Roger CPA vs Yaeger CPA Review

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roger vs yaeger

Yaeger CPA Review and Roger CPA Review are both very good courses. However, there are both very different and play to different strengths. After using both of these courses, I have found some significant differences that you should know about before selecting the right review course for you.

Roger CPA vs. Yeager Comparison ChartCourse Access |Practice QuestionsCourse ContentSoftware Updates

Let’s take a look at these courses side by side so we can compare the textbooks, software, practice tests, and many other important features that can help you determine which course to pick.

Roger CPA Review vs. Yaeger CPA Cost

Both Yaeger and Roger have comparable prices, with Roger being slightly more expensive. Both courses have different course options where you can purchase different packages or individual study tools, like the Yaeger cram course or Roger’s audio lectures.

Yaeger’s full CPA Review course costs $1,199 or only $349 for an individual part. Roger would cost you a little bit more since it’s full Premier course costs $2,095 and the individual parts are $595. Also, you will have to pay a $50 admin fee with Roger, but not with Yaeger.

Both courses offer financing plans. For Roger, you can be select a payment option at checkout in the form of 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments with rates from 10-30%, depending on your credit. To find out how you can set up an interest free payment plan with Yaeger, you need to call 1-800-824-2811 ext. 6.

*These are prices for Yaeger Full Course and Roger Premier, which are the most popular courses of the respective test preps

The Bottom Line: Yaeger CPA is more affordable when compared to Roger CPA, and when it comes to financing options, Yaeger is an even clearer choice.

Winner: Yaeger CPA

Roger vs. Yaeger Course Expiration and Access

With Roger’s Premier package, you will receive an additional 6 month extension for a total of 24 months of course access. But, if you need to repeat the course, you will have to pay $417. This is a huge pain if you fail and can’t afford to switch review courses.

Yaeger’s full course also comes with 24 months of access. Unlike Roger, you can repeat the course as many times as you like free of charge.

The Bottom Line: Yaeger offers the same course access (if not more course access) plus a free course access extension if you need more time.

Winner: Yaeger

Roger vs. Yaeger CPA Review Practice Questions

Roger’s CPA Review comes with 5,000 multiple choice practice questions and 200 task-based simulations. Yaeger loses to Roger here since Yaeger has 4,300 practice multiple choice questions and 164 task-based simulations.

Practice questions are the most important step in your CPA preparations and Yaeger lacks the ample amount of practice questions that Roger has.

Winner: Roger CPA Review

CPA Review Flashcards

Roger’s flashcards are included only in the elite package. You can buy the printed flash cards from Roger for $139.80, or buy the individual sets for $29.95 each ($49.95 for the FAR section). If you don’t want the physical flashcards, you can get the digital version in the form of an app that you can access on your iPhone or iPad (not available on Android devices).

Yaeger’s full course comes equipped with digital flashcards that help you study on the go. Or if you want to buy just the flashcards, you can purchase all four sections for $79.99. The downside to Yaeger’s flashcards is that they are only in a digital format. This may not be a problem for you, but the physical flashcard is necessary for some studiers.

Study Tip: Don’t buy flashcards, make them! You will retain much more information by creating the flashcards yourself and writing out all the definitions you need to remember.

Winner: Yaeger

Roger vs. Yaeger Course Formats

Roger CPA Review comes in three different study packages: Select, Premier, and Elite. These range from $1,695 to $2,895. Each package comes with 100+ hours of recorded lectures, electronic and printed textbooks, full-length practice exams, 5,000+ multiple choice questions, study planners, and free updates. The Roger Elite course comes with much more study content, like the audio lectures and cram course.

The audio lectures of Roger’s CPA review course are hands down the best study tool to have. On their own, the audio lectures cost $449. These are great if you are an auditory learner or need to be able to study on the go. All you need are some headphones and a MP3 device to be able to study at the gym, on your way to work, or wherever else your busy schedule takes you.

Yaeger is much more old school in its course format. The traditional video lectures are pretty boring and are structured like most basic accounting classes. This can be a big problem for you if you have trouble staying motivated and engaged.

The Bottom Line: Compared to Roger, the Yaeger course is quite dull and dry and I found it hard to stay focused.

Winner: Roger

Software and Content Updates

Yaeger CPA Review does not come with free course updates and you will have to pay around $125 to update each part if needed. This can be a big bummer if you haven’t been passing and you need the current study material.

No need to worry about software and content updates with Roger. Anytime you need the newest version of the course, you can get an update for free with Roger and start studying with the most current material.

Winner: Roger CPA


So which course is better? Both have awesome features and have a lot to offer. For me, the high engagement and audio lectures with Roger make it a better course. Also, Roger offers more practice questions which are crucial in passing the CPA Exam. In this case, spending a little more pays off a lot.

The decision ultimately comes down to you. You need to pick the course that will best fit with your learning style so you can study efficiently and effectively. Good luck and crush that CPA Exam!



Yaeger vs. Roger CPA Comparison