Change Your Life for the Better by Becoming a CPA

Change Your Life for the Better by Becoming a CPA

My decision to become a CPA has proven to be one of the best I’ve ever made. All the hard work, sacrifice, and sweat I put into passing the CPA exam seems trivial compared to the many benefits its produced. It has landed me multiple job offers from both private and public companies as well as given me new opportunities that I couldn’t even fathom just a few short months ago.

Right now I am typing this from the 84th floor of the Baiyoke Tower, the tallest building in Bangkok, Thailand.  This amazing city is now the place I call home, at least for the next year or so : ) This life changing experience is a direct result of getting my CPA license, which gave my clients the confidence to let me take my work and do it anywhere in the world.   I realize that I am very blessed and not everyone has this kind of flexibility with their job, then again, I didn’t either until I became a CPA.

Traveling is only one of the many perks that come with the territory. Here are some more reasons why I think you should consider joining the ranks as a CPA:

Stack that Paper

Many companies offer their employees’ a large bonus upon receiving their CPA license, generally anywhere from $2k-5k. That’s a pretty nice chunk of cash especially for you recent college graduates out there. However, a bonus is only the tip of the iceberg when compared to the long-term gains from having a CPA salary versus having a normal accounting salary.  A recent survey conducted by revealed that the average staff accountant salary is $40,000 while that same position held by a CPA received an average of $49,000!

Skyrocket Up The Ladder

The problem with climbing up the ladder at work is that it takes too long. By becoming a CPA you can launch yourself past all those “climbers” and into the promotional spotlight. It proves to your boss that you are willing to work harder and sacrifice more than your co-workers.

Work For Yourself

If working for the man doesn’t fit your personality then becoming a CPA is your path to freedom. Once licensed you can open up shop and start a firm of your own! A couple of my friends who have gone this route recently told me that although they are only scraping by with business from a handful of friends and family, they are absolutely loving it compared to the corporate jobs they just left.

High Demand

You will be able to sleep better at night knowing that your CPA title is something required by almost every business in America. This consistent demand of highly skilled workers provides you with one of the most secure occupations in the country.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you have already started down your path to be a CPA then keep at it, work hard, and know that the reward is much greater than the sacrifice.  If you are still undecided then perhaps the King of Rock n’ Roll himself can point you in the right direction, “I have no use for bodyguards, but I have very specific use for two highly trained certified public accountants.” -Elvis Presley