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CMA Certification Overview

One of the first challenges a CMA hopeful faces is finding the best CMA review course. After all, each CMA course represents a significant financial investment; the last thing a student wants to do is put down a lot of money on a study guide for little return!

The good news is that we’ve simplified the process of selecting the best CMA study materials for you. We’ve cut through the pages and pages of information and competitors to bring you the top CMA exam prep courses on the market.

So what determines which of these top test prep courses will work for you?

Each of the top providers offers study materials and test banks that appeal to a certain type of CMA candidate. For example, visual learners will find two courses that match their learning preferences. However, learners who retain information from listening to audio will only find one great match on this list!

Why waste time studying CMA prep courses when you could be studying for your exam? Have a look at the comparison chart below and get ready to CRUSH the CMA exam!

  1. Becker CMA Review Course
  2. Surgent CMA Prep Course
  3. Gleim CMA Study Materials
  4. Wiley CMA Exam Review Course
  5. CMA Exam Academy Review
  6. Hock International

Becker CMA Review Course (Rank: #1)

Becker CMA Review offers an excellent CMA review course.

Becker CPA Logo


Becker CMA Course Pros & Cons


Study Flexibility

Becker lets you approach your studying in any order you want. They offer options for starting with part 1 or 2 of the exam. Plus, they’ll even offer suggestions on why you might want to start with one over the other. At any time you can also switch between the parts and continue any progress from before. How you study is completely up to you!

Proficiency Focus:

As you study, Becker builds a proficiency profile based on the work you’ve submitted. This shows you what areas you understand and which ones need improvement. Becker is able to use this to shore up your weak areas by combining this information with a badge system on the study plan. Each badge shows how proficient you are based on their color— try to change them all from red to green in order to fully prepare yourself to ace the exam!

Essay Questions:

At certain capstones of the course, you’ll be given a series of essay questions to complete. These are very similar to what you’ll encounter on the full exam— so practicing with these will get you comfortable with writing and formatting. Plus, it’ll let you know ahead of time what content is expected on the CMA exam’s essay questions.


Expensive Live Tutoring:

Becker does offer live tutoring in addition to its self-study course. However, it’s gated off behind the most expensive payment tier. That can be disappointing for anyone who learns best in a traditional teaching environment but can’t afford the plan. Still, the self study materials are the meat of the course and are available at all payment tiers.

The Bottom Line: Becker is an excellent choice for CMA review. Their focus on your proficiency makes sure that you aren’t just memorizing concepts; they ensure you actually understand them too. We recommend signing up for their Pro course to get extra tutoring sessions.

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Surgent CMA Review (Rank: #2)

Value meets efficiency for this time-saving CMA Review course.


Surgent CMA Review Pros & Cons 2023

Surgent CMA Review – Best CMA Exam Prep Course 2023


A.S.A.P Smart Study Technology

Surgent CMA Review is favored by CMA hopefuls because of its Smart Study technology, which assesses your knowledge and adjusts it to match. By focusing only on the content they need to, Surgent students save 65% of their time on average versus other students.

Unlimited CMA Practice Tests

Surgent CMA Review allows test takers to take and retake unlimited practice exams. This ensures that learners grow accustomed to testing and assess where their knowledge might be weaker. In addition, detailed explanations of why an answer was wrong or right are given after each test to directly benefit the student’s learning experience.

Back to School:

Selecting your own syllabus, completing exam questions, getting assignments and grades: this course makes you feel like you’re back at your desk in school. This is how many people learn best, as it helps to map out a course for your brain to follow while studying.


Hard to cons with this course!

The Bottom Line: Surgent CMA Review is all about efficiency. From the assessment phase to the smart CMA study guide and lesson planner, and even the unlimited CMA practice tests, this review has one goal – to get you to pass your CMA exam.

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Gleim CMA Review Course (Rank: #3)

Gleim CMA Review offers three tiers of robust CMA study materials.


