Best CFA Study Materials – боло 5 Comparison

Best CFA Study Materials – боло 5 Comparison

Choosing the best CFA exam study material could be the most important decision you will make on your journey towards becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst.

You will be spending 100’s of hours studying, so it’s crucial to find the course that best fits your learning style and background.

Пас, дар ин ҷо хушхабар аст – we have researched and reviewed all the CFA exam prep course below so you don’t have to! The comparison chart below will help you determine which course best fits your needs.

дар рейтинги гард #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
НАРХИ $1,205 $1,036 $299 $259 $199 $159 $599 $539 $999 $899
тахфифи нишон купон нишон купон нишон купон нишон купон нишон купон
110+ 42 0 40+ 0
4,000+ 3,000 3,500 3,000+ 8,000+
FULL MOCK EXAMS 3 User Generated Unlimited 4 8
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мурофиаи РОЙГОН
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#1: Wiley CFA Review

Wiley CFA Study Materials

, баҳои умумии:

Дастрасӣ бемаҳдуд: You’ll get all the access you need to Wiley CFA course materials. Not only do you have access to the course until you pass, all content updates, course changes and software upgrades are free. These are great features for a CFA course; most other companies are not so generous and access typically ends on exam day, and then you could be out of luck.

Small-Sized Lessons: Wiley knows that there a gigantic amount of material to cover for the CFA Exam, which is why this course is organized into clear and concise lessons. Shorter lessons allow you to stay engaged (and awake), retain more information for a longer period of time, and better monitor your progress.

Exam Planner: If you are worried about how to cover all of the course material fast enough, don’t be! Wiley’s Exam Planner allows you to enter the date of your exam and will provide you with a customized study plan so you’ll know what to study each day until the test.

Quality Material: Wiley’s continuous content updates mean that you are always getting the most recent, relevant content for the CFA Level 1 имтиҳони. Top-notch lectures by experienced instructors, excellent written guides, and the inclusion of every Learning Outcome Statement (LOS) in the CFA exam curriculum make this one of the most comprehensive courses on the market.

#2: Adapt Prep CFA

Adapt Prep CFA Study Materials

, баҳои умумии:

Bite-Sized Video Lectures: The instructors short and to-the-point video lectures only average about 10 дақиқа ҳар як! You’ll have access to 40+ hours of instruction per level that have been broken down into more manageable chunks of time so you can learn and retain information more efficiently.

Topic Mastery Feedback: Our Topic Mastery report provides feedback assessing your preparation for your next CFA Level I exam. Topic Mastery serves as a guide to your preparation. We encourage candidates to dedicate more time to topics that need more improvement. With Topic Mastery, you can study more efficiently.

Fast Loading Speed: Adapt Prep has worked hard to make the their course software and videos load faster in terms of response time. They’ve added additional databases and servers to ensure that you won’t be bogged down due to video buffering or lag time. As we tested out their course we were amazed at how quickly the software performs.

Affordable Price: AdaptPrep CFA is the best bang for your buck prep course on the market. Their Complete course package costs less than half as much as the industry average making them the most affordable comprehensive CFA study materials you will find anywhere

#3: Apptuto CFA

, баҳои умумии:

Extensive Question Bank: Apptuto gives you access to 3,000+ questions and detailed explanations. All questions are written by CFA qualification holders. Their unique Similar Question Generator allows you to work on exactly those questions you need to practice the most.

Number of Customizable Practice Tests: Create as many practice tests as you want with questions chosen from specific readings, by question-type or difficulty level and then decide how they should be weighted on your practice exam. Check your performance on tests on the course dashboard while you track your progress in the course and see how you measure up against your peers.

Advanced Course Analytics: The course dashboard provides detailed feedback on your performance. Check your overall proficiency, progress points, leaderboard ranking, your medals or achievements, the number of questions you’ve attempted, and the percentage of questions you’ve answered correctly, all from one central location. Performance Graphs also chart your weekly test scores.

Live-Online Courses: Apptuto now offers Live-Online courses for CFA Level 1 and II exams and plan to release Level 3 in early 2017. Their Premium Course offers 54 hours of live-online CFA classes over an 18 week period and includes 1 ба 1 coaching with the instructor as well as a 100% Pass Guarantee. You also have the option to take the Intense course which includes over 100 hours of live instruction.

