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Roger CPA ReviewAverage rating:   24 reviewsApr 16, 2019 by test on Roger CPA Reviewkjdsfbskjgb


Mar 13, 2019 by Camilla on Roger CPA ReviewRoger CPA Review – FAR

I do not know why everyone is so excited about this course, I find it extremely difficult, especially test bank, there are problems in the test bank for which there is no theory in the review course, the only explanation you get is in the answer to the question. Problems and exercises are extremely difficult, do not help you progress in study and preparation for the exam.Right now I am in the situation to exchange with another course, probably wiley, at least for the test bank. I understand that their idea is to prepare you for the exam, but I passed AUD, and I did not find any question in the current exam similar to gleim test bank. I think it is unnecessarily difficult, with little support on theory, and does not help me to progress in my preparation.

Nov 15, 2018 by Devi Pinnana on Roger CPA ReviewRoger CPA Review

Being an international student, I am very new to US GAAP and US taxation. Roger made my life very easy with his engaging lectures. Pros : Engaging classes. Updated regularly Cons: Can have few more task based simulation to practice.

Oct 15, 2018 by Tova Morrison on Roger CPA ReviewNINJA

I wanted a review course to refresh audit before taking the exam without having to pay for becker again after it expired. (I’m an auditor, so I already had a generally good knowledge of the materials.) The materials provided by NINJA could be downloaded and used offline without issue which was EXCELLENT for studying on the train, the fee is monthly which is great for last minute additional studying if you feel you want some new questions, and there;s thorough enough information in the notes for you to pass 🙂 Since you could download the audio as well, it’s a breeze to listen to in the background and learn while doing anything, even washing dishes! I’m so happy this review course exists!!!

Oct 12, 2018 by Selina Ong on Roger CPA ReviewRoger CPA

I used Roger CPA and i’d say that it’s a pretty good review course for those that have been out of school for awhile, like myself. I’m a visual learner but need something to keep my attention–Roger’s videos were great because they were the right length and Roger’s upbeat personality helped keep me engaged. The review course definitely has enough MCQ and SIMS for you to practice. I think the only negative i’d have is the books had information overload so I found myself not having a clear understanding of what I needed to know for the exams.

Page 1 of 5: « ‹ 12345› » Wiley CPAexcel ReviewAverage rating:   36 reviewsNov 20, 2018 by Evans Tan on Wiley CPAexcel ReviewWiley CPA Platinum Review Course

The progression of the course material was good. The bite size video is also really helpful so that I can take time to absorb the information before moving on to another topic. The questions are tough and i would say that it is good because it helps me get use to the way the CPA exam questions would be presented.

Nov 13, 2018 by Pissed Off Wiley User on Wiley CPAexcel ReviewWiley CPAExcel

Worst software you’ll ever use. A million bugs that literally destroy your schedule. I requested they fix a bug, they said “Just make sure you use incognito mode every time you login.” That’s not a solution, that’s a time-consuming workaround. I liked Wiley from my accounting courses, but seriously, this course is an absolute no-go. I feel bad for the instructors and people who write the material because they do a great job, while the technology side of things is by far the worst course/learning software I’ve every used in my life, hands down. I can’t emphasize this enough – GET ANY OTHER CPA REVIEW COURSE BESIDES THIS ONE. I literally took time out of my day to criticize a software, that’s how bad it is.

Oct 14, 2018 by Carlos A on Wiley CPAexcel ReviewWiley Cpa

I have use Wiley CPAExcel to pass three sections. My favorite study material is the dashboard and test banks, which contain a large number of question that cover all the material in great detail. The look and feel of the questions are very similar to the real exam. Their customer service is also great, I have contacted them a couple of times and they are quick to respond and provide different ways, like through live chat, email, or phone. I really recommend the CPA Excel course to everyone looking for a complete study course, prices are super reasonable as well, they offer a free trial and many significant discounts and promotions.

Oct 9, 2018 by Jason on Wiley CPAexcel ReviewCPAexcel platinum

When it works its fine (not good, just fine). Far too many content errors and website issues for such an expensive product. There are much better options out there that are far cheaper. I regret wasting money on Wiley.

Oct 8, 2018 by Pawan Kumar on Wiley CPAexcel ReviewWiley CPAReview

The Wiley CPAReview is a good tool for studying for the CPA exam. The major factor in my deciding to go with Wiley CPAReview was the amount of material compared to similar options. Also, the Wiley CPAReview package does not have a time limit. Because life happens, I wanted longer time for finished CPA course.

Page 1 of 8: « ‹ 123› » Surgent CPA ReviewAverage rating:   18 reviewsFeb 7, 2019 by Stacey Williams on Surgent CPA ReviewSurgent CPA Review FAR

The ReadySCORE is very helpful anf allows you to see which areas you need to be spending more time on. It also lets you when the best time to take the exam is. Overall, I am very pleased with Surgent, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Feb 7, 2019 by Kenny on Surgent CPA ReviewSurgent CPA Review

I started using Surgent to pass BEC and the ASAP tech was truly a game changer. I will be using Surgent for all 4 parts, no doubt!

