Yaeger CPA Review

Phil Yaeger has been teaching up and coming CPA’s since 1977. Yaeger CPA Review is a very well rounded course that is both comprehensive and flexible.

Yaeger CPA Review is a family owned business who pride themselves on serving their students better than anyone else through their Live Instructor Hotline. They offers students the choice between their DVD, USB, or Online course formats which provide a lot of flexibility as to how and when you want to study.

Yaeger’s video lectures and practice tests come fully loaded with unlimited use and no restrictions which many other review courses have. There is also no limitations to the number of computers you can download their materials on. The total cost of their course is below the industry average and can be purchased for $1,562 with the use of the coupon code below.

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1. Simple Teaching Approach

Yaeger’s lectures include easy to follow step by step instructions. Their Instructors work hundreds of multiple choice questions with you to help you navigate through those tricky problems and give you the repetition needed to be successful. The lectures focus first on “Why” you are doing what you are doing to get the right answer. After that is explained they teach you “What” to do and “How” to do it in a very logical manner.

2. Customer Support

The Live Instructor Hotline provides responsive personal support that surpasses any other review course. They allow you to directly contact your instructors for any help you may need. Yaeger himself promises “Whether by phone or email – you can contact me and the other instructors personally almost anytime.“

3. Flexibility

The course materials are available in four different formats: DVD, USB, Online, and Mobile Device. There are no limitations on the number of computers you can download them to and there are no access restrictions on the course materials or videos.

4. Affordable Price

For such a well-rounded and comprehensive review course Yaeger’s price is more than fair. The cost for all 4 sections after using the CRUSH coupon is $1,562. This is 51% cheaper than Becker’s CPA review and comes fully loaded with Wiley Textbooks, Test Bank Software, 120 hours of video lectures, instructor handouts, and access to their Instructor Hotline.



1. Old School Lectures

Students with shorter attention spans may get bored by Yaeger’s traditional video lectures. They are structured very much like most accounting classes you probably had in college and move slower than an independent self-study type of learner would prefer. If you have a short attention span then this might not be the best fit for you.



Yeager CPA Review provides more benefits and all around value to their customers than any one in the game.  Yaeger utilizes Wiley CPA books, which are both comprehensive and explained in a very logical way. A big bonus with their course is the live instructor hotline which provides high-quality student support and gives you access actual instructors over the telephone.

I would recommend Yaeger CPA Review to anyone who prefers to thoroughly study the exam topics and is looking for a more comprehensive, in-depth review course.  I’ve found that international CPA candidates and people who haven’t attended college for a while do particularly well with Yaeger.

Considering Yaeger? Claim Your Discount Code Now:


Save $225 OFF Yaeger’s Complete Homestudy Course! Coupon Code: CRUSH225
Save $80 OFF any single section of your choice (AUD, BEC, REG, or FAR) Coupon Code: CRUSH80

Discounts are also available for students, military, government, state societies, associations,
corporations, converts and CPA firms. Click below to see if you qualify!




“All of the information I needed to start my CPA adventure in ONE place. Thank you so much for the study tips Bryce, you really know your stuff!”

– Ene Gonzalez (CPA Candidate)

Yaeger CPA Review
4 / 5 stars
  • Jacob Murphy

    The features of Yaegar CPA review are absolutely astounding. What I really liked the most about the features is the simple teaching approach and customer support. The lectures would be a lot of help to me because there is so much to learn from them. They first tell you why you are doing what you are doing to get the right answer and then they teach you what to do and how to do it in a very logical manner. I mean what gets better than someone telling you how to do something right and improve upon the ones you didn’t get right. The customer support is also very awesome when you just sit back and think about it. Real instructors are a phone call away if you ever need any help.

