Fast Forward Academy CPA Review’s goal is to help students learn more in a shorter amount of time. Like other test prep companies, Fast Forward Academy strives to find new ways of innovating and improving upon the traditional education model.

Are these innovations truly helpful for the student, or is it all just smoke and mirrors hiding a bog-standard review program? Keep reading for our complete breakdown of what this course has to offer!

Overview of Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

Fast Forward Academy designed their CPA review course to cover all four sections of the exam. Aside from core learning materials that include practice questions, video lectures, and exam simulations, their educational program contains many advanced learning tools. These tools range from UI upgrades, such as split screen view and compatibility with different devices, to community resources and instructor feedback. The idea behind this structure is to provide students with both the raw material to learn from and the proper guidance so that they can make the most of it.

Here’s a course snapshot with all of Fast Forward Academy’s included study materials:

  • 80+ hours of video lectures
  • 6,800+ practice questions
  • Unlimited practice tests
  • Textbooks covering each section of the CPA exam
  • Digital flashcard creator
  • Community & instructor support
FFA CPA Dashboard

What’s Included in FFA's CPA Prep Course?

Video Lectures

In addition to their practice questions, Fast Forward Academy includes a few hundred video lectures that provide commentary and insight into the material covered in these questions and in their textbooks. Almost five hundred of these lectures are included in this prep program, ranging in length from 5 minutes to over 20.

Containing a static shot of an instructor speaking in front of a plain background, these videos are supplemented with companion slides and graphics in order to create an impressive and effective multimedia learning tool.

Personalized Learning and Metrics

When answering questions, students mark whether they are “certain” or “unsure” of their answers. This allows Fast Forward Academy to determine your confidence level in each topic and eliminates the effects of guessing on your performance metrics. For example, if you answer a question correctly, but are “unsure” of your answer, then there is a high likelihood that it was a guess and they know that you don’t really understand the concept being tested.

The same conclusion can be drawn if you answer a question incorrectly but are “certain” of your answer. However, if you answer correctly and are “certain,” then they know that that you are confident in your understanding of that concept. Of course, this data becomes more meaningful as you answer more questions on each topic. These confidence levels, along with several other data points, are then used by Fast Forward Academy’s Opportunities algorithm to make recommendations as to where you should concentrate your studies.

In addition to reporting on each quiz session, they also provide students with an Opportunities Target as a visual representation of your progress. As you work through the course, you will see the topics (represented by circles) change in color from red to yellow to green and move from the outer edges of the Target into the center. The goal is for you to eventually have all topics in the center of the Target.

Students can also use the Fast Focus feature to leverage your performance data and create a final review. With just a click, you can turn on the Fast Focus feature and remove all of the topics in which Fast Forward Academy has determined you are prepared, leaving you with your weakest topics (opportunities to improve your scores) and the corresponding book material, video lectures, and questions.


As previously mentioned, Fast Forward Academy CPA Review comes with a library’s worth of reading material regarding all areas of the exam. These are handily divided into four subcategories based on the four sections of the CPA exam, and they correlate well with the aforementioned video lectures.

In addition to simply reading the included textbooks, students can also insert color-coded notes, highlight important information, and launch a custom study session right from within the text.

FFA CPA Device Compatability

Device Compatibility

In order to accommodate the expanding architecture of smart devices that can access the internet, Fast Forward Academy designed all of their online course materials to be easily used on desktop or mobile. This means that whether students wish to access their study materials on their desktop computers, on a tablet, or on their smartphone, they will be able to clearly view and interact with it without any difficulty.

Although this is an impressive feature, one aspect may be a cause for concern:

Despite offering full smart device compatibility, Fast Forward Academy includes no dedicated app for their materials on either Android or iOS. Many educational review courses with mobile compatibility will offer an app because it can be more convenient for students looking to squeeze in a quick study session on the go. And while this is still possible for students using this CPA prep course, the fact remains that they will have to use their web browser to access this material in a more convoluted process.