Gleim CMA Course Pros & Cons


Robust Review Course Offerings

Students who are looking for substantial review materials and are willing to pay can check out Gleim’s two top-tier review course options. Their Traditional Review System offers an adaptive learning platform, audio lectures, thousands of multiple-choice and essay questions, an interactive study planner, and access to Personal Counselors. Gleim’s Premium Review System goes the extra mile and adds access to video lectures, MCQ and essay question walkthrough videos, digital flashcards, Accounting Experts, and an Access Until You Pass® guarantee.

Fantastic Customer Support

Whether you sign up for their Traditional or Premium CMA Review System packages, Gleim offers a team of Personal Counselors to assist with study plans, walk you through exam application processes, and provide encouragement. Premium users also receive access to Gleim’s Accounting Experts, who assist with questions on complex topics and calculations. Basically, you’ll receive excellent support from their team regardless of which course tier you choose.

Financial Aid

To ensure candidates have access to study materials regardless of their budget, Gleim offers flexible financing through payment plan options for all CMA course packages. Plus, Gleim supports students by providing free review course materials through IMA’s CMA Scholarship Program, which covers nearly the entire cost of becoming a CMA for nominated students.


Requires accounting background

Gleim is geared toward CMA candidates with an accounting background. Their review content is one of the best because it is high quality. However, some of the content requires an intermeddiate level of understanding of accounting topics. If you don’t have this, you may need to spend more time with their other review materials in order to be successful.

The Bottom Line: Gleim is an excellent review course to prepare you for the CMA exam. With personalized support,
thousands of practice questions, and affordable packages, Gleim offers everything you need to become a


Wiley CMA Review Course (Rank: #4)

Wiley CMA Review offers three tiers of robust CMA study materials.


Wiley CMAexcel Pros & Cons


Strategic Partnership

Wiley Efficient Learning is a Strategic Partner with the Institute of Management Accountants. This means that the top governing body of working professionals have fully vetted this course and endorsed its ability to prepare you for a rewarding career as a management accountant.

High Pass Rates

Thanks to several helpful features and excellent instructors, 8 out of 10 students who enroll in Wiley CMAexcel pass both parts of their CMA exams without any difficulty. This is one of the best ways to ensure you’re prepared for this notoriously difficult exam.

Free Access

If you’re not quite sure whether this is the right choice for your study needs, check out a 14-day free trial of Wiley CMAexcel without making any financial commitment. You’re likely to stick around for the full course, but you’re free to change your mind at any time in that two-week period!


Limited Instructor Access

If you enroll in Wiley’s Pro CMA Review Course, you won’t be able to access their final review course or 1-on-1 private tutoring sessions. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost much more to upgrade— and Wiley frequently offers discounts on both packages!

The Bottom Line: Wiley CMAexcel is a huge confidence booster that will provide you with plenty of material to prepare you for both parts of the CMA exam. Even if you’re only a little curious, I recommend signing up for their free trial at the very least.



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CMA Exam Academy Review (Rank: #5)

Flexible payment structuring and study schedule make CMA Exam Academy one of the best CMA Review Courses.


CMA Exam Academy Review Pros & Cons 2023


Flexible Payment Plan

One of the things that really sets CMA Exam Academy apart is the flexible payment plan. Using Paypal Credit, you can spread payments for the course out over 6 months with no interest.

Guided Course Structure

Unlike other prep courses, CMA Exam Academy has combined the best parts of self-study with instructor-led coursework. Each course is a 12 week step-by-step program, with assignments and materials outlined in the syllabus.

All Materials Included

Another factor that sets this course apart from other CMA prep courses is that all materials are included in the price tag. Where other programs charge additional for study materials, textbooks, and formula guides, CMA Exam Academy includes them in the package price.

Exemplary Support

Not only does CMA Exam Academy offer unlimited coaching online with a personal counselor, but the program takes it a step forward. If you have any questions as you move through the course, you can send a quick email to your instructor with a guaranteed 24-hour response time.

