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Average rating:  
 27 reviews
by Sarah D. Booker on Roger CPA Review

I would definitely recommend this course because it is thorough and helpful. It has great material, and it helped me to ace my CPA exam.

by Dakota Dawson on Roger CPA Review

Everything I need to know from the course work, the reviews, just overall great study information.

by Rosa on Roger CPA Review

After earning my degree in Accounting, I researched the different options for cpa review courses. Based on crushthecpa exams reviews, I decided to purchase Roger. In November 2018 I purchased the unlimited access because I had no idea how long the process would take me. Today (December 2019) I received my final passing score. I took a total of 5 exams. I had to retake FAR but that was my fault not the review. All the others I passed on the first try. Roger’s lectures are the best part of the course. The smart path is also good. I also liked the study planner. It helped me organize my weeks and kept me on track. I would recommend this course to everyone.

by Matthew Worley on Roger CPA Review

If you bought this, I’m so sorry you wasted your money like I did. A friend of mine just passed all the exams using Becker and it is 100% better. I know it’s more expensive, but just dish out the extra money. Roger CPA review is absolute garbage. Roger is very unorganized, offers terrible explanation to questions, has repeat questions in nearly every test bank, and a lot of the question’s solutions are not found in the book. I implore you, DO NOT purchase this if you have not already. If you pass the exam using this material, you are a wizard. Passed all exams first try with Becker, only passed Reg with Roger. Please please please use something else.

by Camilla on Roger CPA Review

I do not know why everyone is so excited about this course, I find it extremely difficult, especially test bank, there are problems in the test bank for which there is no theory in the review course, the only explanation you get is in the answer to the question. Problems and exercises are extremely difficult, do not help you progress in study and preparation for the exam.Right now I am in the situation to exchange with another course, probably wiley, at least for the test bank. I understand that their idea is to prepare you for the exam, but I passed AUD, and I did not find any question in the current exam similar to gleim test bank. I think it is unnecessarily difficult, with little support on theory, and does not help me to progress in my preparation.

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