. This makes Gleim a better choice for candidates who prefer a more self-directed and extensive study approach compared to the more rigid structure of CMA Exam Academy.

Feature Gleim CMA Review CMA Exam Academy
Practice Questions Extensive array Structured study plan
Support System Robust support Personalized coaching
Study Materials Broad range More rigid structure
Suitability Self-directed study Organized study path

CMA Exam Academy vs. UWorld Wiley

CMA Exam Academy edges out UWorld Wiley in this comparison, primarily due to its more personalized coaching approach and structured study plan. While UWorld Wiley, formerly Wiley CMA Exam Review, offers a wide range of study materials, its recent transition to UWorld may raise concerns about consistency and course focus. CMA Exam Academy, with its focused coaching and structured approach, provides a more stable and guided learning experience, which can be crucial for candidates who prefer a more predictable and organized study path.

Feature CMA Exam Academy UWorld Wiley
Coaching Personalized and structured Wide range of materials
Learning Experience Focused and stable Extensive question bank
Study Plan Structured and predictable Detailed study guides
Suitability Organized study path In-depth preparation

UWorld Wiley vs. PWC

In the comparison between UWorld Wiley and PWC, UWorld Wiley takes the lead, especially due to its comprehensive study materials and practice questions. UWorld Wiley’s extensive question bank and detailed study guides cover a wide range of topics and provide in-depth preparation. PWC, while offering quality content, may not match the breadth and depth of resources that UWorld Wiley provides. UWorld Wiley’s established reputation and comprehensive approach make it a more reliable choice for thorough CMA exam preparation.

Feature UWorld Wiley PWC
Study Materials Comprehensive with extensive questions Quality content
Depth Covers a wide range of topics Less comprehensive
Preparation In-depth Focused on quality
Suitability Thorough exam preparation Candidates looking for quality over quantity

Features to Look for When Choosing the Best CMA Review Course

Choosing the right CMA review course is a critical step in your journey to becoming a Certified Management Accountant. Here’s a breakdown of essential features to consider, along with the top courses that excel in each area.

Comprehensive Curriculum

A course with a broad and in-depth curriculum is vital. Becker CMA Review excels in this area, offering extensive study materials that cover all exam topics thoroughly.

Adaptive Learning Technology

Opt for a course with adaptive learning for a personalized study experience. Surgent CMA Prep Course is a leader in this field, with its A.S.A.P. technology that tailors content based on your performance.

Quality of Practice Questions

High-quality practice questions are crucial for effective exam preparation. Gleim CMA Study Materials are known for their extensive and realistic practice questions, closely mirroring the actual exam.

Instructor Support

Strong instructor support can significantly enhance your learning. CMA Exam Academy stands out for its exceptional support, offering personalized guidance and a 24-hour hotline to your coach.

Flexibility and Accessibility

If you need a flexible study schedule, consider a course that offers this. Becker CMA Review provides great flexibility and unlimited access to course materials until you pass.

Real-World Relevance

Courses that integrate real-world scenarios help bridge the gap between theory and practice. Becker CMA Review is notable for incorporating practical accounting insights into its curriculum.

User-Friendly Platform

A course with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform can greatly enhance your study experience. Surgent CMA Prep Course offers a user-friendly interface with easily accessible resources.

Exam Simulation and Practice Tests

Practicing with exams that simulate the real test environment is key. Gleim CMA Study Materials offer comprehensive exam simulations, giving you a realistic practice experience.

Study Material Updates

Ensure the course regularly updates its materials to reflect the latest exam standards. Becker CMA Review and Surgent CMA Prep Course both excel in providing current and updated content.

Financial Aid and Payment Options

Consider courses that offer financial aid or flexible payment plans. Gleim CMA Review provides various financing options, making it accessible for candidates with different budgets.

By considering these features and choosing a course that aligns with your specific needs and learning style, you can significantly increase your chances of CMA exam success.

How to Choose the Right CMA Prep Type for You

Selecting the best CMA prep type is essential for effective learning and exam success. Let’s delve into the various formats, their advantages and disadvantages, and identify who they are most suitable for.

Self-Paced Learning


  • Flexibility: Ideal for those with unpredictable schedules, allowing you to study at your convenience.
  • Customizable: Adjust your study plan to focus on areas where you need the most improvement.
  • Cost-Effective: Typically more affordable than other formats.


  • Self-Discipline Required: You need to be motivated and disciplined to stay on track.
  • Limited Interaction: There’s minimal real-time interaction with instructors or peers.

Best For: Independent learners who prefer to manage their own study schedules.
Courses: Gleim and Surgent are excellent options for self-paced learning.

Live Online Classes


  • Structured Learning: Fixed schedules help maintain a consistent study routine.
  • Interactive: Engage in real-time with instructors and classmates.
  • Access to Expertise: Immediate responses to queries from experienced instructors.


  • Less Flexibility: You need to adhere to predetermined class times.
  • Technology Dependent: A stable internet connection is essential.

