Best CPA Study Materials Rankings 2017

Best CPA Study Materials Rankings 2017

Best CPA Study Materials Rankings 2017

Best CPA Review Courses of 2017 - Comparison of CPA Prep Courses and Recommendations

We’ve compiled a list of the best CPA study materials for 2017 so you didn’t have to. Below is a chart that compares the top courses on the market, rates the video lectures, ranks the number of TBS and MCQs, and provides pricing information. While some of the courses have similar offerings, you should consider the overall package before selecting CPA study materials.

Studying for the CPA exam is a matter of choosing the right course and putting in the hard work on a consistent basis. All of the below CPA study materials are the top of the line offerings from the best names in the industry. Once you’ve looked at the comparison chart, read the CPA course reviews to ensure that you’re selecting the option that most aligns with your learning style.

Bryce Welker, CPA

WHAT’S THE X FACTOR?Most Experienced InstructorsBite-Sized
Most Interesting
and Engaging Lectures
Best Customer SupportMost
Comprehensive Content
PRICE$2,299 $1,799$2,450 $1,950$2,095 $1,886$1199 $1,079$1,599 $1,439
DISCOUNT Save $500
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 Save $500
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 Save $209.50
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Save $160
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350 Video Lessons110120104100
Dedicated Coaching, Live Chat, Email & Phone SupportMessage Board
24 Hour
Response Time
24/7 Homework
Help Center
Instructor Hotline
Phone & Email
Personal Counselor
Phone & Email
Get 0% APR FinancingGet Financing
24 Months24 Months
$225-$295 per
Access Offline via Mobile App$199 Extra$400 Extra$199 Extra
VIDEO REVIEWYouTube LogoYouTube LogoYouTube LogoYouTube LogoYouTube Logo
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CPA Review Course Breakdown:

Surgent CPA Review

surgent cpa review


Surgent is the only non-linear CPA test prep course on the market. This means instead of studying through a structured format, like other companies, Surgent’s course will adapt to your unique level of knowledge. With this efficient way to study, you will be able to cut down about 50 hours of study time.

Since Surgent’s software utilizes true adaptive study algorithms throughout your entire study process, you will eliminate unnecessary study time. And you don’t have to worry about getting updated material that prepares you for the new 2017 CPA exam! Surgent incorporates new adjustments whenever the AICPA introduces a change or based on student feedback, ensuring you have the most up-to-date course that is easy to use, for no extra cost.

(note: Most other courses, such as Becker, will charge you for these updates that happen annually. So with other courses, you will have 18 months of access, but will have to pay for the new version of the course after 12 months if you want the most current material.)


Wiley CPA Excel

wiley cpaexcel review and breakdown


Wiley is a perfect course for you if you have a busy schedule with work or family obligations. I used Wiley to pass my CPA exam while also working 50 hours a week. I would not have been able to do so without the small sized lectures that made fitting in small study sessions easy—these also helped to increase my retention.

If you identify as a self studier, this is the course for you! Some may want more human interaction, but if you prefer to study on your own Wiley is the way to go.


Roger CPA Review

roger cpa review logo


If you are struggling with the dry and boring content of accounting topics, you need Roger Philipp as your CPA test prep instructor. His energetic “Roger Method” has kept students motivated to stay focused for more than 25 years.

Roger CPA Review is known for its engaging video and audio lectures, but this course also has material that clearly breaks down difficult CPA exam topics into simplified concepts. The course technology is cutting-edge compared to the other dated courses out there, so if you want a great video lecture course supported by an awesome software, Roger is the one for you.


Yaeger CPA Review

yaeger cpa review course logo


Phil Yaeger has been teaching CPA candidates since 1977. His focus back then was customer service, and that tradition continues to this day. So if you are nervous about starting this solo CPA prep process and want a course that will have all sorts of student support, Yaeger would be a solid fit for your learning style.

When Yaeger updated its course for the new 2017 CPA exam, it added several new features to make the course more up to date in terms of technology. The content is also quite comprehensive and closely tied to the CPA blueprints, making this course ideal for those who have been out of college for a while and want more information and easy access to instructor support.


Gleim CPA Review

gleim-cpa-reviewOVERALL RATING: 

Gleim is another comprehensive course that prides itself on covering all possible subjects that may be encountered on the CPA exam—this is another great option for those who have been out of school for awhile.

Gleim’s course comes with a variety of resources like audio lessons, practice exams, a Simulation Wizard, and access to a personal counselor for all 4 sections of the CPA Exam. The unlimited access and free course content updates make this option pretty great too!


CPA Review Course Discounts

surgent cpa review discount
roger cpa review discount
wiley cpaexcel discounts

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