    My name is Jacob Murphy and I am a freshman at the University of Southern Indiana. I am a hardworking dedicated individual. Upon entering my freshman year of college I had already obtained 54 credit hours making me a sophomore. I took 18 credit hours my first semester pushing me to 72 credit hours already making me a junior based on credits, yet I am still just a freshman. That is how dedicated I am to get through college and enter the accounting world. A CPA license would help greatly with my dedicated dream. This is where this review course comes in; with it I would have a chance to make a huge impact in the accounting world.

    Money is the biggest factor for me. My family has never been rich and as you know good CPA Review courses aren’t cheap. At the moment, any money that I make goes directly to my family so we can stay afloat. I am so grateful that I am even in college. I was able to get a few scholarships that made it possible that I could pursue an accounting career. Loans are also a contributor to me being able to better myself at college.

    I greatly appreciate you consideration.

  • Najoua

    Hi, my name is Najoua and I am an international student. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s in Business Law from Morocco.
    I decided to take the CPA exam a couple of months now. And since I took this decision, I started my research on how to prepare for the exam and PASS it.
    After reading all the reviews that might be out there on the internet and going trough the description of all the examreviews that are on the market; I’ve settled for Yaeger Review Course. I have to admit that Yaeger Review Course caught my attention since the very first product review I read; Yaeger approach looked so different from all the other reviews out there and felt made just right for me.
    I choose Yeager Review to accompany me through this journey (preparing for the CPA exam) for several reasons:
    1- Yaeger’s rate of passing is the highest!
    2- Yaeger’s old school way of lectures gives a review of all the material needed to take the exam, and this is exactly what I need! I studied accounting a while ago (more than 7 years now!!!) and I absolutely need a traditional review, similar to the one I use to have in college, to go back on the track! No other review course offers something like that!
    3- Yaeger teaches you how to solve the problem, teaches you the “technique” and this is another appealing feature for me. If you learn the “how” than they will be, absolutely, no surprises on the exam’s day! No matter how different the exam might be from the practice tests you’ll find a way to go through it.
    4- I also like the idea of being able to contact the teacher trough the phone and get an explanation for any specific question I have. It just feel like having an actual support, and that we are not left alone in this journey!
    5- When I was in college I used to summarize my courses in a way that will help me to review the important stuff right before the exam. That also helped me coping with that feeling of insecurity- of there is too much to remember or I don’t remember anything- that comes to each one of us when the count down starts! Yaeger CRAM courses sounds just perfect to cope with this problem.
    As an international student, I can not afford to pick the wrong Review! A wrong choice will cost me time and money, and don’t have that!
    I am about to do something brave, something that is going to change my whole existence; and I choose Yaeger CPA review to help me achieve this goal :).
    Thank you for the valuable tips and information that you provide in this website, and also for reading my story.

  • Carl Moore

    My name is Carl Moore and I am currently a Staff Accountant for a government contractor. I have my undergrad in Business Administration. I also have my MBA. I believe I’ve taken the “road less traveled” in my career. I’ve been working two jobs for the past year and a half. I’ve also been laid off twice within the past 2 years (damn economy! ) I’ve worked in A/R, A/P, Payroll, etc. But now it’s time for me to get into the meat and potatoes. I just recently gave up my part-time weekend job after the New Year so now I have free time to devote to my studies and I’m motivated as ever! Just last year I welcomed my first child into the world and he’s given me a drive and focus I never knew I had in me. Now it’s time to take it to the next gear!

    After doing extensive research on comparing the pros and cons of all the CPA Reviews out there, I firmly believe that Yaeger CPA Review is the best option for me. I consider myself to be a bit old school. I prefer old school music, older television sitcoms, and love old school cars. And I also prefer the old school way of teaching and learning. When it comes to Accounting, there should be no other approach in my opinion. Accounting is very detailed and in order to be successful at it, you must fully understand how an end result has been reached. I don’t want to learn a concept just for that moment….I want it to stick. And in my experience, it only sticks with me if it has been hammered into my head repeatedly. Just like with anything else I’ve wanted to master, I had to practice, practice, and practice some more. And when I read about the Yaeger’s customer service and live phone support, it caught my attention. Nowadays, there are very few businesses that provide great customer service. You’re either talking to a computer or talking to someone overseas who’s reading from a script. I value great customer service. It’s a breath of fresh air and I don’t take it for granted. Live phone support in the CPA Review industry is very rare and I’m definitely going to take advantage. Carl Moore, CPA will soon be a reality and I know Yaeger will help me reach that goal!