#4: Analyst Prep CFA

Analyst Prep CFA

, баҳои умумии:

Affordable: CFA review courses can be pricy, that’s why Analyst Prep offers a version of its course for only $129. You’ll get all the practice questions, mock exams, video lessons, and more for a fraction of the cost.

Comprehensive Study Notes: Analyst Prep provides you with study notes that guide you toward the most important topics that are outlined in the Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK). The easy-to-read format of the study notes will help you understand the mountain of material efficiently and effectively.

1 ба 1 таъмин: With the Coaching package, шумо бояд 5 hours with a personal tutor that can assist with your study plan and other aspects of learning. Even if you don’t opt for the 1 ба 1 coaching, there is an online community forum for you to ask questions and find answers.

Performance Stats: Analyst Prep’s course comes with performance tracking so you can study the best way possible. The built-in software tracks your progress through test questions and scores them for you to clearly see what topics are your weak areas.

#5: Bloomberg CFA

, баҳои умумии:

Top-Rated Instructors: The instructors with this course are top-rated and extremely knowledgeable. Because of this expertise, everything you’re going to learn is in line with the latest tips and tricks that are available to anyone studying for the CFA. The tutoring services that Bloomberg provides are what puts this course over the top, as it’s something that many other companies do not offer.

Adaptive Learning Technology: Bloomberg uses state-of-the-art technology to give you a great learning experience. After an initial assessment period, the course will figure out which of the areas are troubling you, and adjust your study plan accordingly. While other courses may have adjustment mechanisms, Bloomberg’s is among the best in this regard.

панели: Because Bloomberg has resources that aren’t available to many prep companies, its technology is above and beyond that of any of its competition. The dashboard in this CFA review course is unparalleled, as it comes with an aesthetically pleasing home page, great web design throughout, and easy-to-navigate headers and dropdown menus.

Захира 15% оид ба ҳамаи Курсҳои Wiley КФА!

КФА, Доллари Маблаѓ Off, Specials 37 истифода мебарад, имрӯз
КФА 33 истифода мебарад, имрӯз

амал рӯза, ин пешниҳоди нахоҳад кард атрофи барои муддати дароз бошад. Захира 15% оид ба ҳамаи Курсҳои Wiley КФА!

Last бурда 8 соат пеш
Муҳлати тамомшави: декабр 15, 2017

Андешидани 10% OFF AdaptPrep сатҳи КФА 1, 2, ва 3 курсҳои пурра!

КФА, Имтиёзҳо Deep, Тахфиф фоизи 38 истифода мебарад, имрӯз
КФА 33 истифода мебарад, имрӯз

Андешидани 10% OFF AdaptPrep CFA Level 1, 2, ва 3 Курсҳои пурра бо ин рамзи купон мутобиқ маънӣ!

Last бурда 11 соат пеш
Муҳлати тамомшави: декабр 15, 2017

гирифтан $40 OFF рафти имтиҳон маънӣ КФА Apptuto кард!

КФА, Доллари Маблаѓ Off, Specials 38 истифода мебарад, имрӯз
КФА 35 истифода мебарад, имрӯз

гирифтан $40 OFF Apptuto’s CFA exam prep course with this Apptuto coupon! To claim discount simply sign up for a free trial, навсозӣ пахш кунед, ва ворид рамзи купон.


Last бурда 1 рӯз пеш
Муҳлати тамомшави: декабр 15, 2017

гирифтан 10% OFF КФА Premium бастаи AnalystPrep кард!

КФА, Тахфиф фоизи, Имтиёзҳо истисноии 35 истифода мебарад, имрӯз
КФА 41 истифода мебарад, имрӯз

гирифтан 10% OFF AnalystPrep’s CFA Premium Package!

Last бурда 8 соат пеш
Муҳлати тамомшави: декабр 15, 2017

гирифтан 10% OFF Блумберг КФА Маводи омӯзишӣ!

КФА, Имтиёзҳо Deep, Тахфиф фоизи 33 истифода мебарад, имрӯз
КФА 40 истифода мебарад, имрӯз

гирифтан 10% OFF Bloomberg CFA Study Materials!

Last бурда 1 рӯз пеш
Муҳлати тамомшави: декабр 15, 2017

боло 5 Best CFA Exam Prep Courses of 2017

CFA Review Courses Нарх арзон
Wiley CFA Review $1295
AdaptPrep CFA $299
Apptuto $999
AnalystPrep CFA $599
Bloomberg CFA ExamPrep $999

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