Best CIA Review Courses

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Best CIA Review Courses

It’s no walk in the park selecting the best CIA review course out of all there are for you to choose from. Just like the CMA or CPA exam, there are a lot of different companies offering different products. That’s why we’ve taken care of all that research for you!

The quality of your CIA study materials is what makes or breaks your chances of passing the CIA exam and becoming a Certified Internal Auditor.

Unfortunately, if you pick a CIA exam review course that doesn’t match your unique learning style, you run the risk of disaster. Months of study time and hundreds of dollars in exam fees go down the drain if you fail to pass the exam on your first try.

Fortunately, we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

Seriously, the exam preparation resources listed below are the best of the best. Therefore, if you’re stressed out about preparing for the Certified Internal Auditor exam, put your mind at ease by signing up for one of these five courses!

These are the Top 5 Best CIA Review Courses Ranked & Compared for October 2021

  1. Surgent CIA Review Course
  2. Wiley CIA Review Course
  3. Gleim CIA Review Course
  4. Ed2go CIA Review Course
  5. CIA Learning System
  6. Powers Resources CIA Review

When selecting a CIA review course, students have more options than ever before. Here is our list of the best CIA exam study materials available:

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1. Surgent CIA Review Course

The most efficient, most organized way to prepare for the CIA exam.

This is Exactly Why Surgent CIA Review is One of Our Favorite Certified Internal Auditor Courses On The Market


Surgent CIA Review Pros & Cons [2021]


Study Planner:

This helpful study tool helps you determine precisely how much time you’ll need to spend preparing to pass the CIA Exam. Best of all the Study Planner adjusts based on performance so you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

A.S.A.P. Technology:

It may sound complicated but it actually helps you study faster. You’ll start by completing MCQ’s for their system to gauge your knowledge. Which, in turn, is used to create a hyper-personalized study program that allows you to focus on your trouble areas.

Your Daily Surge:

This helpful feature helps put everything together and provides daily updates to your study plan and the next best course of action.

Up-To-Date, Always:

There are many online prep programs that will attempt to squeeze extra money out of their students by requiring that they pay for course updates. Fortunately, Surgent is not one of these companies; they offer all updates to their CIA prep courses completely free of charge!

PDF Literature Included:

There are some students who have an easier time just hitting the books when studying for a big test like the CIA exam. It’s for the sake of these individuals that Surgent includes PDF textbooks, conveniently accessible on computers or smartphones, containing in-depth CIA study tips and information.


No Audio or Video Lectures:

Unfortunately, Surgent does not include audio or video lectures in their CIA prep program. However, if you’re having trouble you can generally find video lectures and explanations on Youtube.

Bottom Line: From the start, the Surgent A.S.A.P. technology allows students to study from material that’s unique to their knowledge. In addition to the regular updates, a detailed study planner helps to guide each day of education there is no time is wasted. This makes Surgent an excellent study companion on your path to passing the CIA exam.



$150 off Surgent CIA Review Course

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2. Wiley CIA Review Course

Our top rated CIA Review Course.


Wiley CIA Review Pros & Cons [2021]


Full Integration:

Wiley CIA Review has high-end technology fully integrated in every aspect of its course. This tracks your progress and generates a custom study schedule that will help you identify and eliminate any gaps in your internal auditing knowledge.

Excellent Value:

When looking for a premium exam review course, one of the most important aspects to consider is the volume of content you receive. Fortunately, Wiley offers one of the largest libraries of study materials, including nearly 7,000 multiple choice questions.

Focus Notes:

Wiley’s Focus Notes offer a unique set of study notes that you can’t find with any other educational product or service. These notes implement mnemonics, graphics, and references to authoritative sources to provide condensed notes that sum up each section of the CIA exam.


Limited Guarantee:

Wiley aims to help students like you pass the CIA exam on their first attempt— as well as help students who have tried other prep courses and failed to ace their exams the next time around. Unfortunately, they don’t currently offer any refund guarantee if you don’t pass after using their course.

Bottom Line: Wiley CIA Review is a powerful study aid that can help you successfully pass all three parts of the internal auditor exam with no retakes.


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3. Gleim CIA Review Course

Bilingual test prep materials and an included personal tutor

This is Exactly Why Gleim CIA Review is One of Our Favorite Certified Internal Auditor Courses On The Market


Gleim CIA Course Pros & Cons [2021]


Course Includes A Special Personal Counselor:

If you enroll in Gleim’s CIA courses, you won’t need to pay for a tutor because each student is assigned their very own counselor. This is a huge advantage: having a person specifically dedicated to any problem that may arise. Your counselor will help you create a study plan and answer any questions you may have about the CIA exam process or study materials. Contact your counselor via phone or email whenever you need a helping hand.

Largest Question Bank:

Gleim’s online CIA course includes 3,000+ multiple choice questions and students can use the large test bank to create practice exams. You can filter practice questions b type and number, or exclude questions you’ve already answered to make your studying more efficient. Detailed answer explanations are also included as a valuable tool to help you understand the why behind the answers.

Available in Spanish:

Gleim’s prep course is also available in Spanish. If you are planning to take the CIA exam in Spanish, then it makes the most sense to practice with Spanish study materials to prepare yourself. Practice questions can be seen in both English and Spanish.

Final Exam Review:

The Exam Rehearsal mode offers students the opportunity to prepare with a computerized test that is virtually identical to the actual CIA exam. Take it at least one week before your actual exam date. It simulates the actual exam environment by including 100 multiple-choice questions that must be completed in 3.5 hours. And if you sign up for their Premium course, you’ll get a second Rehearsal as additional reassessment. New for 2021 edition in the Premium course is an extra final exam review for more practice!