  • Shannon Ellis

    What perfect timing! The last few weeks I have been researching which CPA review program to use. Becker seems to the program most of my friends were using; however, I fell in love with the Yaeger Program!!

    While the Yaeger program is less expensive, some of the other reviews allowed for special financing. I have really been contemplating and praying about how to be able to purchase the Yaeger progam. Then Bryce, you sent out the giveaway information. A true answer to prayer.

    I am most definitely someone who benefits from an “old school” setting. I retain best when someone walks me through the processes. Reading retention has always been harder for me to master. I was so excited to find this program!

    Last May, I graduated Summa Cum Laude in accounting. Currently, I am taking the additional hours needed for the CPA license. By the end of the summer, I will be complete with my classes. It is my hope to have two parts of the exam taken and successfully passed by that time. I am a single mother who works full time and attends school full time. It is important for me to show my boys that when you want to achieve a goal, nothing should stand in your way.

    It would truely be a blessing to be able to win the Yaeger CPA Review 2013 giveaway. I appreciate the opportunity to submit my story.

    Good luck to everyone who has also submitted their stories.


    Shannon Ellis

    I recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from Flagler College in Tallahassee.

  • Chetali Kumawat

    Yaeger is all in my mind since I had gone through its features on their website.
    No.1 being-
    1. Their lecture style and Instructor Hotline – I need explanation and understanding of what is being written in the textbooks and above all what is the concept behind answers, which I had found only in Yaeger lectures and if that’s not enough you have Instructor hotline even after business hours. Thumbs up!
    2. Self Study course- Means I can study whenever I want at my own pace, at my own place. Thumbs up!
    3. Do not expire – I can own the lectures for like forever. Thumbs up!

    Being an ambitious Mom of 21 months old who is a Chartered Accountant from India, the well recognized CPA exams seems as an opportunity to open doors to many jobs in the Accounting field which I always dreams of. I have also done Masters of Commerce in Accountancy & Statistics, as studying is my passion I decided to pursue CPA as it will only add on to my qualifications and give me the boost to kick start my career.

    I have been going through various CPA review courses site since past few weeks including yours one where I did got a very clear comparative analysis of all the
    review courses and finally decided to go on for Yaeger as it is providing me with all what I wanted which is besides above merits gives thousands of practice MCQ’s and Simulations at a fair price of high quality product.Even my husband says go for Yaeger’s after all it’s his money and time too are at stake. I have gone through their Demos they are pretty much easy to understand and follow. It suits my self paced learning style.

    I see Yaeger review course as my full time colleague for the now coming months where my goal is to Pass the CPA exam in 2013! I am sure that Yaeger will give me the cutting edge by which I can make the most of my studying time even while managing the everyday household chores and my little one.

    This giveaway has come right in time for me, if I could win this I would be saving my husband’s money which is for any reason a very good factor and to be frank will be more motivating for me to be passionate about the course to finish it within the time frame as the little hesitation which my husband has in his mind will no longer bother us.

    I really Thank you for and appreciate by heart your efforts put in to this site to provide such a valuable information to the most in need people like me who crave for such quality info. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity.

  • Sharon

    I would love to PASS THE CPA EXAM and I think Yaeger’s Review Course could be the right fit. I took Becker back in 1995 and passed only 1 part. I could not take the course again, I traveled a lot with my job. I changed jobs and found out I was expecting. I became a stay at home Mom. I have been back to work the past 3 years and I am ready to prepare for my DREAM to be a CPA. I really need an instructional program as I really need it told to me, diagrammed, and explained and then practiced to achieve learning. I really am a person that likes the hands on approach to learning too. I do believe that the Old School Method is for me. I do need humor to help me see the brighter side of things too. I really can not afford to purchase this program, so winning it would also be a dream come true too. Thank you for an opportunity to win this program. Sincerely,

  • Lauren

    Hi Bryce,

    Thank you so much for this intricate review and also the opportunity to win this course !

