Yaeger CPA Review was founded by Phil Yaeger and has been focused on providing excellent customer service since 1977. Yaeger has updated its product line to prepare students for yearly changes to CPA exam, including the addition of several new features.

Yaeger’s new AdaptaPASS course now has technology that adapts to your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to have a unique study plan based on your needs and all sorts of study tools like video/audio lectures and practice exams. Let’s take a look at all Yaeger CPA Review has to offer and if it aligns with your learning style and budget.

Overview of Yaeger CPA Review Course

Course Details (product details):

  • $899 (plus Crush discount!)
  • 104+ hours of video lectures
  • Online textbooks (you can also request physical books too)
  • Custom study planner
  • 4,300 multiple choice questions
  • 164 task based simulations
  • 1 on 1 instructor support
  • Quiz generator
  • Exam simulator
  • CRAM courses
  • Audio Lectures
  • Flashcards
  • 24 months of course access
Yaeger CPA review

Yaeger CPA Review Updates

Yaeger CPA Review not only updates all of its course content to incorporate new changes to the CPA Exam every year, but also frequently adds new features such as adaptive learning software. The new Yaeger CPA course includes newly authored textbooks, videos, quiz generators, and practice exams that incorporate the required AICPA Blueprints.

What’s Included in Yaeger’s Review Course?

Blueprint Curriculum

What sets Yaeger apart from most other CPA prep courses available today is the way that they derive and organize their curriculum. Ordinarily, CPA courses will simply base their material off older test material that has been retired or by hiring professors with high exam scores. However, Yaeger cuts right to the chase.

How do they do this? By implementing information from AICPA Blueprints.

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA for short) releases yearly blueprints that describe the subject matter and focus for each year’s CPA exam. This document, coming straight from the mouths of the people who write and grade these exams, is an invaluable resource for learning more about the covered material.

So why don’t more companies implement AICPA Blueprints into their curriculum? I’m not sure, to be honest; however, what I do know is that Yaeger goes the extra mile to constantly update their material to match these annual guidelines.

Multiple Choice Questions

To practice with the 4,300 multiple choice questions included in Yaeger CPA Review, you will use Yaeger’s Quiz Engine to create custom quizzes based on specific content groups or topics needed to complete your review.

I found the Quiz Engine fairly easy to use and the answer explanations to be thorough, but I do wish I could see my answer explanations immediately after I responded to a question. This may not be a problem for you, but I suggest marking any question you were unsure of so when you finish your quiz and review your wrong answers, as you will be able to target the topics you need to spend more time studying.

Yaeger also has a game center! This is a feature not found in other review courses and is a big draw for those that struggle with finding the drive to study. If you like to use competition as a motivator, you would like how Yaeger lets you compete with fellow CPA candidates by comparing multiple choice quiz scores.

CPA Practice Exams

With Yaeger’s Exam Simulator, you can take practice CPA Exams that mirror the actual exam. These are great for you to test your timing and perfect your test taking strategies. Compared to other courses’ practice exams, Yaeger’s were slightly less realistic with regard to the actual CPA exam. For example, the Exam Simulator does not break up the test into individual testlets, so you have to use your imagination to master your timing.

CPA Exam Flashcards

Yaeger’s Flashcard Simulator is built directly into its course and has hundreds of flashcards for each individual section. These flashcards are very informative, but they are not organized by content group. If you wanted to study a particular topic, you would not be able to isolate those flashcards for a specific study.

I found the flashcards useless until I finished all my studies. I still enjoyed them as a final review tool, but if you study primarily with flashcards, you may not like how Yaeger CPA Review orders its flashcards.

Video Lectures

Yaeger CPA Review comes with over 100 hours of video lectures. The best part about these were the note taking tools that you can use as you watch the videos. The video quality is great, but the instructors are pretty dry.

In the past, students have criticized Yaeger’s video content because they found it difficult to pay attention. To mitigate this, video content from Yaeger now takes the form of 15-minute lessons that get straight to the point. The result is a much more engaging and easy to follow study tool that won’t put you to sleep!


