Best Enrolled Agent Courses

Best Enrolled Agent Courses

Last Updated:April 25, 2018
Bryce Welker, CPA
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Best EA Prep CoursesBuying the best online Enrolled Agent course is the most important decision you will make to pass the EA exam. It’s crucial to find EA exam study materials that are the best for your learning style. But, how do you figure out which EA review course is right for you? Every EA prep course claims to be the best, yet picking the wrong review materials could waste you hundreds of valuable study hours.

I have personally tested and used all of the best EA exam review courses, study materials, and books on the market so you don’t have to! The chart below is aimed at helping you figure out which EA prep course is best for you. If you can’t decide on a course, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll personally help you find the right one.

Some of the links on this chart are affiliate links, meaning I get small commission (used to fund this website). Don’t worry though, by using my CPA promo codes and my Enrolled Agent review course discounts, you’ll get the best possible deal.

Best EA Exam Study Material Review Courses 2018

Here are the best EA exam study material review courses to help you pass the exam on your first try and become an enrolled agent.

CRUSH RANKINGS #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
COMPANY Gleim EA Review Surgent EA Review Gryfin EA Review  Lambers EA Review WiseGuides EA Review
PRICE $630 $598 Get Discount $499 $399 Show Coupon $427 $357 Show Coupon $1,350 $237
3,500 1,800+ 1,700+ Several Hundred 2,880
12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
14-Day Refund Yes – Must Fail Twice Must Score 85%+
On All Coursework
Personal Counselor, Phone & Email Support
Start Now Start Now Start Now Start Now Start Now


1. Gleim Enrolled Agent Review


Included Personal Counselor: If you enroll in Gleim’s EA review courses, your very own counselor will guide you through the EA Exam process. Your counselor will help you create a study plan and answer any questions you have about the exam process. You’ll also have access to a panel of experts by phone or email if you have questions about exam-related content or study material.
Customized Practice Tests: The user-friendly test software allows you to make customized practice tests with ease. You can create a custom exam that consists of questions you’ve never seen, questions you’ve never answered, questions you’ve answered incorrectly, or all available questions. This is convenient because it allows you to create a short exam if you want to fit in a quick study session.
Analytics: Gleim Enrolled Agent’s software comes with detailed analytics to help you track your progress. The software records your most recent attempt, the average of your last three attempts, and your cumulative average. You can also check the Performance Graphs section to see your progress or create defined study sessions based on your study history.
Final Review: The Exam Rehearsal mode allows students simulate the actual EA Exam with a computerized test. Gleim recommends that students take this exam at least one week before their scheduled exam date and during their final review. Just like the real EA exam, this test is 3.5 hours long and includes 100 multiple-choice questions, so you can practice your pacing while answering so many questions.




2. Surgent EA Review Course

surgent enrolled agent review 2017


Adaptive Learning: With Surgent, you’ll be happy because you’ll be studying smarter, not harder. With the intuitive adaptive learning software, you will be studying the topics you don’t know instead of reviewing the areas you’ve already mastered.
Clean Course Design: Thanks to the updated interface 1.5, Surgent is set up with a well organized dashboard that clearly shows your progress, overall score, hours studying, and even a count down to your exam date. The clear design throughout the course helps you stay focused on your studies and on track to pass.
Available in Spanish:  Surgent is the only EA review course out there that has Spanish answer explanations. This is great for all the native Spanish speakers out there!
No Video Lectures: Since Surgent’s goal is to reduce your overall study time, there are no video lessons for you to watch. Visual learners should check out other courses if this is a necessity.





3. Gryfin EA Review

gryfin enrolled agent overview 2017


Best Value: It’s true other courses offer more questions and a few more bells and whistles. Gryfin Enrolled Agent Review, however, is likely the best fit for budget-conscious customers, as they offer a very respectable volume of questions with the same core offering as many other companies (but for considerably less money).
Up-to-date Technology: Gryfin EA Review provides candidates with a simple course dashboard that makes it easy to track their progress. Their adaptive-learning technology helps students pass faster. Use the course tools to identify your weak areas and focus on topics that need additional review to optimize your study time.
Course Analytics: The software’s built-in reporting function allows students to access progress reports, reference reports, or the results of their most recent sessions. An unlimited number of practice exams can be created from the challenging questions to simulate the computerized exam environment of the actual exam.
Fewer Questions: With 1,700 questions, Gryfin lags behind several competitors, who offer anywhere from 2,000-3,000 questions. In their defense, Gryfin attempts to provide students those questions that are the most difficult and relevant, many of which come from previous exams. Although you may prefer as many problems as possible, Gryfin makes the argument that quality trumps quantity.