    A little background on myself: I am a 28 year old Real Estate Fund Controller who has been too complacent for the majority of my career. I started studying for the CPA exam fresh out of college when I was 23. I studied for Audit, and I studied hard. Once I took the test, I told myself once I received my score I would decide if I would move on to study another section or go back to audit if I failed. Well when I received my score, it was a 74! I was so disappointed and disgusted at the same time. I had come soooo close, but missed it. I then was so disheartened that I stopped studying and decided to enjoy my social life which I had missed out on for a whole summer (such a long time when you’re young). I rationalized with myself ‘many accountants don’t have their CPA’, ‘I just won’t be an auditor,’ ‘the exam is stupid.’

    Ever since I made that decision to not study, I have had the ‘study cloud’ over my head. Every job description I look at says “CPA strongly preferred,’ many of my CPA friends are getting hired at higher positions because of their credentials, I don’t want to go back to school, so really a CPA credential is the next best thing, if not better than an MBA or Masters.

    My learning style is very hands on. I need to relate study matter to real life examples, I need to do lots of questions and read the explanations of the answers, I need to ‘get my hands dirty’ and work things out. Because of this, I feel that Yaeger CPA review course will be the perfect supplement to my studying. The professors provide and emphasize on the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what’ so that students really understand what they’re doing. I have a long commute to work, so the fact that the course provides the flexibility of being able to study on mobile devices is a great plus! A strong customer service support is great as well, as I know with other courses I have used in the past I have either never heard back from professors or heard back months after my question was asked. I personally do not like viewing lectures, unless it is a really weak area because I just don’t have the attention span. The fact that Yaeger has ‘old school’ lectures is actually a good thing for me, because when I do need to reference a weak subject area, it will give me the depth and detail I need to truly understand it. Finally, the numerous sample multiple choice questions they provide will really help me put what I learned into effect and really absorb what I have read and watched in the lectures.

    Thank you again for this opportunity, Bryce! You really are an inspiration and very honest and sincere on your journey to become a CPA. Not only was my confidence was very low until I was introduced to your blog, but I was too stubborn to realize how important getting your CPA really is. I now am super motivated, and even if it takes me more than one shot, I am not giving up!

    Lauren Dike (LaurFig84 Twitter)

  • Chris Mealick

    Probably the most simple answer to why I would enjoy the Yaeger material is the “old school” lecture program. I have some of the Wiley and Bisk books and really find it difficult to just sit down and start studying, but by having the information audibly available I can better utilize my time during a commute or even while I work on something else. I am really excited about getting through the CPA exams this year!

  • Jean Bonhomme


    I sat for the cpa exam a little over a year ago and I failed it. I used another software program to study for it. At first, I was skeptical, but after visiting Yaeger’s site, there was alot of things that they pointed out, that I complete agree with.

    One of them happens to be; what kind of questions to concentrate and review for the exam. There is just so much material to cover on a 600 plus page book, there is no way to read, comprehend and remember everything. Therefore, I feel, it would be a lot easier to concentrate more on the more important items.

    Jean Bonhomme

  • Max Woodbury

    I love the website. You guys know how to pass the CPA Exam. I have watched all your demos. They have helped me understand very well. Thank you

  • Rebecca

    As I begin my first busy season as a staff accountant, I will also be taking on the enormous task of studying for my CPA exams. The pressure to pass, mixed with long hours at work, will surely make this a very stressful year for me. Studying for my MBA classes were “easy” because I wasn’t working. Studying for CPA will prove to be a bit more difficult as work will be taxing enough on my brain (pun intended!).

