Make $1 Million More as a CPA

Is it worth it to become a CPA? I certainly think so! Whether you want to make $1 million more over the course of your career, or you just want increased responsibility and potentially an executive position, passing the CPA exam is a life-changing event. While it’s not easy, ordinary accountants have turned themselves into CPA all-stars by simply putting in the effort to do so.

So, let me help you through the process, and let’s get you started on the path to becoming a CPA. If you’re ready to make $1 million more than your current career path, scroll down and see how you can reach this point.

Step 1: See If You Qualify


The first step is to see if you qualify for the CPA exam. The application process is intensive, so it’s necessary to see if you check all of the boxes and fill out all of the requisite forms and paperwork. I’ve outlined the CPA application process in this post so you don’t have to scour the AICPA and NASBA sites for information.

Step 2: Pick a Course


After you submit all of your paperwork, you need to get a CPA review course. Choosing the right prep tools is essential to passing the CPA exam, as it’s nearly impossible to do so if you don’t have materials that adequately prepare you for the test. Look through my guide to the best CPA review courses and figure out which one aligns with your skill set and learning style.

CPA Course Multiple Choice Questions

Step 3: Grab a Coupon


While you’re selecting the best CPA review courses, you’re going to see quite a disparity in pricing. Don’t worry, if you’re concerned about paying too much for a course, I’ve got the best CPA review course discounts in the business. Check out my CPA promo codes and discounts page to save money on some great products.

CPA Course Discounts Financing

Step 4: Join the Club!

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