Feb 6, 2019 by Amy Findlay on Surgent CPA ReviewSurgent CPA Review

When preparing for the CPA exam I was originally overwhelmed. I did not feel like my University prepared me well enough for the level I would need for the exam. I was worried it would be impossible to be ready to take my tests. The video lectures helped a lot with just brushing up on topics that I had forgotten. Practicing multiple choice questions helped me gain confidence. I took my time and tried to use the ready scores to help me know where my weaknesses were. I passed all 4 exams the first time. I am so grateful that I used surgent and saved my money to use for celebrating my passing scores instead!

Feb 6, 2019 by Marie R. on Surgent CPA ReviewMarie R.

I’ve been studying with surgent for about 2 months and I find it very easy to work with. I helps you concentrate in the areas you need help. The videos are not Long which keep you from dozing off at long lectures. Material is easy to learn and understand.

Sep 30, 2018 by Clayton on Surgent CPA ReviewSurgent

I’ve been using Surgent since Dec. 2017 along with Wiley and Becker, so bear with me for this comparative review on the (A) MCQ (B) Videos (C) Textbook. (A) Surgent’s MCQ software is superior due to its (1) ASAP Technology (2) organization with AICPA blueprints (3) explanations with video/text resources and (4) readySCORE: (1) ASAP technology prioritizes questions I constantly get wrong so I don’t waste time answering questions I know. With a recent update, the MCQ choices order is randomized so I don’t always pick choice A just because it is correct. (2) The outline is organized with the AICPA blueprints so I get a sense that I am practicing what will be on the exam. Wiley and Becker have organized their lessons with their own outline. (3) Explanations with video/text resources are provided after each MCQ whether I got wrong or correct. These help for a quick review on a topic instead of having to spend up to 45mins relearning a complete lesson like Wiley and Becker. (4) The readySCORE helps provide a sense of confidence that I am ready for the exam. Recent updates have improved the readySCORE calculation. Wiley and Becker lack these four key points, so I prefer Surgent’s MCQs (B) Surgent’s Video lessons are very straightforward, provide some MCQ reviews, and cover the key points of the topic. However, the video lessons do not tie-in with the textbook, lack emphasis of certain points in the MCQ’s, and ultimately lack mnemonics. I prefer Wiley and Becker’s videos over Surgent depending on the topic. (C) Surgent’s Textbook is not intended to read from cover to cover. The textbook is a collection of explanations, like a study-guide you would make in college and only works as an encyclopedia or glossary to explain individual MCQ’s and simulations. It is similar to Wiley’s textbook, so I favor Becker’s textbook which is similar to a college textbook. I have successfully passed AUD with ~3 weeks of studying thanks to Surgent, but I scored exactly a 75%. If you are hoping to pass quickly with MCQ’s and have a solid undergraduate education then Surgent is a great choice.

Page 1 of 4: « ‹ 1234› » Yaeger CPA ReviewAverage rating:   5 reviewsOct 24, 2018 by Devin Smith on Yaeger CPA ReviewYaeger CPA Review

Very comprehensive book for each course with appropriate information and not any seemingly unneccesary information. Very quality cram course of videos and audio podcasts that helped me a lot. I didnt even need to watch their full video lecture series. I wish they had more tbs though; not quite sufficient for each subject. Also wish their videos were downloadable and not only streamable from their website. Audio can be downloaded though. Devin Smith

Sep 17, 2018 by Julie Brown on Yaeger CPA ReviewYaeger

The videos are a little boring and slow at times, but overall are a great resource. The book goes in adequate depth that is clear and the multiple choice questions are a great tool! I studied easily less than the recommended hours for my first two cpa exams (FAR & AUD) and I received a 95 & a 91. Yaeger is a big reason why.

Jan 15, 2018 by Ralston Brickerson, Jr. on Yaeger CPA ReviewYaeger

The Yaeger CPA Review is well constructed review package that is equiped with essential substance. I took the review in 2013. The course questions supplement the concise and comphrensive lectures provided by well informed proffessors. The questions test the overall review of each Wiley Course work of each chapter. The Simulations and multiple choice are challenging and provide accurate material to keep one updated in the review. The course videos are clear and limitless in that you can go back and go over course lessons. Some videos can come off a little dry. The dashboard is chronological constructed. Lectures, Questions, Quizes, and Exams. The providers customers’ service was great. The discounted review package and the availability of the involved professors to answer any questions is excellent. What I like most about the course is the challenging simulation questions and the organization of the dashboard. The course can improve by adding actual company examples in the private, public, and voluntary sectors. I believe the course was well invested and provides valuble intrinsic information.