    Yaeger will be ideal for me as it will allow me to implement a study schedule that I can keep up with my busy schedule. I am all about self study but I also need to be pushed to complete tasks if I know there is tight deadline. A schedule for what to do and when will surely be a asset to help me study and stay on track. Not only will Yaeger benefit with with this feature, but their awesome customer service is very appealing to me. If I am going to be spending a large amount of money on a review course, I want this course to be able to easily assist my needs, questions and concerns. Good customer service is a must!!

  • yolanda

    I could really use a CRAM course from Yaeger. It would help me to put that final UMPH in my studying routine to bring my 68 up to a 75! Thank you!

  • Ann

    I would LOVE to win a Yaeger review course as I have been out of school for over 20 years and feel that I may need more in depth review to re-learn the concepts that I may have not used in the “real world” . I have been working in both private and public accounting for 24 years and would really like to get my CPA license by the end of 2013.

  • Kevin

    Dear Bryce,

    I would first like to thank you for putting together such a great resource for CPA exam information, it has helped guide me in my various decisions regarding the exam. I have decided the Yaeger CPA review is for me. From what I have seen on this site, as well as the Yaeger site, it is a great value. I feel that the personal attention offered by the Yaeger CPA review is what sets this review course apart from the competition. In addition to the instructor hotline, I have read many good things about the CRAM course offered. It is my hope that with the help of the Yaeger CPA review course and the great giveaway prize, that I will be one step closer to completing my professional goals.

    Thanks and keep up the good work,

  • Jeannine Chang

    The Yaeger CPA review course would be a perfect match for me since it’s available in four different formats the one favorite is mobile device which means I can study on my commute to and from work, during lunch hour and in between my 2 break times. It is also the most inexpensive compare to other CPA review course currently out there. As a single mom to a 20 year old special needs child (cerebral palsy) spending tons of money on a review course is not an option.

    I went back to school at Western Int’l University (online) in 2004 to finish getting my Bachelors in Accounting full time while working full time and being a full time mom. I graduated in 2008 and decided to take a break from all the studying. In 2011 I thought about going back to school for a Masters in Business Administration but the cost for the accelerated program was $42k and I just couldn’t afford it since that is what all my student loans totaled for the 4 years I went to get my BA. Towards the end of 2012 I decided to just go for my CPA which wouldn’t be as expensive as getting a Master degree but will help me move up in job position and salary. With the cost of living going up I know I need to push myself also by tackling the CPA exams.

    My method of studying has always been hands on and memorizing and I feel watching the videos, practicing the MCQ’s and flashcards will help me achieve my goal of passing the CPA this year. Once I receive my testing dates I will be taking FAR first, followed by AUD and then either REG or BEC.

    Thank you for providing this contest and just want to wish everyone good luck.

  • Joi G.

    I would VERY MUCH like to be considered for winning either a single or all parts of the Yaegar CPA Review course contest. I feel that it would be very beneficial to me to win either a portion or all of the parts – I won’t be greedy! (LOL).

    I did a career change back in 2008 after finishing my MBA and decided to go into accounting. I previously worked in the administrative (clerical) and retail fields and was not satisfied with the work I did. So I continued my schooling with an additional Masters in Accounting (because I did so well in the accounting class I took in undergrad). I completed this degree in 2011.

    Unfortunately, I allowed fear of the exam to cause me to procrastinate and I did not actually sit for my first part of the exam until late last year (2012) – over a year after completing school! Which I have read, heard and now learned is a BIG no no for the CPA exam. I did not perform well on my first part of the CPA exam at all. My study method at the time was using another review course book (who shall remain nameless, LOL) to read and work questions and wrote out note cards. This did not work for me – obviously.

