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If you’re preparing to conquer the CMA exam, you’ll need expert guidance. Nathan Liao and his revolutionary CMA Exam Academy review course can help you confidently face any challenge the exam throws your way.

But how do you know if this course is the right one for you?

As a CPA expert, I’ve spent countless hours combing through tons of CMA review programs and first-hand information so I can help you make an informed decision. Let’s look at the CMA Exam Academy, the details of what they provide, and who might benefit from enrolling with Nathan and his crew.

Is CMA Exam Academy Right for You?

  1. If you are a student seeking personalized coaching and guidance, then the CMA Exam Academy is for you. With Nathan Liao’s one-on-one coaching and weekly support calls, you’ll receive individualized attention and mentorship throughout your study process.
  2. If you need a structured study plan to keep you on track, then enroll with CMA Exam Academy. Their 16-week Accelerator Program offers a detailed schedule with weekly assignments, ensuring you cover all necessary topics systematically.
  3. If you prefer learning through a mix of video and audio content, then this course is ideal for you. With over 100 HD video lectures and downloadable audio lectures, the CMA Exam Academy caters to various learning styles.
  4. If you are an international student or someone who prefers studying at your own pace, then this course is suitable for you. The online format and global shipping of materials make it accessible to students worldwide.

However, the CMA Exam Academy might not be the best fit if:

  1. You are looking for a course with a strong emphasis on technology-driven learning tools and adaptive learning platforms. Becker CMA Review might be more suitable in this scenario. Becker’s adaptive learning technology, combined with interactive tools and resources, offers a modern approach to CMA exam preparation, ideal for tech-savvy learners seeking a highly interactive study experience.
  2. If you are looking for a low-budget or economical course option, then this course might not be for you. The CMA Exam Academy is among the more expensive options on the market, although it offers significant value for the price.
  3. If you prefer a self-paced course without structured timelines, then this course might not suit your learning style. The CMA Exam Academy’s structured 16-week program is designed for those who benefit from a more regimented study schedule. You should try Becker or Surgent instead.
  4. You prefer a more self-guided study approach with extensive practice questions. In this case, Gleim CMA Review could be a better option for you. Gleim is known for its comprehensive question bank and detailed answer explanations, catering to students who thrive on self-paced learning and rigorous practice.

CMA Exam Academy Overview

The CMA Exam Academy review course was founded and created by Nathan Liao after he saw a need in the market for a more curated study guide. Nathan, a Certified Management Accountant, has been a CMA coach since 2012 and has helped over 17,000 candidates successfully prepare for the exam.

During this time, he found out that many people need more than just a book or a CMA study guide. They need help with study strategies, direction, and motivation. Thus, the CMA Exam Academy prep course was born.

So, what did Nathan create?

The basic idea behind this course is a kind of virtual live classroom that is unlike any other CMA review course. Nathan is your coach, who walks with you through a 16-week Accelerator Program designed to explain all of the important topics covered on the exam and prepare you for questions you might see on exam day.

This is unique to any other CMA exam prep courses on the market right now because no other CMA companies offer this level of coaching. If you get behind, Nathan is there to tell you to speed it up. If you don’t understand a topic, you can email him directly for an answer. It’s like having a college professor at your beck and call, looking over your shoulder during your study process and showing you step-by-step what works and what to do next.

CMA Exam Academy Features: What’s Included?

The CMA Exam Academy’s Accelerator program has so much to offer, making it one of the best CMA review courses on the market! The Accelerator Program includes 16 core modules, each packed with step-by-step training videos, self-study materials, and practical assignments.

Each module ends with an assignment that gets turned in to Nathan for personal review and coaching. This can help save you hundreds of extra study hours. Then, there is the fact that the course hits on so many different learning styles. This is one of the reasons I love it so much!

  • Extensive Support and Resources:
    • Personalized weekly support calls with Nathan Liao, your CMA coach.
    • Unlimited online coaching with a 24-hour response time.
    • 2-year access to all course materials.
  • Rich Educational Content:
    • Printed and digital textbooks covering all ICMA Learning Outcome Statements.
    • Comprehensive video and audio lectures for thorough exam preparation.
    • Whiteboard explainer videos for complex concepts.
  • Robust Practice Tools:
    • Over 4,000 practice questions and 35+ essay questions with model answers.
    • In-person exam test drive at Prometric centers.
  • Additional Learning Aids:
    • Formula guides (PDF) and a flashcard app for on-the-go learning.
    • Free worldwide shipping on all materials.
    • 1-year subscription to Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses.



