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This is Exactly Why the Kaplan SAT Prep Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!


The ACT review courses offered by Kaplan are among the best ACT prep courses offered by a professional education company. Kaplan is very well known in the test preparation world, and their review classes really stand out compared other options available. They offer classes in the 3 main options: on-demand online, live online and live in-person.

Although Kaplan does offer high quality courses for students looking to enhance their test scores, it doesn’t quite offer enough material to be considered the best ACT prep resource out of all available options. Still, there’s a great deal of fantastic benefits available in their courses that enterprising students can take advantage of.

Want to know more? We’ve got detailed pros and cons listed below:



Quality Instructors

Due to the negative actions of a few professional education companies, students these days have a much harder time trusting the competence of their instructors. All it took was a few bad actors looking to cut some corners in order to save a buck; the end result of their foolishness was a sea of negative reviews and a betrayal of trust for students of all for-profit educational programs.

Fortunately, Kaplan puts in a great deal of effort to prove their teachers are the real deal. Here’s how:

While choosing their teachers, Kaplan puts less emphasis on their instructor’s past test scores and more on their teaching ability and compassion. Many great sport coaches and teachers were not legends at their sport, but they had the analytical mind to understand the ins and outs of their chosen field. Kaplan takes an approach when choosing their instructors that attempts to find diamonds in the rough like these, and the result has been overwhelmingly positive according to satisfied students.

Customized Study Plans

No two students learn in quite the same way. Based on their form of intelligence, previous experience, and level of motivation, it’s unlikely that anyone will be able to formulate a lesson plan designed to accommodate the individual needs of everyone. While Kaplan doesn’t quite provide this service, they do offer an effective way to tailor their existing material around a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Kaplan’s ACT prep course will customize your review plan according to your own strengths and weaknesses. No longer will students feel left behind in class when they fail to understand key concepts, nor will they be forced to go over topics they already know. Instead, a diagnostic test is given at the beginning of the course that tailors the rest of it around each student’s needs, making it one of the best online ACT prep resources.

Interactive Study Materials

In addition to the ability for students to receive study plans focused around their individual strengths and weaknesses, Kaplan review courses also include several additional interactive study materials. One such feature is the ACT channel, an interactive livestreamed classroom session where students can ask questions directly to the instructor.

What else does Kaplan offer for study materials? Read on:

The entire course requires students to take 8 practice tests over its entirety. Although only 4 of these are proctored, the additional tests are helpful in acclimating students to the potential stressors that come with the actual test environment. These test results are also used to bolster the analytical tools used to formulate each student’s custom study plan. Finally, the 2 prep books included with Kaplan’s ACT prep have over 1,000 practice questions, which is significantly more than the amount of questions on the actual ACT exam!

Live Classroom Instruction

In a similar move to other ACT prep course providers, Kaplan offers the option for students to attend in-person classroom sessions with an instructor. Even though their live online classroom options are the most popular, they have plenty of locations for in-person classroom courses. They offer classes in nearly every state and in most major cities, which makes the process of attending these in-person classes cheaper and easier than the average live ACT course.

While many companies that offer similar ACT prep courses to Kaplan’s also offer live classroom instruction, they usually only offer it in a few major US cities, making it much harder for students living outside of those cities to attend them. Because of Kaplan’s increased availability, however, students will be able to take these courses while spending less time and money simply getting there in the first place. As a result, while they may not be considered the best online ACT prep course, Kaplan definitely provides the best in-person course.


Fewer Classroom Hours

At 18 hours, Kaplans classroom course offering is shorter than the top 2 choices on our list. While this is in line with the industry standard, and it can be useful for students with tight schedules that can’t set aside more time for instruction, this absence of additional classroom hours still means that less material is being provided for a fairly steep tuition cost. The 14 additional hours of access to the ACT channel can be considered a decent compromise, but even when combining the total hours of both features Kaplan still pales in comparison to the course length of the best ACT prep courses.

Ideal Customer

What kind of student would get the most out of Kaplan’s ACT prep course? Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • If you are interested in attending a prep course held in a physical classroom, this is the course for you.
  • If you are wary of for-profit educational instructors and want to be taught by only the best, this is the course for you.
  • If you are already somewhat familiar with ACT material and just need a course that helps you strengthen your weak points, this is the course for you.
  • If you are interested in spending a great deal of time in a classroom environment with an instructor, this is NOT the course for you.
  • If you have a very limited budget for ACT prep and want to find the most bang for your buck, this is NOT the course for you.

My Recommendation

If you’re looking for the best ACT prep course possible, Kaplan just barely falls short due to a lack of content. However, the quality of their instructors and study material make them an excellent educational resource for anyone looking to bolster their scores and CRUSH the ACT exam!


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