10 Best Online Real Estate Schools in California

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Are you ready to dive into a career that’s not just rewarding but also booming? Think real estate in California!

California offers some of the best online real estate schools, designed to fit your lifestyle and learning preferences. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, these courses mold to your schedule, not the other way around. And with a projected job growth of 3% from 2022 to 2032, the timing couldn’t be better.

As a CPA expert, you might wonder what I know about finding the best real estate courses and ranking them.

Honestly? Not much, initially.

But here’s the thing: as I’ve grown and evolved as a review course expert, I’ve come to understand the universal components that make up a good course, regardless of the field. It’s not just about the content; it’s about how it’s delivered, its relevance, and the support provided.

So, even though real estate and CPA exams are worlds apart, the principles of effective learning remain constant. I’ve applied these principles to sift through numerous options and handpick the top 10 online real estate schools in California.

10 Best Online Real Estate Schools in California

  1. Colibri Real Estate
  2. The CE Shop Real Estate Prep
  3. Aceable Agent
  4. Prep Agent Real Estate Courses
  5. CompuCram Real Estate
  6. Kaplan Real Estate Exam Prep
  7. Aypo Real Estate Course
  8. Real Estate Exam Scholar
  9. 360Training Real Estate
  10. Allied Real Estate School

1. Colibri Real Estate Review

Formerly known as Real Estate Express, Colibri is my number-one pick for online real estate schools in California and other states.

I really love Colibri Real Estate for its detailed and thorough approach to real estate education in California. It’s not just about getting you through the licensing process; Colibri ensures you’re fully prepared for every aspect of the real estate industry.

“I passed the course and state the first time with RE.” – Reddit User and Reviewer Panicphanic

From the very start, with their comprehensive pre-licensing courses, you gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals. What’s more, their exam preparation resources are top-notch, addressing even those tricky questions not covered in the standard curriculum.

Once you’ve passed your exam, Colibri doesn’t just leave you to navigate the real estate world alone. They offer continued support as you launch your career, including guidance on working with brokers and building a successful practice.

5 Ways to Afford Real Estate Start-Up Costs

And the learning doesn’t stop there – with Colibri, you have access to advanced education opportunities like post-licensing and broker-licensing courses, which are crucial for career advancement. This all-encompassing approach makes Colibri Real Estate an invaluable partner in your journey to becoming a skilled and knowledgeable real estate professional in California.

What to Expect from Colibri Real Estate’s California License Program

Colibri Real Estate, operating as Real Estate Express in California, provides a versatile range of real estate courses. Catering to different learning styles, they offer both self-paced and live-streamed class options. Their courses are designed to be flexible, both in terms of learning pace and payment, with course packages priced between $84 to $456. The course duration can vary from 18 days to 6 months, depending on the chosen package.

Key features of Colibri Real Estate courses include:

  • 135-Hour Pre-License Course: Essential for the California real estate license exam.
  • State-Approved Instructor Support: Expert guidance throughout the course.
  • Real Estate Study Guides: Comprehensive materials to aid learning.
  • Career Support with Buffini & Company: Access to career coaching videos and a New Agent Starter Kit for a successful career launch.
  • Flexible Learning Path: Progress at your own pace using their advanced student dashboard.
  • Pass Guarantee: “Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee” for the California real estate exam.
  • Post-Exam Career Assistance: Help in starting your career with a broker after passing the exam.

Additionally, Colibri Real Estate offers advanced education opportunities for ongoing career growth and keeps students informed with the California Journal of Real Estate, a valuable resource for industry insights.

Pros and Cons


Instructor Q&A:

When using the Exam Subscription Plus package, you’ll gain access to forty hours of exclusive
question-and-answer sessions with the teachers each week. These are extremely valuable for learning follow-up information from extremely qualified instructors. On top of that, these are some of the highest-rated sessions in the service. To me, this hands-on instruction makes all the difference.

Text Materials:

In addition to all of the other real estate education materials on offer, you also gain access to a print copy of their real estate textbook. Additionally, this comes with digital versions of three other books and a real estate term dictionary. Ultimately, this makes for a fantastic option for those who learn best when they’re working from a physical copy of their textbooks.

90 Day Boot Camp:

This video series will help ensure that you understand enough real estate principles to start producing income within the first three months of working. As a result, this video is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to hit the ground running when they start their California real estate career. Thanks to this, you’ll easily be able to meet or even exceed your career goals.

Career Hub:

On top of all the other great features, you can also check out the Colibri Real Estate Career Hub. This site contains regularly updated articles with important career information for any real estate agent. And best of all, it’s totally free!

Seals the Deal:

Colibri Real Estate’s course stands out for its efficiency and effectiveness, as evidenced by a recent student who completed the course in just two weeks and successfully passed the test. This recommendation highlights the comprehensive nature of the course material, which, despite its volume, effectively prepares students for their exams.



While Colibri Real Estate’s courses are on the pricier side, consider this an investment in top-tier education. You’re paying for quality, with extensive practice content and superior teacher interaction that few online courses offer. This investment in your real estate education promises not just exam success, but a solid foundation for your career in the competitive real estate market.

Bottom Line: Colibri Real Estate stands as a top-tier choice for aspiring real estate professionals, offering comprehensive and well-structured courses that efficiently prepare students for their licensing exams. With its proven track record of helping students pass their exams swiftly and its commitment to quality education, Colibri Real Estate is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enter the real estate industry with confidence and competence.

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2. The CE Shop Real Estate

The CE Shop Real Estate - Online Real Estate Schools in California

In my role as a reviewer of real estate courses, The CE Shop in California caught my attention for its comprehensive and state-approved curriculum. Its fully online, anytime-accessible courses are ideal for those balancing a busy lifestyle. What really sets The CE Shop apart is the feedback from students who’ve successfully passed their exams on the first try, solely using this platform.

One student’s experience particularly resonates: “Very repetitive, but I did pass the test on the first try by a wide margin, and the only thing I did was CE Shop.” This testament to the effectiveness of The CE Shop’s program underscores its value for aspiring real estate professionals in California.

What to Expect from The CE Shop’s California Real Estate Courses

The CE Shop offers a comprehensive range of courses for aspiring real estate professionals. These courses are tailored to meet the specific licensing requirements for both Sales and Broker Licenses, ensuring students are well-prepared for their real estate careers.

