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Bryce WelkerCPA Review Courses – Top 12 Comparison

Thank you for checking out my comparison of the Top 12 CPA review courses. I have personally tested, analyzed, and used every major CPA Review on the market so you don’t have to!

In a market where everyone claims to be the best, it’s important to realize that there is no single review course that is “the best”. Each course caters to a different type of student so you need to find the one that best fits your learning style, budget and schedule.

That being said, a few of these companies definitely provide a better overall course than the others. To jump straight to my recommendations, please check out my comparison chart of the Top 5 CPA Review Courses!

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Roger CPA Review Wiley CPAexcel Yaeger CPA Review Gleim CPA Review Fast Forward Academy Surgent CPA Review
Lambers CPA Review Becker CPA Review CPA Review For Free ExamMatrix CPA Review MDS CPA Review Ninja CPA Review


Roger CPA Review (Rank: #1)

roger cpa reviews


Engaging Lectures: Roger Philip teaches each lecture with an incredibly high amount of energy. His unique teaching style makes the material much more interesting and helps students stay motivated. He is passionate about helping students pass the CPA exam and is very knowledgable on the material.

Mnemonics and Memorization Tactics: Roger uses mnemonics and other memorization tools throughout his lectures which provide an easier way for students to remember many of the tedious details on the exam.

Financing Options: Roger CPA Review now offers financing plans for students on a budget.  This is a huge opportunity because now anyone who can afford to pay $149 a month has access to the best CPA review course on the market!

No Unlimited Access: Roger offers candidates 18-24 months of access to their online study materials. It would be great if they would offer Unlimited Access until you pass like some of their competitors, however 24 months is still plenty of time to complete all 4 sections of the CPA exam.



Wiley CPAexcel Review (Rank: #2)

Wiley CPAexcel Review Course


Bite-Sized Topics: Each section is broken down into small 30-45 minute sections which makes the CPA exam seem much less overwhelming. This is also great for anyone who has a full-time job or children and doesn’t have large chunks of time to study with.

TONS of Multiple Choice Questions: Wiley’s Platinum course includes over 12,000 multiple choice questions from previous CPA exams which is more than any other course on the market.  This allows you to get the repetition you need without worrying about seeing the same questions repeated over and over again.

Unlimited Use: Once you buy their course it NEVER expires. This includes unlimited use of practice tests, videos, quizzes, and all other course materials. They also provide free online course updates so you’ll never have to worry about studying with outdated materials.

Best For Independent Self Studiers: Wiley CPAexcel does not offer live classes and their student support is limited to a question board where it can take up to 24 hours to get a response. If you learn best from human interaction, or need one-on-one help, then this might not be the best fit.



Yaeger CPA Review (Rank: #3)

yaeger cpa


Best Customer Support: Yaeger’s Live Instructor Hotline provides responsive personal support that is superior to any other review course. This allows students to directly contact the instructors for help with any questions that arise while studying. Yaeger is famous for his promise, “Whether by phone or email – you can contact me and the other instructors personally almost anytime.”

Easy To Follow Lectures: The lectures include step by step instructions to ensure that students are clear about the subject material. Instructors work hundreds of multiple choice questions with you and help you navigate through those tricky problems which give you the repetition needed to be successful.

Old School Style of Lectures: Students with shorter attention spans may get bored by the traditional lecture videos. They are structured very much like most accounting classes you probably had in college and move a little slower than an independent self-study type of person might prefer.



Gleim CPA Review (Rank: #4)


Extensive Practice Tests: Gleim utilizes a variety of testing tools such as True/False quizzes, MCQ tests, Final Exam Reviews and Task Based Simulations to give you plenty of practice for the real deal. Their full review course includes over 9,200 multiple choice questions which is significantly more than any other CPA review course.

Audio Review: Gleim ‘s complete course includes an audio CPA review for each section of the CPA exam. These provide an excellent way to learn the material during non-traditional study times like driving to work and can be easily downloaded to your smart phone, iPod or mp3 player.

Very Detailed Content: The books are detailed and use quite a bit of technical jargon. While some people prefer a course that’s highly comprehensive,others feel overwhelmed from information overload.



Fast Forward Academy CPA Review (Rank: #5)

FFA Logo


Huge Study Bank: Fast Forward Academy has one of the largest databases of past exam questions which gives you over 6,300 multiple choice questions to practice on.  Their huge Study Bank guarantees that you won’t see the same recycled questions over and over again.

Personalized Learning System: Their course is not a one size fits all type of course, it actually caters to each student’s specific learning needs. As you progress through their course, data from your practice exams is collected and used to create personalized tests that target your weak areas.

No Video Lectures: Fast Forward Academy is not a guided review and doesn’t come with complete video lectures that explain the material.  They’ve recently released Video Explanations which walk you through the 50 most difficult questions from each section.  This is definitely a step in the right direction and should be a huge help for students who are visual learners.



Becker CPA Review (Rank: #6)

Becker CPA Review reviews


Structured and Organized: Both live and online classes are tightly structured. This allows students to build a routine around their studying schedule. On average their sections are a bit longer than other review courses, however they are formatted in a way that makes them seem less overwhelming.