    I feel that having the Yaegar CPA Review course will help me to perform better when I retake in a few months. Since I’ve been out of school for over almost 2 years now, I believe this system will be very beneficial to refreshing my mind on concepts that I have forgotten. I am a visual learner and I like how the Yaegar CPA Review course offers a variety of options for each type of learner (visual, listener, etc.) Yaegar offers the DVD with the instructors showing you how they work through multiple choice questions. This would be a great tool for me because it will give me that (virtual) class room environment that I am used to. I also like the idea of Yaegar offering a live instructor hotline to chat with you when you need someone to help explain the answers/concepts to multiple choice questions as well. I ran into this problem a few times when I worked multiple choice question previously and did not understand the answer explanation and needed more details. There was no one to ask….

    I have heard from students (from my schools and others) and former students on discussion boards and groups on LinkedIn that Yaegar was a good review course to try. And while Yaegar cost less than a few others that I’ve looked at, I can not afford to purchase a review course at this time. I am currently working for a family owned bakery as an accounting assistant. Passing the CPA exam will assist me with moving on to better opportunities (and making more money! And we all would love more money, right?)

    Please consider me for this contest, Bryce!
    Thank you! :-)


    I recommend Yaeger CPA review Course. Iam a CPA trainee and all of tips are definitely very useful for my preparation.

  • Steff


    I graduated last spring and immediately set about earning the extra 30 credits necessary for the CPA license. Now, I am just beginning my CPA exam journey. After spending several hours and days searching the Internet for tips and information concerning the CPA exam and gathering information on review courses, I feel that Yaeger seems to offer the best value for a few reasons.

    No other course actually teaches the whys and hows of the material, which I find necessary for my understanding and remembrance. Rote memorization will only get one so far. Old school teaching got me through university; I know it will get me through the CPA exam.

    Yaeger uses the Wiley CPA Review books and Test Bank, which have been heralded as the best review material. With over 4,000 MCQs, I feel confident that I will be able to reinforce what I have learned through plenty of practice.

    Yaeger is also unique in offering an Instructor Hotline. I have lost count of the number of times I have tried to explain something via e-mail only for the other person to not understand what I am talking about. I could not imagine how nightmarish it would be to try to get help on accounting problems over only textual communication.

    Thank you for this opportunity and for your time creating and maintaining this website. It has been a very useful tool in my CPA exam preparation.

    Let’s crush this exam!

  • Randy

    I am choosing Yaeger as my review course because they teach you the concepts behind the solutions. I don’t want to just memorize the solutions, I want to know how to get there. I am a senior just finishing up my accounting degree and am hoping to sit for FAR in the spring. I have done extensive research and have decided Yaeger is the right course for me.

  • Vimala

    I really want to win Yaegar CPA review because I really want to be done with the CPA exams by 2013. I have 5 year old son and am expecting a second one. But Before I have the next one by Sep., I want to finish all the exams and want to prove it to my son, Never give up :)

  • Brock Gustafson

    Hello everyone,

    In choosing the best CPA review course, Yaeger CPA review stands out to me because of the experience Phil Yaeger has in helping others pass this test. He started Yaeger on his own in 1977, and the business is still running, which is the best test of a successful product.

    For some reason, multiple choice questions seem to stick with me more than reading through a textbook, so the volume of questions is important when looking for a course. Yaeger has a huge database of questions that has been around for years, and is continuously updated. More importantly, from what I’ve seen, the explanations aren’t lazy, they provide the details behind the answer that is needed to understand the concept.

    Another feature I haven’t found yet from many CPA courses besides Yaeger is the audio lecture series. For me, this is huge. I work full-time, try to be social and see my friends, and sometimes I just cannot find the time to read a text book or sit down and concentrate on a video lecture. The audio lectures will allow me to listen in the car, or while walking to work. As long as I absorb some of the information, I am thrilled!

    I hope to sign up or a course within next month or so, and take my first test this summer. Work and investing experience should help me out, but a good review course will give me what it takes and I think Yaeger has the features I need.

    Thanks for the consideration!

