Yaeger CPA Review 2013 Giveaway: 3 Prizes Worth $2,677!

yaegerYaeger CPA Review wants to kick off the new year by giving away 3 prizes worth $2,677! Whether you are just starting your CPA exam journey, or simply looking to supplement your studies with a fresh new CPA review course, this is your chance to snag one for free!

Grand Prize: Full Yaeger CPA Review Self-Study Course – All 4 Sections ($1,787)
First Prize: Single Yaeger Self-Study Course for the section of your choice ($595)
Second Prize: Single Yaeger CRAM Course for the section of your choice ($295)

Contest Rules and Guidelines

The Yaeger CPA Review page includes a detailed description of the features and benefits their course offers. Yaeger’s website is also a good resource for this. To enter the giveaway, explain to me how you plan on using these features to pass the CPA exam.
What Kind of Comment Am I Looking For?

  • Describe what feature(s) about Yaeger CPA review interest you and will benefit you the most?
  • Brief description of your background, current situation, and learning style: How is Yaeger a good fit?
  • Write naturally, as if you were describing yourself  to a friend : )

*To a see a good example of this, check out James Murphy’s winning comment that won him a Free CPAexcel review course in our giveaway last November!

When Is The Deadline?

You have until Friday night, January 25th, to submit your comments and the winners will be announced on Sunday, January 27th. Yaeger will send the prizes directly to the winners.

This Giveaway is now over, check HERE to see if you are one of the 3 lucky winners!




  • Jacob Murphy

    The features of Yaegar CPA review are absolutely astounding. What I really liked the most about the features is the simple teaching approach and customer support. The lectures would be a lot of help to me because there is so much to learn from them. They first tell you why you are doing what you are doing to get the right answer and then they teach you what to do and how to do it in a very logical manner. I mean what gets better than someone telling you how to do something right and improve upon the ones you didn’t get right. The customer support is also very awesome when you just sit back and think about it. Real instructors are a phone call away if you ever need any help.

    My name is Jacob Murphy and I am a freshman at the University of Southern Indiana. I am a hardworking dedicated individual. Upon entering my freshman year of college I had already obtained 54 credit hours making me a sophomore. I took 18 credit hours my first semester pushing me to 72 credit hours already making me a junior based on credits, yet I am still just a freshman. That is how dedicated I am to get through college and enter the accounting world. A CPA license would help greatly with my dedicated dream. This is where this review course comes in; with it I would have a chance to make a huge impact in the accounting world.

    Money is the biggest factor for me. My family has never been rich and as you know good CPA Review courses aren’t cheap. At the moment, any money that I make goes directly to my family so we can stay afloat. I am so grateful that I am even in college. I was able to get a few scholarships that made it possible that I could pursue an accounting career. Loans are also a contributor to me being able to better myself at college.

    I greatly appreciate you consideration.

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