 Study Materials: Becker’s software is fairly easy to navigate and the books were put together in a logical way. Their full course comes with 6,000 multiple-choice questions which is just above the industry average. They also offer 0% financing for the first 18 months with the purchase of their full course.

Very Expensive: Becker costs $3,400! This is by far the most expensive CPA review course and is DOUBLE the industry average. You will also have to pay extra fees to get updated materials or access your course again once it expires. If you can’t get your employer to pay for it, I’d definitely recommend checking out some of the other review courses that are of the same quality and much more affordable.




Surgent CPA Review (Rank: #7)

surgent cpa review course


Experienced Instructors: Surgent CPA Review instructors all have at least 15-20 years of experience teaching CPA exam candidates. They offer insightful strategies and study tips in their video lectures that they have accumulated through many years of teaching. Their videos are concise and to the pointwhich makes it easier to absorb and retain the information learned.

Money Back Guarantee: Sign up for a 3-day free trial of their course to get familiar with it before making any buying decisions.  They also offer a Money Back Guarantee, so if you complete their course and end up failing you eligible for a full refund.  This shows just how confident they are in their product and that they are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

New CPA Exam Prep Company: Surgent is fairly new to the CPA test prep industry so there isn’t a lot of student feedback about their course yet.  I will be watching them closely over the next year to see how students using their study materials perform on the CPA exam, so far it appears to be quite positive but the sample size is too small.



ExamMatrix CPA Review (Rank: #8)

Exammatrix CPA Review


More Affordable Review: You can get ExamMatrix’s complete 4-part CPA review for $899.  This price is less than the industry average and gives students with a tighter budget the chance to properly prepare for the CPA exam.

Embedded Textbooks: The ExamMatrix CPA Review textbooks are embedded in the course as ebooks. Most practice questions link to the page in the book which cover the relevant content. There is also a “homework” report you can run that will generate reading assignments based on your performance.

No Video Lectures: ExamMatrix is not a guided review course and doesn’t come with video lectures to help explain the material.  This isn’t such a big deal for those of you who prefer to self-study, but if you are a visual type of learner who learns best from having people explain things, then you might want to consider another course.

Guarantee Not Clear: The pass or refund guarantee they offer their students comes with an entire page of stipulations and fine print.  The complexity makes it appear as though it would be very difficult to qualify for the guarantee they offer.



Ninja CPA Review (Rank: #9)

ninja cpa review


Components Sold Separately: You don’t have to buy the whole course, only what you need. Ninja is an ideal supplement to other review courses because you can choose to purchase only the popular Ninja Notes, audio or video lectures, or the multiple choice question bank for additional practice.

Great Price: The price of Ninja CPA Review’s individual components is very affordable, so you can easily get extra practice for a relatively small investment. The Ninja Notes can be bought for just $67 per section, and the MCQ database is all yours for $497. Be sure to take advantage of the free demos on the website too!

Not Comprehensive: Students looking for a comprehensive and in-depth review course should look elsewhere. Ninja is best for students who are pretty confident in their skills and are just looking for extra practice to hone their skills before the exam.

Outdated Technology: The dashboard and design are outdated and the site is somewhat difficult to navigate. The multiple choice question database is also older and would benefit from some updates.



Lambers CPA Review (Rank: #10)

Lambers CPA Reviews


Money Back Guarantee Program: Lambers is the only review course that guarantees you will pass or your money back. The only stipulation is that you must fail the same exam twice before you can get a refund which seems completely reasonable for this type of rare offer.

Audio Course: The Lambers Audio courseware comes in both MP3 and CD formats. Also included are their resource CD’s which include Lambers Textbook as well as the instructor’s workbooks that they use throughout the lectures. The Audio Course is great for anyone who is an auditory learner as you will listen to professors work through hundreds of questions.

Lectures: Their lectures are pretty bland and can very easily put you to sleep. However, they do happen to be very organized and teach the material well. If you are looking for a CPA cure to your ADHD then this might not be the best fit for you.

User Feedback Is Scarce: There are a lot less posts and feedback from students who use this course. This is probably because they do not market their product as heavily as their competitors. Despite the small amount of discussion though the general response to their course has been somewhat positive especially for the Audit section.



MDS CPA Review (Rank: #11)



Steve Martin’s Teaching Style: Steve has been in the CPA exam game for almost 30 years and has a lot of teaching experience. He focuses on helping students understand the most important concepts that are likely to be tested on and doesn’t get too caught up on all the little stuff.

Video Lectures: As he teaches there are digital slides of the textbook on the screen to help you follow along. He uses an on-screen pen to underline the text as he talks which is not the most modern technology, however it does help keep to you focused more than a normal lecture.

Software Lacks Analytics: The homework software doesn’t have any analytic tools to point out the topics you score well on versus topics that you need to improve on. You are given a test score at the end of each practice exam but there are no other statistics or performance charts that break down your score into subsections.

Less Lecture Hours: The total course consists of 72 lecture hours which is considerably less than the other video review courses provide.  Perhaps he is trying to focus only on the most important concepts, but there’s a chance he could be skipping over some important material here.