Key Features of The CE Shop’s Courses:

  • Pre-Licensing Education: Courses designed to fulfill state-specific hour requirements for Sales and Broker Licenses.
  • Exam Prep Edge: An online tool aimed at enhancing knowledge and test-taking skills for a higher chance of passing the licensing exam on the first attempt.
  • Post-Licensing and Continuing Education: Mandatory post-licensing education and comprehensive continuing education programs to stay updated with industry trends and regulations.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: A 30-day money-back guarantee for courses less than 50% complete, highlighting their commitment to student satisfaction.
  • Customer Support: Access to dedicated support 7 days a week for any assistance needed during the course.

The CE Shop’s value packages, including both pre-licensing education and exam preparation, offer a complete educational journey for real estate professionals, from obtaining a license to advancing in their careers.

Pros and Cons



Because these courses are fully self-study, you can set your own schedule when learning. Thanks to that, anyone with irregular schedules won’t need to feel worried or pressured about meeting course deadlines or expectations. Instead, they can simply move at their own pace and study in a way that they are most comfortable with.

Course Bundles:

In addition to its individual courses, the CE shop also offers deals on course bundles. This means you can get bundles of three courses for a reduced price. These also come with exclusive extra features that other courses don’t give you access to.

Pass Rates:

The CE Shop boasts a staggering 90 percent pass rate for its students. This is in large part due to their highly effective study materials and techniques. As a result, this proves how effective their courses are compared to the competition.


Effective but Lacks Engagement:

As a reviewer, one aspect of The CE Shop’s courses that stood out to me and echoed by others is the somewhat dry nature of the material. While the content is comprehensive and well-structured, the delivery can feel a bit monotonous, particularly when it comes to the reading sections. This could be a consideration for those who prefer more engaging or interactive learning formats.

No Pass Guarantee:

Unlike most other choices on this list, the CE Shop’s courses do not come with a pass guarantee. However, they do come with a 30-day refund policy. If you don’t think it’s working within a month of starting, you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

Bottom Line: The CE shop is an extremely effective course for anyone interested in learning via self-study. This is because their great materials and methods make learning easy, and their no-pressure approach to scheduling ensures that no student is stressed out or left behind.

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3. Aceable Agent Review

Aceable Agent

AceableAgent is transforming the way aspiring real estate professionals in California approach their education. Recognized for its innovative and engaging learning methods, AceableAgent’s courses are built by experts in learning science. Their courses also stand out with a mix of videos, interactive games, and bite-sized lessons, making the learning experience far from mundane.

What sets AceableAgent apart is its commitment to convenience and affordability. Their self-paced courses are 100% online, allowing students to learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device, fitting seamlessly into busy schedules. Best of all, they offer these courses at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom education. Adding to their appeal is the confidence they instill in their students – if you don’t pass the real estate exam, they offer a money-back guarantee.

What to Expect from AceableAgent’s California Real Estate Courses

Aceable’s 135-Hour Course for California is tailored to meet the specific requirements for real estate professionals in the state. This deluxe package is designed to provide comprehensive support and resources for California real estate exam preparation and career initiation.

Key Features:

  • California-Specific Instructor Support: Email access to course experts who are knowledgeable about California real estate regulations and practices.
  • Self-Paced Online Format: Study at your own pace with a course accessible on all devices, ideal for the busy schedules of aspiring California real estate agents.
  • California Lite Exam Prep: Over 900 unique real estate exam practice questions focused on California’s real estate market.

Additional Highlights:

  • Career Start Mini-Course: Guidance on finding the right sponsoring broker in California, crucial for launching a successful real estate career in the state.

One thing about the Aceable Agent courses that I love is that the combine test prep and licensing into one solid course.

One thing about the Aceable Agent courses that I love is that the combine test prep and licensing into one solid course. These include:

  • California-Focused Study Aids: Includes videos, audio lessons, and flashcards tailored to California real estate.
  • Deluxe Exam Prep: Over 1,660 practice exam questions, including California-specific content.
  • Real Estate Exam Prep Ebook: More than 100 pages of exam prep material, focusing on California real estate laws and practices.

Pros and Cons


Take Your Time:

With so much going on right now, it can be tough to stay focused on your education. Fortunately, this online real estate course encourages you to take your time while working on your study materials. And if you want to accelerate your study schedule and jump right into your tests, they’ll let you do that too!

Supportive Staff:

If you have any questions about the material you’re studying — or if you have an issue with the course itself — Aceable Agent has you covered. There are several ways to reach out for assistance; you can email your instructors or reach out to their Student Concierge team for troubleshooting.


If you want to, Aceable Agent will let you take your 3-course exams from any device. Feel free to take your tests on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone without any issues or changes in format.


Self-Learning Expectation vs. Reality:

As a reviewer, I’ve observed an aspect of AceableAgent that might be a concern for some users. Marketed as a self-learning platform, AceableAgent promises an autonomous educational experience. However, in practice, it doesn’t fully align with the typical self-learning model. Instead of offering a purely self-directed learning path, the course sometimes falls short in providing the independence and flexibility expected from such apps.

This mismatch between expectation and reality is also echoed in Reddit reviews from students who are seeking a truly self-guided learning experience. While the course is innovative and has its strengths, this deviation from a true self-learning format could be a drawback for those who prefer complete control over their educational journey.

Limited Curriculum:

Although it’s a sufficient amount of material to help you prepare for a career in real estate, Aceable Agent doesn’t provide as much for its cost as you can get from other companies. When compared to the numerous extra features of Colibri Real Estate, the full curriculum provided by this online school is a little disappointing.

Bottom Line: AceableAgent’s online real estate course offers flexibility and strong support, ideal for learners who need to pace their studies or seek assistance. However, it falls short of being a fully self-guided platform and offers a less comprehensive curriculum compared to competitors, which might be a drawback for those seeking complete autonomy and extensive learning materials in their educational journey.

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4. Prep Agent Review

PrepAgent Long Logo - Online Real Estate Schools in California

PrepAgent emerges as a powerful ally for those gearing up to conquer their real estate exams. With its comprehensive suite of learning tools, including expert-led webinars, in-depth prep videos, interactive exercises, and thousands of practice questions, PrepAgent offers an engaging and effective way to prepare for your real estate exam.

Celebrated for its interactive, state-specific question banks and a wealth of resources like flashcards and study guides, PrepAgent has garnered over 300,000 satisfied users and a significant following on social media, making it a trusted name in real estate exam preparation. Whether you’re a visual learner or prefer hands-on practice, PrepAgent tailors its resources to fit diverse learning styles, ensuring you walk into your exam prepared and confident.

