Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Courses

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inding the best Lean Six Sigma certification course can make or break an aspiring professional’s career. With Lean Six Sigma becoming more and more prevalent in project management and process quality, trying to find the best Green Belt training program is critical.

But with so many test prep companies offering Lean Six Sigma Green Belt courses, how can you can find the course that’s best for you?

That’s where we come in!

We’ve done the research and broken down the six best Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt prep courses available for students to take online. The chart below will help students find the course that best fits their individuals needs by quickly comparing the different features side-by-side.

Best Lean Six Sigma Online Green Belt Training Programs

Lean Sigma Corporation Green Belt Course
(Rank: #1)

This is Exactly Why the Lean Sigma Corporation Green Belt Course Is One of Our Favorite Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Courses On The Market!



 Practice Questions:

In order to understand the material that will be on the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam, Lean Sigma Corporation offers a sizeable volume of practice questions for students to answer. These questions are incorporated into both lesson plans and full practice exams.

 Course Demo:

For students who are unsure of Lean Sigma Corporation’s effectiveness as a LSS Green Belt prep course, a free course demo is provided that clearly demonstrates their eLearning platform. This should help to ease any anxiety from prospective students.

 Unlimited Access:

Students who sign up once for this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course will receive unlimited access to all of its learning materials, including their video content and practice exams. This means that Lean Sigma Corporation’s study material can serve as an excellent course of CPE.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re a first-time student looking to learn more about project management or a seasoned professional who needs to brush up on the essentials, Lean Sigma Corporation has the all-around best online course for you.


MSI Certified Lean Six Sigma Certification Course
(Rank: #2)

This is Exactly Why the MSI Green Belt Course Is One of Our Favorite Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Courses On The Market!



 Access Time:

When students sign up for MSI’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course online, they will be given a full year of access time. This should be more than enough time for students to complete the large volume of coursework at their leisure, which can prevent a lot of undue stress during the study process.

 White Belt Course:

Students who are interested in seeing what both MSI and Lean Six Sigma has to offer can benefit from their free White Belt course. It only takes 20 minutes and ends with a 15 question certification exam, making it an easy way to try out their educational material and learn more about the LSS ideology.



While this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course doesn’t offer the lowest amount of professional development units, it comes very close. Some individuals may need to pursue additional avenues of education in order to meet the requirements for CPE or higher LSS belts.

Bottom Line: MSI offers one of the best Lean Six Sigma study programs. Their low prices, enticing trial offer, and certification exam at the end ensure students will have all the tools they need to begin a promising career in project management.


Grey Campus Lean Six Sigma Certification
(Rank: #3)

This is Exactly Why the GreyCampus Green Belt Course Is One of Our Favorite Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Courses On The Market!



 Private Tutoring:

The three different packages GreyCampus offers for their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt online prep courses are designed to meet the needs of most students. However, they also provide the option for small groups of individuals to schedule private tutoring sessions as well for more hands-on instruction.

 Professional Accreditation:

GreyCampus’ LSS Green Belt review courses are certified by the IASSC, which helps to ensure that enrolled students have invested their time and money into something worthwhile. Not all prep courses can boast this feature, and many will simply offer their own form of vanity certification instead.


 Customer Support:

According to reviews left by students who have enrolled in one of GreyCampus’ courses, their support team isn’t very helpful. With only one way of getting in touch and a slow turnaround, this is one aspect of their educational material that leaves a lot to be desired.

Bottom Line: GreyCampus is perfect for beginners with its large library of study materials and private tutoring options. Any students enrolled in their LSS Green Belt course will be guided every step of the way to certification.


Pyzdek Institute Lean Six Sigma Course
(Rank: #4)

This is Exactly Why the Pyzdek Institute Six Sigma Green Belt Review Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!




In the rare case that a student enrolled in Pyzdek’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course has an issue with their prep program, the available support options are convenient and effective. They offer both an email contact method and an online forum populated by staff members.


One extremely important Lean Six Sigma tool is Minitab, a commonly used statistics program. All students who enroll in Pyzdek’s online LSS Green Belt course will receive a 12 month license to use this program, which can also be a useful tool for other projects as well.



Right off the bat, a great deal of students are going to be intimidated by Pyzdek’s high tuition fee. What’s worse is the fact that they don’t offer any kind of trial to provide students with a taste of what they have to offer. This is unfortunate and will likely cause many individuals to take their business elsewhere.

Bottom Line: Pyzdek offers an enticing package of Lean Six Sigma study materials, including educational material that focuses on important tools like Minitab. They include practical study programs and a great support team.


Simplilearn Lean Six Sigma Online Training
(Rank: #5)

This is Exactly Why the SimpliLearn Six Sigma Green Belt Review Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!




SimpliLearn offers two different tiers of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt educational material. The more affordable option provides a decent amount of study material, but the next tier up offers even more helpful resources without putting too much strain on the student’s wallet.

 Online Classroom:

If students decide to spring for SimpliLearn’s premium LSS Green Belt package, they will gain access to their live online classroom. This program functions similarly to a physical classroom with a live instructor who can answer specific questions in real time.


 No Exam Fee:

Even with the highest priced Green Belt study package, students will still have to pay the exam fee at the end of the course. This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s disappointing when considering the fact that many other LSS courses on this list include the exam fee in their initial tuition.

Bottom Line: SimpliLearn has engaging and effective study materials that help aspiring Green Belt professionals learn what they need to pass the exam. Unfortunately, they will still need to pay the exam fee in order to pass it.