CPA Review For Free (Rank: #12)


Lots of Multiple Choice Practice Questions: There are over 2,400 MCQ’s to work through covering all 4 sections of the CPA exam.  These are high quality questions and are similar to what you can expect to see on the actual exam. You are also able to create your own practice tests about a specific topic if you’d like.

It’s FREE!: No strings attached, just straight up free study material.  I was also impressed by how there are very few advertisements on the website, being that it’s free I was expecting to get bombarded with pop ads and other gimmicks.

Not A Full Review Course: This course would be great to use a supplement to your primary study materials, however I definitely would not suggest using CPA Review For Free by itself.  It’s not a guided review and there are no video lectures to help explain the material.


I hope this overview of CPA Review Courses has been helpful. If you would like a recommendation based on your specific background and experiences, drop me a note in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you shortly :)


Top CPA Review Courses
5 / 5 stars

    Good day

    Thanks very much for the site however I am yet confused which one provides the best textbooks with good explanation for self study.


    • Bryce

      I recommend Wiley CPAexcel’s textbooks. They have a lot of white space to write notes in and also have bite size sections that make the information easier to comprehend.


  • Naty

    CPAexcel is said that there is no expiration but if it says that it is expired, do you know the link of instant access? Thanks

    • Bryce

      Hi Naty,
      Contact CPAexcel’s customer support team, they are very helpful and will take care of that for you.

  • mae

    Your review was very extensive and interesting. I was initially contemplating about buying the Beckers review since that was the only review material I knew of. But after reading through everything, I’m considering the cpaexcel review. I have recently graduated from college but I’m not certain if I really learned the material. I’m a tactial and visual learner with a short attention span. I currently work as an accountant a company which sometimes makes me work long hours. I was hoping to get a final suggestions before making my purchase as I do have a tight budget. thank you!

    • Bryce

      Hi Mae,
      Based on your background I think CPAexcel would be a great fit for you. It’s definitely the best one for a short attention span (that’s why I studied with their course). Good luck with everything!

  • Vinay

    Hi Bryce
    Thanks a lot for putting this site. I have been like searching for information for about a month. You have made my job a lot easier now.
    May be you can help me with few queries I have ( I am new to US and did my all educations outside US; have 15 years work exp)
    – Does CPA institute prescribe any text books for each of the subjects? If not, how do we know what is in scope under each of the subjects (without going to the coaching/training centers)?
    – What text books would you suggest, as a self study material?


    • Bryce

      Hi Vinay,

      To find out what’s tested on the CPA exam go to the link below and click on “download”,

      As far as what study materials would be best for you it all depends on your learning style. Do you prefer to self-study or have an instructor explain things to you with video lectures? Do you have an extremely busy schedule? Do you prefer a more comprehensive course that covers every little detail that could be tested on the exam?

      These questions will give me a better idea of what course will be the best fit for you.

      • Vinay

        Thanks a lot for the quick response and sharing that link. It helps.
        I would prefer self study and have relatively busy schedule but do not travel much. Would prefer a comprehensive course that covers in detail each of the subjects. But would like to use the online facility to check/test my learning and progress.
        Please suggest the options that I can consider.


        • Bryce

          Yaeger would be a good option since it’s the most comprehensive course and covers all subjects in detail. CPAexcel would also be a good option if you prefer not to watch video lectures. Their textbooks are straightforward and easy to follow. I think these would be your best 2 options.

  • Sherry


    I have used Becker on the financial and audit section of the exam. I took Audit twice and Financial once. I have not passed them yet. There are items tested on the exam that I try to study, but seem to have trouble understanding the background of the material. Becker lectures do not provide much in examples, which I learn better from. What review course do you think would work for me?

    I will appreciate your advice!

    • Bryce

      From what you told me, Yaeger CPA Review would definitely be your best fit. They review many questions in their video lectures and really dig into the details about how to solve them as well as “WHY” you are solving them (gives you the background behind what you are doing and adds another layer of context to learn from).

      Keep working hard, you’ll be there soon!

  • Sonja

    Hi Bryce,

    All of your efforts to assist those of us yet to take the exams is greatly appreciated.

    I tried Becker a couple of years ago; it was the most boring, monotonous, and aggravating course I have ever sat through. The lessons were too slow, while the instructor spoke in a monotone and appeared to be parroting the textbook, word for word.

    When I reviewed the traits for learning type, I am classified in both the experience and visual categories; I learn best by reading and doing. I was a non-traditional student (graduating with a BSA in Dec. 2009 and an MSA in Aug. 2010) that works full-time, has a husband, and an 18-year-old son still living at home.

    Due to your guidance, I am leaning towards CPAexcel, but am still seriously considering FastForward. Both courses, on the surface, appear like they would be a good fit for me. I did not see that you had a review on FastForward, however, and am reluctant to make my final selection without more information from someone that has used both.

    Thank you for all of your assistance and guidance in navigating this tough decision and process!

    • Bryce

      Hi Sonja,
      CPAexcel is definitely going to be a better fit for you given your background. Fast Forward academy’s books are extremely dull and are written in a similar way as the IRS tax code, if you got bored with Becker’s course then you would definitely not like FFA’s.