I took/passed my CA exam first time, few months ago, after studying with Prep Agent for a few months solid. I was passing their practice exams 90% plus. Yes the questions were very, very similar to those on the practice exams with Prep Agent. Good luck! – Reddit User – TC – Writer

What to Expect from PrepAgent’s Real Estate Exam Prep Packages

When you sign up for PrepAgent’s real estate exam prep, you can choose from various packages tailored to your study needs and timeline. Here’s a glimpse of what each package offers:

  • Comprehensive Question Banks: PrepAgent provides a vast collection of national and state-specific questions, including those from the 2024 exams, complete with clear explanations to enhance your understanding.
  • Interactive Study Tools: You’ll have access to online interactive flashcards for quick and easy study of common real estate terms and concepts, along with an interactive vocabulary worksheet to practice key terminology.
  • Audio Lessons and Live Webinars: Benefit from hours of audio lessons for studying on the go and participate in live online webinars held five times a week, covering various exam topics and vocabulary with PrepAgent’s experts.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: PrepAgent stands behind its offerings with a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee, ensuring satisfaction with their study materials.

Pros and Cons


Flexible Payment Plans:

A significant advantage of this program is its flexible payment structure. You have the option to choose from weekly or monthly plans, catering to different budgets and time requirements. With comprehensive 3-month access, the cost is $99, offering a substantial 87% savings. The most popular 1-month plan is priced at $79, saving you 69%. For those needing a shorter duration, there’s also a 1-week option available for just $59. This flexibility in payment and duration makes it easier to manage your finances while accessing quality exam preparation resources.

Live Webinars:

Included with Prep Agent’s Premium package are five weekly webinars. These webinars cover various topics on the real estate exam and feature live chat so you can ask questions as you learn. On top of that, each webinar is recorded in case you missed it or want to watch it again later.

Audio Lessons:

Many of Prep Agent’s lessons are also available in audio format. This is fantastic if you’re the kind of person who likes to learn during a long commute or workout routine. It’s even helpful for absorbing information while working on other projects— talk about hard-core professional development!


Inconsistent Study Resources:

From my firsthand experience with PrepAgent, I found that the resources provided for breaking down and studying specific problem areas were quite inconsistent. For instance, some of the YouTube videos felt outdated, and the articles were often just transcripts of these videos, offering little additional insight. This lack of diverse and up-to-date study materials made it challenging to effectively target and improve on weak areas.

Limited Practice Exam Effectiveness:

Another drawback I noticed was the nature of the practice exams. They tended to focus more on subjective questions, like situational decision-making, rather than offering comprehensive vocabulary practice. This approach didn’t align well with my learning needs, especially when compared to other platforms like Compucram, which provided a more topic-focused breakdown and diverse methods for practicing vocabulary.

Additionally, I found that the PSI deluxe practice exam, which I took as part of my preparation, wasn’t worth the investment. My switch to a different platform made a significant difference in my preparedness, and I feel much more confident about my upcoming exam.

Bottom Line: PrepAgent shines with its interactive live webinars and convenient audio lessons, ideal for learners on the go. However, it falls short with inconsistent study materials and practice exams that focus more on subjective questions rather than comprehensive vocabulary. This discrepancy in resource quality and exam preparation style may affect its effectiveness compared to other platforms like Compucram.

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5. CompuCram Real Estate Review

CompuCram Long Logo - Online Real Estate Schools in California

As our fifth course recommendation, CompuCram offers a reliable option for those preparing for the California real estate exam. It boasts an impressive statistic where 86.5% of its users pass their licensing exam on the first try. CompuCram provides an all-in-one exam prep solution, including interactive study tools, dynamic practice tests, and simulated exams designed to mirror the actual test environment.

Priced at $109.00, it offers a comprehensive package with a 100% money-back guarantee, underscoring their confidence in the effectiveness of their program. While it may not be the top choice for everyone, its focused approach and high pass rate make it a worthwhile consideration for aspiring real estate professionals in California.

“CompuCram was a lifesaver for me when I took the exam last year. The 75 Hour course throws a lot at you in a short amount of time, mostly stuff that doesn’t even really come up in day to day RE work. CompuCram however is very similar to both school and state exams and played a big part in helping me pass both of them” – CompuCram Reviewer

What to Expect with CompuCram

When you choose CompuCram for your California real estate exam preparation, you’re signing up for a unique and tailored learning experience. CompuCram’s course begins with a pre-assessment to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This personalized approach ensures that your study time is focused and efficient, concentrating on areas where you need the most improvement. Here’s what sets CompuCram apart:

  • Engaging Study Tools:
    • Interactive flashcards help reinforce real estate vocabulary.
    • Matching and fill-in-the-blank exercises for an active recall of key concepts.
  • Dynamic and Unlimited Practice Tests: The course offers dynamic practice tests that change with each attempt, simulating the unpredictability of the actual exam. With unlimited access to these tests, you can continually assess your readiness and make necessary adjustments to your study plan. All practice questions are current and crafted by real estate industry experts, ensuring that you’re studying with the most relevant and accurate material.

Pros and Cons


Readiness Indicator:

As you work on your exam preparation course materials, CompuCram’s Readiness Indicator will monitor how well you are doing in each area. When you’re performing well enough to pass your exam, this powerful system will let you know. That way, you don’t waste any extra time and can jump right into the state exam!

Top Tier Practice:

A standout pro of CompuCram, as echoed in a Reddit review and from my own experience practicing the test, is its effectiveness in mirroring the style, format, and wording of the actual real estate licensing exam. This familiarity is crucial, as the exam often requires applying principles of law to specific situations, rather than just recalling memorized definitions.


No Package Deals:

The one downside of CompuCram is that they don’t have any package deals. Instead, each course must be purchased individually. However, that doesn’t mean that these salesperson license courses are missing extra features. Ultimately, if you’re interested in more than one subject, you’ll just have to pay a bit more.

Mixed Bag with Reviews:

Remember where I said that many have found their questions to be very good? Others have disagreed. A notable concern with CompuCram’s real estate program is its effectiveness in preparing students for the actual exam. Some users have reported failing their first attempt after using CompuCram, citing that none of the practice questions provided were reflected in the actual exam. This discrepancy raises questions about the relevance of CompuCram’s material to the real exam content, potentially impacting students’ success and confidence in the program.