Bottom Line: With their bilingual course material, in-depth live instruction, and impressive amount of practice questions, Gleim is bar-none the best review course for individuals looking to pass the CIA exam.



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4. Ed2Go CIA Review Course


Ed2Go CIA Pros & Cons [2021]


Higher Education:

Ed2Go isn’t your ordinary for-profit online school— it’s a service that partners with accredited universities all over the country. When signing up for their CIA prep course, rest assured that you’ll receive an education on par with a reputable college course.

Adaptive Study:

For this particular CIA review course, all of your progress is tracked as you go and used to plan subsequent lesson plans. It’s a bit like what Surgent uses, although it’s not nearly as powerful.

Access Time:

You’re free to spend a long time working through Ed2Go’s course— they provide 18 months of full access to their online materials. This might be more than you need to prepare for the exam, but it doesn’t hurt to have some extra time for review.



You might be confused when looking at the page for this course; it says “Instructor-Led,” but it also says that it isn’t an instructor facilitated course. All that means is that an instructor organized all the material but doesn’t teach it to you live— keep that in mind before you sign up!

Bottom Line: Ed2Go has a lot of great content that students can benefit from using to study for their exams. The fact that you can get a college certificate after you’re done makes it even better.


5. Powers Resources CIA Review Course

Multitude of exam questions, practice tests, and flashcards

This is Exactly Why Powers Resource Corporation CIA Review is One of Our Favorite Certified Internal Auditor Courses On The Market


Power Resources CIA Pros & Cons [2021]


Lots of Practice Questions:

Powers Resources provides you with over 3,700 MCQ and explanations to why each answer is either correct or incorrect. You will be able to write notes and compile new test sessions with your marked, incorrect, or unattempted questions.


Instead of having to pay extra for flashcards, PRC includes over 2,800 e-flashcards. You will be able to organize them by high, medium, and/or low priority. And, there’s space for you to keep notes!

Mock Exams:

At the end of every CIA Part, you will have two mock exams where you can practice all you’ve learned in a way that mimics the real CIA exam. This is essential when you are conducting your final review and want to practice your understanding in a real CIA exam layout and functionality.


No Video Lectures:

PRC does not have any video lectures. You must read the textbook in order to review the material, which is not ideal for visual learners.

Bottom Line: Students looking for a high volume of self-study learning materials will appreciate the practice questions, exam simulations, and flashcards provided by Powers Resources.

6. IIA CIA Learning System Course

Up to 2 years of access to quizzes, practice test questions, and other CIA study materials



IIA Course Review Pros & Cons [2021]


Flexible Program:

 One of the perks of this program is the long access period. The self-study Full Kit includes two full years of access to the course and all the study materials for each of the 3 parts of the CIA exam. This means you can divide up the material and take your time preparing for each part of the exam at your own pace.

Online Study Tools:

Interactive online tools help students determine what they should be studying. A diagnostic pre-test allows students to identify strengths and weaknesses and the SmartStudy feature can be used to create an individual plan of study. The quizzes at the end of each chapter and post-tests show how much information you’ve memorized and what you should spend more time reviewing.



The CIA Learning System is one of the more costly courses on the market, and you just don’t get that much for your money. The lack of more advanced features that are included in most competitors’ courses makes it difficult to justify the $875 price tag.

Limited Demo and Poor Analytics:

Although there is a free demo, you won’t get access to all parts of the course. You can take a short, guided tour of the site and its features and get a glimpse of an example textbook chapter. Feedback on your performance and progress is also limited, although there are some online diagnostic tools that help you identify your strongest and weakest subjects.

Bottom Line: While it may cost a bit more than other CIA review courses, the IIA’s prep course offers students peace of mind with a comfortably long access period that allows them to take their time studying.

7. Lambers CIA Review Course

Extensive training videos and audio courseware supplements

This is Exactly Why Lambers CIA Review is One of Our Favorite Certified Internal Auditor Courses On The Market


Lambers CIA Exam Prep Pros & Cons [2021]


DVD Lectures:

Lambers CIA review is one of the only courses that include training videos for all 3 parts of the exam. These are available as a video series or as downloadable iPod DVD lessons. Each lesson is taught by an experienced instructor and takes about 60 minutes. Watch as hundreds of problems are solved step by step, and review recordings as often as you need to understand the concepts.

Audio Review:

Lambers caters to audio-visual learners by offering an audio course in addition to DVD lectures, practice questions, and practice exams. Lambers Audio Courseware serves as a study supplement. This course option includes CDs for download to your computer that can then be synced with iPods or MP3 portable players.



This is an extremely expensive course. You will pay $1,800 for just the DVDs and the Test Prep Software (includes study materials for all three parts of the exam). Each additional feature is priced separately, meaning that you will have to spend well over $2,500 to have access to all course options.

Outdated Technology and Site:

Information on the Lambers website is outdated and the course dashboard has obviously not been redesigned in many years. If you don’t care about using the latest technology, the course pages are functional, but some students may wonder how often the materials and curriculum are updated given the old-fashioned feel of the site, DVDs, and audio.

Take Advantage of the Best CIA Review Course Discounts

Ultimately, you need to find a course that has exactly what you need if you want to pass all the CIA exam questions and become certified.

However, it can be difficult to find one that provides the appropriate learning technology without breaking your budget. On the other hand however, you definitely don’t want to settle for an inferior course just because it’s cheap. If you take the CIA exam and completely bomb it, you wasted that money!

Therefore, you should check out our CIA course discounts to find the best deal for the best course. This way, not only will it fit into your budget more easily; it’ll also appropriately prepare you to pass the test. This is the best way to study smart without paying the big bucks!


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