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If you want a review course that has it all, Roger CPA Review is definitely the only one you should be checking out. Engaging video lessons, affordable pricing options, ample practice questions, intuitive software (SmartPath), human support, and much much more – it’s no wonder that Roger CPA Review is my favorite and number one recommended course.

The biggest standout for Roger CPA Review is Roger Philipp and his video lectures. He has been teaching CPA exam review courses for more than 25 years and is the only person I know that makes accounting interesting. During his tenure, he has helped over 100,000 students pass the CPA exam.

Roger combines best in class lectures with their own SmartPath technology. This data-driven approach helps to maximize your study time by serving you the right questions.  The ultimate result is more efficient study sessions and less wasted time.

Roger CPA Review offers two different course packages with Premier being the most popular, so that is the specific course package I will be referencing throughout my review. Let’s dive into the details of this prep course and see if it’s the right fit for you!

Overview of Roger CPA Review 2019 Course

Roger CPA Review Elite-Unlimited Course Package snapshot (product details):

  • $2,999 (Get Crush discount!)
  • 100+ hours of video lectures
  • NEW SmartPath Technology
  • Electronic and physical textbooks
  • 6,200 multiple choice questions and task based simulations
  • CPA Exam Simulator with unlimited full length practice exams
  • Homework Help Center Access
  • Customizable study planners
  • Free material updates
  • Unlimited course access
  • Offline lectures available on USB drive

2019 Roger CPA Review Updates

To ensure students are fully prepared and studying the exact same material that’s on the CPA exam, Roger regularly updates their course and software. This helps to ensure that there’s no surprises when you sit for the actual CPA exam.

What’s Included in Roger’s Review Course?

Multiple Choice Questions

Included in Roger’s course are over 6,000 multiple choice questions that are organized into “Interactive Practice Questions.” I found these to be very easy to navigate through and each question provided me with an explanation for why my answer was either right or wrong. This functionality was helpful for understanding new concepts and being able to learn while I practiced with the questions.

Roger’s latest updates to their CPA review course offers even more functionality to their impressive bank of practice questions. Now, your questions are tracked and broken down into performance reports through QBank, detailing your strengths and weaknesses by individual section. These analytics are useful to help you figure out what topics need more study time; in fact, they seamlessly integrate with QBank’s “countdown to test day” feature. Roger’s adaptive technology has undergone significant improvements after their recent deal with UWorld, making it among the best of the best!

Task-Based Simulations

In addition to the thousands of practice multiple choice questions, Roger CPA Review also provides 400 task-based simulations. These have been pulled directly from AICPA released questions. Furthermore, these sims are consistently updated to match new changes to the CPA exam itself. For example, Roger added Document Review Simulation question types to their simulations after its inclusion into the CPA Exam since April 2017.

Ultimately, I found the task-based simulations to be complex enough that they challenged and tested my knowledge.

Practice Exams

With Roger CPA Review, you will have unlimited full-length practice exams. By using Roger’s CPA Exam Simulator, you will be practicing with questions in a format that mirrors the look and structure of the actual CPA Exam, complete with any updates to reflect changes to the exam itself. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to see what it’s like to take the set amount of questions with a time limit so you can perfect your test-taking strategy and time management.

SmartPath Predictive Analytics

This is a fascinating and powerful addition to Roger’s CPA Review course and it certainly benefits anyone who is trying to study smarter. SmartPath helps you pass faster by comparing each candidate’s individual progress to candidates who have passed the CPA exam using the Roger CPA Review course.

With SmartPath, you will never have to go into the CPA exam blind. You’ll know exactly where you stand and have confidence that you are on the right path as a successful candidate. This also allows you to manage your time effectively by improving the areas that don’t compare positively to successful students.

Thanks to Roger’s team-up with UWorld, they’ve doubled down on SmartPath and completely revamped their adaptive learning tech from top to bottom. The results of this redesign are so impressive that they must be seen to be believed; in its current stage, it’s essentially a whole new course!



Roger CPA Review Elite package comes with digital flashcards so you can take your studies on the go. You will be able to study from over 200 terms and summaries per CPA exam section. These are a great way to gauge your progress and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, Roger’s newest update allows students to create their own custom decks of flashcards to print out and keep on hand. This is a terrific resource for students who prefer to study with physical materials instead of just relying on their phone and computer.



