The Best ACT Prep Courses of 2021

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With so many different great ACT prep courses to compare including their options, features, prices, and guarantees, it becomes very difficult to narrow down which one will help you get the highest score.

The ACT is a huge stepping stone into adulthood because a high score can have a significant impact on your future. You can stop worrying now, because here’s the good news:

We have created a list of the best online ACT prep courses to help students like you make an informed decision.

After spending countless hours conducting research of all the most popular study materials and companies, we’ve ranked the top rated ACT review courses to save you time, improve your test-taking abilities, and help you score higher on your exam.

Check out our ACT course comparison chart below and be sure to use one of our exclusive ACT prep online course discount codes!

These Are The Top 7 ACT Prep Courses and Study Materials in April 2021

  1. The Princeton Review ACT Prep Review
  2. Kaplan ACT Prep Test Review
  3. Olive Book ACT Prep Course
  4. Higher Scores ACT Prep Course
  5. Prep Expert ACT Test Prep
  6. Magoosh ACT Test Prep
  7. Veritas ACT Prep Coursea

Top 7 ACT Prep Course Reviews & Discounts

This is Exactly Why the Princeton Review SAT Prep Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!

#1 The Princeton Review ACT Course

Premium ACT class at a value-driven price point

Princeton Review ACT Course Pros & Cons [2021]

What Everyone Needs To Know About the Princeton Review ACT Course


Satisfaction Guarantee:

The Princeton Review offers some enticing satisfaction guarantees to students who are worried about the effectiveness of their study courses. In fact, their tutoring sessions promise double your money back if you aren’t satisfied!

Live Instruction:

And speaking of tutoring, The Princeton Review offers a few different avenues of live instruction for students who prefer learning in this way. Students can learn in a live classroom environment both in-person and online from the comfort of their home.


It’s worth noting that the price for an average course from The Princeton Review is a bit higher than some of the other providers on this list. However, the educational value of this provider’s courses is significant and comes at an extraordinarily affordable rate.


Financial Aid:

Although their prices are more affordable than some other premium educational providers, The Princeton Review’s ACT prep classes don’t come that cheap. The lack of any financial aid options such as a flexible payment plan may cause concern for students with a tight budget.

Bottom Line: The Princeton Review can prepare students for the ACT in a big way with the help of their excellent educators and high-quality learning material. They’re one of the most affordable premium ACT prep course providers that can provide an in-depth classroom experience.

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This is Exactly Why the Kaplan SAT Prep Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!

#2 Kaplan Test Prep ACT Review Course

Customized ACT study plans, with live or in-person class options

Kaplan Test Prep ACT Review Pros & Cons [2021]

What Everyone Needs To Know About the Kaplan Test Prep ACT Review Course


Quality Instructors:

While choosing their teachers, Kaplan places great emphasis on their teaching ability and compassion. The result of this selective hiring process has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of student satisfaction.

Customized Study Plans:

Kaplan’s ACT prep course provides customized review plans geared toward each student’s strengths and weaknesses. These intricate diagnostics make Kaplan one of the best ACT online prep reviews.

Interactive Study Materials:

Kaplan review courses include additional study materials such as the ACT channel, where students can receive live instructor feedback, as well as 8 practice tests and two question-packed prep books.

Live Classroom Instruction:

Kaplan online prep offers live ACT classes in major cities of almost every state in the US, offering greater convenience and more cost-effective logistics than many other live course providers.


Classroom Hours:

Kaplan’s disappointing absence of additional classroom hours means that less material is provided to ACT students when compared to other courses that come with similar or lower tuition fees.

Bottom Line: Kaplan is known for their numerous test prep courses that stand head and shoulders above the competition. Fantastic benefits are available for enterprising students who enroll in either their live online or in-person classroom courses.


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#3 Olive Book ACT Review Course

Uniquely engaging video content taught by experienced instructors

Olive Book ACT Review Pros & Cons [2021]

What Everyone Needs To Know About Olive Book ACT Review Course


Video Content:

By far the strongest feature provided by Olive Book is their video content. These videos complement several practice questions and help students walk through their solutions, step-by-step. They’re also striking and visually engaging— you’re not going to see a single generic scribble video or static PowerPoint presentation!