      That’s great you are coming back to tackle the CPA exam again, let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the review. I was leaning toward purchasing Gleim until I called and the sales person said I couldn’t view the textbooks online, only physically, I could get the outlines in electronic format. After reading your review and comments, I now think CPA Excel is the best for me. I learn best by reading and don’t really care much for lectures (I get bored). Thanks again!!

  • Kevin Wagner

    Hey Bryce —

    I’m waiting on my Kaplan material, should be here this week. Do you have any suggestions or have you heard what people have had good luck with the exam? I’ve taken the exam about 5 years ago and didn’t pass so I’m trying again. Just looking how the best way to use my time, if they bought/used another study system as well, etc. Please let me know if you have any contacts or any advice.

    Kevin in WI!!

  • I have read the pros and cons of every CPA review course. This is the best site for deciding which course to buy. Thanks for upgraded knowledge.

    • Bryce

      Thanks Anil!

  • Masha Lazutkina

    Hello Bryce,

    I have graduated with Accounting degree 4 years go, so my memories/knowledge not that fresh sadly. My learning style includes reading and listening. I got very interested in CPAExcel yet I am wondering if it has any physical books that come with online materials. I also am interested in Gleim but I am wary that it can be too detailed and confusing since I haven’t taken accoutring classes for a while. I would not be able to rely on online lectures alone as I like to read as well.
    Which course do you think would fit me best?

    Thank you so much!

    • Bryce

      Hi Masha,
      CPAexcel packages do come with physical books as long as you don’t go with the online video self-study course. I like how CPAexcel’s books are layed out, small sections and easier to follow than Gleim’s. I’d recommend using their course since you prefer reading.

  • Bo

    Hey Bryce…not sure if you remember me but I asked a few questions earlier this year regarding CPAexcel which I ended up going with. I started studying with FAR and got about half way through the review and gave up. I know FAR is a beast but CPAexcel just was not cutting it for me I don’t think. I was studying a lot too like 120 hours at only half way…even printed out the slides and studied them while I drove to work (dangerous by the way)! I want to give the CPA exam another try but I’m thinking I need to go with a different review course. A guy I work with used Becker and liked it. I see you only gave it 3 stars…is that mainly because of the high cost? Since I purchased the CPAexcel which is a competitor of Becker, they are going to give me 50% of their package so I can get it for $1680 which is a good deal I believe. Also the live classes here in Raleigh are 100% live so I think that may be beneficial to me. It will force me to spend entire Saturdays studying. What are your thoughts? Is there a better program other than CPAexcel for $1700?
    Also have you heard of Ninja Notes? I think I may supplement the course with it instead of buying flashcards.


    • Bryce

      Hi Bo,
      Becker is solid course, but it really comes down to your learning style. If you prefer going into a physical classroom and cramming everything into 1 Saturday a week, then Becker might be a good choice. Another option you might consider is Yaeger CPA review. Their course is also based on the traditional classroom teaching style but it’s online. This would allow you to study a couple hours each day which will increase your memory retention more than studying once a week. Their course also has an Instructor Hotline where you can call in whenever you get stuck on a problem.

      Rather than buying flashcards or Ninja notes, I’d recommend making your own homemade flashcards from scratch. Writing things down is one of the best way to reinforce what you’ve learned and help you remember it.


  • Kim


    I have my undergrad from other country and graduated here in America with MBA and 4 accounting classes, plus taxation. Than, I found accounting job and decided to pursue further with CPA Review Course. I bought already CPA Excel all 4 parts, but still have a feeling that I missed something. For example, when I study the first lesson, I remember it, everything is OK, but when I go to the 10 lesson, I forgot everything about the first one, something like that. Perhaps, the important is to understand the concepts. I lost a hope, so I would appreciate to share some tips and advices for the learning process. Now I want to focus on the first part FAR. In that regards, I would like your opinion what will be the best for me now, to buy additionally Yaeger or Gleim test bank in order to understand the concept and the same time to review a lot of problems and simulations for the test.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Bryce

      Hi Kim,
      Before buying an additional CPA review course I would try and change the way you are studying with CPAexcel. If you are having a hard time remembering previous sections I would recommend making hand made flashcards after each section. I would review these every week so all the important information is refreshed in your memory on a consistent basis. If you still think you need a new review course after doing this I would go with Yaeger and be sure to watch all his Videos because he covers all the material very thoroughly which might better fit your learning style.
      Keep your eye on the prize, it’s worth it,

  • Yvonne

    What course would you recommend for someone that has been out of school for almost 30 years but worked in general accounting. I have taken Becker review course over 25 years ago but failed all 4 parts of the exam and never went back. What CPA review would you recommend? I feel that I prefer to interact/watch video vs having to read through the material on my own, I like to be able to call with questions.

    • Bryce

      Hi Yvonne,
      With your background I would definitely recommend going with Yaeger. Their course is more comprehensive than most and it’s great at breaking down questions step-by-step in an easy to follow way. They are also the only course where you can call in and get access to an expert to help you answer any questions you have about the material (Instructor Hotline).