When you log into Yaeger for the first time, you will have to answer a few questions so the course can adjust to your unique scheduling needs and learning style. Once you finish providing your information, your course will generate a custom study planner that can be seen through your dashboard. Your dashboard will also include your tracked progress, access to instructors, and your testbank and quizzes.

The course software is fairly easy to use and study along with. One critique I would have is that the textbooks automatically turn pages while you are watching the videos. This could be great for you, but I didn’t like the “autopilot” type of studying because it was harder to stay actively engaged.

Yaeger CPA Study Planner

Customer Support

Phil Yaeger has a promise that you can see throughout the entire Yaeger CPA Review course: ”Whether by phone or email–you can contact me and the other instructors personally almost anytime.” This Live Instructor Hotline is attractive for many CPA candidates who are looking for a quick and personal student support system.

You can also ask questions in a fully functional forum that is constantly being monitored by staff to ensure you get timely and accurate answers to all your questions.

Course Access and Updates

Unlike some of the other review courses on the market, Yaeger does not give you access until you pass. Your course comes with 18 months of access, but you can request 24 months if you need to.

Yaeger does automatically update your course if there are ever any additions or updates to the course without charging you additional fees. So you won’t have to ever worry about not having the most current information available with your Yaeger CPA Review course.

Yaeger CPA Review Discount Codes & Financing Options

If you are like most other CPA Candidates out there and need a financing plan, Yaeger’s got one! With no additional fees, you can select to pay for your full CPA Review course in segments over a series of months. This is really helpful for students or anyone else who is paying for their review course themselves.

Yaeger offers discounts that can save you from spending more than you have to on a CPA Review course. Check out Crush’s exclusive discounts for Yaeger CPA Review!

Yaeger CPA Review VS Becker

Both Yaeger and Becker are well-established CPA Review courses and I think both courses do certain things well. Let’s take a quick look at the two courses, but if you want a more detailed comparison, you can read my full article here.

Becker is the most expensive course on the market with a price of $3,393. Yaeger, on the other hand, is a bargain for $899 (you can save more with the Crush Coupon!). Both courses give you 18 months of access, but only Yaeger offers free course updates. You will have to pay for the most current information from Becker.

When it comes to practice questions, Becker provides more, but the quality of Yaeger’s questions is much higher. Both courses offer flashcards, but like most things with Becker, you must pay extra for these since they are not automatically included in the course like Yaeger.

Yaeger and Becker’s videos are both noticeably boring and dry, but I would rather sit through a shorter Yaeger video than a scattered Becker video lecture. Plus, Yaeger offers audio courses, which Becker does not. And when you have a question during these lectures, Yaeger has a more efficient support system than Becker.

Who is Yaeger CPA Review Best For?

Yaeger CPA Review is a very comprehensive course and will provide you with more than enough to pass the CPA Exam. The lectures and reading material are detailed but can feel dry on occasion. I would recommend this course to people who have been out of school for awhile and want a thorough course that gives you a ton of information you need to pass the CPA Exam.

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Yaeger CPA Review
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
by William R. on Yaeger CPA Review

This course has outstanding support that is second to none. The team is always willing to help. Even Phil Yaeger himself is extremely helpful. The materials are great with the AICPA blueprints outlined. Lots of great multiple choice questions and additional materials online. Highly recommend the course.

by Colt T. on Yaeger CPA Review

Using Yaeger, I passed all 4 parts of the CPA Exam on the first try. The instructors and support staff are all very helpful and responsive to any problems you have. The course is also relatively inexpensive compared to many other providers.

by Justin C. on Yaeger CPA Review

Great program, very focused on what you need to know to pass with a variety of study and review options to fit your needs and individual study habits. I love the subscription concept billing as well!

by Michael A. on Yaeger CPA Review

I was able to pass all parts of the CPA in a little under a year. The lessons are organized in nice 15 minute intervals with focus on AICPA blueprints. The lessons are informative and cover topics in detail. The company is also very responsive to questions and has content that really helps focus on the what you need to know to pass.