Video Lectures

The video lessons are what makes Roger CPA Review really stand out from the rest. Roger Phillip has more energy and enthusiasm than any other accounting instructor I have seen. His teaching style demands your attention and makes the notoriously boring material much more interesting. Out of all the other CPA review courses out there, Roger’s video lectures are hands down the best.

With Roger, you will have access to over 100 hours of CPA exam video lessons that are broken down into 10-30 minute lectures. You will also have the ability to adjust the speed of each video and add closed captions/subtitles for English. This is great for international students, candidates with hearing disabilities, and people who are short on time and want to watch the videos faster.

You can highlight directly on the eTextbook as you watch the video lectures so you can have all your notes in one place that’s easy accessible from anywhere. Roger’s video lectures force you to follow along manually with your textbook, which i think it great because then you won’t be on auto-pilot when watching the lecture. If you want a course that has lectures that keep you on your toes, Roger is definitely the way to go.


Roger completely redesigned its dashboard to be cleaner and more user-friendly. Your dashboard can track all of your lectures and your progress into your study schedule. Each individual topic is contained within each header where it tells you how long each video will take to complete and the material you need to read along with the lecture.

Roger CPA review course User Experience (UX)

While Roger’s course has always been mobile-friendly, their most recent update takes things one step further. Now, their brand-spanking-new mobile app offers complete compatibility with every aspect of their desktop prep course. Flashcards, lectures, SmartPath, simulations: everything is fully functional with your smart device!

When I first reviewed Roger’s CPA exam study planner, I didn’t think it was as good as other courses I have used. Instead of having a study planner that can adapt your course to your unique needs, the Roger CPA Review study planner was a simple spreadsheet that is automatically filled with the dates you plug in on the dashboard. However, their latest redesign with the aid of UWorld is a complete 180, making their study planner one of the best you can find!

Customer Support

Roger CPA Review prides itself on having real CPAs ready to help you with any questions you may run into while studying. You are guaranteed a 24 hour response time 24/7, but from what I experienced it was much faster than that. Plus, you get to actually talk to a real person, which is helpful in stressful study rut. You can also go through other student’s questions to see if your questions have already been answered.

Previously, many of these community features were limited to Elite customers. But with their most recent update, even Premier candidates can have their questions answered quickly and accurately through Elite channels!

Roger CPA customer service and homework help center

Course Access and Updates

Roger’s course access varies depending on what course package you decide on. The Roger CPA Elite-Unlimited Package, as its name implies, comes with unlimited access. This way, you never have to worry about it expiring and can take your time with your studies. Their Premier Course Package comes with 18 months of access, which is typically more than enough for the average candidate to prepare for passing the exam. However, Roger also offers Premier-enrolled students to extend their access for a small fee if necessary.

What Course Packages Does Roger CPA Review offer?

Roger CPA Review comes in two different types of course packages that vary in price. Check out what is included in the Premier and Elite-Unlimited course packages to see which course would best suit your study needs. (I highly suggest the Elite so you can use Roger’s audio lectures, they’re incredible!)

 Course Package Premier Elite
Cost $2,299 $2,999
100 + hours of video lecture
SmartPath Technology
Electronic and physical course textbooks
6,200+ multiple choice questions and task-based simulations
CPA Exam Simulator with an unlimited amount of full length practice exams
Integrated study tools for enhanced learning & retention
Homework Help Center Read Access
Homework Help Center Posting Access
Customizable study planners
Unlimited Course Access 18 Months
Free material updates
Offline Lectures on a USB drive
CPA Exam Flashcards
Audio Lectures
Roger Cram Course
Link to Course Get Started Get Started

Roger CPA Review Discount Codes & Financing Options

Roger CPA Review offers financing plans if you are a student on a budget or your firm is not funding your study material. Monthly payments can be as low as $149 a month. And, depending on your credit rate, Roger will charge you a interest rate from 0-30% APR. To learn more about these financing options, click here.

Roger is always offering a variety of discounts. You can use the 20% Off Fresh Start Discount if you have purchased a CPA review course that didn’t work out well, cost over $400, and would like to switch to Roger CPA Review. Or, if you are a college student currently enrolled in 12 units or graduated within the last 60 days, you can use the 10% Off Student Discount. Whatever your situation, you can see all Roger CPA discounts and make sure you get the best deal possible.