Bottom Line: CompuCram excels with its Readiness Indicator and top-tier practice questions that closely mirror the real estate licensing exam’s style and format, aiding in effective exam preparation. However, the lack of package deals means each course requires an individual purchase, potentially increasing overall costs for those interested in multiple subjects. Additionally, reviews are mixed, with some users reporting a disconnect between practice questions and actual exam content.

6. Kaplan Real Estate School

Kaplan Logo

Kaplan Real Estate Education positions itself as a leader in real estate licensing and continuing education, offering a range of courses designed to support careers in real estate, contracting, and home inspection. With instructors who are practicing real estate professionals, Kaplan provides insights directly from the field, ensuring that the courses are relevant and practical. However, from a reviewer’s perspective, there are aspects to consider before choosing Kaplan.

While the courses are comprehensive, they may not always align with the specific needs or learning styles of all students. Some may find the course material extensive but lacking in engagement or interactivity, which can be a crucial factor for effective learning. Additionally, the cost of the courses, when compared to other providers, might be a consideration for those on a tighter budget. In summary, while Kaplan offers in-depth knowledge and a wide range of courses, it’s important to weigh these against your personal learning preferences and financial considerations.

What to Expect with Kaplan

Kaplan’s California Real Estate Licensing Package is a comprehensive solution designed to fulfill the 135-hour California Real Estate Licensing requirements and prepare you for success in your real estate career. This package is tailored to provide an in-depth understanding of key real estate topics and ensure you are well-equipped for the licensing exam and your professional journey.

Key Components of the Package:

  • Licensing Courses:
    • Formats: Choose between Live Online or Online Video formats to suit your learning style.
    • Content: The package includes Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate courses, each providing 45 hours of focused study. The Real Estate Practice course is SB 1495 compliant.
    • Materials: PDF textbooks and workbooks are included, with physical workbooks shipped upon enrollment for the Live Online option.
  • Exam Preparation:
    • California Real Estate Exam Prep Course: A focused review of state content delivered by top instructors, designed to prepare you thoroughly for the state licensing exam.
    • California Real Estate Salesperson Drill and Practice QBank: Custom quizzes and a simulated exam experience to test your readiness for the licensing exam.
  • Interactive Study Group: Live webinars covering all licensing content, allowing you to connect with other students and instructors for a collaborative learning experience.

Professional Development Opportunities:

  • Real Estate Career Community: An online platform for round-the-clock interaction with colleagues and access to expert instructors.
  • Career Mentor Connect (Live Online): Weekly live webinars providing career-focused tips, tools, and processes to elevate your education and prepare you for a role in the real estate profession.

Pros and Cons


Course Format Variety:

No two students are alike, and everyone learns best in different ways. To accommodate these differences in learning styles, Kaplan offers their online real estate course in three different formats: Online Video, Live Online, and Text Back Home Study. These offer students a range of possibilities, from self-paced courses that only need an internet connection all the way to a real-life classroom environment!

Locally Relevant Content:

Kaplan’s real estate courses are crafted by practicing real estate agents within the state, ensuring that the content is not only accurate but also specifically tailored to the nuances and regulations of the local real estate market.


Cost Consideration:

A notable downside of Kaplan’s real estate program is the cost of their physical textbooks. Described by some as “overpriced paperweights,” these books may not offer value commensurate with their price. Opting for the digital version of the course materials could be a more cost-effective and practical choice, especially for those who prefer online resources over traditional textbooks. This aspect is worth considering for students looking to maximize their investment in educational materials.

Negative Online Reviews and Questionable Support:

Kaplan’s real estate program faces criticism in online reviews, with students highlighting a lack of instruction and support. Complaints include inadequate help, delayed responses, and a problematic test-taking system that allegedly changes answers, leading to mistrust and frustration. These negative experiences suggest exploring other schools might be advisable for a more reliable and supportive educational journey.

Bottom Line: Kaplan’s real estate courses stand out for their variety in course formats and locally relevant content, catering to different learning styles and focusing on state-specific real estate practices. However, the high cost of physical textbooks and negative online reviews regarding support and instruction quality are significant drawbacks. These issues, coupled with concerns about their test-taking system, suggest that while Kaplan is a decent choice, other companies are better.

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7. AYPO Real Estate

Aypo Real Estate Exam - Online Real Estate Schools in California

AYPO Real Estate offers exam prep of mortgage loan pre-license courses but do NOT offer online pre-licensing education for the state of California.They also offer continuing continuation. It’s important to approach their offerings with a critical eye. The online-only format, while convenient, may not suit all learning preferences and could lack the interactive and engaging elements found in traditional classroom settings. This could potentially impact the depth of understanding and retention of course material.

Additionally, while AYPO provides exam prep courses, I’ve found that their effectiveness has been met with mixed reviews, suggesting that some students may need to seek additional resources for comprehensive exam preparation. Therefore, while AYPO presents a flexible and accessible option, prospective students should weigh these considerations carefully against their personal learning needs and goals.

What to Expect

I do recommend thier mortage pre-licensing, so these details apply:

The California-DFPI MLO Pre-License & Exam Prep Package by At Your Pace Online (AYPO) is tailored for aspiring Mortgage Loan Originators in California. This comprehensive package combines essential pre-licensing education with focused exam preparation.

Course Structure and Content:

The package includes a 20-Hour National MLO Pre-License Course, covering key topics such as Federal Mortgage-Related Laws, Loan Origination Activities, and Ethics. This instructor-led course is designed to be completed within 14 days, featuring interactive modules, quizzes, and a final exam.

Additionally, the 2-Hour CA-DFPI SAFE Course specifically addresses California laws, offering insights into state-specific mortgage lending regulations and practices. This course also concludes with quizzes and a final exam to ensure thorough understanding.

Exam Preparation:

  • National MLO Exam Prep: Practice tests based on the SAFE MLO licensure exam outline, covering various essential topics.
  • Interactive Learning: The package includes study groups and webinars for a more engaging learning experience.

The program not only prepares you for the licensing exam but also provides a solid foundation for your career in the mortgage industry. The interactive components allow for networking and learning from peers and instructors

Pros and Cons


Comprehensive Course Breakdowns:

Before purchasing any course, you have the option to see exactly what it entails. To do so, simply scroll down to the description, and you’ll find an in-depth breakdown of each aspect of the course. Thanks to this, you’ll never make a purchase without knowing exactly what you’re getting out of it. This leads to both smarter students and smarter spenders.

