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If you’ve already gotten your real estate appraisal license, then you’ve already demonstrated a solid work ethic. That’s good—because your education doesn’t stop there. 

All real estate appraisers must take USPAP update courses, and acquire a certain amount of continuing education (CE) hours every 4 years. This varies based on state — for example, California requires 56 hours1 — but no matter where you live, you’ll have to put in the work.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to meet your CE goals— many online appraisal continuing education classes provide online courses to help you meet all the professional development requirements required for your jurisdiction

Online CE courses are a fast and easy way to earn the credits you need. However, there are so many out there that it can be tough to pick the right one. That’s why I’ve studied the most popular options and ranked them below.

#1 The CE Shop Continuing Ed

The CE Shop focuses heavily on accessibility. That way, anyone can pick up their materials and learn, no matter what their work schedule looks like or where they work.

Course Details

All online courses from The CE Shop are straightforward— both in terms of access and educational experience. Continuing education shouldn’t be difficult, so this company goes to great lengths in order to avoid discouraging students. You can even customize packages, making it easy to maintain your real estate appraisal license in multiple states.

How to Enroll in a Course | The CE Shop

Ce Shop offers 3 different CE course packages: Standard, Value, and Premium. Each tier comes with extra courses and renewal options and costs $189, $229, and $269 respectively. You also have the option to just pay for courses without any extra features for $129. Bear in mind that each of these choices frequently goes on sale, so keep an eye out for any lowered prices.

Each CE Shop real estate appraisal course package comes with a wide array of materials. These include:

  • 135 Hours of Appraisal Continuing Education
  • Business Ebooks
  • Career Resources
  • Digital Flashcards
  • Real Estate Glossary
  • Study Schedule
  • Customizable Packages
  • On-Demand Webinars

Pros and Cons

Pro: 24/7 Access

All content created by the CE Shop can be accessed at any time. If you want to study during late nights, weekends, or holidays, there’s nothing that will stop you. Additionally, many of their study materials are great for studying in short bursts; you can easily slot in some studying in between breaks or whenever you have a bit of spare time.

Pro: Multi-state Packages

Are you licensed in multiple states? Then CE Shop has your back. They offer a series of multi-state study packages that will count towards CE credits in both districts. If you don’t see a specific package that meets your requirements, just contact their customer service department and they’ll set up a custom one just for you!

Con: Online Only

Unfortunately, there are no offline materials available through the CE Shop. This limits the amount of studying you can do on the go, especially since you need a stable internet connection to study. Hopefully they’ll make physical versions of their flashcards or business eBooks in the future to rectify this.

Bottom Line

The CE Shop is a good option for anyone who prefers a direct and simple teaching style. Using this will help you complete your CE requirements without wasting any time.

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#2 Mbition Appraisal CE

Mbition is like most other education programs for real estate professionals. However, they have plenty of offline resources, so you won’t have to worry about having a constant connection when you sign up for one of their real estate courses. 

It’s not all high points though; courses aren’t available year-round, so you may not find any available options when you select your state on their homepage. Mbition also doesn’t cover certain states at all; if you need to maintain your appraisal license in Alaska, Maryland, Massachusetts, or New Mexico, you should look into McKissock instead.

Typically, a 22.5 hour course package with Mbition costs $135— although the price may vary depending on jurisdiction. Course packages are decided based on a common subject, such as residential or commercial real estate. This extra level of specialization is particularly helpful if you want to save as much time and energy as possible when maintaining your education requirements.

Bottom Line

Mbition is a solid study option if you live in one of the states they cover. Their blend of digital and physical study options allows you to truly set your own pace, but the timing can be tricky depending on your jurisdiction.

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#3 Kaplan Appraisal Courses

Kaplan Real Estate Courses

Kaplan courses focus heavily on live CE content— unlike everything else on the list. 

Having classes in a live format allows Kaplan’s instructors to adjust their lessons in real time based on the needs of their audience. You can ask questions and have them answered immediately instead of waiting for an email response. Additionally, Kaplan covers a wide range of subjects; you can pick and choose which lectures are relevant to your work experience.

A 45 hour CE course costs $144, but they also offer a home study package for just $59. This isn’t quite as good as the live lectures, but will still get you the hours you need. Still, if you can afford the $133, I’d recommend that one first.

Each course package comes with a set of several different materials:

  • 8 Hour Survey Course
  • 37 Hours of Lectures
  • Live Instructor Support
  • 7+ Lecture Topics
  • Pertinent Info on Current Laws and Regulations

Bottom Line

Choose Kaplan if you love learning through a traditional live format. Otherwise, CE Shop has better options for self-paced studying.

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#4 Aceable Agent CE Classes

Aceable Agent teaches real estate appraisal education with a personal and conversational style. It’s a different approach to engagement that doesn’t require you to constantly switch up your routine, ensuring you’re learning at a comfortable pace.

Essentially, this online appraisal school makes CE credits feel like less of a requirement and more of a fun side activity. On top of that, none of their courses have a set start date. That way you can pay when you have the money then start whenever you have the time.

Unfortunately, this online real estate course only provides continuing education for Texas and New York-based realtors. If you’re outside of these two jurisdictions, you won’t be able to use this resource to maintain your professional status as a real estate appraiser.

Bottom Line

Aceable Agent is a nice, low stress way to get your CE hours. If you’re a licensed appraiser in New York or Texas, it’s an excellent choice; otherwise, McKissock is a better alternative.

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#5 VanEd Appraisal Continuing Education Online

VanEd is an affordable option for anyone in the 9 states that they cover: 

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Colorado
  • South Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Missouri
  • Florida

However, not all of their appraisal classes are created equal— certain states like Colorado clearly get much more focus than others. So if your specific state is light on content, consider cross-referencing with The CE Shop to see if you can get a better package there.

Still, if you fit into one of the small areas of expertise they accommodate, you’ll be able to get a good education for a very low price.

Some of the courses offer eBooks that can be purchased as an add-on, but the majority are self-contained. You’ll spend most of your time studying video presentations with slickly designed motion graphics and a lot of case studies that directly relate to your profession and jurisdiction.

Start Your Real Estate Career from Home - Enroll in an Online Course at VanEd

Each course offered by VanEd costs $53 or less. Thanks to that, this is easily the cheapest option on this list. In light of that, VanEd’s classes are an absolute steal when it comes to CE credit, so you’d be wise to consider it if you’re in one of those nine states.

Bottom Line

Choose VanEd if you live in a state that they focus on. You can save a lot of money on your appraisal education if you’re in one of the nine states they cover.

FAQs for Real Estate Appraisers

Q: How many CE hours do I need to keep my license?

A: It varies based on what the USPAP has outlined for the state that you work in. Typically each state requires around 20-30 hours, but you may need to complete more than that. For quick reference, check this page from McKissock Learning to find your state’s real estate continuing education guidelines.

Q: Can CE hours count toward different states?

A: If you’re licensed in multiple states, certain multi-state courses apply your CE credits towards both states. This is case by case, so you’ll need to check before you take any classes.

Q: Can CE hours carry over into the next renewal period?

A: It depends on the state in which you work as a real estate appraiser. In Virginia, up to 16 CE hours can be carried over into the next renewal period.2 On the other hand, Maryland doesn’t allow you to carry over any extra CE credit hours.3