  • Nit


    I have a horrible attention span, but I do not want to sacrifice comprehensiveness for conciseness. CPAexcel is the most appealing, but does it go over materials thoroughly?

    What are your thoughts on complimenting Gleim test bank with CPAexcel review?

    Thank you,


    • Bryce

      Hi Nit,

      Yes, CPAexcel covers all the exam material thoroughly. Complimenting their course with the Gleim test bank would be a great way to study and will give you more than enough questions to practice on.


  • Orry


    I am about to graduate with my MBA with a focus on accounting and an undergrad in accounting December 2013. I have decided I really want to pursue a CPA license. I definitely feel like I need to understand the concepts more before attempting to take the exam. I have done very well in college but I still think there is a lot of room for growth in understanding the concepts. The reason I did well in college is because I was a pretty good test taker and I know how to study hard until I understand it. The problem is, most of my test in college were centered around the mathematical side of accounting, rather than the concepts. I feel very behind in understanding the concepts of accounting. Which course would you recommend? Right now I believe the Yaeger Course is the best option. Mainly because of the depth and that is what I need. The price is also a benefit.

    Please let me know your thoughts,

    • Bryce


      Based on your background and what you just told me I would say that Yaeger CPA Review is definitely your best option. Their course will help you better understand the conceptual side of accounting as well as guide you through problems step by step. If you were a good test taker in college, then you will have a great shot at passing the CPA exam studying with Yaeger.
      Good luck on your journey,

  • Nikhil

    I have read your reviews on each and every CPA prep, but I am still confused to choose from Yaeger, CPAexel or Roger.

    I am an Indian, with a TOEFL score of 100 (IBT).

    I have not been in touch with books since graduating 5 years ago. I have been working as wealth manager in a bank, which has not allowed me to stay in touch with accounting, auditing etc.

    Please suggest me which prep I should select.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Bryce

      Hi Nikhil,
      Most people that have been out of school for a while do very well with Yaeger CPA Review, foreign students in particular seem to be successful with their course. This is because their videos go into details about how to solve problems and break it down step-by-step. However, if you do not learn well from watching the video lectures I would recommend CPAexcel. This course is better for self-studiers who want to go at their own pace and don’t learn best from reading the textbook and doing multiple choice questions.

  • Bren

    Hi Bryce,

    Your site is excellent – very informative. I would like your advise on sequencing my exam dates/months. I have included a table below to show several options. I am thinking of going with option 3 and start studying last week of July or beginning of August.

    I am out of school 15years now and prefer a self study text book format.

    Your advise will be much appreciated. Many thanks.

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
    Aug -13
    Jan -14
    Nov-14 FAR

    • Bryce

      Hi Bren,
      I don’t quite understand how to read your chart or what option 3 is. Can you be more specific? Regardless of your starting point, I recommend starting as soon as possible. If you prefer self-study textbook format your best option for a CPA review course is CPAexcel. Let me know how else I can help you.

  • Beth

    Choosing a review is so overwhelming. I have been out of college for almost 15 years. I have been in corporate accounting and in the last year have moved into public accounting. My masters is in Taxation and it has always been one of my favorite accounting fields. Could you please recommend a course for me? I do better with audio/visual learning. I do not want videos of someone reading the printed outline to me. I can read myself even though it sometimes puts me to sleep. I would love to knock this out in a year’s time and I have a young child along with a full-time job. I noticed Bisk did not make your top 10. Is that a course in which I need to steer clear? Just curious as to what course you recommend for people in my situation. Thank you.

    • Bryce

      Hi Beth,

      Since you work full-time as well as have a kid I would definitely recommend CPAexcel. Their software is very user friendly and their content is broken down into small sections that you could knock out in about 30 minutes. Bisk’s overall course needs to be improved on many levels, it is outdated and doesn’t provide anywhere near the value that you would get from a course like CPAexcel, Yaeger, or Roger. Good luck in your journey and let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Alison

    I used this site to choose my exam review. I passed all four sections on the first try. I credit crushthecpaexam with having the information I needed to choose the best review course for me. Without this web site, I would not have known where to begin when choosing a review.

    I used CPA Excel along with CPA Review for Free. By the way, CPA Excel has begun offering “live” classes online for a few areas. I haven’t used them as they began as I was finishing my exams.

    • Bryce

      You seriously rock Alison!

      Way to knock them all out the first time through! Thanks for the shout out and showing CRUSH some love :) Glad I could point you in the right direction, but it was definitely all the hard work you put into studying that finally paid off. You just reminded me of how amazing I felt after passing my last exam, doesn’t it feel good?!


  • Ash

    Hey there!

    I’m trying to pick a review course that is right for me. Everyone has different learning styles and I want to be 100% satisfied with any review course I’m going to be investing so much time in.

    Its really come down to Yaeger and Roger. Yaeger seems to review the material so you understand it. Roger teaches by mnemonics which I used repeatedly when studying for my accounting courses. I guess my question is- does Roger ‘teach’ the way Yaeger does? I love Roger’s personality, I believe it would keep me interested and on task, but I want to make sure I understand it too.