At Your Own Pace:

The key aspect of AYPO is their namesake, At Your Own Pace. This is the mission statement for which each course has been crafted. Courses have no deadlines or timelines that you need to follow—simply go at your most comfortable pace! AYPO does this because they know that high-stress environments hinder students rather than help them. I found this to be one of their biggest strengths.


Limited Support:

In my experience reviewing AYPO Real Estate’s courses, I’ve noticed that their basic packages lack dedicated support. This absence of personalized assistance can be a significant drawback, especially for students who, like myself, often find themselves needing additional guidance to navigate through the course material effectively.

Online Only Format:

While convenient, the online-only format may not suit all learning styles. Some students might miss the interactive and personal engagement that comes with in-person classes. Since AYPO Real Estate’s courses primarily rely on text-based materials, I’ve found that this format might not be suitable for learners who prefer more interactive or visual learning methods, such as videos or hands-on activities.

Limited State Coverage:

The biggest downside to AYPO is that their pre-license courses are only available in five states. This doesn’t include California. While that is quite unfortunate, the silver lining here is that their continuing education classes are available in every state except Massachusetts and Maryland.

Bottom Line: AYPO Real Estate stands out for its detailed course breakdowns and the flexibility of learning at your own pace. However, the lack of dedicated support in basic packages and the online-only, text-based format may not suit all learners. Additionally, their limited state coverage for pre-license courses restricts accessibility. While AYPO is strong in providing clear course content and self-paced learning, it falls short in support and interactive learning experiences.

8. Real Estate Exam Scholar Review

Real Estate Exam Scholar Long Logo - Online Real Estate Schools in California

Real Estate Exam Scholar presents itself as a comprehensive solution for real estate exam preparation, boasting a unique AI tutor and a wealth of resources, including practice exams, videos, and flashcards. With over 35,000 successful users since 2014 and a claim of a 95% first-time pass rate, it offers an appealing package for aspiring real estate professionals.

However, while the course promises advanced AI-driven learning and affordability, potential users should consider the depth and personalization of the AI tutoring experience. The effectiveness of AI in addressing complex learning needs and queries might not match the nuanced understanding a human instructor can provide. Additionally, the overwhelming amount of resources, while beneficial, could be daunting for some learners who prefer a more streamlined and focused study approach. Real Estate Exam Scholar positions itself as a budget-friendly, technology-driven option, but it’s important for students to evaluate whether its teaching style aligns with their individual learning preferences.

What to Expect

When you enroll in Real Estate Exam Scholar for your real estate exam preparation, here’s a detailed look at the specific features and resources you can expect:

Real Estate Exam Scholar provides a detailed and resource-rich exam preparation course for aspiring real estate professionals. While the course is comprehensive, it’s important to note that the sheer volume of over 3,500 questions might be overwhelming for some learners. However, this extensive range of questions is designed to cover both national and state-specific content, ensuring a thorough understanding of the material.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Extensive Practice Exams: Access to a vast array of questions for in-depth practice and preparation.
  • Multimedia Learning Tools: Over 100 videos and 750+ flashcards to accommodate different learning preferences.

Additional Benefits:

  • Six Months of Unlimited Access: Ample time to study and revisit topics as needed.
  • Real-Time Content Updates: Continual updates to stay current with real estate exam standards.
  • Pass Guarantee: A refund promise if you don’t pass the exam on your first try.

While Real Estate Exam Scholar’s course is robust, some may find the reliance on self-study and the absence of interactive or instructor-led components a bit challenging. This aspect could be a drawback for those who prefer more structured or guided learning environments. Nevertheless, the course’s extensive practice materials, multimedia learning aids, and commitment to up-to-date content make it a valuable tool for those preparing for a career in real estate.


Extremely Affordable:

Real Estate Exam Scholar is easily the most inexpensive option on this list, making it a must have for people trying to save money on their real estate salesperson education. Better still is that quality is not compromised by this low price. This course is extremely high quality and a great pick if you need to train for your new career on a tight budget!

AI Ahead:

One of the standout features is the AI tutor, designed to provide answers and insights on real estate topics. This tool is available 24/7, offering flexibility for queries anytime. However, it’s important to note that while AI can be a helpful resource, it may not completely replace the nuanced guidance a human instructor can provide.


Limited Material Types:

Unfortunately, this is one aspect where you can notice some cost-cutting measures. While Real Estate Exam Scholar’s coursework is high-quality, it isn’t especially varied. Unlike other courses, like Colibri Real Estate, they don’t have webinars or audio content.

No Interaction with Real Teachers:

One significant drawback of Real Estate Exam Scholar is the absence of direct interaction with actual teachers. While the AI tutor provides automated responses, it lacks the personalized guidance and nuanced understanding that a human instructor can offer, which might be crucial for addressing complex questions or providing in-depth explanations.

Limited Course Access:

Another limitation is that the course only offers six months of access. This time frame might be restrictive for students who require a longer period to study or those who prefer to revisit the material over an extended duration for thorough preparation.

Bottom Line: Real Estate Exam Scholar stands out for its exceptional affordability, offering a high-quality course at a price point that’s hard to beat, making it an ideal choice for those on a tight budget. The inclusion of an AI tutor adds a modern touch, providing 24/7 assistance for real estate topics. However, this AI feature cannot fully replicate the personalized touch of a real instructor, which may be a drawback for students seeking in-depth, human-guided explanations.

9. 360 Training Real Estate Review

360training offers a range of online real estate courses, including pre-licensing, exam prep, and continuing education, tailored to various state requirements. While the platform is praised for its flexibility and ease of navigation, it’s important to note some mixed experiences. From my perspective, the courses are text-based and might lack the interactive engagement of more modern online learning platforms. Some students have found the content to be affordable yet reported issues with the program itself, including typos and a less engaging delivery mode.

What to Expect from 360training’s Real Estate Courses:

  • State-Specific Courses: They offer pre-licensing courses in several states, each meeting the specific requirements of that state. The content varies, so it’s important to select the appropriate course for your location. While the courses are primarily text-based, they incorporate animations, quizzes, and videos to make the learning more interactive. However, some students have noted that the system isn’t as modern as other platforms and contains several typos.
  • Support Availability: They offer support seven days a week, which is a plus point for students needing assistance.
  • Cost: The courses are generally more affordable compared to other options, but the quality of the material and the learning experience might vary. Unlike some other schools, 360training does not offer a money-back guarantee if you fail the exam after completing their prep course.