  • Jack

    What can I say about Yaeger? Towards the end of college it was time to decide which review course to buy and begin studying for the CPA exam. Becker flooded our school with promotions, lunches. They made everything look rosy and told us they were number 1. I was skeptical to say the least. I did some research and found Yaeger. I was a bit skeptical because I never heard of them. I emailed Phil Yaeger and a few hours later he called me back and we talked for over 25 minutes. I was convinced do not regret the decision. Hands down it is a great prep review course. Cindy, Phil and Gary are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and know the ins and outs.

    The Wiley test bank sealed the deal for me. Thousands of review questions at the tip of my fingers. How can you not want Yaeger? The new portal seems incredible and it seems each year they get better and better.

    Overall, I am so glad I went with Yaeger and not the other guys. The pace is perfect for me and I’m excited to be a CPA with some help for Yaeger

    Best of luck to everybody studying. You CAN do it!


  • bev m

    I would really like to win the Yaeger CPA review because I love the way that they teach. I like the classroom setting feeling that they offer. I also like that when I feel doubtful I can always call them and someone is always there to reassure me and give me that extra boost of confidence. I really would like to win mostly because I have been at this since 2009 and yet have a passing score to show for it. I have materials from 2011 and would really benefit from getting the new material. My only goal in 2013 is to become a CPA and winning would really help in achieving my goal.

    Good Luck to everyone.

  • Nick T.

    Hi all,

    I am an Accounting graduate, and have an internship with a small firm. Hopefully I get a full time offer with a firm in the near future (preferably tax). I recently started studying for the REG section with Yaeger. So far the review’s going great. Dr. Yaeger’s “old school” teaching style works really well for me. I actually enjoy Yaeger’s slower teaching pace (it’s not slow, just slow compared to another popular review), and he does throw in a bit of humor to keep things interesting. Thankfully, I haven’t had any troubles yet, but I’m glad to know the instructors leave themselves open to calls. Overall, I’m very happy with this excellent product and plan on using it for the other sections.

    Happy studying,


    • Nick

      I should add that I am a visual learner, which is one of the reasons Yaeger has been working so well for me. Phil Yaeger usually provides examples and goes over multiple choice questions to help clarify difficult concepts.

  • http://n/a Mike J

    Thanks for the analysis for Yaeger.

    I already signed up for Becker several months ago, flagged FAR and barely failed AUD. The MCQ prep was pretty good, but Becker leaves you alone to its own devices for the SIMS, I feel. So as you can imagine I’m looking for a bit more to get me over.

    Am I alone in this assessment? If not, how would you rate how Yaegar prepares its students for the SIMs?


    • Bryce

      THe SIMS are hard to prepare for because often they are progressive questions, the answer to the next question is based off the previous answer. I have heard that Becker SIMS are quite weak and have not had any complaints about the Yaeger SIMS yet. Still, I believe the best way to prepare for them is to write down in your own words the major concepts that are covered in the section. This forces you to think outside of the A,B,C,D MCQ format and really grasp the concepts. Good luck in your studies and keep up the hard work Mike!


  • debbie

    If I want to have the Wiley Text books (hard copy) and the USB (soft copy) will the price for both be $1,787 before the $200 discount?

    • Bryce

      Yes that is correct Debbie, the price for both will be $1,587 after the $200 CRUSHtheCPA discount is applied and includes the hard and soft copies.

  • debbie

    Hi ,
    When I pay for the Yeager Review course, it will come with the USB, DVD, and Online version of the lectures, and MC practice program? So, my questions is will it come with all three versions of the same lectures and MC practice program or just one of the versions ? Thanks!

    • Bryce

      Hi Debbie,
      You must choose one out of the three available formats to use and will receive the same lectures and MC practice exams regardless of which version you use. Hope this helps clarify things for you.

  • Stephanie C.

    Thanks for all the great info! After comparing all the reviews on your site I purchased Yaeger and am VERY happy with it! I would definitely recommend it to all CPA candidates and absolutely LOVE their Instructor Hotline. Thanks again for answering all my emails and creating such an awesome site!