    I’ve sat on this for a week and I would love some guidance! I’ve read so many reviews and suggestions. I know its between these two courses but I need more information on Roger’s teaching style. Please help! Any advice would be WONDERFUL. =)



    • Bryce

      Hey Ash,

      Yaeger and Roger’s lectures are on opposite ends of the spectrum. It sounds like you really like Roger, his videos are definitely more engaging. The main thing I want to point out is that he has a much faster pace of teaching than Yaeger. International students and people who have been out of school for a while tend to struggle with this, however, many people love him exactly for this reason, he doesn’t give you time to get bored and will keep you focused. The fact that you have used mnemonics on your own in the past is definitely a good sign that you will be successful with his course.


  • Kay

    Thanks for the great reviews and comparisons among all these CPA review firms. I’ve a Bachelor degree in Accounting and have been out of school for 3 years. I’m currently working as a Staff Accountant in a non-profit, so, I don’t have much experiences in Corporate Audit or Taxation. I purchased all 4 parts from Yaeger, used it for BEC and missed by a few points. After not passing on my 1st attempt, I stopped for awhile. I’m about to get together to finish my CPA exams and hoping to find a review course that is best fit for me.

    I’m not sure if I should stay with Yaeger or switch to CPAexcel. I think Yaeger’s lectures are great because the instructors explain almost everything to you. However, I felt like it took me a lot of attentions to stay focus. From your reviews, I’m interested in CPAexcel’s bite-size lectures and the unlimited use. Since its lectures are not as detail as Yaeger, I wonder if it provides everything that I need. Also, I know a lot of people use Becker and think it’s a bit pricey for me. However, I’m willing to pay the price if it works.

    Bryce, can you please advise me on this?

    Many thanks in advance!!

    • Bryce

      Hi Kay,

      If you learn best from watching video lectures, I would recommend going with Roger CPA Review. His lectures are much more entertaining than Yaeger’s and will hold your attention better.

      If you learn well from reading the text and taking practice exams, then CPAexcel would be a better fit for you. Their textbooks focus more on the important sections that are likely to be tested on, rather than cover every possible topic that could show up on the test. Their bite-sized sections also make it easier to retain information and not get hung up on the little details. However, their videos are rather dry and their course is best for people who are good at self-study.

      Becker would be a waste of money in my opinion. Their textbooks have colorful pages :-/ I’d expect more for paying twice the price. Hope this helps,

  • Jaime

    I am frustrated as I just found out that i failed REG with a 67. I took AUD in April and scored the dreaded 74. I am now wondering if i picked the wrong review course. I am using Wiley books, Wiley test bank and focus notes. I have always done well with independent study and felt like i was understanding the concepts as I studied. I am not use to failing something I put lots of effort into so i am wondering if this is not meant to be for me. I scored well on the Wiley final exams but the questions on the CPA exams were nothing like I had seen. The simulations were awful and were so strange I don’t even know where to look to find the information to help me in case I was to see the same questions again on my next attempt. The info is definitely not in my books. Any advice or help is appreciated.

    • Bryce

      Hi Jaime,
      I have talked to many other students in your position that have had the same problem from using Wiley on it’s own, you are not alone. Wiley is a great resource to use as a supplement to study with, however, as a primary study course it is not the most effective. Just like you, I have typically done well with self-studying and prefer it to actually going to class or listening to lectures.

      My advice to you would be, don’t get discouraged, and go get a more thorough review course that will prepare you for what’s actually on the exam. The best self-study course out there in my opinion is CPAexcel, trust me, I’ve tried them all! Gleim is also good for self-study if you are looking to save a little money but I find that their textbooks are quite similar to Wileys.

      Most CPA candidates wouldn’t even dare just going with Wiley as their primary study source, and the fact that you came so close doing it tells me that you are very smart, you just need to give yourself the right tools.

      Keep me posted on what you decide to do, I’d love to hear back from you.

  • Van

    After reading your review courses on Crush and looking on every options possible, I finally ordered the Excel review two days ago.

    I went back to visit Fast Forward Academy CPA review website that I mentioned on the last email and realized that they do not sale video lectures. As you said on Crush, lectures are helping for any weak subjects. I did go to school in French in Canada and I’m convinced that the video lectures would definitely help when needed.

    Had the info that flash cards could be printed out from the subject online (Flash cards are updated online and this take little more time to update the paper cards.. thats what I was told) while placing the Excel review order on the phone. I saved the money for the paper set and for the shipping. Also, I was eligible for the student discount $360 and I chose the $200 rebate instead of the Ipad mini for free. After deductions, the Excel gold medal course cost was $1240 US. Great deal when comparing to Becker (my previous review course considered before finding your website) more than $4000 for the same materials.

    I am visiting very often (some days, several times and I’m not trying to please you) your wonderful website. I think saying thank you thousands of times would never be enough for your generosity and guidance. I learn everyday more overthere. I am saving money and also wont waiste my time while studying. I will be able to focus on the important things. I will have to work really hard to understand terminologies, meaning of phrases (especially on mcq) in the english accounting world and with your tips, I feel passing CPA exams is doable.

    I like the ”Accountants Best Defense: We’re not boring people. We just get excited over boring things” in the CPAs Jokes on Crush. Very true, LOL !!!