by Jonathan W. on Yaeger CPA Review

Yaeger CPA Review was the key to me passing all 4 CPA exams! After failing my first section with another course that I found didn't cover all the topics that are tested, I opted for Yaeger since I heard they follow the Blueprints. I was so glad I did! The books are so clear and give many examples to really help you grasp the concepts. And the man behind the Yaeger name - Dr. Phil Yaeger, CPA - takes your calls! Even if you are not a Yaeger student, Phil will speak to you and coach you to pass these exams. You can really feel that the Yaeger team cares about our success! Thanks Phil and the team for getting me to my goal of being a CPA!

by Charlotte M. on Yaeger CPA Review

Great program, I watched the videos, went through the book, answered many (not all) of the review questions and passed all 4 sections in 6 months during busy season. Being out of school for a while, this was the perfect course to help me through the exam! Thank you a hundred times!

by Scott S. on Yaeger CPA Review

I highly recommend using YaegerCPA review course for people planning on taking the CPA. It helped keep me on track and allowed me to take my studying wherever I went. Phil and his team make themselves available whenever you need them (Phil even gives out his home phone number!). While studying can be very mundane at times, Phil is able to interject humor from time to time to help break up the lectures. I honestly don't think I would have been able to pass the CPA without this course!

by Adam B. on Yaeger CPA Review

I have been struggling over the past several years to climb the mountain that is the CPA exam. I have tried a few different CPA exam prep courses and I am so glad that I finally found Yaeger CPA Reivew! Their courses are affordable, the videos and textbooks are engaging and understandable, and the support staff is extraordinary! I completed my first session with Yaeger studying for FAR and just found out that I finally passed! Now I am moving on to AUD with Yaeger. I can't say enough great things about Sonny and Phil, they are both very helpful and Phil will literally give you his phone number to call with CPA questions you are struggling with. If you are a first time exam candidate or if you have been spinning you wheels for a while I would highly recommend you give Yaeger CPA Review a try.

by Zach R. on Yaeger CPA Review

Passed FAR in 5 weeks using the Gold Subscription plan. Loved the option to video call actual professors to work through the topics I was struggling with. About to begin AUD study and feel good about using the program to pass on the first try.

by Ariel M. on Yaeger CPA Review

During the first quarter (Q1) of 2020, I managed to pass the first two parts of the CPA exam - Auditing and FAR - using "exclusively" the Yaeger CPA Review Course. Their review course is what I would describe as "a complete offering" which candidates can leverage to help them pass what is clearly an extremely difficult exam. From the video course - both normal pace or the CRAM videos - to the audio which you can use on the go - to their content (online and digital books) - to what seems to be an endless array of multiple choice questions in their test bank. To add to this, Phil Yaeger makes himself available to candidates at almost anytime of the day - or night. Kicker: even if you're not a Yaeger student, he will still take your call. That, to me, is a sign of confidence in their product and service offering, But also to Phil's commitment to help every CPA candidate who wants to pass the exam. I could not have passed these first two parts without the Yaeger CPA review course, its team of quality instructors and Phil's personal guidance on the phone. It's clear I'm a BIG Fan but that's because of the product. Full Stop. I highly recommend the Yaeger CPA Review Course to any serious Candidate. It's not an easy exam, at all, but it's more than possible and with Yaeger, you simply improve your chances. Good Luck!

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  • syd
    Posted at 27 December, 2015 08:47 AM Reply

    Hi Bryce,Thank you for all that you do.I am planning to take my first exam (FAR) in about 5-6 weeks. In that time, I will be devoting most of my time to studies.I haven't yet decided which Review course to purchase, but am leaning towards Yaeger (I've been out of school for about a year, and the detailed lectures provided by Yaeger would be very helpful). Still... I have my doubts. I'm worried that, although Yaeger lectures are detailed, they might leave some important information out (I noticed that Rogers CPA uses mnemonics, and Becker CPA uses alot of highlighting textbooks... thus, it seems as if its ALOT of material to cover [which is why they use all these memorization techniques]... and although Yaeger is detailed... I'm afraid they might leave important material out, by focusing too much on one thing [or not providing enough video lectures on the remaining material]). Is this the case?I wonder if I am just being paranoid, or overthinking it... but I would rather be that, then not, and fall short on the exam.Also, I read somewhere that Yaeger kinda skims over the REG exam. Is this the case?

