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Wiley CPAexcel helped me to pass the CPA Exam on my first try in about 9 months, and without their course I’m not sure this would’ve been possible. I was working 50 hours a week, so I needed a course that would let me study in quick sessions and give me the flexibility I needed with my busy schedule. Let’s dive into my review of Wiley CPAexcel’s CPA prep course to find out what it has to offer-  and see if it’s a good fit for you too!

Wiley has three different review course packages: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. The Wiley CPAexcel Platinum course is the most popular version, so that’s the package I will reference throughout my review.

Overview of Wiley CPAexcel Review Course 2019

Course snapshot (product details):

  • $2,000 (with Crush discount!)
  • Course access until you pass guarantee
  • Free course updates
  • 12,000 multiple choice practice questions
  • 600 task-based simulations
  • 120+ hours of video lectures
  • 4,000+ digital flashcards
  • Bite-sized (around 30 minute) lessons
  • Built in exam planner
  • Unlimited practice exams
  • Study guides matched to Wiley’s lessons and software
  • Progressive study and personalized recommendations
  • Mobile App
  • Online support with subject-expert professors
  • Virtual Classroom Series
  • Focus Notes with acronyms and mnemonics (print and ebook included)

What’s Included in Wiley CPAexcel’s Review Course?

Multiple Choice Questions

With a staggering amount of multiple choice questions (12,000 of them!), Wiley offers more practice questions than any other review course on the market. You can also organize how you practice with these questions in dozens of different ways. Keep in mind, however, that you’re probably not going to make it through/need all of these questions!

You will have multiple choice quizzes that are in the exact same computer format as the real CPA Exam. The questions are timed at an average of 2 minutes per MCQ so you will be practising in the most exam-like conditions. Wiley does a good job at preparing you for the real test format thanks to its aesthetics and layout.

Once you finish your quiz or run out of time, you will see your grade and the questions you missed. You can then go over the detailed explanations behind your incorrect answers and why you got the question wrong. This helps you target the areas in which you need more practice.

Wiley CPAexcel Test Bank screenshot

Task-Based Simulations

Wiley not only provides you with tons of multiple choice questions, but also includes 600 task-based simulations (TBSs). This is key, as the newest version of the CPA Exam is structured so that TBSs make up half of the sections (except for BEC, where TBSs make up 35% of the section).

I remember seeing identical problems on the CPA Exam that I had practiced with in my Wiley CPAexcel review course (with different numbers, of course). Wiley provides you with a significant number of practice sims, so you’ll be well prepared.

Wiley CPA Task Based Simulation (TBS)

Practice Exams

Once you have finished all the coursework, you get to practice with a Simulated CPA Exam that is exactly the same format as the real deal. It is broken down into three separate multiple-choice sections and a task-based simulation portion that is timed just like the live exam. At the end of the test, you will receive your grade and a breakdown of which topics you did well on and which ones you need to go back and study.

Wiley CPAexcel not only tells you which questions you missed but also gives a good explanation of how the correct answer is calculated. A large portion of my learning happened here, as I would repeatedly take the Simulated CPA Exam, review all of my wrong answers, and then take it again until I consistently scored in the 85-90% range. You’ll have unlimited practice tests with a bunch of new questions each time you retake this test, giving you the repetition and practice needed to pass the CPA exam.

On top of these practice exams, Wiley provides you with 6,200 true/false questions throughout every section that serve as “proficiency questions.” These help gauge your understanding of a particular section and if you need to spend more time on it.


Wiley CPAexcel comes with 4,200 double-sided digital flashcards containing important definitions and key topics. The platinum course comes with 1,000 printed flashcards to reinforce and improve retention, but the digital ones are great because you can use them anywhere from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Additionally, Wiley’s most recent course update includes revamped digital flashcards. These are now immediately available from the starting dashboard and are seamlessly integrated with Wiley’s progressive study mode.

Wiley CPA flashcards from Wiley CPAexcel online

Video Lectures

Wiley’s video lectures are broken down into small 30-45 minute sections that make studying seem less overwhelming. This is great if you have a full-time job and/or children that take up large chunks of your study time. You will be able to go through the 110 hours of video lecture in bite-sized lessons, making it much easier to remember information.