Jan 11, 2018 by Cathy Young on Yaeger CPA ReviewYaeger CPA Review

This course is excellent! It has a complete textbook, audio tapes, lectures, practice questions, and a fantastic message board that gets reviewed by Yaeger staff daily! When I got stuck on a question, I would post there and get a response within 24 hours which really helped! This alone made it a great course for me. I also used the instructor hotline and spoke directly with Phil Yaeger with questions! he loves to help students and takes phone calls. I passed all four sections within 12 months!

Jan 5, 2018 by Farim D. on Yaeger CPA ReviewYaeger AdaptaPass

I like Yaeger’s software and the student dashboard makes it easy to see how I’m progregressing through the course and how I’m doing on the practice tests. The videos are a little dry as most people already know, but they are very thorough and do explain the concepts well. Yaeger’s been good to me and it was much more affordable than the other CPA courses so overall I’m happy with it.

Gleim CPA ReviewAverage rating:   2 reviewsJan 8, 2018 by Mohamed Gaafar Abdalla on Gleim CPA Review508091882

study guide test bank

Dec 30, 2017 by Tony Kim on Gleim CPA ReviewGreat Preparation, Brutal Practice Exams

The review outlines are very detailed and take a lot of concentration to study without letting your mind wander off. The video lectures are nothing more than a person regurgitating the notes. If you have a good amount of discipline and are able to read through very uninteresting material and absorb through punishing practice exams that seem significantly more difficult than the real exam, then Gleim may be for you. This exam would be perfect for someone who already has a good command of accounting topics related to the exam. I would not recommend this for someone who needs to relearn a whole lot of material.

Fast Forward Academy CPA ReviewAverage rating:   1 reviewsJan 9, 2019 by John on Fast Forward Academy CPA ReviewFast Forward Academy CPA Review

I really like Fast Forward Academy’s software/dashboard, easy to navigate and looks great. So far the course has been pretty good, wish there was a little more detail and content on some of the subjects but supplementing with other textbooks which seems to work well. Still early to give full review but overall I’m satisfied for the price.

Becker CPA ReviewAverage rating:   28 reviewsNov 17, 2018 by Ally on Becker CPA ReviewBecker CPA Exam Review

I am enjoying using Becker to prepare for my CPA exams. Each tests is broken into 6-8 Modules, with 4-8 sections in each Module. Each section has the book video, a concept review and multiple choice questions. The videos explain concepts in the book and are narrated by a dorky but loveable CPA, who provides extra information and examples not already in the book. The course review chooses one or two concepts to go over again, and the multiple choice help students get a sense of what is likely to be tested from the section. I give Becker four stars because I had a lot of issues getting it set up and numerous calls to customer service left me with conflicting answers, which was a bit frustrating. Now that I have it installed though, it is very user friendly. Luckily I am working for a Big Four who paid for Becker, otherwise I definitely would not be using this review material because of price. It’s a great course, but I can’t justify spending $3,000+ when there are cheaper courses that are just as helpful.

Nov 15, 2018 by Qiongshan Xiang on Becker CPA ReviewBECKER

The studying video of Becker is awesome. Just arrange the time by topic and do the homework for each topic. At the same time, its good to use flash card to remember the definition of the technic terms and will help you to understand the question well. For the section FAR AND AUD, there is no doubt need to practice a lot, at least redo all question in Becker three times, and then it will increase the pass rate.

Nov 11, 2018 by Rezwan Uddin on Becker CPA ReviewBecker

I only negative thing I have to say about Becker is that it is relatively pretty expensive. But I think its worth it. The video lessons are not that great, but the problems they have are probably the closest thing you will get to the actual CPA exam questions. I would say go for it. Don’t let the price tag deter you. It is very much worth it.

Nov 8, 2018 by Tracy Wang on Becker CPA Reviewbecker

This review course is extremely expensive but it does offer a lot of benefits. It has a plethora of questions and data on what to study. Because there is just way too much content, I have learned that the videos are useless to me since I will still need to read the book. Even though I have the course, I did not pass multiple sections. I don’t think just because you purchase Becker and study a lot, it is guaranteed that you will pass. Instead, it is the method and the consistency at which you study.I will say their customer service is one of my favorite aspects of Becker. If I ever have any questions regarding a Multiple Choice or simulation or anything, they will respond to me and explain in ways I almost always understand, so that was my favorite aspect of Becker that I don’t know if other review courses offer, but I still don’t think that aspect is worth $4,000.

Oct 16, 2018 by Mike AMoroso on Becker CPA ReviewBecker

Becker was very expensive so for some sections I think it was overkill for me. I had a good knowledge going in on a couple of the sections so I thought it was too much. They have a lot of multiple choice questions which I think helped me the most. I took the live-online lectures and they were basically just the same as the recorded lectures for each module.

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