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CMA Certification Overview One of the first challenges a CMA hopeful faces is investing in the best CMA review course possible. After all, each CMA course represents a significant financial investment; the last thing a student wants to do is put down a lot of money for little return!

The good news is that we’ve simplified the process of selecting the best CMA study materials for you. We’ve cut through the pages and pages of information and competitors to bring you the top CMA exam prep courses on the market.

So what determines which of these top test prep courses will work for you?  Simple: your learning style.

Each of the top providers offers study materials and test banks that appeal to a certain type of CMA candidate. For example, visual learners will find two courses that match their learning preference. However, learners who retain information from listening to audio will only find one great match on this list!

Why waste time studying CMA prep courses when you could be studying for your exam? Have a look at the comparison chart below and get ready to CRUSH the CMA exam!

[Featured] These are the Best CMA Study Materials & Exam Review Courses in 2020 (September):

  1. Surgent CMA Review Course – Top Rated Review Course
  2. Gleim CMA Study Materials
  3. CMA Exam Academy Prep Course.

Surgent CMA Review (Rank: #1)

Value meets efficiency for this time-saving CMA Review course.



Surgent CMA Review Pros & Cons [2020]


A.S.A.P Smart Study Technology

Surgent CMA Review is favored by CMA hopefuls because of its Smart Study technology. Similar to the prep materials for the CPA exam, this course begins with a 150-question assessment, and then the course technology assesses your knowledge and adjusts to match. Therefore, you are studying in the areas that you need to most, and don’t waste time learning things you already know! This is why Surgent students save on average 65% of their time versus other students.

By focusing on your problem areas and “testing out” of the concepts that you’re already strong on you’re learning efficiently and more quickly than you would in longer, more traditional prep courses.

Unlimited CMA Practice Tests

Surgent CMA Review allows test takers to take and retake unlimited practice exams. This ensures that learners grow accustomed to testing and assess where their knowledge might be weaker. In addition, detailed explanations of why an answer was wrong or right are given after each test to directly benefit the student’s learning experience.

Back to School:

Selecting your own syllabus, completing exam questions, getting assignments and grades, this course makes you feel like you’re back at your desk in school. This is how many people learn best, as it helps to map out a course for your brain to follow while studying.


No Video or Audio Learning

Unlike some slightly more engaging CMA prep courses, Surgent CMA Review is a no-frills version without video lessons, podcasts or audiobooks. Their goal as a company is to reduce study time while maximizing reading comprehension!  While this suits some learners just fine, it can present a challenge to those who need something slightly more engaging to inspire their studies. However, students who learn best from answering questions and taking practice quizzes will flourish in this particular CMA prep course.

The Bottom Line: Surgent CMA Review is all about efficiency. From the assessment phase to the smart CMA study guide and lesson planner, and even the unlimited CMA practice tests, this review has one goal – to get you to pass your CMA exam. The price point reflects this, being under half the cost of other comparable courses.
This is not a bad thing at all; however, it is important to keep your preferred style of learning in mind before you take this exam. If you don’t need assistance or accountability from an instructor or other classmates, this course is for you. Furthermore, if you learn best from reading and answering questions rather than watching videos, listening to podcasts, or playing interactive games, this course is for you.
However, if you need these elements in order to find success in a course and learning retention, you may want to refer to another course to satisfy your CMA test prep.

Surgent CMA Review Promo Code Discounts

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Gleim CMA Review Course (Rank: #2)

Gleim CMA Review offers three tiers of robust CMA study materials.


Gleim CMA Course Pros & Cons


Tiered Study Materials

Not every student is the same; they all have different budgets for their study materials and prefer to learn in different ways. Gleim recognizes this diversity among CMA candidates and accommodates for it in their different CMA review course options. For example, students who only want the bare essentials at the most reasonable price can sign up for their Mega Test Bank course, which provides access to thousands of realistic practice questions.

However, students who are looking for more substantial materials and are willing to pay can check out Gleim’s other 2 course tiers. Their Traditional Review System offers all the features of an average review course, such as online lectures and an interactive study planner. It even goes beyond many other courses by having the largest test bank of practice multiple-choice and essay questions. At the highest level, Gleim’s Premium Review System goes the extra mile and gives students access to an expert Accounting Team and over 230 lecture videos for even more assistance.

Fantastic Customer Support

Speaking of having your questions answered, Gleim does everything in its power to ensure that the needs of all their students are adequately met. As previously mentioned, their Accounting Team is available to all Premium students who need expert-level advice and insight into any question or concept covered on the CMA exam. But what if you aren’t enrolled in their Premium package?

Alternatively, if you’ve only enrolled in the Traditional Review System, Gleim still offers access to Personal Counselors via phone or email. Essentially, you can rest assured that you’ll be treated just as well by their excellent support team regardless of the course package you’ve chosen.

Financial Aid

Although students can’t receive scholarships or take out special student loans, Gleim still offers a few options to ensure that CMA candidates are able to receive the study materials they need while working within their budget. Take their Mega Test Bank course as an example; while it’s their lowest priced package, some students may still have difficulty paying the full price. Consequently, Gleim offers piecemeal pricing so that students only have to pay for part of the materials at any given time.