In terms of how engaging the Wiley video lectures are, I found them to be a bit dry in presentation compared to other review courses I’ve tried. This may be preferable to you though since the info is to-the-point instead of fluffed up with entertainment.


When you first log into Wiley CPAexcel, you will be greeted with a comprehensive and progressive study dashboard that lays out the entire plan for your study schedule. The study planner is automated and easy to customize to your time constraints. This flexibility was great for me because study delays became inevitable, as you will soon learn when you begin to prepare for the CPA Exam.

Wiley CPAexcel Online Dashboard

For each section, you will be given a lecture, the corresponding study material, and then exam questions to answer. You will also get the slides from the lectures, more questions to test your proficiency, electronic flashcards, and then access to the CPAexcel Mentored Discussion Forum.

Wiley’s course was a bit confusing at first, but they’ve made substantial changes recently to streamline the entire exam prep process. Now, all their study materials are easily accessible through the dashboard and connected through their Personal Recommendations feature. This allows Wiley to create a progressive study plan for each student, combining their videos with flashcards, study text, and practice exams!

Customer Support

Wiley’s customer support is pretty impressive but not as immediate as I would have liked. You have access to a 24/7 live chat within your course that you can use to get tech support. For technical questions, I would receive a response in seconds to any quick question I had about how to use the course, which helped ease my stress of being initially confused on how to use the software.

Wiley CPA Live Chat

However, for CPA-related questions, the service wasn’t as great as the tech side of things. You can ask the live chat for someone to email questions about the content. Once you email your question, it can take a day or two to get a response via email to your content related question. The most popular questions have already been answered in the student discussion boards, where you can add a new topic to discuss or read archived ones.

Course Access and Updates

One of the best parts about Wiley CPA is the unlimited access. When you purchase the course, you will be able to use all of its study tools without having to worry about your course expiring. Plus, you can update your course for free!

Because of your unlimited access to Wiley’s CPA review course, you also get instant access to all their course updates. The newest update released at the tail end of 2019 adds more coaching videos, a redesigned digital flashcard section, and extra study materials based on supplementary topics.

You can use the Wiley software from your smartphone (iOS and Android), laptop, and tablet. So feel free to use as many videos, quizzes, and course materials as you want from whatever device you desire, as Wiley works with everything!

What Course Packages Does Wiley CPAexcel offer?

There are three different versions of Wiley CPAexcel that you can pursue: Silver, Gold, Platinum – all of which you can save on by checking out our discounts page. Hands down, Wiley CPAexcel Platinum is the most comprehensive CPA review course on the market. The Silver and Gold packages are not as popular as the Platinum, but you may choose these packages depending on what type of student you are. Let’s see what’s included in each course!

 Course Package Platinum CPA Review Course Gold CPA Review Course Silver CPA Review Course
Cost $2,999
($800 per part)
($650 per part)
($600 per part)
Partner Until You Pass Guarantee with free online content & courseware updates until you pass
Online Course Study Materials with text, 7,500 exam questions, 110+ hours video instruction, 450 task-based simulations, 4,000+ digital flashcards and more
Efficient Learning System with bite-sized lessons, exam planner, discussions, unlimited practice exams and more
Study Guides map perfectly to the lessons in the courseware (print and ebook included)
Companion Mobile App with 7,500+ exam questions, available in iOS and Android
Professor Mentoring with online support from subject-expert professors
Virtual Classroom Series with live, online instruction and support
Online Test Bank with additional 4,400 exam questions and 160 task-based simulations
Focus Notes with acronyms and mnemonics (print and ebook included)
Flashcards to reinforce and improve retention (print)
Link to Course Get Started Get Started Get Started

Wiley CPAexcel Discount Codes & Financing Options

Wiley offers financing through Paypal Credit with no interest if paid in full in the first 6 months. There are also a number of Wiley coupon codes available, making this course a great bang for your buck!

If you are currently enrolled as a full-time or part-time student, or have graduated within the last 90 days, then you are eligible for the 20% Off Student Discount. Below are the best Wiley CPAexcel discount codes to help you save on your CPA exam prep!

Wiley CPAexcel FAQs

Here are the answers to Wiley’s most frequently asked questions!

Q: What resources are available for learning how to use the new course?