Obviously, the biggest benefit to the course is the individualized coaching that you get from Nathan Liao, CMA. You can think of him as your CMA coach or guide through the study process. No other course offers this level of coaching and accountability.

Here’s a little of how it works. He tracks your progress through the materials and lets you know if you are falling behind. Let’s face it. Some of us need someone there to yell at us when we skip a few study days in a row. Basically, he tracks your progress through the lectures and reviews the assignments that submit. Then, he sends weekly emails showing your problem areas and what he thinks you need to pay more attention to. You have a personal interaction with him constantly throughout the 12 modules.

This kind of coaching is pretty much unheard of in other courses. There’s really no reason why you would fail if you had someone standing side-by-side with you throughout your entire study process, showing you study tips and testing strategies. It’s pretty awesome. It’s especially useful for candidates taking the exam outside of the United States.

 Most Videos

CMA Exam Academy offers waaaayy more video lectures than any other course. This is particularly important to me. I learn much more efficiently by watching lectures than by reading a boring textbook. There are 50 hours of HD video lectures included in the course.

CMA Exam Academy - Pass On Your First Attempt!

 Downloadable Audio Lectures

As I said earlier in my review, this feature isn’t offered in other courses and gives you the flexibility of reviewing lectures and studying on the go in environments where you can’t have a screen or don’t have time to sit down. Big plus.

 Tons of Downloads

Each lesson comes with tons of downloadable materials. You obviously get the videos, audio lectures, and study slides, but you can also get Excel examples and formula guides.

 Pass Guarantee

I always love it when a company stands behind its product, especially when it’s a study guide. CMA Exam Academy is confident that you will pass once you finish all of the modules and assignments. So much so that if you don’t pass, they will give you a full refund! That’s pretty crazy. Many courses will let you use their products until you pass the exam, but none will actually give you your money back. How can you go wrong with that? As always, I have to be honest about every course I review. Although there are tons of pros to CMA Exam Academy, there are several minor cons as well.


 New Kid on the Block

CMA Academy is the new course on the block. It’s a new system and platform. I don’t think this is a problem, but many people want to go with a tried and true company that has been around for 500 years. Even though it’s a new company, Nathan has tested and proven his system with over 15,000 candidates. It’s new, but it works.

 Limited Access

CMA Exam Academy gives you two years of access to their study materials. That’s more than enough time to pass the exam, but it is still limited. Other review providers give you unlimited access forever. Now Forever Access sounds like an awesome thing, but it’s not as helpful as you might think. Generally, candidates have a tendency to procrastinate the longer they have to take the exam. Thus, a deadline is actually a pretty good thing, so this is only a “kind of” con.

CMA Exam Academy In-Depth Review

Content and Structure

Dashboard and Navigation: The course dashboard is a central feature that enhances the learning experience:

  • Course Navigation: Lists all modules and lessons, making it easy to track your progress.
  • Progress Tracking: Features a progress bar showing completed lessons and those remaining.
  • User-Friendly Layout: Allows quick scrolling to review completed lessons and identify upcoming ones.

Additional Resources: The CMA Exam Academy goes beyond standard lesson formats to offer additional support:

  • Test-Taking Tips: Nathan’s section on CMA test-taking strategies provides valuable insights for exam success.
  • Student Q&A Section: A platform for addressing common questions and challenges faced by CMA candidates.

Video and Audio Lectures

CMA Exam Academy Review Course (Honest Thoughts)

The CMA Academy’s video lectures are a standout feature of their course, offering a blend of professionalism and engaging content that makes even the most mundane topics captivating. Nathan Liao, the instructor, excels in delivering these lectures. His approach is not only informative but also makes learning enjoyable, a crucial aspect when dealing with complex accounting topics.

The videos are shot in high definition, ensuring clarity and ease of following along. Unlike traditional whiteboard or virtual writing tablet methods, Nathan employs a PowerPoint system, which contributes to the clean and organized presentation of the lectures.

One of the most impressive aspects of the CMA Academy’s video content is the sheer volume and comprehensiveness. With over 100 videos, the course covers an extensive range of topics, more than what is typically offered in other courses. This extensive library ensures that almost every conceivable topic related to the CMA exam is addressed. For students enrolled in the Platinum course, there’s the added convenience of being able to download these videos, allowing for offline study without the need for an internet connection.