The biggest Roger CPA promo code offers are limited-time discounts exclusively for Crush the CPA Exam readers! Check out the offer here!

Roger CPA Review FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions candidates ask about Roger CPA Review!

How do I use the Roger CPA Review on my mobile device?

A: Simple! Just use the browser on your phone, tablet, or other mobile devices to log into your student account. The lectures will be formatted to fit your screen for easy viewing. Alternatively, you can install their mobile app to ensure a 1:1 experience on your mobile device of choice.

What happens if I have questions about concepts?

A: For those extra challenging questions, you can use the Homework Help Center to easily search over 17,000 student-submitted questions with answers from expert CPAs. You can also post questions directly to the CPA experts.

How long do I have to wait for my Roger CPA Review Course after I ordered it?

A: With their most recent update, Roger CPA Review provides instantaneous access to their review course upon enrollment. This means that you can start studying as soon as you sign up!

Am I allowed to copy/paste/print the online book?

A: Because of the strict copyright policies on all Roger CPA Review materials, you will not be able to save, copy, paste, or print any of the content from the online book. However, they do offer physical textbooks for a small fee for Premier students and free for Elite-Unlimited students.

What’s a video bookmark?

A: A video bookmark is a tool that you can use to easily mark a point in your Roger lecture that you would like to come back to. You can bookmark an area where you are having difficulty, a point that you want to remember to write down, or for any other reason. Feel free to make as many or as few as you need!

What are the differences between Roger’s Cram Course and their regular course?

A: The regular course is designed to be comprehensive and cover every topic tested on exam day. The Cram Course is made to be a quick review of many of the heavily-tested topics on the exam. Your Cram Course is designed as a summary and final “cram” that you complete immediately before you sit for the CPA exam. The Cram Course should not be used as a replacement for a complete CPA prep course.

Can I watch Roger lectures offline when I don’t have internet access?

A: Offline lectures are available in Elite and Premier course packages. You also have the option to purchase the Offline Lectures in the form of a portable USB external hard drive. These lectures are in addition to your Online Course, but you will be able to view these Offline lectures without the use of the internet.

How many times can I watch Roger’s Offline Lectures?

A: Your Offline Lectures will reflect the time and subject matter you’ve purchased for your online course (either 18 or 24 months).

How many computers can I install Roger’s Offline Lectures?

A: You are allowed to install your Offline Lectures external hard drive on TWO computers. You must contact Roger CPA Review in order to request your second installation.

Roger CPA Review VS Becker

Roger and Becker are both very popular review course choices for CPA Exam candidates. I think it’s really clear that Roger is better, but let’s quickly compare the two so you can see their differences (for a more detailed comparison, check out my article here).

At $3,393 for all 4 sections, Becker’s CPA Review is more than twice expensive as Roger’s CPA prep course. Priced at a much more reasonable $1,899, Roger CPA Review costs about the market average for CPA review courses. Additionally, Roger’s Elite-Unlimited Package comes with unlimited course access, which is much more affordable than Becker’s extension fees. Hence, Roger’s Elite course is definitely the option I’d recommend.

Becker does not update its practice exams, simulations, or video lectures for free. Each time the material covered on the CPA exam changes or a new textbook or questions come out, you will have to pay for the most current study material. In contrast, all Roger CPA Review packages include free updates to materials.

However, the biggest difference between these courses is their video lectures and technology. Roger is far superior to Becker in content and presentation. Roger’s personality keeps you engaged through even the most boring segments, which definitely cannot be said for the Becker CPA video lectures. Roger also includes SmartPath technology allowing you to focus on your trouble areas and pass faster. Becker currently does not offer anything similar to Smartpath.

Who is Roger CPA Review Best For?

I really like the unique teaching style of Roger CPA Review and appreciate the fact that he can take any accounting topic and make it interesting. The way he uses mnemonics to help students remember detailed information is extremely effective, and you won’t get this with any other CPA review course.

The newest addition to the Roger CPA Review Course, SmartPath, will have you studying efficiently so you can pass the CPA exam faster. So if you are a student who needs to pass and would like the best way to do so, use Roger CPA Review. Try out the course’s free trial and see for yourself!

