Best CAPM Certification Training Online

Best CAPM Certification Training Online

best capm exam prep coursesOn your way towards receiving your CAPM Certification it’s crucial to find the correct CAPM certification training online. Browsing the web to find that perfect course can be daunting with endless options out there. We are here to end that frustration with our quick and easy comparison charts. You’ll be spending countless hours studying, so it’s crucial to find the training that best fits your learning style and background. So here’s the great news, we have researched and reviewed all the online CAPM certification training courses below so you don’t have to! Our comparison will help you quickly determine the CAPM training which best fit your needs.

Best CAPM Certification Online Training Courses

RANKINGS #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
OVERALL RATING ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
WEBSITE PM PrepCast PMTraining BrainBok Simplilearn GreyCampus
PRICE $258 $219 Show Coupon $499 $349 Show Coupon $100 $399 $279 Show Coupon $250
MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE 90 Day None Yes 3 Day Money-Back Guarantee Yes – Must Take Exam Within 14 Days of Course
PRACTICE QUESTIONS 750 1,000+ 800 12 Chapter End Quizzes 600
FULL PRACTICE EXAMS 5 1 (Option to Add 24 More For $50) 3 2 3
VIDEO INSTRUCTION 50 Hours 35 Hours N/A 9 Hours 23 Hours
COURSE MOBILE APP Android and iOS Android
STUDENT SUPPORT Email Support Phone, Live-Chat, and Email Support Email Support Phone, Live Chat, and Email Support Phone, Live-Chat, and Email Support
COURSE ACCESS Course: Unlimited access Simulator: 90 Days 90 Days 180 Days 180 Days 1 Year

PM PrepCast CAPM Certification Training

PM Prepcast CAPM simulator


Simple Content: The creators of PM PrepCast for the CAPM saw that competitor’s materials were often complex and hard to understand. This is why they created a course that was easy to understand and does not resemble the overly-complicated language within the PMBOK Guide. The lessons are also based on both student and expert feedback ensuring you’ll pass.
Access Anywhere: You can use the PM PrepCast for CAPM certification training anywhere you go with the mobile “Personal CAPM Trainer.” If you want to study on the train to work, while you’re on the beach, during your lunch break at work, or anywhere else, you can as long as you have access to your tablet or smartphone.
PMI Registered Education Provider: While using the PrepCast, you will also be completing your required 23 contact hours that are necessary in order for you to apply to take the exam. S
No Free Trial: The PrepCast CAPM certification training course has a lot of impressive features such as its large practice question bank and hours of video lessons, but it does not offer a free demo of the course. However, it does offer a 90 day money back guarantee if you end up not liking the course.
Bottom Line: PM PrepCast does an excellent job breaking down the intimidating PMBOK content into study material that is easy for students to understand. This study course is also available on mobile devices.



PM Training CAPM Training Online

pm training capm review


All-Encompassing Training Course: PMtraining’s On-Demand CAPM bootcamp includes more than 65  course lessons (35+ hours of interactive course material), a formula “cheat sheet” and more than 1000 multiple choice questions for an all-encompassing review of all CAPM exam areas. The detailed curriculum is divided into  milestones in a well organized approach to studying for the exam.
Mock Exams: Each Knowledge module comes with a companion quiz to test what you’ve learned, and 1 full mock exam is included in the course. (There is an option to buy additional exams for $50.) The quizzes include detailed explanations for the questions and answers so that you can determine why your answer is right or wrong.
PDUs Included: PMtraining’s CAPM course is also officially recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the required 23 Contact Hours to take the CAPM exam are built into the training. You’ll get 23 PMI Contact Hours as well as 35 PDU Credits. Plus the CAPM course helps you document and keep track of all your contact hours, and you can print them out when you are done.
Study Less: The PMtraining course advertises that it helps reduce study time  by hundreds of hours. The easy to use Progress Tracker shows how much of the course has been completed, and the carefully-designed lessons and practice exercises cover all areas of the latest PMBOK Guide quickly.
Bottom Line: Although PMTraining comes with a plethora of educational content in their CAPM prep course, their design focus is on drastically reducing each student’s overall study time without sacrificing knowledge.