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Packages and Pricing

Fast Forward is one of the more affordable CPA review courses on the market. Students interested in purchasing access to their educational materials can choose between a physical study guide, an access code to their online coursework, or both. Although the physical study guide package normally costs substantially less than their online package, a current promotion lists the online package’s price at roughly the same rate.

So what makes this so affordable to the average student? Read on:

Access to this online package is also offered for as long as the student needs to use it until they pass their CPA exam, which is an incredible deal in comparison to courses that only offer licenses of six months to a year on average.

Furthermore, students don’t have to pay the full cost up front, since both packages offer a payment plan with 0% APR through a third party. Even though approval for this payment plan is contingent on a credit check, the opportunity alone makes this an exceptional rarity that adds to the student’s convenience.

FFA Pricing Table

Pros & Cons

Here’s a brief rundown of the positive and negative features of Fast Forward Academy CPA Review:


The user interface for this program is surprisingly versatile, offering a split-screen feature that lets students easily juggle practice questions with lectures, text passages, or community posts.


Thanks to the impressive performance metrics and lesson planning, students can focus on what they need to study without wasting their time. With Fast Forward Academy, every minute of study time counts.


Currently, Fast Forward Academy offers 0% APR financing for 12 months on their CPA review courses.


Unfortunately, Fast Forward Academy does not offer an app for studying on the go. The can be especially troubling when you’re in an area without wifi or cell service.


Have any questions about this prep program that weren’t answered above? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Fast Forward Academy CPA Review!

Q: Can I access FFA’s study materials on Apple and Android devices?

A: Yes, Fast Forward Academy’s online content is compatible with any smart device that can connect to the internet with an up-to-date web browser.

Q:  How do I contact FFA for support?

A: Fast Forward Academy offers a few methods for students to contact them. A contact form can be filled out and sent via email with the additional option to schedule a phone conversation. Their website also has a community forum where staff members can respond to questions.

Q: Does FFA charge for updates?

A: No. Unlike some CPA review courses that will require students to pay for updated textbooks and question banks, Fast Forward Academy promises free annual updates as part of their pass guarantee.

Q: Can I access FFA’s study materials offline?

A: You can only use Fast Forward Academy’s physical textbooks offline. Unfortunately, the only way to access their lectures, flashcards, practice questions, and performance metrics is through a browser with an internet connection.

Q: What is FFA’s refund policy?

A: Fast Forward Academy says that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on their CPA course page. In order to find out more about this policy, you will need to contact them directly.​

Fast Forward Academy CPA Discounts & Promo Codes

Final Recommendation

The students who are most likely to find success with Fast Forward Academy CPA Review are those who are tech-savvy. The tools contained in this educational resource are powerful, but harnessing their full potential will require some prior computer knowledge. This means that individuals who are used to live lectures and physical coursebooks will not have as much success with this program, although they may benefit from the physical study guide package they offer in lieu of their online package.

Ultimately, the material included in this prep course is solid and the technology included with it has practical applications that will positively benefit enrolled students. Far from a distracting set of gimmicks, Fast Forward Academy truly provides a 21st-century learning tool to help you CRUSH the CPA exam!

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Fast Forward Academy CPA Review
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by John on Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

I really like Fast Forward Academy's software/dashboard, easy to navigate and looks great. So far the course has been pretty good, wish there was a little more detail and content on some of the subjects but supplementing with other textbooks which seems to work well. Still early to give full review but overall I'm satisfied for the price.