Pros and Cons


Pre-Exam Prep:

Preparing to pass the California real estate exam is one thing, but what about qualifying to take the exam in the first place? If you’re starting from square one, 360 Training offers just what you need. Their Exam Preparation catalog offers four different reasonably-priced prep packages for aspiring California real estate agents alone. Best of all is that all four of these courses satisfy the prerequisites for taking their respective exams.

Competitive Pricing:

A notable advantage of 360training’s real estate program is its competitive pricing. The courses are generally more affordable compared to other options in the market, making it a cost-effective choice for those on a budget. This affordability does not compromise the quality of the content, offering a balance of value and educational substance. For individuals looking to start or advance their real estate career without a hefty financial investment, 360training presents an attractive option.


Misleading Course Requirements:

A significant issue with 360training is the misleading nature of their course offerings. As experienced firsthand, navigating the site can be confusing, with links leading to courses that unexpectedly require a license to begin. This lack of clarity, especially for those seeking to obtain a license through these courses, can be frustrating and misleading. The platform should ideally provide clearer information upfront about any prerequisites for course enrollment to prevent such misunderstandings.

Inadequate Customer Service:

Another major drawback of 360training is the quality of customer service. Lots of online reviews echo the frustration of long waiting times for responses, unhelpful assistance, and abrupt chat closures. This lack of efficient and effective customer support, coupled with the difficulty in resolving issues like course access, significantly impacts the overall user experience. The need for improvements in customer service responsiveness and problem-solving efficiency is evident, as these factors are crucial for a satisfactory educational journey.

No Guarantee:

With all the excellent features and added convenience provided by 360 Training, there is one unfortunate drawback. This company offers its students no official guarantee that taking their courses will result in a passing grade on their real estate exams. Does this mean that you’re doomed to fail if you use their study materials? Absolutely not! However, it does mean that you won’t be automatically entitled to a retake or refund.

Bottom Line: 360training’s real estate program, while offering competitively priced and comprehensive pre-exam preparation, falls short in several key areas. The course requirements can be misleading, leading to confusion for those new to real estate. Additionally, the customer service experience is often frustrating, marked by long wait times and inadequate support. Moreover, the lack of a pass guarantee adds an element of risk for students investing in these courses.

10. Allied Real Estate School Review

Allied Real Estate School Logo Long - Online Real Estate Schools in California

Allied Schools, a recognized name in California’s real estate education, offers a range of courses for aspiring and experienced agents. While they boast nearly three decades of experience and state-approved content, my exploration of the platform and user feedback suggests some areas of concern. I found the platform’s user interface less intuitive than expected, and some students have reported difficulties in navigating the site and accessing materials, which can hinder the learning process.

What to Expect from Allied Schools’ Real Estate Courses

They offer pre-licensing, continuing education, and exam prep courses. However, users have found that the depth and practical application of the course content can vary, potentially impacting the comprehensiveness of the learning experience.

While there are options for self-paced online and livestream classes, I’ve noticed that the livestream classes may lack the interactive engagement found in more traditional classroom settings. Their CE courses aim to go beyond state requirements, but the actual value added to a real estate professional’s business can be questionable.

Pros and Cons


Job Assistance:

Something that sets Allied Real Estate Schools apart from most other real estate classes online in California is the way they prepare their students for employment. In order to more easily facilitate their entry into the workforce, this test prep company offers extra assistance in helping students organize their portfolios and resumes. Additionally, their FAQ states that they provide advice on networking and job interview etiquette.

Pass Guarantee:

Students who are worried about whether or not they can pass their real estate exam can rest assured that Allied is equally invested in their success. After all, their California real estate licensing schools all come with a 110% money-back guarantee if you aren’t fully satisfied with your results!



Although the actual curriculum for Allied Real Estate Schools is up-to-date with the most recent educational requirements for passing your real estate exam, there are some aspects of this program that feel outdated. The general structure and design of their online course feels sluggish compared to Colibri Real Estate and other online real estate schools. Also, this may be the only modern test prep business to proudly advertise support via fax!

Quality Concerns:

A notable drawback of Allied Schools’ real estate courses is the content quality in terms of its relevance to current market trends and practical scenarios. Despite being designed by industry professionals, students have reported that the course material sometimes fails to accurately reflect the ever-evolving dynamics of the real estate market and lacks practical applications.

Navigation issues:

The platform’s navigation and user interface have been points of frustration for many, including myself, making the learning process more challenging than necessary.

Bottom Line: Allied Schools offers a comprehensive range of real estate courses in California, backed by decades of experience and a commitment to job assistance and a pass guarantee. However, the platform’s outdated design and cumbersome navigation can detract from the learning experience. Additionally, concerns about the relevance of course content to current market trends and the practicality of the curriculum highlight the need for careful consideration by prospective students seeking up-to-date and engaging real estate education.

First Hand Experience and Reviews

Don’t just take my word for it! Here are some first hand experiences (both the good and the bad.)

Colibri Real Estate (Formerly RE/Real Estate Express)

“I passed the course and state the first time with RE.” – Reddit User and Reviewer Panicphanic

“I used it and it worked wonderfully for me. Just do a lot of rehearsing and keep taking the practice tests until you can ace them consistently without having to look things up.” – Reddit User InfiniteTranscend

“I passed my national exam with 90% correct and the state exam with 87% correct just a few weeks ago and I used REExpress. It’s convenient and it’s relatively inexpensive (at least it was for me), so it probably invites a lot of people looking for quick and easy, leading to a lot of people not succeeding with it… leading to a lot of anecdotal “it wasn’t good” type reviews, as well as lower success rates.” – Reddit User

“I used real estate express and also purchased prepagent and passed my first California fairly easily, even though my way was a little unorthodox compared to my peers, ha.” – Reddit User SellingSantaCruz

“Decently-structured, but the content of the course is basically copy/pasted from the code of law, so it’s often difficult to follow. They could spend a lot more effort synthesizing or “teaching” the information instead of email marketing.” – Trust Pilot Review

The CE Shop

“I got the CE shop one, I think it’s by far the most streamlined and modern one, highly recommend it!” – Reddit Reviewer Swaggary