Best For: Students who favor a structured learning environment with interactive elements.
Courses: Becker and CMA Exam Academy offer robust live online class options.

Live In-Person Classes


  • Personal Interaction: Face-to-face engagement with instructors and peers.
  • Disciplined Environment: Attending physical classes can enhance focus.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with other CMA candidates.


  • Location Dependent: Only feasible if you live near the class location.
  • Less Convenient: Requires commuting and adherence to a strict schedule.

Best For: Individuals who thrive in a traditional classroom setting and value direct interaction.
Courses: Becker often provides live in-person class options in various locations.

Private Tutoring


  • Personalized Attention: Tailored one-on-one sessions to suit your learning style.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Can be arranged around your personal commitments.
  • Focused Learning: Direct focus on your specific areas of weakness.


  • Cost: Typically the most expensive option.
  • Dependent on Tutor Quality: Effectiveness hinges on the tutor’s expertise and experience.

Best For: Students who require individualized attention and have specific learning needs or challenges.
Courses: CMA Exam Academy and Gleim offer private tutoring options, providing personalized and intensive study support.

Format of the CMA Exam

Understanding the format of the Certified Management Accountant exam is crucial for effective preparation. The exam is divided into two parts, each focusing on different key areas of management accounting.

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

Part 1 of the CMA exam delves into financial planning, performance, and analytics. This section tests your knowledge and skills in areas such as budgeting, forecasting, and performance management. Candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in analyzing financial statements, planning finances for the future, and using financial information to support business decisions. This part also covers topics like cost management, internal controls, and technology’s role in finance, requiring a deep understanding of both theoretical concepts and practical applications in the field of management accounting.

Part 2: Strategic Financial Management

Part 2 focuses on strategic financial management, encompassing a broader view of the role of a management accountant in a business context. This includes an in-depth exploration of corporate finance, decision analysis, risk management, investment decisions, and professional ethics. Candidates are tested on their ability to make strategic financial decisions, manage financial risks, and understand the legal and ethical considerations in financial management. This part requires a blend of analytical skills, strategic thinking, and a thorough understanding of financial concepts to effectively manage and utilize financial resources in alignment with an organization’s strategic goals.


How hard is the CMA exam?

Based on data gathered by Gleim, CMA pass rates are around 35 to 50%, depending on the part. This makes it slightly more difficult to pass than the CPA exam, which hovers around 50%.

How do I study for the CMA exam?

The best way to study for and pass the CMA exam is to enroll in a high-quality CMA review course. The best courses are typically structured with numerous practice exams made up of multiple-choice questions mimicking those on the real exam. Additionally, the set schedule of these courses provides an ideal structure and time period to ensure students are fully prepared to answer CMA exam questions.

What are the best CMA review courses available?

The top CMA review courses include Becker CMA Review, Surgent CMA Prep Course, Gleim CMA Study Materials, CMA Exam Academy Review, and Uworld CMA (formally Wiley CMA). Each offers unique features and resources tailored to different learning styles.

How does Becker CMA stand out?

Becker CMA Review is known for its comprehensive and personalized approach, offering Adapt2U Technology for tailored study material, a variety of course materials, and expert instruction. It’s a hidden gem for CMA candidates, integrating real-world accounting insights into its curriculum.

What makes Surgent CMA Review unique?

Surgent CMA Review is favored for its A.S.A.P Smart Study Technology, which saves students significant study time by focusing on needed content. It also offers unlimited CMA practice tests and a structured learning environment reminiscent of a classroom setting.

What are the strengths of Gleim CMA Study Materials?

Gleim CMA offers robust review course options, including adaptive learning platforms, extensive practice questions, and personalized study planners. It also provides strong customer support and financial aid options.

How does CMA Exam Academy Review differentiate itself?

CMA Exam Academy stands out with its flexible payment plans and exemplary support, including unlimited coaching online and a structured study plan. However, its content delivery and platform interface may be restrictive for some learners.

Why is Wiley CMA Exam Review Course less recommended now?

Wiley CMAexcel, once a top choice, is now less recommended due to its uncertain future following the takeover by UWorld. This has led to concerns about the course’s continuity and updates.

How does CMA Exam Academy Review differentiate itself?

CMA Exam Academy stands out with its flexible payment plans and exemplary support, including unlimited coaching online and a structured study plan. However, its content delivery and platform interface may be restrictive for some learners.

Why is Wiley CMA Exam Review Course less recommended now?

Wiley CMAexcel, once a top choice, is now less recommended due to its uncertain future following the takeover by UWorld. This has led to concerns about the course’s continuity and updates.

What are the pros and cons of Powers Resources CMA Review Course?

Powers Resources offers a live course and a free demo, but its self-study materials are limited and may lack depth in certain topics. The platform is also less interactive compared to others.

What should I consider when choosing Hock International CMA Course?

Hock International provides quality video content and focuses on essay preparation. However, it offers only a few practice exams, lacks a mobile app, and updates content less frequently.

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