Access Period:

As a student, you’re likely extremely busy with extracurricular activities and regular schoolwork. In order to work around your packed schedule, Olive Book provides all enrollees with 6 months access— plenty of time to get through all their material at your own pace.

Deals and Discounts:

If you’re light on cash but still need to prepare for your ACT exam, Olive Book offers some appealing discounts. If you sign up with a friend, both of you can save $100 in fees. Alternatively, you may be exempt from paying anything if you’re enrolled in a school lunch program.


Online Only:

Olive Book’s ACT prep course can only be accessed on your computer with an internet connection. They don’t offer any offline study materials or physical content like flashcards and textbooks. This probably won’t be a problem, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Bottom Line: Olive Book is a fresh face in college admissions prep, but they’ve got tons to offer. Definitely check out this course if you’re sick of boring and uninspired video lectures.


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This is Exactly Why the Higher Scores SAT Prep Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!

#4 Higher Score ACT Review

Physical study guides and budget-friendly pricing

Higher Score ACT Review Pros & Cons [2021]

What Everyone Needs To Know About the Higher Score ACT Review


Study Resources:

Many of the courses available for students looking to get a high score only offer digital resources, which can disappoint individuals who prefer hands-on learning. Higher Scores offers physical study tools that will help fill this need for certain students.

Financial Aid:

Even though this is one of the most affordable ACT study courses on this list, Higher Scores still understands that budgetary constraints can be harsh. For that reason, they offer prospective students the possibility of a payment plan to ease the financial burden.

Access Period:

Higher Scores understands that stress can be a major obstacle for students looking to score high on the ACT. In order to cut down on unnecessary anxiety, they offer a generous access period of 18 months so students can take all the time they need to prepare for the exam.


Study Time:

Although the access period for students provided by Higher Scores is generous, the total study time provided by the course pales in comparison. With roughly four hours of cumulative study, students will blow through this course with ample time to spare.

Bottom Line: Higher Scores doesn’t offer the same benefits as the premium ACT courses on this list. However, they do provide a fantastic study package for students who don’t want to break the bank on an educational course.


This is Exactly Why the Prep Expert SAT Prep Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!

#5 Prep Expert ACT Review Course

Top tier ACT instructors and thorough class materials

Prep Expert ACT Review Pros & Cons [2021]

What Everyone Needs To Know About the Prep Expert ACT Review


Qualified Educators:

All of Prep Expert’s classes are taught by 99th percentile scorers, which means that every teacher has either gotten a near-perfect ACT score. Although this doesn’t guarantee perfect teaching ability, students are guaranteed to receive helpful ACT study tips from these instructors.

Study Materials:

Students who enroll in Prep Expert’s course will receive 2 ACT prep books for free. These eBooks are written by the course founder, a perfect ACT scorer, and they can teach students important strategies that will (hopefully) enable them to boost their own scores as well.

Course Guarantee:

Prep Expert attempts to set themselves apart from the competition through their guarantee to increase enrolled students’ ACT scores by 4 points. A full refund will be given if this doesn’t happen.


Live Course Availability:

 For their in-person classroom courses, Prep Expert only offers locations in 10 large US cities. Students that live far away from these cities sadly won’t be able to find a convenient in-person class offering without paying extra for travel and lodging.

Bottom Line: The ACT review classes by Prep Expert seem impressive but are far from the best option. That being said, they have an extremely helpful collection of course material and an enticing score increase guarantee.


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#6 Magoosh ACT Prep Course Review

Simple course layout, mobile-friendliness, and incredible low price

Magoosh ACT Prep Review Pros & Cons [2021]

What Everyone Needs To Know About the Magoosh ACT Review


Course Format:

Magoosh is well known for having an easy-to-follow course layout with ample content. Students who enroll in this course will be able to focus on studying from the moment they sit down without having to navigate a complicated menu or dense instruction guide.


Students can get full access to all of Magoosh’s video lessons and practice questions for a price that is unheard of among similar ACT prep courses. Furthermore, the extended access period included provides students with enough time to work through all the material at their own pace.

Device Compatibility:

Magoosh’s prep courses are compatible with computers, smartphones, and tablets. Because of this, students can easily access their educational resources whether they’re at home, in the classroom, or commuting. This convenience is the dictionary definition of on-demand content and sure to be a big hit.


