Best Lean Six Sigma Online Training Courses

Best Lean Six Sigma Online Training Courses

  • Updated:March 18, 2019
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Best Lean Six Sigma Online Training CoursesFinding the best Lean Six Sigma certification course is a very important decision if you are looking to advance your career. With Lean Six Sigma becoming more prevalent in project management and process quality, trying to find the best online training can be a challenge. This is especially true given that there are so many test prep companies offering online certification courses for Lean Six Sigma.

Getting your Lean 6 Sigma Certification can impact your career in a major way, so mastery of the LSS methodologies is crucial. CRUSH has broken down the top five best Lean Six Sigma prep materials online to help you select the best one for your needs. The chart below will help you quickly compare the best rated study materials side by side so you can see how the competition stacks up!

Click Below To Research the Top 5 Best Lean Six Sigma Online Training Courses of 2019

Lean 6 Sigma Online
OVERALL RATING★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
COMPANYMSI CertifiedSimplilearnGrey CampusPyzdek InstituteExpertRatingBecker
PRICEBlack Belt: $299
Green Belt: $199
Green Belt: $399
Green Belt Class: $999
Black Belt: $399
LSS Expert Masters: $1199
Black Belt: $500
Green Belt: $400
Yellow Belt: $300
Black Belt: $2,750
Green Belt: $1,925
Yellow Belt: $595
White Belt: $99
Green Belt: $100
Black Belt: $100
Yellow: $395
Green Belt: $1,595
Black Belt: $3,595
PRACTICE QUESTIONS400+700+350+700+200+400+
STUDENT SUPPORTEmailEmail & Forum SupportEmail Email & Forum SupportEmail & Forum SupportEmail & Forum Support
ONLINE ACCESS PERIOD30 Days90 Days1 Year365 Days365 Days30 Days
MORE DETAILSRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full Review


MSI Certified Lean Six Sigma Study Materials (Rank: #1)

MSI Certified Lean Six Sigma Review Course


Exam: A perk of getting your Lean Six Sigma certification with MSI is the opportunity to use your notes during the exam. The notes do not include their online resources but any that you took while studying will work.  This doesn’t mean you won’t have to learn the material, but it will help to reduce any testing anxiety and give you a boost in your problem areas.
Training Materials: Everything you need to take the course, study, and pass the exam is bundled together. There are no hidden fees (unlike many other courses), and you won’t need to buy extra study guides or textbooks. Everything is included, even the exam itself. You also have 30 days from the time of purchase to decide if you want to continue the course or get a refund.
FREE White Belt Course : Want to try MSI before you buy? Then definitely check out their FREE White Belt course. It only takes 20 minutes and ends with a 15 question certification exam. This is a great way to introduce the methodologies of LSS, especially if you think a current or prospective employer will offer in-house LSS training.

Bottom Line: MSI offers the best package of Lean Six Sigma study materials thanks to their low prices, enticing trial offer, and all-encompassing curriculum that even includes a certification exam at the end.



Simplilearn Lean Six Sigma Study Materials (Rank: #2)

Simplilearn Lean Six Sigma


Industry Specific: One of the best parts of Lean Six Sigma certification through SimpliLearn is the ability to focus on your industry specific niche. Each industry uses different tool-kits for implementation and SimpliLearn is unique in that they cater to your specific needs rather than a blanket approach to learning. 
Real Projects Simplilearn puts your training to the test with real projects that give you a truly exceptional experience for putting the principles of Lean Six Sigma to work. Your real projects that are part of your course can be part of a current organization or business, otherwise you’ll be inserted into a live project as part of the LSS team.
No Included Exam Fee: Even if you get the full Lean Six Sigma training and Certification process, taking you from introduction to Green Belt to Black Belt, you’ll have to pay the price of the exam.

Bottom Line: For more advanced students that want to study more industry-specific niche material, SimpliLearn has engaging and effective study materials that are sure to provide what they’re looking for.




Grey Campus Lean Six Sigma Study Materials (Rank: #5)

Grey Campus Lean Six Sigma Review


Ample Study Time: Regardless as to what GreyCampus Lean Six Sigma package is chosen, students who enroll will be guaranteed a thorough lesson plan that spends plenty of time going over the material. For the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training, even the least expensive package offers over 200 hours of study time.
Private Tutoring: For the most part, students should be able to get everything they need from one of the 3-tiered packages GreyCampus offers for their Lean Six Sigma prep course. However, they also provide the option for small groups of students to reach out to them and arrange a private tutoring session instead.
Professional Accreditation: GreyCampus’ Lean Six Sigma review courses are all certified by the International Association of Six Sigma Certification for their ability to educate students on the methods of practicing this ideology at the professional level. This is a fact that should provide prospective students with confidence that their time and money will be well spent on this course.
Customer Support: Although the need is rare, there have been occasions where enrolled students needed to contact GreyCampus’ support team to resolve problems. In these cases, several online reviewers have stated that they had a tough time attempting to resolve these issues with poor customer support.

