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Yaeger CPA Review recently updated its product line to prepare students for the changes in the 2017 CPA exam. Several new features have been added to make Yaeger’s course more up to date with their technology.

The company’s founder, Phil Yaeger, has been teaching CPA candidates since 1977 and focuses on providing excellent customer service. Their brand-new AdaptaPASS course asks for student input about learning styles and study preferences in order to generate a unique dashboard and learning experience for each client.


1. Interactive Student Portal

The Yaeger online student portal allows students to generate a customized calendar and study planner, watch interactive video lectures, check course progress, move between study modules, get access to instructors, and access the Testbank and quizzes.

After asking clients a few questions about their user and learning preferences, the course creates a custom dashboard. Choices include more or fewer readings, short summaries or more detailed explanations of correct answers, a large number of practice questions and questions about your day-to-day schedule.

The interactive course has features that work together: while you are watching a video, related textbook content will appear in one neighboring window and related multiple choice questions will appear in another. If you are in the Book Learning Focus module, content in other windows constantly changes to reflect the information you are reading in the main online textbook window.

2. AdaptaPASS

The dashboard reflects Yaeger’s new AdaptaPASS format, which was designed to give students a customized learning platform and experience. Computer adaptive learning drives the creation of each student’s individual course and shapes their learning experience by presenting students with study modules that reflect their performance in previous modules.

Yaeger explains that the system “gets smarter” as students use it thanks to predictive technology that identifies strengths and weaknesses and uses that information to tailor the course to each student’s needs. In other words, each student’s study history influences the recommendations for what they should study next.

In this way, students receive personalized recommendations for specific video lectures, audio lectures, textbooks, and customized quizzes and exams to help them study those topics on the exam that they find the most challenging. With AdaptaPASS, you get access to unlimited videos, CRAMs (final wrap-up review courses), audio and the updated test bank that reflects the new format of the new CPA exam.

3. Flexibility

The course materials are available in four different formats: DVD, USB, Online, and Mobile Device.

There are no limitations on the number of computers you can download them to and there are no access restrictions on the course materials or videos.

4. CPA Cram Course Options

CRAM courses are available both on and offline and can be bought separately if you do not want to buy the complete course. The complete CRAM video series is available to you 24/7 video streaming if you have an internet connection.

With the online/offline CRAM option, you can stream videos when you have a connection or watch them offline on a USB thumb drive. The number of video hours and price vary according to each section of the exam (FAR, BEC, AUD or REG). Textbooks are required and included in the CRAM course price.

5. CPA Course Discounts

With these Yaeger CPA discounts, you’re going to save a ton of money and still get a great CPA review course. By using the Yaeger CPA coupon codes, you’re making a financially sound decision to improve your career trajectory.


1. Old School Lectures

Students with shorter attention spans may get bored by Yaeger’s traditional video lectures. They are structured very much like most accounting classes you probably had in college and move slower than an independent self-study type of learner would prefer. Their videos are quite dull and dry and I found it hard to stay focused during them. If you have a short attention span then this might not be the best fit for you.



Yaeger CPA Review utilizes their own textbooks, which are both comprehensive and explained in a very logical way. They were written entirely based on the new AICPA blueprints since candidates are expected to answer questions in accordance with the blueprints. Since Yaeger’s material is newly edited and customized based on the AICPA blueprints it is an excellent option.

I would highly recommend their course to international CPA candidates and people who’ve been out of college for a while because they usually do very well with it.




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