4. Lambers EA Review

Lambers Enrolled Agent review


Multiple Options for Review: Lambers offers students the option to review with audio lectures, video lectures, and an online workbook. The audio review course can be downloaded to your computer and then synced with iPods and other MP4 media players for convenient study while you exercise or commute.
Quality Instruction From Industry Expert: Instructor Arthur Reed is an expert in this field and shares his knowledge in a straightforward manner. Audio-visual learners will appreciate his easy-to-understand lectures and get the most out of watching him work through a large number of problems.
Price: Once you add up the cost for each of the components of Lambers’ course, the price is extremely high compared to what you get. There is no discount for buying the study materials for all 3 sections of the exam, and most competitors offer more practice questions and better technology for a much lower price.
Dated Technology: Students looking for the most recent technology will be disappointed by Lambers’ outdated dashboard and basic software. Although the course includes online adaptive drills and a simulated exam mode, the technology (CDs to upload course lectures, etc.) and design are very dated. In addition, the course offers only  a few hundred practice questions compared to thousands from competitors.




5. WiseGuides EA Review


Low Price: Pay as little as $49 per exam section (90 days of access) or $79 for each part of the exam, or $237 for all three (12 months of access). The WiseGuides EA course includes access to all online features, practice questions and online exams, 1,500 digital flashcards and hard copy textbooks.
Number of Practice Questions and Materials: You’ll get a total of  2,900 study questions and 1,700 electronic flashcards for all three parts of the exam, an unlimited number of online practice exams, and eLessons or printed Lesson Books for additional practice. Although the technology is old, you will get a lot of material at a bargain price, making this course a great supplement to another study program.
Outdated Technology: In terms of layout and design, this course needs significant updates. Limited feedback and analytics are available when it comes to performance tracking, and the online tools and course dashboard are very basic and old-school. The free demo will give you an idea of the tools and capabilities you’ll get with this course, so definitely try it before you buy it.



Finding a Great Deal for EA Review Courses

Taking a full review course may be the best option for you, but paying the full price isn’t ideal for anyone. That’s why you should try to find discounted EA courses or coupon codes for specific review programs.

So, let’s try and get you a great deal for your course and let’s do so for a top-notch preparatory program. We have some great enrolled agent course deals that will save you time and money and get you ready for the exam.

Gleim EA Review Discount

EA, Gleim EA, Deep Discount 39 uses today
EA 36 uses today

Save $31.50 OFFGleim EA Review!

More EA’s have used Gleim to pass the EA exam than any other course or provider- learn why it pays to use Gleim EA to pass your exams and save money by using our EA discount!

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Gryfin EA Review Discount

EA, Gryfin, Exclusive Discount 38 uses today
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Get 15% OFF Gryfin EA Review!

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Expiration Date: April 27, 2018

Surgent EA Review Coupon Code

EA, Exclusive Discount, Surgent EA Review 35 uses today
EA 38 uses today

Take $100 off and get Surgent EA Review and get started on your journey to becoming an Enrolled Agent today!

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Expiration Date: April 26, 2018

Becoming an enrolled agent certainly has benefits. While it’s great to think about the unlimited practice rights that come with being certified, passing the EA exam isn’t an easy feat. Getting to this point requires quite a bit of focus and a lot of studying.

The status as an Enrolled agent is the highest credential that the Internal Revenue Service awards, so you’ll be ready to practice once you pass the test. If you’re going to study and want a great resource, it’s often a good idea to look for a discounted review course from one of the industry’s top providers. Finding EA course coupon codes will dramatically reduce the price of passing the EA exam.

Redeem Your EA Exam Promo Codes

If you’re looking for a top course at a great discount, check out Gleim EA Review, as they have top-of-the-line prep materials to help you prepare for the test. Use our Gleim EA Review course discount to get $31 off the company’s products, giving you a great deal on an amazing course.
Save your money and time and use our discount codes to get the best deals on the best EA review courses.

What are the best EA review courses?

Best EA Review Courses of 2018 – Comparison Guide

EA Review Courses Price
Gleim EA Review $598
Surgent EA Review $499
Gryfin EA Review $357
Lambers EA Review $1,350
WiseGuides EA Review $237


Enrolled Agent Courses
5 / 5 stars



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