Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

Last Updated:April 26, 2018
Bryce Welker, CPA


Fast Forward Academy CPA Review tries to help students learn more in less time, but its software is not nearly as advanced as the other courses out there. 

Like other test prep companies, Fast Forward strives to find new ways to innovate and improve upon the traditional education model, but its course now is pretty decent. 

After spending a few hours testing out its new CPA review software and going through their course materials, these are the key takeaways I had.


1. Large Study Bank

Fast Forward Academy CPA review comes loaded with over 5,000 multiple-choice questions and 247 simulations. When it comes to the amount of practice questions Fast Forward has, it’s pretty standard compared to other courses. There are other options, such as Wiley, that have a lot more questions for you to practice with.

One of the best ways to improve your scores, is to practice answering multiple-choice questions repeatedly. Their expansive Study Bank guarantees that you won’t see the same recycled questions over and over again.

2. Personalized Learning System

Fast Forward Academy is not a one-size-fits-all type of course, as it actually caters to each student’s specific learning needs. As you progress through their course, data from your practice exams is used to pinpoint which areas in your study material you need to improve the most. Your textbook then highlights this information and creates a personalized exam for you that tests you on those specific topics.

This is a huge time saver because it helps you focus on the material that will have the highest impact on your CPA exam scores rather than waste time going over the subjects you already understand. You can also insert color-coded notes, highlight important information, and launch a custom study session right from within the text.

3. Price –  Affordable

Fast Forward is one of the more affordable CPA review courses on the market. It also offers a 0% APR financing option for qualified buyers with three, six, or 12 month payment options. Fast Forward offers a good value for its CPA review course offering for the price.


1. Not a Lot of Feedback Yet

This is a one of the newer review courses to enter the market which is probably why I haven’t heard too much about it on any of the forums or blogs. I value my readers opinions a lot and would love to incorporate your feedback into this review.  If you’ve used Fast Forward Academy’s CPA review, please share your experience with everyone in the comments section below!

2. No Mobile App

Although Fast Forward Academy’s learning platform can be accessed from most mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, and most Android phones, there is no dedicated app to make studying on your phone or tablet more streamlined and convenient.

Other courses have awesome mobile apps that makes quick study sessions easy and simple. It helps to have an app that you can use to quickly fit in a topic or two on-the-go.

3. Limited 30 Day Refund

Fast Forward has a guarantee that grants you access to the course until you pass. But what if you don’t fit well with the course structure and want to use a different course? Well, you’ll only have 30 days to figure it out in order to receive a refund.

This isn’t much time, especially if you find out the course didn’t work for you when you don’t pass. Other courses don’t have a time limit on their refund and instead abide by a pass or refund guarantee. You’ll have to make sure you meet all of Fast Forwards 30 day refund qualifications too in order to get your money back.


Fast Forward Academy is new to the CPA Review industry and its course is still proving itself over time. I would check out some other courses and free demos before deciding on Fast Forward Academy’s CPA review course. Many other courses offer large CPA discounts at times so I’d check those out as well. But if you are on a tight budget, this is one of the least expensive courses on the market. 

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Course Information

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review
1. Large Study Bank
2. Personalized Learning System
3. Price
Fast Forward Academy CPA Review
3 / 5 stars

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  • Chris
    Posted at 5 April, 2018 17:26 PM Reply

    I purchased Fast Forward Academy review course. I think the course is good for multiple choice and written part as I just took the BEC part. Did not do well on simulation. Simulations seemed like they were storybook like and more realistic than practice exam simulations. Studied same simulation question just that there was more than one plan to determine if it was better than another one. Also question built off of other questions. Do you know of any other course simulations that would be much more difficult and closer to what the exam uses? Or do you have any information? Also, I would not mind getting flash cards for BEC terms. Section was loaded. Lot of information since last time I took exam in 2009. Cost accounting not my strong suit either. Probably have to take exam again. Just not like feeling unprepared. I did study quite a bit. Probably not as much as I needed. Thanks Chris

    • Bhumikka Shah
      Posted at 14 April, 2016 06:09 AM Reply

      Hi,I am Bhumikka Shah from Delhi, India, qualified Chartered Accountant, interested to pursue CPA course but i am not sure from where to start with, i have gone through many options and understood about different study packkages from becker, wileyCPA, FFA and have no idea which can help me best to crack the exam. I am into full time job and does not want to spend much money on buying packages which even i wont be able to study, i am looking fr something to study self, like some course material etc which can serve me better to appear in exam.Can you please help me with some options to buy offline books etc so that i can prepare myself at cheapest ?Thanks in anticipation.

