最佳CFA学习资料 – 最佳 5 对照

最佳CFA学习资料 – 最佳 5 对照

best cfa study materials

Choosing the best CFA考试™材料的研究 可能是 most important decision you will make on your journey towards becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst.

您将花费100小时的学习, so it’s crucial to find the course that best fits your learning style and background.

因此,这里的好消息 – 我们已经研究和审查以下所有CFA™考试预备课程,所以你不必! The comparison chart below will help you determine which course best fits your needs.

点击下面的研究顶部 5 Best Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) Exam Review Courses & 在线学习资料 2018

Here are the best CFA study materials to help you pass the exam on your first try and become a chartered financial analyst.

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价钱 $1,205 $1,165 $299 $259 $199 $599 $999
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110+ 42 0 40+ 0
4,000+ 3,000 3,500 3,000+ 8,000+
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课程格式 在线自学 & Virtual Classes 在线自学 在线直播, 应用, 线上 在线自学 线上, 应用
水平 2 课程选项 快来了
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#1: 威利CFA评论

Wiley CFA Study Materials


无限制访问: You’ll get all the access you need to Wiley CFA course materials. Not only do you have access to the course until you pass, 所有内容更新, 当然变化和软件升级都是免费. These are great features for a CFA course; 其他大多数公司都没有如此慷慨和访问通常在考试那天结束, 然后你可能是出于运气.

小户型的教训: 威利知道有材料的一个巨大的数额,用于支付CFA考试, 这就是为什么这门课程被组织成明确和简洁的经验教训. Shorter lessons allow you to stay engaged (和清醒), 保留更多的信息,对于较长时间, and better monitor your progress.

考试计划: 如果你担心如何覆盖所有的课程材料的速度不够快, 不要! 威利的考试规划允许你输入你的考试日期和会为您提供定制的学习计划,让您知道每天怎么学习,直到测试.

优质材料: 威利的连续内容更新意味着您时刻最近的, 对于CFA一级相关内容 1 考试. 一流的讲座由经验丰富的教练, 优秀的书面指南, 并纳入每一个学习成果声明 (THE) in the CFA exam curriculum make this one of the most comprehensive courses on the market.

底线: In addition to providing high-quality learning material, Wiley helps to make it more palatable to students by breaking it down into clear and concise lessons. Students are also granted unlimited access.

#2: 适应准备CFA



Bite-Sized Video Lectures: The instructors short and to-the-point video lectures only average about 10 每分钟! 您将有机会获得 40+ 小时每升一级指令已被分解成时间更易管理的块,所以你可以学习,更有效地保持信息.

主题通达反馈: Our Topic Mastery report provides feedback assessing your preparation for your next CFA Level I exam. Topic Mastery serves as a guide to your preparation. We encourage candidates to dedicate more time to topics that need more improvement. With Topic Mastery, 你可以更有效地学习.

快速加载速度: Adapt Prep has worked hard to make the their course software and videos load faster in terms of response time. They’ve added additional databases and servers to ensure that you won’t be bogged down due to video buffering or lag time. As we tested out their course we were amazed at how quickly the software performs.

可接受的价格: AdaptPrep CFA is the best bang for your buck prep course on the market. Their Complete course package costs less than half as much as the industry average making them the most affordable comprehensive CFA study materials you will find anywhere

底线: AdaptPrep has designed their CFA review course to be blisteringly fast and easy to use. All of their video lectures are similar time-efficient since they only take around 10 minutes to finish watching.

#3: Apptuto CFA


丰富的题库: Apptuto gives you access to 3,000+ 问题的详细说明. 所有的问题都通过CFA资格持有人的书面. 它们独特的类似问题产生让您的工作在这些人恰恰是你需要练习的大部分问题.

可定制的实践检验的数: Create as many practice tests as you want with questions chosen from specific readings, 按问题类型和难易程度,然后决定他们应该如何对你考试的做法进行加权. 检查在球场上的仪表盘测试你的表现,而你跟踪你的进展过程中,看你如何达到你同行.

高级课程分析: 该课程仪表盘提供对广告效果的详细反馈. 检查你的整体水平, 进度分, 排行榜排名, 您奖章或成就, the number of questions you’ve attempted, 和试题比例你正确回答, 所有从一个中心位置. 性能图还画出你每周的考试成绩.

实况在线课程: Apptuto now offers Live-Online courses for CFA Level 1 和II考试,并计划发行级别 3 早 2017. Their Premium Course offers 54 hours of live-online CFA classes over an 18 周期间,包括 1 上 1 coaching with the instructor as well as a 100% 通担保. You also have the option to take the Intense course which includes over 100 现场授课时间.

底线: The CFA prep courses made by AppTuto are highly customizable to the point where students can generate a virtually unlimited amount of practice quizzes. They also offer live instruction.

#4: 分析师CFA准备



经济实惠: CFA review courses can be pricy, 这就是为什么分析师准备提供了一个版本的,当然只 $129. 你会得到所有的练习题, 模拟考试, 视频课程, 多为一小部分费用.

综合学习笔记: Analyst Prep provides you with study notes that guide you toward the most important topics that are outlined in the Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK). 读书笔记的易于阅读的格式将帮助您有效和高效地理解材料的山.

1 上 1 支持: 与教练组包, 你将会拥有 5 与个人导师小时,可以协助你的学习计划和学习等方面. 即使你不选择的 1 上 1 教练, 有一个在线社区论坛,您提出问题并寻找答案.

性能统计: Analyst Prep’s course comes with performance tracking so you can study the best way possible. 内置的软件跟踪通过测试题和分数他们你的进步,为您清楚地看到什么样的话题是你的薄弱环节.

底线: In addition to study notes and analytical tools, Analyst Prep provides 1-on-1 counseling sessions for struggling students. The best part is that all of this comes at an extremely low price.

#5: 彭博CFA


收视率最高的教师: The instructors with this course are top-rated and extremely knowledgeable. 由于这种专业知识, 你要学习一切与那些提供给任何人的CFA学习最新的技巧和窍门线. 彭博提供的辅导服务是什么使这门课程在上面, 因为它的东西,许多其他公司不提供.

自适应学习技术: 彭博采用先进设备,最先进的技术,给你一个很好的学习经验. 经过初步评估期, 当然会找出哪些领域还麻烦你, 并相应地调整你的学习计划. 虽然其他课程可能有调整机制, 彭博的是其中在这方面最好的.

仪表板: Because Bloomberg has resources that aren’t available to many prep companies, 其技术是超出它的任何竞争. 在此CFA复习课程仪表板是无与伦比的, 因为它配备了一个美观的主页, 伟大的网页设计整个, 且易于导航的头和下拉菜单.

底线: With a state-of-the-art dashboard and powerful analytics, Bloomberg provides a 21st century approach to online CFA prep. Despite this, the high price tag may cause some students to reconsider enrollment.

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