A:  You’ll find a Product Tour videos on the most popular features of Wiley’s course. It outlines how to study with the new course in three easy steps: Plan, Study, Assess.

Q: Is the online study material (text, video, practice questions, etc.) the same in both versions?

A: Yes. The content is identical in all versions of the course.

Q: Is the new Wiley CPAexcel course available offline?

A: No. It is only available online. However, the mobile app allows you to study offline. Printed books also come standard with all of the Wiley review course packages for offline study.

Q: I see there are two practice exams, why?

A: The new course features two new practice exams, each designed to mimic the actual CPA Exam with a unique set of questions selected by subject-matter experts. Additionally, you will have unlimited practice exams with questions dynamically pulled from the course. Keep in mind that these are questions you may have seen before while studying.

Q: How can I contact Wiley if I have further questions or feedback.

A: You can contact Wiley here!

Wiley CPAexcel vs. Becker

Which CPA review course is better, Wiley CPAexcel or Becker CPA Review? I have used both of these courses extensively and found significant differences worth noting. For starters, Becker is the most expensive course on the market and will cost you $3,393. Wiley, however, is more affordable and can cost anywhere between $1,700 and $2,800, depending on what full course package you purchase.

Wiley also offers better accessibility and updates. Becker’s software expires after 18 months which can end up costing you more money and time. And if you need to renew your access, Becker will charge you 50% of the original course cost. Wiley, on the other hand, gives you unlimited access and free updates.

When it comes to the course content, Becker still falls behind Wiley. Becker’s books are overly fanciful and the reading material is dry and difficult to get through. Wiley breaks apart the information and gives you bite-sized lectures making it much easier to retain all the information. No one can compete with Wiley’s 12,000 multiple choice questions, 600 task based simulations, and 6,200 true/false questions. Becker includes only 7,200 multiple choice questions and 400 task based simulations.

Clearly, the value of Wiley far outweighs Becker, but check out their demos to see which course works best with how you learn! If you want a more detailed comparison, check out my article Wiley CPAExcel vs. Becker CPA Review.

Who is Wiley CPAexcel Best For?

Overall, Wiley CPAexcel is a good course that is ideal for you if you have a full-time job, kids, a spouse, or any other serious time commitments in your life. In my opinion, this is the only way to go if you do not have the luxury to devote all your time to the CPA Exam.

I personally used this course and was able to pass all four sections of the CPA exam on my first try in 9 months while also working 50 hours a week. I attribute much of my success to CPAexcel’s bite-sized lectures that made it easier to absorb and retain information. Check out Wiley’s free demo to see if you would benefit from this course like I did!

Wiley CPAexcel Course Updates

Wiley continually updates its content to reflect changes to the AICPA Blueprints. Additionally, their exam content and structure are regularly analyzed with respect to presentation and assessment. This ensures that all updates to their CPA prep courses ensure that you’re prepared to answer CPA exam questions at your appropriate cognitive level.

The most recent update to Wiley CPAexcel is centered around a change in focus from adaptive technology to progressive study. Although similar to courses like Surgent, this focus means that students who use Wiley’s study materials will continually make progress as a custom curriculum of coaching videos, text passages, digital flashcards, and practice exams are built in response to their learning needs.

On the subject of flashcards, another update to Wiley CPAexcel revamps their dashboard to provide easy access to their digital flashcards. This way, it’s a lot easier to jump into a quick study session as soon as you log on to your prep course. By playing to their strengths as the ultimate pickup CPA study course, Wiley’s managed to make an already impressive study resource even more impressive.

Wiley CPAexcel Course Information

Wiley CPAexcel Review
1. 20% OFF Wiley CPA Discount Code
2. Exam Identical Software
3. Bite-Sized Topics
4. Multiple Choice Questions
5. Accessibility

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Wiley CPAexcel Review
Average rating:  
 36 reviews
by Evans Tan on Wiley CPAexcel Review

The progression of the course material was good. The bite size video is also really helpful so that I can take time to absorb the information before moving on to another topic. The questions are tough and i would say that it is good because it helps me get use to the way the CPA exam questions would be presented.