The Bottom Line: From a carefully blended flexible study plan to accommodate full-time workers and independent learning, as well as an adaptive learning technology in the practice tests, CMA Exam Academy seems to have it all. But if you’re looking for more content, pick Becker or Gleim instead.

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Powers Resources CMA Review Course (Rank: #6)

This is Exactly Why Powers Resource Corporation CIA Review is One of Our Favorite Certified Internal Auditor Courses On The Market


Powers Resources CMA Course Pros & Cons



Power’s Resources is easily the most affordable course on this list. Their most popular course option, the PRC Exam Review, only costs $525! Thanks to that this course is easily accessible to anyone regardless of their financial situation.

Live Course

Powers Resources also offers a CMA Virtual Classroom in addition to their self study course. Each virtual class is taught by internationally acclaimed CMA certified instructors. Plus, lecture recordings are made available on demand upon completion.

Free Demo

If you’re unsure about what Powers Resources is offering, you can always try out their course via a free demo. It’s also a good starting point for studying; any progress you make on the demo can be carried over to the full course.


Limited Self Study

If you’re only interested in self study materials, you may find yourself disappointed. The self study courses only include mock exams and textbooks; they lack extra materials like flashcards and study guides.

The Bottom Line: Powers Resources is an excellent live online course for CMA exam prep. Their instructors are highly qualified and ensure that you don’t attempt the CMA exam underprepared. You can trust your education in their hands!


Hock International CMA Review Course (Rank: #7)


Hock International CMA Course Pros & Cons


Video Content

Videos by Brian Hock provide the same curriculum as a CMA class from the comfort of your own home. Over 60 hours of video content are included that cover essential exam concepts in a clear and concise manner.

Essay Prep

Hock is one of the only companies out there that actually focuses on the essay portion of the exams they cover. They do so by incorporating essay questions from past exams into your studying, which can help you pass this difficult exam portion.

Free Trial

Hock offers a free 14 day trial to anyone interested in their course. This trial includes all content from Part 1 of their CMA course and can carry over into the full test prep program if you decide to enroll.


Limited Practice Exams

Currently, Hock only offers 4 practice exams per course. Although they’re high-quality study aids, the lack of quantity is disappointing when compared to Gleim CMA Review.

The Bottom Line: Hock is a solid study course with a heavy focus on video and audio content. They’re also one of the only groups that focus on the essay portion of the exams they’re preparing you for.

Rigos CMA Review (Honorable Mention)



Rigos’ CMA course only costs $180. That’s an amazingly low cost considering what you’re getting for that price. You’ll gain access to a set of textbooks and 1200 practice questions. Plus, you’ll be given Magic Memory Outline templates so you can create your own final review outlines.

CMA Workshops

If you’re not interested in self study, Rigos also offers in-house CMA workshops. These can only be purchased by contacting Rigos directly. Each workshop is an overview course with no prerequisites and requires no advance preparation.


Limited Content

Rigos doesn’t offer nearly as much content as the other courses on this list. This is done intentionally so they can keep their prices low. Still, it can be disappointing to see how little there is in each course.

The Bottom Line: Rigos should be used as supplementary content for Becker or another course on this list. What they have is effective and affordable, but there just isn’t much of it.

FAQs About The CMA Exam

Q: How hard is the CMA exam?

A: Based on data gathered by Gleim, CMA pass rates are around 35 to 50%, depending on the part. This makes it slightly more difficult to pass than the CPA exam which hovers around 50%.

Q: How do I study for the CMA exam?

A: The best way to study for and pass the CMA exam is to enroll in a high-quality CMA review course. The best courses are typically structured with numerous practice exams made up of multiple-choice questions mimicking those on the real exam. Additionally, the set schedule of these courses provide an ideal structure and time period to ensure students are fully prepared to answer CMA exam questions.