BrainBOK CAPM Training Online


Pass Faster: BrainBOK’s strategy is to give students a way to study for the CAPM exam faster. A variety of learning tools include the ITTO (Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs) Explorer, which presents all 47 Project Management processes in an interactive chart, and a feature to review the most bookmarked flash cards by all students in the program.
Reasonable Price: For only $139, you’ll get access to a complete CAPM certification course, more than 800 practice questions, course analytics, a concise summary of the PMBOK Guide and important formulas, and 3 full-length simulated exams.
Free CAPM Study Materials: BrainBOK offers access to a free trial that includes unlimited access to their ITTO Explorer, quizzes, an exam simulator, and  over 150 flashcards. You don’t even have to register if you have a Gmail account, you can just sign in and start studying for the CAPM exam.
No Offline Access: BrainBOK does not offer a mobile application or offline access, but the BrainBOK claims that most features of the course can be accessed without problems on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
Bottom Line: A free trial and reasonable price tag should convince frugal students to give BrainBOK a chance; with their ample study material that focuses on saving time, they certainly won’t regret the decision.



Simplilearn CAPM Training



Proven Test Prep Provider: Simplilearn is one of the largest certification providers in the world, with more than 3,000 certified and experienced trainers who have trained more than 500,000 professionals. Accredited by PMI, the CFA Institute and other industry leaders, Simplilearn’s overall 98.6% pass rate for first time test-takers makes it an great choice.
Great Price: For less than $400 you’ll get over 9 hours of quality e-Learning content, 23 PDUs, 2 CAPM simulation exams, 12 chapter-end quizzes, a downloadable e-book for 30 days. If you need more time. SimpliLearn also offers a 3-day money back guarantee.
Free Course Demo: Check the course website for an 18 minute preview of the SimpliLearn CAPM certification course and watch the first 3 short lectures in the first lesson for free. This will give you a good idea about the setup of Simplilearn’s course to determine if it is the right for you.
Less Content: Simplilearn compared to the competitors like PMPrepcast is the budget option, so it offers considerably less content. You’ll only get 9 hours of online content and fewer practice questions compared to more than 20 hours and hundreds of practice questions included in courses offered by other leading training companies.
Bottom Line: With a proven track record for test prep excellence, SimpliLearn is a safe bet for students who want a reputable CAPM prep course. However, it should be noted that they emphasize quality over quantity.



GreyCampus CAPM Training


High Advertised Pass Rate: Having trained more than 20,000 trained professionals and boasts a higher than a 97% pass rate on the CAPM exam, GreyCampus can be trusted to get the job done when it comes to passing the CAPM exam. The course is fully accredited by a number of organizations including the PMI.
12 Months Access to the Course: You will have 12 months of access to the online course and all CAPM study materials. This is several months more than leading competitors (most CAPM courses range from 30-180 days), making it a great choice if you can only study small sections of the test at a time. Note that the instructor helpline feature is only available for 30 days, so you should plan accordingly.
Quality CAPM Study Materials: In addition to the on-demand audio video lectures, you will get a 23 Contact Hours Certificate, simulated exams, flashcards, tool kits, and a complete overview of the PMBoK5 and CAPM Certification exam. A complete program syllabus and agenda that lists all covered topics in the course is available on the GreyCampus website.
No App or Offline Access: Most students appreciate the convenience of studying on the go and sometimes in areas where there’s no service.  Unfortunately, GreyCampus does not offer a mobile app to provide additional study options for the CAPM at this time.
Bottom Line: So long as enrolled students aren’t interested in studying without an internet connection, GreyCampus’ CAPM study materials are an excellent choice. Expect ample study material and a high pass rate.

Top 5 Best CAPM Certification Training Online Discounts

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$260 Off PMTraining Bootcamp Course

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Simplilearn PMP Discount

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Save 10% on Grey Campus Live-Online and Live

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What are the best CAPM review courses?

Top 5 Best CAPM review courses of 2018 – Comparison Chart

CAPM Study Guides Practice Exams
PM PrepCast 5
PM Training 1
BrainBok 3
Simplilearn 2
CAPM Exam Prep Courses
5 / 5 stars

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