by Pissed Off Wiley User on Wiley CPAexcel Review

Worst software you'll ever use. A million bugs that literally destroy your schedule. I requested they fix a bug, they said "Just make sure you use incognito mode every time you login." That's not a solution, that's a time-consuming workaround. I liked Wiley from my accounting courses, but seriously, this course is an absolute no-go. I feel bad for the instructors and people who write the material because they do a great job, while the technology side of things is by far the worst course/learning software I've every used in my life, hands down. I can't emphasize this enough - GET ANY OTHER CPA REVIEW COURSE BESIDES THIS ONE. I literally took time out of my day to criticize a software, that's how bad it is.

by Carlos A on Wiley CPAexcel Review

I have use Wiley CPAExcel to pass three sections. My favorite study material is the dashboard and test banks, which contain a large number of question that cover all the material in great detail. The look and feel of the questions are very similar to the real exam. Their customer service is also great, I have contacted them a couple of times and they are quick to respond and provide different ways, like through live chat, email, or phone. I really recommend the CPA Excel course to everyone looking for a complete study course, prices are super reasonable as well, they offer a free trial and many significant discounts and promotions.

by Jason on Wiley CPAexcel Review

When it works its fine (not good, just fine). Far too many content errors and website issues for such an expensive product. There are much better options out there that are far cheaper. I regret wasting money on Wiley.

by Pawan Kumar on Wiley CPAexcel Review

The Wiley CPAReview is a good tool for studying for the CPA exam. The major factor in my deciding to go with Wiley CPAReview was the amount of material compared to similar options. Also, the Wiley CPAReview package does not have a time limit. Because life happens, I wanted longer time for finished CPA course.

by Shaneilia on Wiley CPAexcel Review

I enjoy using this package. The videos presented the information clearly and concisely. Some of the auditing was boring. The dashboard was very helpful and let me know when I was falling behind. I liked that the courses were small and the quizzes let you know what areas you need to work on. It is a great value for the money. The discounts available really help.

by Erin L Phillips on Wiley CPAexcel Review

I loved the Wiley CPA products. The material really go in depth and teach you the underlying concepts. I never needed the videos, but the ones I watched helped to clarify and change things up from just reading. What I loved most were the questions. There were so many I couldn't even get through them all. I felt more than prepared using Wiley. I also appreciated the price point; though still pricey it was less than others. The online dashboard is very easy to navigate and the live chat feature is excellent when needing updated text or to renew your products (if it takes you longer than the 1 year).

by Aroma Raj on Wiley CPAexcel Review

Compare to other review materials Wiley is most cost friendly option in my opinion.

by Matt Busey on Wiley CPAexcel Review

Wiley CPAexcel is great for bite sized lessons. The course includes all of the information you need to pass the exam. For example, I only had one college course on Audit and I passed the AUD section on my first attempt with and 88.

by Kristen G on Wiley CPAexcel Review

I thought Wily had the clearest outline and dashboard to maneuver through the material which I liked a lot. I also believe it was broken out the best of the review courses into small manageable topics that I could organize clearly in my notes. There was a lot of good information in Roger and Becker, but I found it hard to organize my thoughts around what I was looking at. I thought the Wiley course videos were about on par with the other courses. They provided enough information and were helpful, but I usually stopped about half way through the lessons because I always started to run out of time and I thought it was more helpful just to read the material, do questions and take notes. I think the question bank was good content wise, but always felt like there should be more because after going through them a few times I was able to just remember what the answers were. I eventually passed all parts using Wiley, but it took a few tries on some sections. Having the unlimited access made this possible so I believe the value that offers in relation to the other review courses makes it one of the best deals.

by Kristen G on Wiley CPAexcel Review

I thought Wily had the clearest outline and dashboard to maneuver through the material which I liked a lot. I also believe it was broken out the best of the review courses into small manageable topics that I could organize clearly in my notes. There was a lot of good information in Roger and Becker, but I found it hard to organize my thoughts around what I was looking at. I thought the Wiley course videos were about on par with the other courses. They provided enough information and were helpful, but I usually stopped about half way through the lessons because I always started to run out of time and I thought it was more helpful just to read the material, do questions and take notes. I think the question bank was good content wise, but always felt like there should be more because after going through them a few times I was able to just remember what the answers were. I eventually passed all parts using Wiley, but it took a few tries on some sections. Having the unlimited access made this possible so I believe the value that offers in relation to the other review courses makes it one of the best deals.

