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cpa-study-guide You Have a 1 in 5 Chance of Passing All 4 Sections of The CPA Exam on the First Try

With the odds stacked against you, it’s too risky to not properly prepare. This CPA exam guide will take you step-by-step through the process of successfully preparing for the exam and drastically improve your chances of passing.

 Save Your Money and Time

clock-red The total cost of CPA study materials and exam fees can be as high as $4,785, but more importantly, the amount of time you’ll be investing is significant. If you fail just one section of the CPA exam, you can expect to study for an EXTRA 50-100 hours to re-take and pass that exam.

Don’t risk wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of your life. Wouldn’t you rather download this study guide for the CPA exam and avoid that situation in the first place? Get real, guaranteed results with the Crush CPA exam guide and pass on your first try!


100% Risk Free Guarantee

I’m so sure you will pass the CPA exam by studying with me that I stand fully behind my work. If you don’t pass your CPA exam the first time, I’ll give your money back, guaranteed, no questions asked. You have literally nothing to lose. Overall Full Refund Rate is < 1%




screen-shot-2016-06-07-at-6-14-15-pm CPA Formulas Cheat Sheet


One of the most challenging aspects of the exam is to memorize all the formulas. In fact – not knowing the right formulas causes thousands of candidates to fail the exam each year. This cheat sheet contains 40 formulas you’ll need to know during your BEC exam.

screen-shot-2016-06-07-at-6-15-48-pm CPA Application Guide


Applying and getting approved to take the CPA exam is a very tedious and time consuming task. This guide will walk you through the application process from start to finish so you’ll know exactly what step you’re on at all times.


screen-shot-2016-06-07-at-6-16-01-pm Post-Exam Career Guide


You’ve worked extremely hard to pass your exams, so what’s next? This guide will help you navigate your post-exam life, including continuing education requirements, creating the perfect resume, tips on networking and how to land your dream job.

The Ultimate Guide to the CPA Exam

Re-taking the exam will cost you thousands of dollars. Learn how to pass on your first try, guaranteed.

Original Value: $167

Limited Time Offer: $47



What’s Inside the CPA Study Guide

New Exclusive Content

109 pages of high-quality, insider information that’ll help you CRUSH your upcoming exam (52 new pages just added)!

CPA Exam Study Guide

Ace The CPA Simulations

The CPA simulations represent 40% of your total score on three of the four exams. Get the scoop on how to successfully prepare for them like a boss.

Weekly Study Plan: Stay Focused

If you have a busy schedule and time consuming obligations such as family, school, or a full-time job, sticking to a consistent study schedule is difficult. My proven study gameplan will keep you focused and on track.

Guide On What To Study

Don’t spend your time studying materials that are unlikely to be tested on. This study guide will help you concentrate on what’s important without getting bogged down by unnecessary details.

Instant Access

Receive the study guide instantly, no waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Get your download link and start your CPA journey right now!

Final Review Game Plan

Prepare for your exam day like a PRO using my 72-hour Final Review program. Cram hundreds of pages of information into a long weekend and retain everything you’ve studied.

Minimize Your Study Time

Reduce your total study time by over 100 hours while simultaneously increasing your scores (case study included). These expert techniques will help you retain more than 80% of what you study, recall important facts and figures instantly!

“I 100% guarantee that you’ll pass the CPA exam the first time, or your money back. No questions asked.”


Becoming a CPA has been the single biggest game changer in my life. After passing all four sections on the first try, I wanted share my techniques with others to help them pass the exam the first time too. I’ve now coached hundreds of CPA candidates to successfully prepare for the CPA Exam. My aim is simple, to get YOU passing your CPA exam!

Bryce Welker CPA


Secret Study Hacks & Insider Information

All the best study tips and exam tactics nobody talks about in one easy to read guide.

Step-By-Step Guidance For Every Stage Of The Exam

The only study guide for the CPA exam that’ll help you navigate the complicated process of registering, studying and passing all four sections of the CPA exam your first time.

Best Supplement For Self-Study

The best supplement for self-studying candidates who want to trim the fat on their study habits and become a CPA as fast as possible.

Ways To Stay Focused & Motivated

Proven techniques on staying motivated and dealing with procrastination through months of daily study sessions. Approach your exam with confidence!

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What Candidates Like You Are Saying…

“This study guide for the CPA exam gave me valuable tips on how to pass the first time. Most CPA review courses only teach “what” to study and forget to teach “how” to study for the exam, which can have a huge impact on your score. How To CRUSH the CPA Exam fills in that knowledge gap and is the quickest way to add an extra 5 to 10 points on your next exam.”

brennan-mcmeeken Brennan Mcmeeken

(CPA Candidate)

“Bryce was very knowledgeable and helpful in deciding which CPA course would be most beneficial. He also gave me useful hints and tips to make my study habits much more effective.”

penava-testimonial Miles Penava

(CPA Candidate)

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help in helping me pass the CPA examination. I think your ebook and the strategies outlined within it were instrumental in helping me clear all 4 papers. As suggested by you, I ended up skipping the video lectures and this in itself saved me a huge amount of time. Also reading your book instilled the belief that clearing CPA on my first attempt was possible. I just can’t thank you enough. You are doing an amazing job and this world is a better place because of you.”

ene-gonzalez-review Vaibhav Aggarwal

(CPA Candidate)

“Crush The CPA Exam helped me figure out how to pass all of my exams. I wrestled with the thought of becoming a CPA, but after looking at all the great content on I felt confident I could do it. Thanks for all the great study tips and information on how to CRUSH it, Bryce!”

la-tasha-lott La Tasha Lott

(CPA Candidate)

“All of the information I needed to start my CPA adventure in ONE place. Thank you so much for the study tips Bryce. You really know your stuff!”

ene-gonzalez-review Ene Gonzalez

(CPA Candidate)

“The conversation we had was the springboard for my aggressive approach to taking on the CPA exam – I took out FAR in less than a month and the rest between 2-3 weeks a part. Thanks for the great advice and inspiration – I do my best to refer folk to your site and reassure them that there is definitely a fast and smart way to Crush The CPA exam!”

Arkadiy Mikhaylov

(CPA Candidate)

CPA candidate Austin Smith used the CRUSH Study Guide to help him pass his FAR exam. Watch what he has to say about it…

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Limited Time Offer: $47

The Ultimate Study Guide to the CPA Exam

Re-taking the exam will cost you thousands of dollars. Learn how to pass on your first try, guaranteed.

Original Value: $167

crush-the-cpa-examLimited Time Offer: $47



100% Risk Free Guarantee


“If you don’t pass your CPA Exam the first time, then I’ll give you your money back, guaranteed, no questions asked. You literally have nothing to lose.”


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