Bottom Line: GreyCampus is an excellent choice for beginners. With its large library of study materials and private tutoring options, enrollees will be guided from the first course all the way to a certification exam.



Pyzdek Institute Lean Six Sigma Study Materials (Rank: #4)

Pyzdek Institute Lean Six Sigma


Proprietary Techniques of DMAIC: Developed to aid the DMAIC principle of Six Sigma, the Pyzdek breaks down each aspect of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) into mini, goal-oriented steps. This makes project completion much more likely and helps reduce the traditional pitfalls of Six Sigma practitioners.
Project-Based Certification: The Pyzdek Institute offers a project-based certification that is both widely recognized among companies and unique in itself. If you are unemployed, Pyzdek works with nonprofit organizations to provide master level project certifications for those in the Black Belt courses.
1 Year Minitab License: One of the best tools for implementing Lean Six Sigma methodologies is Minitab, an analytical tool with great interactive features. And upon enrollment into either the Green Belt or the Black Belt Lean Six Sigma course, you get a 12 month license to Minitab. While almost essential for Lean Six Sigma, Minitab is a very useful tool for other projects as well.
Payment Plan: The Pyzdek Lean Six Sigma courses are offered at competitive rates and are inline with their peers. However they realize it’s expensive nonetheless and offer various payment plan options. That way you can get started today.

Bottom Line: Pyzdek offers an enticing package of Lean Six Sigma study materials, especially for unemployed individuals looking for a master-level education. They include practical study programs with a flexible payment plan.



ExpertRating Lean Six Sigma Study Materials (Rank: #5)



Combo Package: The ExpertRating study materials for Lean Six Sigma are some of the most affordable courses out there But one of the best things about ExpertRating is the ability to stack packages. You can bundle in Project Management Certification with all of the different levels of LSS certification.
Certification: Unlike many of the other providers, ExpertRating includes certification with their course. This eliminates another hidden cost and makes an already attractive pricing scheme even better. The certification exam is provided once you complete the online course. You have a year after signing up to complete the course before taking the exam.
Back to School: Creating your own syllabus, doing exam questions, getting assignments and grades, this course makes you feel like you’re back in school. Many people learn this way best and actually prefer it.
Better without Lean: ExpertRating has a top notch Six Sigma Certification course, that unfortunately outshines their Lean Six Sigma courses. The methodologies of LSS are different than regular Six Sigma and competitors have clearly spent more time on this area of differentiation than ExpertRating. Still, for the price of only $99.99 for a Black Belt, this is to be expected.

Bottom Line: Although it isn’t nearly as impressive as their Six Sigma coursework, ExpertRating’s Lean Six Sigma combo packages offer a comprehensive bundle of educational resources at an unbeatable price.



Becker Lean Six Sigma Study Materials (Rank: #6)

becker lean six xigma


Video Sessions: All video sessions are recorded and placed in Dropbox for you to access. This added functionality increases the success of implementing this training into the workforce, as you’ll be able to review any of the instructional videos as much as you’d like over the course of the program. If you can’t make a session, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to access the content later.
Practical Tools: Becker utilizes great practical tools for instruction that are immediately applicable to most any project. This is a great tool for the small business that seeks to gain immediate benefit for project management from this course. The tools you’ll use in this program are the same you’ll use in implementing the LSS methodologies in the workplace.
Design: The dashboard design of the course leaves much to be desired.  Becker definitely takes a one size fits all approach to their user interface and results in a slightly cumbersome experience.



Best Online Lean Six Sigma Courses – 2019 Comparison

Lean Six Sigma CoursesPrice
Pyzdek InstituteBlack Belt: $2,750
Green Belt: $1,925
Yellow Belt: $1,925
White Belt: $99
MSI Certified Black Belt: $299
SimplilearnGreen Belt Self-Paced: $399
Green Belt Online Classroom: $999
Black Belt Self-Paced: $399
LSS Expert Masters: $1199
ExpertRatingGreen Belt: $99
Black Belt: $99
Becker Lean 6 SigmaYellow: $395
Green Belt: $1595
Black Belt: $3595


Lean Six Sigma Online Training Courses
5 / 5 stars

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