Additionally, the platform offers the ability to adjust the play speed of the videos, which is particularly helpful for students who may need more time to grasp complex topics. While the platform’s functionality for taking notes directly on the video wasn’t specified, the clear and structured format of the lectures complements note-taking, whether it’s done within the platform or through traditional means.

Complementing the video lectures is the CMA Academy’s audio lectures. This is a feature that’s common in the CPA exam review course market, but no one is offering this for CMA review courses except CMA Exam Academy.

Essentially, these are audio files of the lectures that you can download and take with you anywhere. You can listen to them in the car on your commute to work, while you are working out, or on your lunch break at work. This extra gives you total flexibility anywhere you go.

Test Bank

The CMA Exam Academy review course includes an extensive test bank with more than 4,000 practice questions and 35 practice essay questions with model answers.

The test bank uses adaptive technology to help you focus on questions and topics that you struggle with. This way, you aren’t answering questions about topics that you already understand over and over again. The software tracks your knowledge, automatically picks questions, and generates quizzes for you. This is a game-changer!

The CMA Exam Academy review course has a quiz section after each lesson that includes a few related multiple-choice questions. Like this: After you answer the questions and submit the quiz, an explanation will appear discussing the correct answer.

This section is great for studying the topics that you just read about or watched a lecture on. It also helps you prepare for actually taking the test by working on your MCQ skills.

Value and Pricing

The CMA Exam Academy offers a robust and comprehensive program for candidates preparing for the Certified Management Accountant exam. With its current pricing set at $1,119 for the Premium CMA Coaching Combo, which includes both Part 1 and Part 2, the Academy provides a valuable package for those seeking a thorough preparation for the CMA exam. This price point reflects the extensive range of resources, personalized coaching, and the depth of the curriculum offered.

Key Aspects of the CMA Exam Academy’s Offering:

  • Flexible Learning Options: The course structure accommodates various learning styles and schedules, making it suitable for a wide range of students.
  • Pass Guarantee: The Academy offers a “Pass or 100% Refund Guarantee,” providing students with confidence in the effectiveness of the program.
  • Competitive Pricing: At $1,119 for the complete combo, the program is competitively priced, considering the comprehensive nature of the course.
  • Discount Opportunities: Students may avail of promotional discounts, making this premium course more accessible.

Additional Value Propositions:

  • Financing Options: The Academy may offer payment plans or financing options to make the course financially accessible to a broader audience.
  • Community and Support: Access to a community of fellow candidates and continuous support from the Academy team contributes to a supportive learning environment.

Support and Access

The CMA Exam Academy provides an exceptional level of support and coaching, particularly through its 16-Week Accelerator Program. This program is designed not just to impart knowledge but also to offer unparalleled support in understanding complex topics and staying accountable throughout the study process.

Key Features of Support:

  • Personalized Coaching: Each week, students have the opportunity for a one-on-one call with Nathan Liao, the course instructor. These sessions allow students to discuss their struggles with the course material and receive personalized guidance.
  • 24-Hour Email Support: The Academy offers round-the-clock email support. Students can send in their questions at any time and expect a detailed, supportive response within 24 hours. This feature ensures that students are never left in doubt or stuck on a particular problem for long.
  • Unlimited Queries: There is no limit to the number of questions students can email, encouraging them to seek clarification whenever needed.
  • Quality of Support: The responses from the CMA coach are not only prompt but also thoughtful and detailed, providing students with a deeper understanding of the topics.
  • U.S. Based Instructors: The support is provided by qualified, U.S.-based instructors, ensuring high-quality, relevant guidance.
  • Course Access Duration: Information regarding the exact duration of access to the course materials was not specified, but typically, such programs offer extended access to accommodate different learning paces.

Ease of Access:

  • User-Friendly Platform: The Academy’s platform is designed for easy navigation, making it straightforward for students to find and utilize the support options available.
  • Accessibility: The support features, including the personal coaching calls and email support, are easily accessible, ensuring students can readily get the help they need.

CMA Exam Academy User Reviews and Testimonials

Tyler Palmer a CMA who used the CMA Exam Academy Program

If you are serious about getting your CMA certification, it is a no-brainer to go with CMA Exam Academy. Nathan and team go above and beyond to provide all the text, tools, test questions, personal calls, and more in order to guarantee your success.”