No Instructors:

Students enrolled in Magoosh’s course won’t be able to consult with a live expert for guidance or tutoring because all of its educational materials are only available online. Many students who learn best through live instruction will want to avoid this course because of this fact.

Bottom Line: The educational prep course offered by Magoosh is one of the best options for students on a budget. While it doesn’t offer the same experience or quite the same level of quality as most of the other providers on this list, they offer a decent educational resource at a very reasonable price.

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This is Exactly Why the Veritas ACT Prep Course Is One of Our Favorites On The Market!

#7 Veritas Prep ACT Review

Live classroom sessions with ACT instructors from the 99th score percentile

Veritas Prep ACT Review Pros & Cons [2021]

What Everyone Needs To Know About the Magoosh ACT Review


Course Instructors:

Veritas Prep employs teachers that have scored in the 99th percentile on the ACT exam. This exceptional level of knowledge directly translates into educational expertise, making them an invaluable educational resource for enrolled students.

Office Hours:

Along with the live classroom sessions conducted through Veritas Prep courses, students can contact their instructors via email or through their online live office hours. This ensures near 24/7 access for students who have burning questions about the ACT exam.

On-Demand Content:

Veritas Prep’s on-demand content more than makes up for their comparative lack of course study hours. In addition to several guidebooks, they provide a monumental ACT question bank and video lectures accompanied by comprehensive lesson plans.


Free Resources:

The good news is that Veritas Prep offers students the ability to try their course before writing a check through their free resources. The bad news is that all of these free resources involve their SAT course which means that they won’t offer an entirely accurate picture of their ACT resources.

Bottom Line: The ACT prep courses provided by Veritas Prep are worth your time and attention. These incredibly robust review programs offer a bevy of appealing features that are instrumental in ensuring students’ success on the exam.

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What are the Best Online ACT Prep Courses?

Having trouble deciding which of these ACT review courses will be the most helpful? We’ve drawn comparisons between some of these courses, and you can read our results below!

Kaplan vs Princeton Review

Princeton Review and Kaplan offer very similar materials in their ACT prep courses. However, Kaplan has a much greater focus on the quantity of their materials while Princeton Review has a greater focus on quality. This manifests itself primarily in both courses’ video and self study materials.

Princeton Review offers 1-on-1 tutoring so they can personalize your learning experience. Because your tutor is focused entirely on you, you don’t have to worry about being left behind or losing focus at any point. On the other hand, most of Kaplan’s interactivity happens through their ACT channel; students receive live instructor feedback on their prep books and exams from there. But since it’s not a 1-on-1 session, it’s possible for your questions or concerns to get lost in the crowd.

In terms of price, Kaplan is much cheaper than Princeton Review. Their recommended course option only costs $399— much cheaper than the $1,299 price tag on Princeton Review’s most popular course. As a result, Kaplan is a much more attractive option for anyone trying to save money while getting ready for the ACT.

Choosing between the two is a tough choice. Princeton Review’s materials are more effective and of higher quality but are also very expensive. Kaplan, despite being cheaper, still offers high quality materials. Those materials might not be as good as Princeton Review’s, but when you’d be saving almost $1,000 it’s tough to turn them down.

Kaplan vs Magoosh

Magoosh doesn’t have as many materials as Kaplan. What they do have is decent, but it just can’t quite compare to the quality of their competitors. That’s likely because Kaplan has more budget to spend on their courses due to the higher price of entry.

That being said, one thing Magoosh does have is an incredibly low price; their materials only cost $79 a month or $99 a year. No other course matches that price. Even Kaplan’s self paced course — their cheapest option — costs more than Magoosh. In terms of price, there’s absolutely no doubt that Magoosh wins.

However, that low price comes at a cost. Magoosh doesn’t have any live materials or instructors. One of Kaplan’s biggest draws is their ability to connect with their students as they’re studying, and Magoosh can’t keep up with that in any way. Kaplan also has more materials to offer overall. Magoosh only has 1,300 test questions vs Kaplan’s 2,000. Plus, Kaplan has more full length practice tests over the course of their classes.

Honestly, the only reason to choose Magoosh over Kaplan is the price. If you really need to save money, then Magoosh’s materials are good enough. But if you’re able to pay extra for a better score increase, then you should check out Kaplan— they’ve got a lot more to offer!

Best ACT Courses Quick Comparison Guide