      • BWelk
        Posted at 20 April, 2016 05:35 AM Reply

        Hi,If you are looking to study as cheaply as possible I would suggest buying the Wiley CPAexcel textbooks and the Wiley CPA Test bank. This will be your best and most affordable option for self-studying for the CPA examCheers,Bryce

      • Illone99
        Posted at 27 August, 2015 17:11 PM Reply

        This review reads more like an advertisement than an unbiased critique.FFA is okay but the flow of the exam and explanations leave a lot to be desired. They don't break down the material effectively. For example I'm studying FAR. They mix up all of the public and government material and Becker separates it. Which makes sense considering the materials are completely different. And you can't maintain your progress. When you filter out information and work on a topic, if you log off your filtered topics won't be save. You literally have to retool your work every time you want to study. I lost my progress so many times.Another issue is the book material is laid out like a resource database rather than a guide. Bullet points and jumbled material rather than having chapters and sections for each topic like school book for example. And most importantly when you click on the book references for a question it doesn't take you to the source, just to the page. And these pages can all contains dozens of topics. It takes a LONG time to find material to support study questions. It's not in your face like Becker.I would only do this course if money is an issue. I got the full course for around 400. But to be honest I'd only take it if you have time to shift through the noise and never took another course. But this glowing review is clearly a compensated review.

        • Rafael Romero
          Posted at 19 May, 2015 13:51 PM Reply

          Hi, I have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from another country and I made the arrangements for it to be valid in the US. Do you think if this preparation would suffice for me to successfully take the CPA exam? I've only been in the country for a few months so I still don't know how the accounting stuff works here.

          • BWelk
            Posted at 19 May, 2015 21:32 PM Reply

            You should check with your state board of accountancy to make sure all the required classes have been transferred over properly. You can also hire a Foreign credential evaluation service which could tell you exactly where you stand, I would suggest paying the $150 or however much it is now for this service, it's totally worth it.Fast Forward Academy will definitely prepare you well enough to pass all of the CPA exams if you study with it consistently.Cheers,Bryce

          • Grace
            Posted at 24 April, 2015 18:03 PM Reply

            I'm currently taking 1 advanced accounting course per semester (12 credits more to go) to be eligible to sit for the CPA by Fall 2016. Since I'm not the fastest learner (graduated 20 years ago), and have 3 kids to raise plus working full-time, should I start purchasing a FAR module from FFA and begin reviewing now, even though I won't be eligible till Fall 2016?

            • BWelk
              Posted at 24 April, 2015 20:44 PM Reply

              It wouldn't hurt you by any means to start now, but I don't think that is a very efficient use of your time. I think it would be much better to start studying next yea,r that way you will retain the information you learn much better because you won't have to remember it for 18 months.Cheers,Bryce

            • Akyle
              Posted at 26 February, 2015 20:52 PM Reply

              I used FFA as a supplement to Becker for Reg. The questions on FFA, imo, were harder than Becker, but it made me think more about how to apply the theory to answer the question. However I did feel like the explanation could have been much better verses just referencing the textbook which was not in an easy to understand format. The simulations and research sim left a lot to be desired. I think the best tool is being measured against your peers and the indicators "not ready"and "ready". And split into sections that follow the CSO so you know exactly if you are covering the exam content. I was skeptical of the software but I did pass with an 83. For the price and unlimited access may be worth spending the money. I have FAR and BEC left and I'm thinking about purchasing again, but I will not have Becker for FAR so it will be FFA only. But I'm not sure if I should take the leap or try something else. Either way I have about 7 wks to crank out FAR and BEC before AUD expires. My question is what is the best CPA review for FAR?

              • BWelk
                Posted at 28 February, 2015 23:35 PM Reply

                Hi Akyle,Thanks for your review that's some really good information. I'm not quite sure what the best review course is for FAR alone since I have only used Wiley CPAexcel in depth for that section. I can definitely suggest their course for FAR because that was my highest CPA score out of the 4 sections.Cheers,Bryce

              • Jenny
                Posted at 25 February, 2015 17:24 PM Reply

                Where can I find the Video Explanations of most difficult questions? Thanks

                • BWelk
                  Posted at 25 February, 2015 19:41 PM Reply

                  The video explanation videos are built into the test bank. So when you come across one of the most difficult 50 questions while taking a practice test there will be an extra tab that shows up where you can view it. If you miss that question it will automatically play, otherwise you will have to play it manually.

