Illumeo CPE Review

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Illumeo CPE courses have been expertly designed and peer reviewed to be the best ones on the market. As a result, you’ll never find yourself struggling to complete or understand any of the coursework you’ll be working on. On top of that, Illumeo has a genuine focus on education rather than delivering a soulless product. Hence, you’ll also be learning valuable information about your field of work.

But don’t just take my word for it, keep reading to see why Illumeo is considered the best of the best.

Overview of Illumeo

Based out of Silicon Valley, Illumeo was Incorporated in 2009 and has since been used by some of the largest companies in the world for corporate learning. Their mission statement is to “help practitioners in audit, accounting and corporate finance survive their day-to-day jobs and thrive in their careers”. On top of that, they also endeavor to help management build skilled and professional teams designed to push their company forward.

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Here are just a few features that you can expect from Illumeo’s CPE Courses:

  • On Demand Courses
  • Live Webinars
  • User Reviews for Courses
  • Expert Instructors
  • Global CPE Tracker
  • Personal Development Planner
  • Competency Assessment

Loads of Courses

Easily Illumeo’s biggest selling point is just how many courses they have. Hundreds of different courses are available to all of their customers, which can range from leadership, personal productivity, and much more. New courses are added weekly; additionally, only the best rated courses are kept in their catalog.

Courses are rated by almost everyone who takes them and Illumeo deletes any that have an average below four stars. In order to encourage these customer reviews, anyone who reviews a course they’ve taken will gain lifetime access to it.

You may think that it may be tough to find what you’re interested in considering how many courses are on offer. However, Illumeo has planned for that too. Their course catalog has a well developed filter system and advanced search engine in order to ensure you find the content you need. Thanks to Illumeo, you’ll never learn something unnecessary to your profession!

Custom-Built Study Curriculum

Illumeo heavily encourages self study and personal responsibility with their course, which is why they’ve included a personalized development plan with their product. Anyone taking courses for CPE credit can customize their learning plan at any time to fit their own scheduling and needs. By combining this feature with their self assessments, it’s easy for anyone to build their own road map to success. This is because self assessments will also give you course recommendations based on gaps of knowledge found in said assessments. These assessments are also compared to over two hundred job benchmarks to see just how prepared you are.

Final Exams

In order to ensure that you truly understand the information being given to you, each course concludes with a quick final exam. This exam goes over the concepts explored in the course you just took before before giving you a certificate for your CPE credits. As a result, you can be sure that everything you learned has truly added to your professional knowledge.

But that’s not the only way you benefit from these exams:

Even better is that because of these exams, companies will know that you’ve understood what’s been taught to you. Many CPE courses try to cheat people by giving substandard information for a much higher price. However, since Illumeo is so well regarded employers can be safely assured that their employees are constantly up to date on their own professions.

Illumeo CPE Pricing

In addition to their free trial, Illumeo has two different subscription plans known as Individual and Enterprise. Each has their own benefits and their own target customers.

The Individual subscription plan is intended for single customers and costs $299 a year. It comes with unlimited access to the course and webinar library as well as expert instructors and the aforementioned CPE planner. It’s designed to help individuals make their CPE goals in a timely and efficient manner. This is a fantastic value package for anyone looking to further their professional education.

But that’s not the only product being offered:

Illumeo’s Enterprise subscription is intended for groups of people and costs $349 per person per year. It includes everything the Individual plan has a well as a host of new features focused around group learning such as blended group courses and custom company courses. Many types of corporations may be interested in this option due to their nonprofit and government pricing options.

Keep in mind that there may be additional fees for extra certification programs: microcerts.

Pros & Cons

Still unsure if Illumeo is the right service for you? Check out the pros and cons listed below.