by Kristen G on Wiley CPAexcel Review

I thought Wily had the clearest outline and dashboard to maneuver through the material which I liked a lot. I also believe it was broken out the best of the review courses into small manageable topics that I could organize clearly in my notes. There was a lot of good information in Roger and Becker, but I found it hard to organize my thoughts around what I was looking at. I thought the Wiley course videos were about on par with the other courses. They provided enough information and were helpful, but I usually stopped about half way through the lessons because I always started to run out of time and I thought it was more helpful just to read the material, do questions and take notes. I think the question bank was good content wise, but always felt like there should be more because after going through them a few times I was able to just remember what the answers were. I eventually passed all parts using Wiley, but it took a few tries on some sections. Having the unlimited access made this possible so I believe the value that offers in relation to the other review courses makes it one of the best deals.

by Brandon Groce on Wiley CPAexcel Review

Course Questions- I really feel that these questions are very good examples of what is currently on the CPA Exam. They are structured well, and offer a good description with sometimes tricky answers. 10/10 just like the Test. Course Videos- The course videos are really good and offer a good way to learn if you are a visual learner. The only complaint I have is sometimes the voices can be unpleasant to listen too. I prefer than gentleman on Audit more than the woman on FAR. It's really not that bad. Also, I feel that sometimes they do ramble. I think I would focus more on the material. 8/10 Dashboard- The Dashboard is great! So awesome. The only thing that I would say is to continue to work on it being user friendly. Sometimes I get lost because there are so many options on how to review your tests, quizzes and other items. Very good color scheme. 9/10 Customer Service-Wiley has to have some of the best customer service. I have contacted them via Chat and Phone call. Very polite and encouraging. 10/10 The best thing about Wiley is that they partner with you till you pass. I believe they are the only one's in the industry. You do not know how much that means to an individual like me where I have stopped and started studying again. I also like the constant updates. Great to see that they care to give their students the most current info. The course is a great value. One of the best things too is they often throw in free gifts or discounts. It really can help over time. I also love how you get so much material for the price. Becker was much more expensive and Roger didn't quit have the track record. Yeager seemed to bland. Wiley keep it up! You guy's are one of the leaders when it comes to studying for the CPA!

by James Weigand on Wiley CPAexcel Review

The lay out of the material is good but there are a lot of issues with the system. It will kick you out and tell you you need to purchase it again. There customer service line does not pick up and there is usually move then 75 people in front of you waiting. I am going to reverse the charges off my credit card and get my money back.

by Daniel on Wiley CPAexcel Review

I think there are basically two categories of people who study for the CPA. 1. People who are doing nothing else and basically studying for the CPA exam full-time. 2. People who are working full time and have to squeeze study time into their busy schedules. I (as I'm sure most people do) fell into category 2 and I think Wiley was perfect for this reason. The sections are broken up into very small lessons which allowed me to study for only a half hour at times, and still feel like I accomplished something. I was able to wake up early in the morning and do a little studying, study a little during lunch, a little when i got home before dinner and a little bit longer after dinner. Realistically, I don't think I would have studied at all those times if they weren't broken down like that. For example, Becker is just one super long video per section, whereas Wiley might have 5 mini lessons of 7 minutes each. It was better for my focus and I think is better for anyone who can't devote their full time to studying for the CPA. Now about the content. I do think that the instructors were good at explaining the concepts, but obviously some instructors were better (less boring) than others. I also thought Wiley's MCQs were really helpful in helping me prepare for the actual exams. But I didn't really use Wiley's SIMS because I found that they were not a good representation of the SIMS that you will see on the exam. Although to be fair, I'm not sure if the other courses have created better ones, since the SIMS have a tendency of being pretty random, but nonetheless, I did not think that Wiley's SIMS were very good. All in all, the course helped me to pass all my exams on the first try, while really only studying mornings and nights (and intensive weekends when approaching test day). I think it is a good value, they are constantly making updates and are very responsive to problems that I had. Most importantly, the course does not expire. It's frustrating enough that your passed exams can expire if you don't complete all 4 in 18 months. I wouldn't want to have to deal with my course expiring too!

by Rina khetan on Wiley CPAexcel Review

Excellent review course with bit sized lessons. Lots of MCQ and simulations to practice.