Roger CPA Review Course Information

Roger CPA Review
1. Course Textbooks
2. Entertaining Lectures
3. 10% Off Discount Code
4. Memorization Strategies
5. Audio Review Course
6. Financing Options


Roger CPA Review
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Course Name
Review Content

Roger CPA Review - FAR

1 5 1
I do not know why everyone is so excited about this course, I find it extremely difficult, especially test bank, there are problems in the test bank for which there is no theory in the review course, the only explanation you get is in the answer to the question. Problems and exercises are extremely difficult, do not help you progress in study and preparation for the exam.Right now I am in the situation to exchange with another course, probably wiley, at least for the test bank. I understand that their idea is to prepare you for the exam, but I passed AUD, and I did not find any question in the current exam similar to gleim test bank. I think it is unnecessarily difficult, with little support on theory, and does not help me to progress in my preparation.

Roger CPA Review

5 5 1
Being an international student, I am very new to US GAAP and US taxation. Roger made my life very easy with his engaging lectures. Pros : Engaging classes. Updated regularly Cons: Can have few more task based simulation to practice.

Roger CPA

4 5 1
I used Roger CPA and i'd say that it's a pretty good review course for those that have been out of school for awhile, like myself. I'm a visual learner but need something to keep my attention--Roger's videos were great because they were the right length and Roger's upbeat personality helped keep me engaged. The review course definitely has enough MCQ and SIMS for you to practice. I think the only negative i'd have is the books had information overload so I found myself not having a clear understanding of what I needed to know for the exams.

Roger CPA Review

5 5 1
First, I am a Becker student. I started out with Becker back in 1998 when I was young and ambitious and sat for all four parts of the exam in one day. Needless to say, I passed one section-back then, you had to pass two to receive any credit. So fast forward to 2015. I was able to get sections from Becker for 1/2 off because "once a Becker student, always a Becker student". I started with REG. I watched the videos which had the same two instructors from 1998. The multiple choice questions are the best part of Becker. The videos put me to sleep - same old stories/jokes from 1998. I did not pass. In 2017, I decided to try ROGER. The videos/lectures are great. Roger has a great personality. He kept me engaged in the material. Now they've upgraded there practice questions so that you can track your progress even better than before. They've also added a mobile app so that I can listen to the lectures and review the questions anywhere. With Roger, my score on REG was 71! Sooooo close! I don't think I ever received anything over 66 with Becker. I'm sticking with Roger from here on out. They even offer a discount for former students from other review courses.

Roger CPA

5 5 1
I passes FAR with Roger

Roger CPA Review

4 5 1
Roger CPA Review Course is one of the best tools on the market that a candidate can use to pass the CPA exam. The lectures are the most entertaining on the market. Roger is provides insightful information, advice, tips, and a wonderful learning experience on what could be considered a rather dull series of topics. The dashboard is intuitive and allows the user to easily access the different tools of the course, including the customer service section. What's keeping me from giving Roger 5 stars has to do with the MCQs. When I utilized the course, I needed to supplement Roger with an additional test bank to help get me through. However, the course has made substantial improvements in this area. I highly recommend every candidate to consider Roger!


3 5 1
background about me: ESL student. Studied undergrad and master in the US. non accounting major. age 30+, finished FAR only. I chose roger because the videos are fun. he helps you to memorize the stuff. some of the topics he did explain it very well especially those new to me e.g. gov and acquisition. HOWEVER, his text books are SUCKS. Becker has a better textbook organization. Roger books have typos, not labeling which section is which. Compare to becker the section is super cleared. Also roger textbook has too many words. English is not my first language. I have no problem to listen to roger explanation, but i have difficulties when he READ out his text book. Becker you know which line and page they are on. Roger you need to search by yourselves! If Roger can improve his textbook. I will definitely give 10 stars! and also Roger will send all the books to you at once! so if they got anything updates later. you dont have the latest copy!

Roger Elite Course

5 5 1
The Roger CPA Elite is a great tool for studying for the CPA exam. The major factor in my deciding to go with Roger CPA was the amount of material compared to similar options. Also, the Elite package does not have a time limit. Because life happens, I wanted longer than 18 months for a couple thousand dollars of my hard earned money. I used the coupon code found here on the Crush website. The interface is easy to use. The new SmartPath system track your progress compared to other students who passed the exam. It is very helpful in knowing where you stand in preparedness. I highly recommend this course!