    • Bryce

      Thanks for the sending CRUSH some love Van! Haha, we are not boring people for sure!

  • Jen


    I have narrowed down the options to Becker and Yaeger (unless you suggest otherwise). What would be your recommendation? I know the con with Becker is the price, but that is not an issue for me since my company agreed to cover those expenses.

    I am simply looking for the best review course for my needs. I am not the best test taker. I was that student who went to class everyday (I couldn’t miss a class without feeling lost), studied for tests longer than the average student (retention is my weakness), finally knew the information like the back of my hand, then froze on test days. With that being said, I feel like a solid structure is key. A course that is in a similar format as the exam would help me. I also do well at retaining the information when I take notes and do examples.


    • Bryce

      Hi Jen,

      Since you are most comfortable learning in a classroom environment, I would suggest going with Yaeger CPA review. Yaegers video lectures are the most thorough out of all the review courses and they are very good at explaining things in an easy to follow, step-by-step approach. Definitely check out some of the free video lectures on their website before committing though to make sure you are comfortable with his teaching style.


  • drcpa

    Thank you for your review, it helped me a lot
    but i want to ask about what is the best review textbook for read
    i don’t have time to watch i want to review by reading
    Thanks again

    • Bryce

      CPAexcel’s textbooks are fairly easy to follow along with and work very well with their MCQ practice exams. Their Classic Self-Study course package doesn’t include the video lectures and costs around $1,000 for all 4 sections. Wiley’s textbooks are also good but they are more comprehensive so I wouldn’t recommend them without having a guided video lecture to explain the material (Roger and Yaeger both use Wiley textbooks).

  • Dom

    Hey Bryce,
    The review you did was an awesome job. You’ve taken a major players in the CPA review course realm and showed us pros and cons.
    I am planning to take the CPA at the same time as working an accounting job. I feel like I need to learn a lot of the material for each part since I do not think I have the foundation of all the information. I want to be able to understand the material and not just strategies on how to pass the test. Bryce what would you recommend is a good review course for me?
    Thank you and keep up the good work!!


    • Bryce

      Thanks Dom!
      From your information it seems like Yaeger would be the best fit for you. Their course emphasizes understanding the concepts and is more comprehensive than the others. Since you will be working full time, check out this new blog post I think you will find it helpful,

  • warda


    Thank you very much for your help and your web site .

    I am trying to get a CPA .
    It is been 10 years since I graduated college with a BS in Finance .
    and I never worked in the field area. I took some courses with CGA
    in accounting .
    I was wondering if you could help me out with choosing the right program for me.

    • Bryce

      Hi Warda,

      With your background I would go with Yaeger CPA Review. They have a great support hotline to help you with any of your questions and their video lectures are easy to follow along. I’ve noticed that people who have been out of school for a while or don’t work in the accounting field do very well with their course.


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  • Felipe Sousa

    Bryce, terrific job you’ve done here! I was desperate trying to find a good and unbiased comparison and finally I reached it. The side by side was just what I was looking for. I will definitely recommend this site. You’re going to have a lot more of clicks! I like a lot Roger’s approach, the problem is the limited duration…Alternatively, in terms of lectures with a professor teaching the concepts and explaining the calculations I guess Yaeger should be a proper choice, right? What’s your opinion? Thanks a lot and congrats for this site.

    • Bryce

      Rock on Felipe, thanks for the support!! Well it seems you pretty much nailed it in your summary.. Roger = More engaging, faster moving lectures Vs. Yaeger = More comprehensive, goes over practice questions in more detail in a step by step format. The 2 things that stand out about Yaeger are 1) Instructor Hotline, you can call in and get personal help over the phone from an expert, and 2) You have unlimited access to their materials with no time limitation. I can’t tell you which one is best for you personally, but in general, Yaeger delivers more overall value and support which will come in handy if you come across a section that makes you feel totally lost (I had several of these). Hope this helps buddy, cheers!

  • Ingrid G

    Hi Bryce:
    Can you also help me decide wich CPA review is the right for me. It’s been 7 years since I graduated college with a BS in Accountancy. I work for the Local Government for 7 years now and my experience is of one year in Budget Office, one in Internal Audit and 4 years in General Accounting, processing Overhead and Retirement estimate accounts. I work long hours. I learn better thru audio and visual material. I get very tired and loose concentration when reading though. People in the office are using BECKER review. They said their passing rate is high because of their approach to memorize and the updated material. I have been listening to Yaeger CPA radio and like his style though. I tried Roger Philips live class for one day but too fast paced for me. Please give me your comments and recommendation.


    • Bryce

      Hi Ingrid,
      Yaeger CPA Review would be a great course for you. Yaeger is great for people who have been out of school a while since it is comprehensive and they go over many examples in their videos. They also have an Instructor hotline you can call to get help on any problems.

  • Anu Pinni

    Thank you so much for the comparison. I might go for CPA excel as I work full time and have kids. But would like to try 14 day trial to see if I really want to invest in it. What is the best discount one can get on full course of CPA excel? I greatly appreciate your help on this. Thanks a bunch!

