Audio CPA Review Courses

Audio MP3 CPA Review CoursesOne of the most versatile ways to prepare for the CPA exam is through an audio based CPA review course. This flexible course format allows you to learn almost anywhere you go and at your own pace.

There is huge opportunity here for you to transform your most mundane tasks like doing your laundry and commuting to work, into a valuable study session. Here is an overview of the leading CPA audio review courses on the market today.

Roger CPA Audio Course

Overall Rating:

Roger CPA Review’s audio course is the most effective audio course on the market because the lectures are energetic and entertaining. Roger Phillip is the instructor of this course and his upbeat personality actually makes studying for the CPA exam somewhat interesting because he’s able to inject some life into the subject matter.

His fast-paced lectures will keep you from falling asleep and he even throws in the occasional joke or pun just to make sure you aren’t nodding off. If I had to pick one audio course this would definitely be my first choice. The course is available in an MP3 format and focuses only on the most heavily tested CPA exam topics.  Below is breakdown of the different sections:

AUD (9 hrs): $115

BEC (7 hrs): $115

FAR (16 hrs): $115

REG (11 hrs): $115

All 4 Sections (43 hrs): $449


Lambers CPA Audio Course

Overall Rating:

This courseware comes in a CD format which you can download to your computer and sync to your IPod. Also included is a resource CD that has the Lambers Textbook in PDF format on it as well any workbook the professors use during the lecture. The cost of each section is $210.

This course offers a more comprehensive and in-depth audio review than anyone else and was created to serve as your primary study course rather than supplemental material. This course is delivered in an mp4 format which means you can either watch the video lectures right on your iPod or just listen to the audio in your headphones. Here is a breakdown of each section:

REG (36 hrs): $310

FAR (45 hrs): $310

BEC (28 hrs): $310

AUD (27 hrs): $310


Wiley & Yaeger Audio Lectures

Overall Rating:

Wiley CPA Review and Yaeger CPA Review have teamed up to create their own audio review course. Their course is available in an MP3 format and can also be streamed online or on a mobile device. The course length and price is structured almost exactly the same as Roger’s audio course, but I found this one rather dry and boring in comparison.  Below is the breakdown of each section:

AUD (4 hrs): $125

BEC (11 hrs): $125

FAR (18 hrs): $125

REG (13 hrs): $125

All 4 Sections (46 hours): $445


Bisk CPA Audio Tutor

Overall Rating:

The full course costs $520 and only comes in a CD-rom format (no mp3 download). Judging by the quality of their computerized review course I would say that this is a terrible investment. However, I have not personally used it yet so if you or any of your friends made the mistake of buying these CD-rom discs I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below ;)



If you looking for an audio course to supplement your primary study materials then I would definitely suggest the Roger CPA Audio Course.  I’ve listened to several of the audio lectures myself and found them be educational and entertaining at the same time (not easy to do when talking about accounting).

Roger’s audio course reviews all the important material that is most likely to be tested on and would serve an excellent resource to use as a final review before your upcoming exam.


CPA Audio Review Courses
5 / 5 stars

  • Gayle

    I am currently studying for the FAR and ordered the 2013 Yaeger audio lectures. I have to say I wish I hadn’t have spent the $125 on it that I did. Phil Yaeger is a terrible speaker. He constantly peppers his talking points saying “a-right” (short for alright, I suppose) to the point where it distracts me from the points he’s trying to make. Additionally, in the middle of a certain topic, he’ll think of something else and begins talking about that, eventually backtracking to the original topic. Worst of all, he frequently makes errors when explaining something and has to go back and correct what he said. So, while you’re focusing on his explanation of a certain accounting method, you’re having to shift gears and listen to a new explanation. Additionally, the woman (I can’t recall her name) that does some of the lectures sounds like she’s frequently muffling the microphone and moving her mouth away as well as speaking WAY too fast. Sometimes she sounds like she has the microphone right up against her lips. So, Mr. Yaeger really needs to improve on his speaking habits, make sure he is not giving misinformation, and the woman on that tape needs to slow down and be consistent with the volume of her speech. One good thing about the lectures is that they do repeat information a lot so the repetitive nature is helpful.

    • Bryce

      Thanks for your honest review Gayle. I think this will be quite helpful to a lot of people.

  • tam

    Have you heard of ninja audio? I was looking for an audio format to supplement CPA Excel while I’m at work. and was debating between Yaeger and Ninja Audio. Any input would be appreciated.


    • Bryce

      Hey Tam,
      No never heard of ninja audio or gotten any feedback on that from anyone yet, would be great if you would keep me posted on which one you go with and how you like it!

    • Heather

      Hi Tam,

      I am debating between Wiley and Ninja Audio as well. Did you end up choosing one and how did you like it??


  • Kevin

    Hey Bryce, just wanted to give you a quick update. I ended up ordering the Lambers iPod course for AUD and am very happy with it. Wiley’s Audio only provides 5 hours of content compared to Lambers 27 hours so this was a much better deal. Gonna take the exam next testing window and feel like I’ll be ready for it!

    Thanks for all the info,


    • Bryce

      Right on! Glad it worked out for you man. Thanks for the update, hope you Crush it in Feb!

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the tip Bryce! I commute for almost 10 hours each week and had no idea that a decent audio course existed to help study for the CPA exam. Gonna order the Wiley one soon I’ll report back and let you know what I think.

    • Bryce

      That would awesome Kevin, thanks for thinking of the group and sharing with us. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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