Roger CPA

5 5 1
It's hard for me to overstate how strongly I stand behind Roger CPA. I purchased access to another review course and was immediately discouraged by the product--basically, just a detailed outline and mini-videos reading portions of the outline. So, when I found Roger CPA, I was incredibly relieved. Roger CPA is a fantastic tool if you are someone who is driven and fairly self-motivated. There are sequential lectures to work through, but after that, the review process does depend a bit upon your own motivation. That being said, the most valuable tool of all is Roger CPA's SmartPath tool. If you've ever asked yourself, "Sure, I feel like I know this stuff, but I don't know if I know it as much as others who have passed it. How do I compare?", SmartPath is the tool you've been waiting for. By crowdsourcing CPA exam scores, SmartPath tells you how many practice questions you need to answer and how many of those you need to get correct in order to be in line with others who have passed. Mystery solved! You just keep working through until you meet the targets and you're in good shape--doing this, I was able to pass FAR and REG on my first try!


5 5 1
Great course! Excited to have this help me pass!

Roger Overall rating: ★★★★☆ 4.4 based on 20 reviews
5 1
  • Johannes Brechtel
    Posted at 10 October, 2018 06:26 AM Reply

    I still think the most comprehensive study review is Becker. If your firm is paying for it, Becker is a no-brainer. I agree Roger is a high energy engaging performer but that is of little importance to me. Go with Becker if you want the can't fail content. They do have the highest pass rate after all.

    • Vick
      Posted at 14 February, 2018 17:45 PM Reply

      Hello All, I have a masters degree. Out of college for 20 years. Thinking of pursuing CPA. No accounting experience. is there anyone who is in a similar situation like me? Which course is an ideal choice?

      • DH
        Posted at 2 June, 2017 20:52 PM Reply

        Hi. I appreciate all your reviews. I am been contemplating Roger CPA again for several months. I originally studied for the exam several years back and did not finish all of them in the 18 month period and gave up. I really would like this certification to help my career. I am much older than most and have numerous years of accounting experience. I have tried Becker and Gleim but these programs were not a good fit. When I used Rogers review it was much better and I was able to pass a few exams. The only issues I had with Rogers review was the homework help and their database for questions and simulations. I am trying to find a program that helps explain concepts and is entertaining. Would you suggest Rogers review or is there another program that might work better.

        • BWelk
          Posted at 8 June, 2017 18:45 PM Reply

          The course I would recommend for great student support is Yaeger. This course has a personal touch that many students have found to be helpful. However, this course is not nearly as cutting edge or engaging as Roger's CPA review course. I would check out Yaeger's trial to see if the content is engaging enough for you before you select a course. Check out this article I wrote comparing the two courses – Good luck!

        • Amanda
          Posted at 7 April, 2017 19:37 PM Reply

          Hi! Thank you for all of the reviews. I work full time and am getting a Master's in Accounting. I will be graduation in November, I also have a BBA and MBA, and want to be prepared to take the CPA exam and quickly as possible. My classes are a fully online, fast paced program so I don't want to take too much on, but I don't want to put off my CPA prep either. Since my classes have been online I would prefer a more engaging prep program. I was looking at Becker, but after reading that the live/live-online may not be the best, your review of Roger then caught my attention. Which would you suggest? Thanks!

          • BWelk
            Posted at 10 April, 2017 17:46 PM Reply

            Amanda, I would check out Wiley! The bite-sized lessons makes it a very easy course to study with, even with a busy schedule. I found this to be the most engaging course and it allowed me to pace my study plan to my needs and time restrictions. You can take a look at my full review here -

          • efred1
            Posted at 28 March, 2017 01:49 AM Reply

            I am having second thoughts about my recent Roger purchase. They advertise "24/7 access to supportive staff and Homework Help Center for assistance from expert CPAs". Unfortunately, I have asked questions on the Homework Help Center on a Saturday, and not gotten a response until Monday. I was told by one moderator to wait up to 4 days for a response! I have also run into technical problems with the materials not being completely updated to 2017. Though I ordered after they promised everything was updated, I had to repeat a very slow download of my audio course because it was not current. I have also run into several errors in the latest textbook (as have other students, judging by the moderator's responses on the Homework Help Center agreeing that the student found errors would be forwarded somewhere to be posted as errata). Though Roger is definitely entertaining, if it were not for the audio course (I commute 3 hours a day), I would probably return the materials. I bought the elite course, and shelled out a lot of money for something that basically is not delivering 100% of what was promised.

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