“The CE Shop provides a great experience for students. Mobile friendly and computer friendly. 24/7 assistance available. I’ve worked with other companies for my pre licensing and had a terrible experience. If you’re looking for online classes for real estate, I highly recommend CE Shop.” – Trust Pilot Review

“I got CE Shop and it was very interactive. You could honestly get the cheapest one and then I’d buy Prep Agent to help study for exam. I paid like 75$ and passed first time.” – Reddit Reviewer

“Very repetitive, but I did pass the test on the first try by a wide margin, and the only thing I did was CE Shop.” – Student Review

“The good: content is great. Makes studying so much better than textbook reading. The bad: I spent an hour trying to get the test taken that needed done for a unit. Unfortunately I just had to give up. It cut out on me twice. I have to take late hours to do this while I have kids and a job. This error is not allowing me to get things moving with momentum.” – Trust Pilot Review


“Aceable Agent! They also have coupon/discount codes on the site that make it even cheaper. I just passed my exam after using their courses and am in the process of joining my broker. Highly recommend.” – Reviewer cicicockerham

“I enjoyed the platform because it gave various ways for people to learn the materials. The only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5 is that I need a physical workbook. I don’t like everything being 100% online. You can print out the handbook, but there’s no option for a testing booklet. Otherwise it was great! I passed the final first try.” – Trust Pilot Reviewer

Overall I really enjoy AceableAgent. The ease of getting on whenever and wherever is fantastic! I have been frustrated with some of the testing. I have answered questions knowing I put the correct answer and yet once I submit the answer is different. If it happened once or twice I wouldn’t be concerned. It has happened a lot. Thankfully I am still able to pass my quizzes and final exams, but I would be angry if that happened and I didn’t pass.” – Trust Pilot Review

The timer is brutal. I can read and comprehend the information way quicker than the timer. I’ll never use or recommend Aceable again.The way they present the info is good. Mini quizzes, videos, etc. But the timer I can’t get past. It ticks down for 1 min on something that takes :20 to read. Extremely time wasting and frustrating.” – Nick Trust Pilot Reviewer


“I took/passed my CA exam first time, few months ago, after studying with Prep Agent for a few months solid. I was passing their practice exams 90% plus. Yes, the questions were very, very similar to those on the practice exams with Prep Agent.” – Reddit User – TC – Writer

“I used Prep-Agent to study for my state and local exams. Passed first try but I really studied a lot. A lot of videos to walk you through any math problems and I am a visual learner so they helped me tremendously. Also have a live learning session multiple times a week on YouTube. I would use again.” – Reddit User easy-does-it1

“I wish I had found these guys before I signed up for classes somewhere else. I found PrepAgents content and the manner it was presented to be WAY more relatable and easier to understand. If you’re looking for a program to study for your exam look no further. I highly recommend these guys!” – Trust Pilot Review

“I studied every page and found things on the exam that aren’t even mentioned in their study guide. There were several very important topics that are left out that make up a majority of the exam questions. Don’t waste your time or money and just go for something reliable and well recognized. I had to put in double the work and hours.” – Trust Pilot Review


“CompuCram was a lifesaver for me when I took the exam last year. The 75 Hour course throws a lot at you in a short amount of time, mostly stuff that doesn’t even really come up in day-to-day RE work. CompuCram, however, is very similar to both school and state exams and played a big part in helping me pass both of them” – CompuCram Reviewer

“I would have to say Compucram saved my ass. I bought the course three days before my test and started doing each module until I would get 100% on each practice test. Memorizing the answers seemed redundant but I ended up seeing the same questions and answers on the official test.” – Reddit real estate thread

“CompuCram is a series of quizzes. I know I 100% passed because of it lol. There were so many questions in my exam that I saw on CompuCram. If you fail your exam then CompuCram pays for your failed attempt.” – Reddit User

“Absolutely NOT worth your money or time. I used compucram to study. I passed all exams and lessons with an 84% or higher and i still failed my exam. I felt that none of the information you learn in compucram has no significance to what is being asked on the real estate exam. Compucram would not issue me a refund as stated in their website because i took my test more than 7 days after using their coursework. Which is ridiculous in my opinion.” – Reddit Reviewer

Kaplan Real Estate Exam Prep

“After 4 months of studying course materials including On-Demand videos, Study group every Wednesday evening spearheaded by the incredible Bobra and fantastic Tabitha, and finally working through some tough QBank questions, I took and PASSED the California State Exam at first try! Kaplan has so much study tools to prepare you. More importantly, the Interactive Study group is a game changer. Bobra and Tabitha are so accessible and respond to email questions with such detail and promptness. I highly recommend the Kaplan Real Estate Education program. As long as you use the resources they provide and take the advice given by the Instructors, you will succeed.” – Trust Pilot Review

“Not for me, maybe for you. This might be a good course for those that like to read and click. This is definitely not my learning style. I like the variation options of reading and then listening as a follow up to assure I don’t miss information and have a well-rounded understanding of said material.” Trust Pilot Review

“Check out Kaplan. I just got my license and the Kaplan classes were instrumental in my success.” – Reddit User yeahsike

“The education and information are 5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend Kaplan Real Estate Education to anyone. The only reason I had to give this less than 5 total stars is because their was no way (or at least none I could figure out) to get the program to work on a mobile device, either through a browser or app. This was difficult for me when I was on the go or sitting around just wanting to get some training done. If you know you are just going to access via computer and your wondering if this is worth the money, then I’d say it’s well worth it. It’s a solid name, with a solid history.” – Trust Pilot Review

“There are several issues I’ve experienced with the system. Much the same as the previous end user. Glitchy system, no hard restart on test exams, the system sometimes changes my answers, It’s not very user friendly. This is my first time in 17 years using Kaplan for my renewal, not sure I’m a return customer.” – Frank, Trust Pilot Reviewer

Aypo Real Estate Course

“All the information given was accurate and they had a great support team that was available to answer any course related questions. The price was great for the value given, and they are continually improving their videos and content. Especially the practice exams at the end were really great because they suggested areas to revisit in the course to continue studying.” – Review from Sarah

“The actual course work is just copy and pasted legislation that they expect you to read and memorize. I would appreciate more thought and careful planning put into the course. On top of that, there are several grammatical errors that the website refuses to fix even though multiple users have pointed them out.” – Matthew Hird, Reviewer

“It was at my own pace and I could log in anytime and complete the modules. This worked well with me doing this while my baby slept. I was able to complete all of the classes in a few months. I do wish they would add the ability to print the pages that we learn from. That way we could take notes and highlight as needed. A recorded teacher to read/ explain some stuff would be nice too. It was a lot of reading so being able to break it up would help you stay entertained.