                  • Jenny
                    Posted at 20 March, 2015 01:23 AM Reply

                    Thank you very much.

                • Kevin Lee
                  Posted at 6 January, 2015 01:15 AM Reply

                  I much prefer a self study course and while the lectures get me through the material I don't find them necessary. I've just started the free demo for FFA and like what I see. To add to this review, a great feature in the practice questions is the amount of detail they give you regarding the questions after you are done. They give you an explanation, book reference, and a list of authoritative terms dealing with the one question. From experience, I can tell you that the practice questions are the key to success. The more you go over things the better they will stick in your mind for the test and beyond. Depending on what I finally go for I'll return and give some better feedback. That said I should be back as I really am liking the FFA model.

                  • BWelk
                    Posted at 7 January, 2015 03:55 AM Reply

                    Thanks for your input Kevin!

                  • Bri Hennes
                    Posted at 5 September, 2014 20:42 PM Reply

                    I just purchased this study course today. Considering I have never really learned from the instructor/ classroom environment I am hoping this will be my best option and WOW loving the price! Will update everyone on how it goes! Thanks Crush for the reviews and the discount!!

                    • BWelk
                      Posted at 6 September, 2014 01:37 AM Reply

                      Looking forward to hearing back from you Bri!

                    • Hasan
                      Posted at 6 August, 2014 05:49 AM Reply

                      This is very helpful so thank you for doing this.Any new updates on FFA? I am considering FFA and Wiley CPAexcel. I learn best by doing, with some lectures to understand problems that I do not understand.Am I considering the right courses?

                      • BWelk
                        Posted at 6 August, 2014 14:03 PM Reply

                        Hi Hasan,Yes both of FFA and Wiley CPAexcel are very good self-study based courses. FFA does not currently have video lectures right now though, but their course is about half the price of CPAexcel. I highly recommend that you sign up for both of their free trial offers to give you a better idea of the differences between them.Cheers,Bryce

                      • Kilvian
                        Posted at 9 July, 2014 23:36 PM Reply

                        I recently purchased the FFA Smart Bundle, but I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed. It is probably to soon to judge this review course, but when I created my study planner I was expecting to see a structured study plan based on the study materials, instead I have these daily multiple choice tests and simulations that are random and not based on the current chapter you are on. Of course you are going to score very low because you have not studied the whole book. I have tried it with Gleim in the past and their system is more structured but I agree that it is not as condensed and direct to the point as FFA, but it is better organized. I am seriously considering returning these materials and checking other options...Bryce, your advise is appreciated!!

                        • Sharon
                          Posted at 27 May, 2014 15:05 PM Reply

                          I am currently using FFA and admit I was very skeptical in the beginning of my study. I added Wiley CPAExcel study guide initially as a supplement but soon found myself using it more so over FFA. It wasn't until the last three weeks of review that I really used FFA soley and I must say having recently taken the FAR exam I believe FFA is an excellent study course. It definelty prepraes you for the exam and builds confidence. I like how it targets your weak areas and gauges your exam "readiness". I definitely plan on using FFA as my primary study material for the remaining 3 sections and may use Wiley MCQs (got this book from library 2014 edition) for added practice. I would recommend FFA to the self studier who is not a visual learner.

                          • BWelk
                            Posted at 29 May, 2014 09:36 AM Reply

                            Thanks for the update Sharon!!-Bryce

                          • Friska
                            Posted at 9 May, 2014 18:55 PM Reply

                            Hi Bryce,Do you think it's enough to use FFA - CPA Smart Bundle solely?

                            • BWelk
                              Posted at 13 May, 2014 06:59 AM Reply

                              Hi Friska,Yes, if you are a good self-studier the Smart Bundle package will prepare you well. I would also recommend getting the Wiley CPA test bank to supplement your weaker exam sections. They are relatively inexpensive and will work well with Fast Forward Academy's CPA course.Cheers,Bryce

                            • Shane Johnson
                              Posted at 5 May, 2014 19:42 PM Reply

                              Bryce,Have you heard any responses from anyone regarding Fast Forward Academy? I'm considering CPAexcel, MDS, and now after reading your review, Fast Forward looks appealing as well. The cost is surprisingly attractive, of course, but to what expense?

                              • BWelk
                                Posted at 7 May, 2014 15:36 PM Reply

                                Hey Shane, I just replied to your other post so check that out. I still haven't received any feedback about FFA yet but can tell you from my own experience of using it that it's legit. Wish I could offer you some more feedback but it's still a little early to tell.Cheers,Bryce