by Chris on Wiley CPAexcel Review

The videos are byte size and are very explanatory. The questions are also from previous year papers and out of great experiences which the teachers have who teach this course. I am first timer and I am going to sit for REG and BEC pretty soon. Thanks CPAexcel. Keep up the good work!

by AKBAR SHAIKH on Wiley CPAexcel Review

A very comprehensively laid out course, bit of an overkill, I think, but covers all aspects of studying a course - planning, scheduling, videos, test bank, text, and the whole lot! The course videos are good support for the text, I think. Dashboard, I think, has too many aspects and it would take some time to get used to it. Excellent customer service, very prompt and helpful Their mobile companion app is an excellent add-on. I would have loved to have it on iPad or Tablet version too. I think their online viewing should get better with ability to maximize the screen for better reading. There are various options to suit the budget of each student and probably their preference for studying. I would prefer their Platinum offer, but the cost is bit steep for a student although I understand they are offering student discount but they should offer that to even senior students like me!!

by Aaron Wright on Wiley CPAexcel Review

I just order today but their question bank is twice that of any competitor, they have small bite sized learning segments. I can't wait to get started!!!!!!

by LaShon Darby on Wiley CPAexcel Review

This is one of the best course to choose considering the available time and the bit size information that they provided. The guarantee to continuing update the material until you pass is a major plus.

by LOUNISE GEORGE on Wiley CPAexcel Review

Great course for busy mom like me working in public accounting. I passed REG on 2nd try with trial version of online review and purchasing the paper copy but unfortunately lost credit because I was getting so much trouble with passing AUD & BEC Going back at it again with WILEY flashcards and online review questions. 2019 WILL BE MY YEAR!!! giving 4* because doesn't let me restart assignments after completion when studying to retake the exam.

by LaJune Williams on Wiley CPAexcel Review


by Austin Averett on Wiley CPAexcel Review

Haven't purchased yet, just in the trial now. This site has been pretty helpful in gathering info about the CPA exam, the process, and how to study. One thing I just noticed, the pricing to take the exam in Utah is outdated and the prices have gone up significantly.

by YOLANDA TEH on Wiley CPAexcel Review


by Lakshmi on Wiley CPAexcel Review

Good course content but horrible app. Does not load study plan properly. U plan sometime and suddenly the plan is changed. God knows how. Good luck with loading and reloading the page. Most of the time the save and self score on WC communications don't work. Be prepared to frustrated with this app. the course content and the lectures are good though.

by John Dailey on Wiley CPAexcel Review

I am using Wiley CPA Excel. The books are huge and daunting to look at, especially FAR, and many people say that Wiley gives you too much info. That may be true, but if you are not prepared after using Wiley, it is your own fault. No matter how you learn, there is a study and review method on the software that works.

by Walter Paraiso on Wiley CPAexcel Review

How helpful is the providers customer service? Wiley answered the query in less than a minute! What does the dashboard look like? I will give Wiley a rate of 4 stars.

by Samson Abdurachmanov on Wiley CPAexcel Review

This course supplies everything you need to pass the CPA exam. The course videos are bit sized, so it gives you the essential concepts you need to understand the material. The dashboard on this program lays out on the left hand side your syllabus, test bank, assessments, your study plan, etc. This course has a great value. I have looked at other course programs at this course is the best value. The materials that it provides as well as unlimited access until you pass make this the best deal among the others. The providers customer service is great. If you email them you get a response with 12-24 hours, so I suggest calling as it gets a faster response. Overall, the materials and the way it is taught on the videos make Wiley CPAexcel number one amongst all CPA courses.

by Heather Ford on Wiley CPAexcel Review

Course videos and MCQs are great. The dashboard is ok but could be a little more user friendly. Material is in small pieces and indepth. I wish they had a review course or review notes that would assist with cramming right before the exams. The course is a good value overall and if used correctly, does help prepare you for the CPA exams.

by Joshua Myers on Wiley CPAexcel Review

Pros : Bite-sized lectures offer chunks of content that are easy to knock out over lunch or small breaks throughout the day instead of entire lessons that get interrupted if too long. Price is usually lower for features in this course than the venerable Becker course. Multiple choice questions are from the legendary Wiley test bank. There are many excellent questions packed into this course and they really correlate well to what you'll see on the actual exam. Support is good, they have live phone and email support who are quick and efficient. Cons : They lost offline mode. In the newest version of their software they got rid of offline mode which is frustrating for those without constant internet access. Even though the lessons are considered bite-sized they sometimes end up taking way longer than the quoted '30 minutes'. Some lessons just can't be completed in that short amount of time and bite-sized can easily become mouthful lesson. The videos are not great. You can see how old they are and they do not present well. The videos also just read off a script from a powerpoint which can feel boring and hard to watch. Pro Tips : All the content of the books is included in the bite-sized lectures. Instead of getting the digital books, you might as well get the physical books so that you'll have both a digital copy and physical copy for studying.