  • Chris
    Posted at 5 April, 2018 17:26 PM Reply

    I purchased Fast Forward Academy review course. I think the course is good for multiple choice and written part as I just took the BEC part. Did not do well on simulation. Simulations seemed like they were storybook like and more realistic than practice exam simulations. Studied same simulation question just that there was more than one plan to determine if it was better than another one. Also question built off of other questions. Do you know of any other course simulations that would be much more difficult and closer to what the exam uses? Or do you have any information? Also, I would not mind getting flash cards for BEC terms. Section was loaded. Lot of information since last time I took exam in 2009. Cost accounting not my strong suit either. Probably have to take exam again. Just not like feeling unprepared. I did study quite a bit. Probably not as much as I needed. Thanks Chris

    • Bhumikka Shah
      Posted at 14 April, 2016 06:09 AM Reply

      Hi,I am Bhumikka Shah from Delhi, India, qualified Chartered Accountant, interested to pursue CPA course but i am not sure from where to start with, i have gone through many options and understood about different study packkages from becker, wileyCPA, FFA and have no idea which can help me best to crack the exam. I am into full time job and does not want to spend much money on buying packages which even i wont be able to study, i am looking fr something to study self, like some course material etc which can serve me better to appear in exam.Can you please help me with some options to buy offline books etc so that i can prepare myself at cheapest ?Thanks in anticipation.

      • BWelk
        Posted at 20 April, 2016 05:35 AM Reply

        Hi,If you are looking to study as cheaply as possible I would suggest buying the Wiley CPAexcel textbooks and the Wiley CPA Test bank. This will be your best and most affordable option for self-studying for the CPA examCheers,Bryce

      • Rafael Romero
        Posted at 19 May, 2015 13:51 PM Reply

        Hi, I have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from another country and I made the arrangements for it to be valid in the US. Do you think if this preparation would suffice for me to successfully take the CPA exam? I've only been in the country for a few months so I still don't know how the accounting stuff works here.

        • BWelk
          Posted at 19 May, 2015 21:32 PM Reply

          You should check with your state board of accountancy to make sure all the required classes have been transferred over properly. You can also hire a Foreign credential evaluation service which could tell you exactly where you stand, I would suggest paying the $150 or however much it is now for this service, it's totally worth it.Fast Forward Academy will definitely prepare you well enough to pass all of the CPA exams if you study with it consistently.Cheers,Bryce

        • Grace
          Posted at 24 April, 2015 18:03 PM Reply

          I'm currently taking 1 advanced accounting course per semester (12 credits more to go) to be eligible to sit for the CPA by Fall 2016. Since I'm not the fastest learner (graduated 20 years ago), and have 3 kids to raise plus working full-time, should I start purchasing a FAR module from FFA and begin reviewing now, even though I won't be eligible till Fall 2016?

          • BWelk
            Posted at 24 April, 2015 20:44 PM Reply

            It wouldn't hurt you by any means to start now, but I don't think that is a very efficient use of your time. I think it would be much better to start studying next yea,r that way you will retain the information you learn much better because you won't have to remember it for 18 months.Cheers,Bryce

          • Akyle
            Posted at 26 February, 2015 20:52 PM Reply

            I used FFA as a supplement to Becker for Reg. The questions on FFA, imo, were harder than Becker, but it made me think more about how to apply the theory to answer the question. However I did feel like the explanation could have been much better verses just referencing the textbook which was not in an easy to understand format. The simulations and research sim left a lot to be desired. I think the best tool is being measured against your peers and the indicators "not ready"and "ready". And split into sections that follow the CSO so you know exactly if you are covering the exam content. I was skeptical of the software but I did pass with an 83. For the price and unlimited access may be worth spending the money. I have FAR and BEC left and I'm thinking about purchasing again, but I will not have Becker for FAR so it will be FFA only. But I'm not sure if I should take the leap or try something else. Either way I have about 7 wks to crank out FAR and BEC before AUD expires. My question is what is the best CPA review for FAR?

            • BWelk
              Posted at 28 February, 2015 23:35 PM Reply

              Hi Akyle,Thanks for your review that's some really good information. I'm not quite sure what the best review course is for FAR alone since I have only used Wiley CPAexcel in depth for that section. I can definitely suggest their course for FAR because that was my highest CPA score out of the 4 sections.Cheers,Bryce

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