Tyler Palmer


“It is worth every penny! I passed the exam on my first attempt. Very good course. Highly recommended.” – Trust pilot Review

“With Nathan’s comprehensive yet easy-to-use CMA review course, I passed both parts of the CMA exam on my first try in just less than a year. Whenever I had an issue, Nathan and the Academy team promptly provided assistance, and I felt the utmost confidence in my preparation both times I walked into the testing center. Since being awarded my CMA, I have been promoted at work, and will soon be venturing off to a top MBA program. Thank you CMA Exam Academy for helping me on my journey!” – Charles Taylor CMA

I studied for Part I of the CMA. Parts of it are very technical. Without any cost accounting courses you most likely will have a difficult time. Parts of it are way more technical than the CPA exams. But depending on your ability you may do okay. Your on the job training most likely not help you in passing the CMAs. There is a guy on Youtube named Nathan Liao that has great content and courses for the CMA.” – Reddit User SaabStory87

I’ve seen many programs, but the CMA Exam Academy truly stands out. Its comprehensive 16-week Accelerator Program is meticulously designed to cover every aspect of the CMA exam. The blend of step-by-step training videos, in-depth textbooks, and a vast array of practice questions makes it a top-tier choice for any serious CMA candidate.

– CPA Expert, Bryce Welker

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Final Recommendation

The CMA Exam Academy review course is an extremely thorough study guide designed to help you pass. The one-on-one coaching forces you to stay on task and do the proper amount of studying necessary to pass on your first try. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we can all use a little motivation during the studying process, and Nathan is there for his students every step of the way. I’d recommend CMA Exam Academy to anyone who is serious about passing the exam on their first attempt. Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips, and if you can’t find it, your personal CMA coach will help guide you.


CMA Exam Academy Review

Website: Link

Physical Location: San Diego, CA

Year Founded: 2014

Exams Covered: CMA

Continuing Education: No

BBB Grade: None

Trustpilot Rating: None

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Contact Page: Link


What is the CMA Exam Academy?

The CMA Exam Academy is an online review course designed to prepare candidates for the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam. It offers a structured 16-week Accelerator Program, video lectures, study materials, and personalized coaching.

Who created the CMA Exam Academy?

The CMA Exam Academy was founded and created by Nathan Liao, a Certified Management Accountant, who recognized the need for a more comprehensive and guided study approach for CMA exam candidates.

What makes the CMA Exam Academy unique?

The CMA Exam Academy stands out due to its personalized coaching approach, extensive video lectures, interactive study materials, and a 16-week Accelerator Program that guides candidates through the entire exam preparation process.

How long is the CMA Exam Academy course?

The course is structured as a 16-week program, designed to cover all essential topics and prepare candidates thoroughly for the CMA exam.

What is included in the CMA Exam Academy’s Accelerator Program?

The Accelerator Program includes 16 core learning modules, step-by-step training videos, self-study materials, action guides, assignments, and weekly support calls with Nathan Liao.

Is there a pass guarantee with the CMA Exam Academy?

Yes, the CMA Exam Academy offers a “Pass or 100% Refund Guarantee,” ensuring that candidates who complete the course and still do not pass the CMA exam can receive a full refund.

Can I access the course materials on mobile devices?

Yes, the course materials are designed to be accessible on various devices, including mobile, to facilitate learning on the go.

Are there any practice exams and questions available in the course?

The course includes over 4,000 practice questions and 35+ practice exam essay questions with model answers to help candidates prepare effectively for the exam.

How does the CMA Exam Academy support its students?

The academy provides extensive support through weekly personal calls with Nathan, 24-hour email support, and a student Q&A section for addressing any queries or difficulties.

Are there any discounts or promotional offers for the CMA Exam Academy?

Yes, the CMA Exam Academy occasionally offers discount codes and promotional offers, which can be found on their website or through their marketing materials.

Bryce Welker, CPA

Bryce Welker is a regular contributor to Forbes,, YEC and Business Insider. After graduating from San Diego State University he went on to earn his Certified Public Accountant license and created to share his knowledge and experience to help other accountants become CPAs too. Bryce was named one of Accounting Today’s “Accountants To Watch” among other accolades.   As Seen On Forbes