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UPDATE: CPA Review For Free was sold in 2016 and no longer offers the same catalog of free study materials.

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It’s FREE!

You have nothing to lose because the multiple choice questions are 100% free.

Easy to Sign Up

Signing up on their website took me no more than a couple minutes and their website is very user friendly.

Multiple Choice Questions

Once you sign up you will have access to over 2,400 multiple choice questions. The quality of the multiple choice questions are very good and are similar to something you would see on the actual CPA exam. Here’s the breakdown of MCQ’s by section:

Audit – 612 Questions

BEC – 531 Questions

REG – 649 Questions

FAR – 630 Questions

Each section is broken down into small topics and offer a practice exam containing about 20-30 questions each. After each question is answered you are notified whether your answer was right or wrong along with the reasoning or definition of the correct answer.

Very Few Advertisements

You will see a link to “Subscribe now for more help on this subject” on the very first and last question but overall the marketing and ads are very minimal.  This was very surprising to me as I expected to see a lot more marketing ploys including annoying pop-up and banner ads to help subsidize their free content.

Targeted Testing

One very useful feature is that you have the ability create a 20 question practice exam based off of a “category” or“keyword”. For example, if you need more practice in operating leases you can type this term in and CPA Review For Free will generate 20 questions on this topic.

This feature doesn’t seem to work 100% when you type in some of the more specific topics (perhaps its too narrow and there aren’t 20 questions about that topic yet) but overall it does a very good job and I was pleased with its functionality.


Testing Format Different than Actual CPA Exam

The tests are presented in a different computerized format than the actual CPA Exam. Most other major review courses are presented in the exact same computer format which helps students get familiar and feel comfortable with what to expect on exam day.

No Diagnostic Reporting

CPA Review For Free does not have any diagnostic reporting once you move on to the next exam you can only see your previous scores rather than the previous questions you missed. For a free service I didn’t really expect more than this, however, I feel like you are missing out on some very valuable information by not being able to track your performance or progress.

No Guided Review

This course it great for people just looking for some more practice questions. However, if you need help understanding the accounting concepts, you will need to get some additional support from another CPA review program.

My Suggestion

CPA Review For Free is a great resource for those using it as supplementary material.  They also offer additional services such as practice exam for the SIMS and BEC written communications sections of the CPA exam for as cheap as $10 per section. Another service they offer is a subscription to study materials for $15 a month or $30 for 3 months.

I would recommend that everyone give CPA Review For Free a try and see for yourself.  Especially if you doing your final review and are cramming for an upcoming exam. However, with so much time and energy required to pass the CPA exam, I definitely would not suggest using this as your primary study source.

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