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  • Katharina Sie
    Posted at 1 June, 2017 23:46 PM Reply

    Hi Bryce, I was graduated in Accounting degree for a while , and I am currently working in Accounting and finance field for more than 15 years. I have decided to take the CPA Review , I have full time job and others side business related with finance . I am very hard to sit and listen to lectures for long time . Basically, I just need to pass the exam faster and not really too much attention to the material and I need the Review that give the efficient to my time but effective since I need to prepare for exam . I saw Wiley and Surgent looks similar . what the exactly different between both and what would you recommend ? Thank you, Katharina

    • BWelk
      Posted at 8 June, 2017 18:52 PM Reply

      I would definitely suggest Surgent for you. Yes, Wiley and Surgent are similar, but Surgent is the only one that has adaptive learning technology throughout the whole course, so you can cut down your study time down by 50 hours. Wiley only adapts to you in the beginning of the course, so you still need to spend the generic amount of time practicing with all the multiple choice questions and task based simulations. No matter which one you end up choosing, you're going to crush it!

    • Debo
      Posted at 9 May, 2017 06:48 AM Reply

      I'm using Wiley to study for the BEC portion of the exam and am finding all kinds of errors (e.g., typos, incorrect grammar, incorrect information, etc.) in it. For example, the study guide says that the Federal Reserve is NOT a central bank in one section and then in other sections, it says that it is. Also, some of the practice problems ask you to answer questions about graphs that aren't even in the guide. Has anyone else discovered these same, or similar issues with their Wiley study materials?

      • Tyler
        Posted at 3 May, 2017 14:42 PM Reply

        I was wondering what your opinion was between the Platinum vs Gold was. I would be able to get the student discount so the prices would be $1960 vs $1480. I was just wondering if the upgrade would be worth the extra $500, or if the Gold Package would be sufficient.

        • BWelk
          Posted at 3 May, 2017 20:15 PM Reply

          Tyler, I always suggest the Platinum course because some of the best parts of the course are only found in the Platinum version. Gold will not include the additional online test bank (an extra 4,400 practice questions and 160 practice TBSs), focus notes, flash cards, or the virtual classroom series with live, online support. If you think these features won't help you out (remember, you can never have enough practice questions), then the Gold course is the way to go. I studied with the platinum course and it was my favorite out of all the CPA review courses I used. Good luck, you're going to crush it!Bryce

        • SH
          Posted at 28 January, 2017 19:38 PM Reply

          I have Wiley CPAexcel Platinum. I have a difficult time understanding some of its FAR questions and task-based simulations. I understand the problem after looking at the answers and go "oh, that's what the question meant." I don't know if it's a verbiage/terminology thing on my side. A few questions in each section don't tie to the video lectures, so it's either you knew the concept ahead of time or did reading before the videos. Do other people experience this? Despite my comments, it's a good purchase and is helping me prep for the exam.

          • Olena Lanska
            Posted at 26 October, 2016 07:01 AM Reply

            Since CPA exam will be changed in April 2017 will Wiley have updated info?

            • BWelk
              Posted at 28 October, 2016 21:09 PM Reply

              Yes Wiley updates their study materials.

              • Brandon Silvers
                Posted at 21 June, 2017 14:13 PM Reply

                Does Wiley send new books and flash cards with the update or is the update online only? I ordered the platinum course last fall and I have all of the 2016 books and flash cards. Wanting to know if I will get new material in the mail as well.

                • BWelk
                  Posted at 22 June, 2017 16:21 PM Reply

                  You should! Wiley may charge you around $50 for the new textbook, but you should give them a call and see if your physical materials are included in your course updates.

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