For all of their course packages, Gleim offers some financial flexibility through their payment plan options. All three of their courses come with the option of enrolling in a payment plan through Affirm, a third party payment system. After being approved, students can choose to pay their enrollment fees over a period of 3, 6, or even 12 months. Because of this, Gleim makes it easy for the majority of CMA candidates to have access to their study materials!

FAQs About The CMA Exam

Q: How hard is the CMA exam?

A: Based on data gathered by Gleim, CMA pass rates are around 35 to 50%, depending on the part. This makes it slightly more difficult to pass than the CPA exam which hovers around 50%.

Q: How do I study for the CMA exam?

A: The best way to study for and pass the CMA exam is to enroll in a high-quality CMA review course. The best courses are typically structured with numerous practice exams made up of multiple-choice questions mimicking those on the real exam. Additionally, the set schedule of these courses provide an ideal structure and time period to ensure students are fully prepared to answer CMA exam questions.


Gleim CMA Review Promo Code Discounts

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CMA Exam Academy Review (Rank: #3)

Flexible payment structuring and study schedule make CMA Exam Academy one of the best CMA Review Courses.

This is Exactly Why the CMA Exam Academy Review Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!


CMA Exam Academy Review Pros & Cons [2020]


Flexible Payment Plan

One of the things that really sets CMA Exam Academy apart is the flexible payment plan. Using Paypal Credit, you can spread payments for the course out over 6 months with no interest. This is incredibly helpful for those individuals looking to earn their CMA in order to jumpstart their career. It also appeals to younger students who may not have the established salary to cover the course’s hefty price tag!

It’s also worth noting that the folks at CMA Exam Academy believe in their course so much that they’ve put their money where their mouth is. If you go through the entire course and don’t pass the CMA Exam on the first try, you’ll get a full refund.

The pass guarantee included with this prep course should set your mind at ease when making such a big financial investment, even on your first try!

Guided Course Structure

Unlike other prep courses, CMA Exam Academy has combined the best parts of self-study with instructor-led coursework. Each course is a 12 week step-by-step program, with assignments and materials outlined in the syllabus. Assignments are turned into the instructor on the due date by email, and feedback and mentoring is provided. How amazing is that?

Unlike taking a course at a brick-and-mortar institution, your class is tailored to you individually. If you need to start the course later than the purchase date, or even pause because of unexpected life events, this is completely possible: just email your instructor! The team at CMA Exam Academy is very accommodating.

Furthermore, the course structure is meant to be as efficient as possible. Even if you work full-time, you’ll find that the course only requires about 15 hours each week. You’ll still have plenty of time to balance work, life, and education.

All Materials Included

Another factor that sets this course apart from other CMA prep courses is that all materials are included in the price tag. Where other programs charge additional for study materials, textbooks and formula guides, CMA Exam Academy includes them in the package price.

This may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but the costs associated with purchasing additional materials in other prep courses really add up. This is especially true if you have a slower self-pace through the course than others, as the CMA test prep materials are constantly updating to keep pace with the next year’s test requirements. Hence, you can keep peace of mind knowing that there won’t be any hidden costs on top of the already-generous price tag of this course.

Another important side note is, they ship their paperback textbooks all over the world! You don’t have to worry about issues receiving your class materials due to your location.

Exemplary Support

Not only does CMA Exam Academy offer unlimited coaching online with a personal counselor, but the program takes it a step forward. If you have any questions as you move through the course, you can send a quick email to your instructor with a guaranteed 24 hour response time.

Or, if you prefer to speak with your instructor over the phone, Nathan offers weekly support calls to discuss course questions and concepts with each student. Finally, a private support group on Facebook is a great place to ask other students and professionals about your questions or test tips!


Practice Questions

It’s important that you have access to enough practice questions when studying for the CMA exam. Relieving pre-exam anxiety requires you to practice with materials that are similar to the exam itself. Fortunately, Gleim includes over 2,500 practice questions for this exact purpose.

Unfortunately, this is far below the other courses on this list. This means that you’ll have access to the smallest library of practice questions if you sign up for this CMA prep course. And while CMA Exam Academy does a good job compensating with additional study materials, it’s still worth noting and might be troublesome for some students.

The Bottom Line: CMA Exam Academy carefully offers the best aspects of most competitive prep course on the market. From a carefully blended flexible study plan to accommodate full time workers and independent learning, as well as adaptive learning technology in the practice tests, CMA Exam Academy seems to have it all.

Furthermore, CMA Exam Academy seeks to go above and beyond in all its offerings, from included textbooks and study guides to comprehensive video lectures covering all topics that appear on the exam.

It’s important to note that if you are a visual learner or retain information best by hearing it, this course will benefit you immensely. In fact, learners of all different backgrounds and preferences can find what they need in this well-assembled course. From the included textbooks, audio recordings, video lectures and one-on-one accountability with the coach, there’s something here for everyone!

So what’s the bottom line?

CMA Exam Academy has created a nearly perfect course structure that has a wide appeal and plenty of support for first-time students or even anxiety-ridden test takers. We haven’t seen the multiple layers of student support offered in this course in any other CMA prep program we’ve reviewed. If you’re the type of student who just needs a little something more in the way of accountability and learning support, this is hands-down the course for you!

CMA Exam Academy Course Discount Code

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