    • Bryce

      Sounds like a good plan Anu! You can use the coupon code: SPRING-CRUSH , this will give you $100 off any full CPA excel course and can also be used with the 20% student discount they offer. This coupon code can also be used with the current promotion on their website where you can get a free iPad with the purchase of a full course! Pretty sweet deal but it ends on April 11th.


  • Margarita

    I’ve just stumbled upon these reviews while looking for CPA review course to take for myself. It’s been 5 years since I graduated and it took me that long to finally put my act together to get a CPA license.

    I was originally going with Becker, only because couple of people recommended it to me but after I saw the price of the program, I seriously doubt my company will cover it even at 50%… but my company is willing to reimburse some of the cost.

    I was wondering if you could help me out with choosing the right program for me, a person who only has financial hands-on experience and it’s been awhile since I got out of college to remember anything accounting related. I have never worked with tax or audit so I will have to probably cover a lot, and in depth, all the material in order to be able to pass. I am more of a visual person and learn better thru reading the material and repetition.

    Thank you, by the way, for putting these reviews together and presenting all the courses in such a neat comparison format. It has been a great help but it’s still tough for me to choose.

    Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!

    • Bryce

      Hi Margarita,

      Given your background I would recommend Yaeger CPA Review. Their course includes a live instructor hotline you can call and actually talk to an expert on the phone who can help you through any difficult sections you come across. I’ve found that their course is also a bit more comprehensive than the others and caters to people who haven’t taken any formal accounting classes for a while. Thanks for the support and let me know if I can answer any more questions for you!


  • Arshad

    Hi Bryce,
    I appreciate the efforts you invested in reviewing the various courses and giving your valuable feedback.Can you suggest a course for me , if i would say that i am good in audio learning?
    I will appreciate your reply.

    • Bryce

      Thanks Arshad,

      If you are looking to use an audio course to as your primary study source then I would recommend going with Lambers CPA Review iPod Course. If you only want to use the audio portion to supplement your studies then the Yaeger/Wiley CPA Impact Audio Series would be your best bet (this course averages 12 hours of lecture time per section compared to Lambers iPod course which averages about 35 hours per section). I have written a brief description about both in this blog post,


  • alyssa

    really good descriptions of the cpa courses!! this is going to help me in my decision. i am thinking of going with yaeger or rogers.

    • Bryce

      Good to hear Alyssa! Both are very good options!

  • Christa

    Thanks for doing this review and comparison. I felt that it was well done, objective, and useful. I stumbled on this site and initially expected it to prompt me for payment (lol) to get the heart of the information, but no, it was genuinely free and put here to help people like me! Being a bit on the unprepared side, I didn’t even know that so many CPA review courses existed, let alone a free one! My employer has ordered Gleim for me, which based on your review seems like it will work okay, but I’m now also thinking of trying out the free review and maybe suplementing with CPA Excel on my weaker areas. Thanks so much!


    • Bryce

      Thanks Christa! Good luck in your studies let me know if I can answer any questions you have along the way :)

  • JohnB.

    Kudos the first of it’s kind in comparison shopping of various CPA courses for review.
    After 3 masters Acctg(undergrad & grad courses)/Corporate Finance etc. My brain is
    over fried literally……..then I say to myself now the CPA review courses needed more
    brain frying! Cost and time management and surviving day to day in this uncertain
    economy!! Wow! thank you for the posting this vital and superb analysis to date it is
    well appreciated.
    Geez! if I can only make a decision and go to it! Any suggestions (smilin)


    • Bryce

      Thanks for the rockstar comment John! Glad I could save you some hassle and time, sounds like you’ll do just fine on the CPA exam with your background! Let me know if I can help in any way.

  • Tasha Barnes

    Thank you for taking the time to put together this comparison. I am not sure which review I will use yet but I will keep you posted :)


    • Bryce

      Thanks Tasha, that would be great please let me know which one you went with and how it works out for ya!

  • Marissa

    I just wanted to say thank you for putting this website together. I stumbled along this page after days of scowering the internet trying to find the right CPA review course and found it very difficult to find an unbiased opinion.

    After reading all of your reviews I finally decided upon CPAexcel and couldn’t be more happy! I’ve been using it for 3 months now and just found out I passed FAR!

    Your review was both honest and really liked how you talked about the pros and cons of each course rather than just trying to sell me a bunch of different products.

    I will definitely tell my coworkers about your site and thanks for your awesome blog posts lately!! Very Inspiring stuff!
    -Marissa :)

    • Bryce

      Thank you for your kind words Marissa, there is nothing I enjoy more than getting a heartfelt comment like this! Please don’t be shy, if you have any questions about the exam or need a boost of motivation I’d love to help out.


  • Kristen

    MDS Steve Martin’s CPA Review is an excellent CPA Review, too. He writes his own materials, focuses on what you need to know and provides flashcards, the homework is similarly formatted to the CPA test, so you feel prepared, great price with discounts available, entertaining lectures, responds quickly to your questions, and free repeat option.

    • Bryce

      Thanks for your input Kristen, I will definitely look into it!

  • Michael D.

    Thanks for the CPA review comparison chart, very helpful! I Agree, Becker is robbery.

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