    • BWelk
      Posted at 15 January, 2016 04:17 AM Reply

      Hi Syd,From what you've told me I think Yaeger would be a great fit for you. Yaeger has detailed video explanations and I've never heard a complaint about their course not covering all the material from any of my readers before.Good luck in your studies!Bryce

    • SS
      Posted at 18 September, 2015 00:17 AM Reply

      Hi Bryce-Thanks very much for the valuable information on CPA review courses. I will be taking FAR in February 2016. I will be buying the review material course by course, instead of buying the whole package together. So, if I buy the FAR review material in September 2015, would the material become outdated for the 2016 exam? Appreciate your reply. Thank you!

      • BWelk
        Posted at 23 September, 2015 22:16 PM Reply

        Thanks for your support! The FAR review material you purchase now covers the content on your 2016 exam.Good luck!Bryce

      • Guest
        Posted at 20 February, 2015 16:48 PM Reply

        Hi Bryce,Can you provide a comparison of the Yeager videos with the CPAexcel virtual class room?

        • Beenish
          Posted at 15 December, 2014 23:35 PM Reply

          Hello BryceI just want some information regarding best cpa course for 2015 ?? From the reviews I read I really like Yeager and roger but I am confused Secondly should I wait for January 2015 to order my cpa review for 2015 ?? Moreover what is Elijah Watt award ??

          • BWelk
            Posted at 19 December, 2014 00:17 AM Reply

            Hi,All of the CPA review companies have already released their 2015 study materials (to my knowledge) so there is no reason to wait until January or order them and start studying.Yaeger is a slower paced course that drills down into lots of the details while Roger offers a faster paced course and has a bit more entertaining video lectures so it just depends on your personal learning preference.I suggest checking out both of their free video demos to see which one you like the best.Cheers,Bryce

            • Ron
              Posted at 2 September, 2015 21:16 PM Reply

              Hello Bryce,I am older, 49. CPA certification never mattered in my past positions. I am now going to take the exam. With someone my age, who has been out of school for so long, which study method do you recommend? I am worried because as you know, the real world is different than what you are taught in Accounting classes. I haven't done real Accounting in 10 years also, I have been auditing. I worry I have a lot going against me so want to use the best study guide possible. My company buys Becker but I am willing to buy something on my own if it will be more beneficial to me.

              • BWelk
                Posted at 9 September, 2015 23:24 PM Reply

                Hi Ron,People who have been out of school for a while tend to do best with Yaeger CPA Review or Wiley CPAexcel. But if you have to buy either of these with your own money, and your work is willing to pay for Becker, then I would definitely go with Becker.Cheers,Bryce

          • Joannah
            Posted at 5 December, 2014 06:06 AM Reply

            Hi, Bryce. I am a crazy enough person to dream of winning the Elijah Watt Sells Award. I am currently enrolled in the Yeager review course, and I am a bit disturbed to find out that most people to win the award partly attribute such feat with the help of Becker. The fact that a FAR instructor from Yeager mentioned in one of the videos that they are here to help CPA candidates to pass the exam but not to win the award does not help either. What do you think Becker has that get them the most awardees, that the other CPA reviews don't? If it's solely because Becker is that good, how do you suggest I compensate? Should I read the entire book? Find more materials?I would really appreciate your reply. :)

            • BWelk
              Posted at 8 December, 2014 12:24 PM Reply

              Hi Joannah,Wow, that is a very ambitious goal indeed, good for you. I think that Becker has the most Elijah Watt awards because more people use their course than any other ones out there. Not only do they have the shear volume, but many of the Big 4 firms give it to their employees for free. So basically there is a huge number of very smart accountants (Big 4 worthy) that use it.Yaeger is a legit course, but if you are unhappy with it then you should definitely demo some other ones. I would recommend Wiley Test Bank as supplemental study material to help increase your score.Good luck,Bryce

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