This isn’t an easy course or easy license to get. It takes countless hours and a strong mindset to complete the work. This was by far one of the hardest things I had ever done but I’m so glad I was able to get my licenses and on the first try!!” – Fallon Waters, Reviewer

“It was online, inexpensive, and at my own pace which were all things I needed that AYPO provided. It’s there in the name. Know what kind of student you are because this doesn’t hold your hand or walk you through anything. But if you can learn well just by textbook reading, you may be successful with it. That said, the content is extraordinarily dry. I tell other people if they’re good at studying textbooks and have a pretty big vocabulary already, it can work for them but otherwise it’s not engaging at all. It’s pretty terrible honestly but it got the job done.” – Reviwer, Mel B

360Training Real Estate

“360training.com was the cheapest for my state.” – Reddit Reviewer

“This training was great, being able to work at my own pace was fantastic.” – Trust Pilot Review

“Logging into the website is glitchy. It often takes repeated attempts to log in, despite entering the correct credentials. For some reason, their live customer support wants you to verify account information that has nothing to do with a basic, general information question.” – Trust Pilot Review

“The training session was great. Very informative. There is definitely a glitch in your system when you have completed all courses. It kept taking completed time away from me. I spent an extra 6 hours before i was able to take final exam because your system timing out.” – Trust Pilot Review

Allied Real Estate School

“I used Allied myself, I don’t know anything about the other companies, but you get some standards textbooks, access to online study materials and testing, but the part I appreciate is the live webinars with their man Gary Farris. I’m curious to see the input from others regarding their experiences with other programs and this one as well.” – Reddit Review Thread

Key Features of Top Online Real Estate Schools in California

When evaluating the best online real estate schools in California, we focused on four main categories: accessibility, comprehensiveness, study materials, and student support. Our top picks include Colibri Real Estate, The CE Shop, AceableAgent, and PrepAgent, each excelling in these areas.


Each of these schools offers courses that are highly accessible and cater to a wide range of learning preferences. Colibri Real Estate and The CE Shop provide both self-paced and live-streamed class options, ensuring flexibility for students with different schedules. AceableAgent stands out for its mobile-friendly platform, allowing learners to study anytime, anywhere. PrepAgent also offers a variety of learning formats, including interactive webinars and online tools, making it easy for students to engage with the material in a way that suits them best.


In terms of comprehensiveness, these schools cover all the necessary topics and more. Colibri Real Estate is known for its detailed approach to real estate education, ensuring students are well-prepared for every aspect of the industry. The CE Shop’s curriculum is state-approved and offers a thorough understanding of real estate principles. AceableAgent’s courses are built by experts in learning science, providing an innovative and engaging educational experience. PrepAgent, with its extensive suite of learning tools, ensures that students are well-equipped for their exams.

Study Materials

Study materials are a crucial part of any real estate course. Colibri Real Estate provides comprehensive study guides and a variety of learning resources. The CE Shop offers a range of study materials, including interactive tools that enhance the learning experience. AceableAgent’s mix of videos, interactive games, and bite-sized lessons cater to different learning styles. PrepAgent excels with its interactive, state-specific question banks and a wealth of resources like flashcards and study guides.

Student Support

Student support is another critical factor. Colibri Real Estate offers continued support post-exam, including guidance on working with brokers. The CE Shop provides dedicated customer support 7 days a week. AceableAgent is known for its supportive staff and Student Concierge team. PrepAgent offers live webinars where students can interact with instructors, providing an additional layer of support.

Frequently Asked Questions – Online Real Estate Schools in California

What is the best online real estate school in California?

For aspiring realtors in California, their best bet for passing their exams is to use Colibri Real Estate as their online review course. This is because they offer the best suite of study resources backed by 40 hours of one-on-one instruction from their teachers. They even offer a Career Hub to help enrollees find supplementary info for starting their careers in California real estate.

Which online real estate school is the best?

Colibri Real Estate offers the best real estate exam prep online for students looking to get their licenses in the United States. That’s because their set of learning materials comes at a reasonable cost and includes multiple formats that are ideal for every type of student, such as digital textbooks and live one-on-one instruction.

Can you take real estate classes online in California?

Absolutely! Some of the best study resources to help you pass your exams and become a licensed realtor in California can be found online. We recommend Colibri Real Estate and Prep Agent as the two best online real estate schools for California-based students due to their impressive range of study materials and reasonable tuition rates.

What is the fastest way to get a real estate license in California?

In order to complete all three required college-level courses and pass your real estate exam in order to become a licensed realtor in California in the fastest amount of time, you should sign up for Colibri Real Estate. They offer all the necessary courses and study materials to complete all prerequisite requirements and will prepare you to pass your exams in as little as three months.

How does The CE Shop ensure effective learning for real estate students in California?

The CE Shop offers fully online, anytime-accessible courses with a focus on state-approved, comprehensive curriculum. It is known for its high student pass rates, with many students successfully passing their exams on the first try solely using this platform.

What are the unique features of AceableAgent’s California Real Estate Courses?

AceableAgent is recognized for its innovative and engaging learning methods, offering courses built by experts in learning science. The platform provides a mix of videos, interactive games, and bite-sized lessons, all available in a self-paced, 100% online format.

Can you highlight some pros and cons of PrepAgent’s Real Estate Exam Prep Packages?

PrepAgent offers comprehensive question banks, interactive study tools, audio lessons, and live webinars. However, some users have found the study resources to be inconsistent, and the practice exams more focused on subjective questions rather than comprehensive vocabulary practice.

What should students expect from CompuCram’s Real Estate Exam Preparation?

CompuCram provides an all-in-one exam prep solution with interactive study tools, dynamic practice tests, and a readiness indicator. While it boasts a high pass rate, some users have noted the absence of package deals and mixed reviews regarding the relevance of practice questions to the actual exam.

Bryce Welker, CPA

Bryce Welker is a regular contributor to Forbes, Inc.com, YEC and Business Insider. After graduating from San Diego State University he went on to earn his Certified Public Accountant license and created CrushTheCPAexam.com to share his knowledge and experience to help other accountants become CPAs too. Bryce was named one of Accounting Today’s “Accountants To Watch” among other accolades.   As Seen On Forbes